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What Eating ‘Clean’ Could Do For You?



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[Image: C3724F5D-74B9-4AE7-9428-411174559AEA-768x766.jpeg]

What eating clean can do for you? It could reverse the aging process.

To reverse the damage done to our body by years of unclean eating, we must cease the act of damaging it.

Everything HEALS by stopping its function. a broken bone heals by setting and immobilizing the bone. In order to allow the body to do its job we must temporarily stop the operation of that part, Cleanse it and nourish it.

When you cut your skin, how does it heal? You cleans it, cover it and allow it protection and oxygen….and what happens? it HEALS….the body does the work. Your only job is to create the environment and stay out of the way.

This is what fasting is. Getting out of the way and giving the body the resources and the down time to do what it is naturally designed to do.

Learn How To Fast.

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Carl Forster
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