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Author: Eagletale
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3 Billion Dollars Wasted So Far By Buhari Searching For Oil In The North



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[Image: C00DD931-2735-4962-B3C2-B014189CA19C.jpeg]

What would 3 Billion Dollars Do For Our Economy: As 3 Billion Dollars Wasted So Far By Buhari Searching For Oil In The North.

What a colossal waste!!!

Take all Adenuga’s money and properties, including every mast and pole and office of Globacome and set fire to it. That is not up to three billion dollars

That is what has been wasted so far by Buhari in the vain hope for oil in the North.

How does this make any sense?

Is it not even better to have taken that money and throw it in the air for beggars to pick???

Buhari dey use una land money take enrich his people. Even idiot know say oil no dey that North.

No be today them done dey use force make them Shell and Chevron go do oil
search for there. All na DRY CASTING for there.

Think three billion dollars and what that money could have done to our economy to fight recession.

Na so them still waste money dem go use build and equip primary school say na for feeding. No be say the food many reach to form shit for the pikin them belle.

God forbid Buhari. God forbid him
supporters. God forbid!!!

Ena Ofugara