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Author: Sholzy
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Nigerian govt to roll out 18,000 km of fibre optic cable


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The Nigeria Industrial Policy and Competitiveness Advisory Council, set up in March 2017 and running under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, has commenced initiatives to accelerate the country's industrialisation by installing 18,000km of fibre optic cable nationwide to improve broad band penetration.

The installation of fibre lines to promote digital economy was one of several initiatives the Industrial Council identified and agreed to implement in five core areas and enablers over the next twelve months at a meeting in Abuja on 30 October. It also sought to begin strategic power projects to deliver another 4,200 MW of electricity into the national grid. 

The Industrial Council has set up five sub-committees made up both public and private sectors leaders and members of the Council with five focus areas identified as necessary to fulfil its objectives. These are critical infrastructure, skills and capacity, trade and market access, policy and regulation, and financing.