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Author: Watchtower
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British Airways hostess sacked over racist chants against Nigerians



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[Image: 44B53EE700000578-0-image-m-27_1506360562102.jpg]

British Airways has sacked 23-year-old air hostess, Joanne Wickenden, who shot a racist video where she was seen ranting and insulting Nigerian passengers.

She sparked outrage after the video in which she was seen in her British Airways uniform before flying from London Heathrow to Abuja on Friday night.

According to MailOnline, Ms. Wickenden told officials at British Airways that the video which she uploaded via her Snapchat was ‘just a joke’, adding that she was set up by a British Airways colleague who recorded her and shared the clip.

In a statement on Tuesday, British Airways said Wickenden no longer works with the airline as their staff were expected to be of utmost professionalism when representing the airline.

“She no longer works for British Airways. We expect the utmost professionalism from our staff when they are representing British Airways,” it said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Wickenden, who wants to be an actress, told journalists that she is not a racist.

“I am not a racist.

“I have been framed by another British Airline employee. They were encouraging me, egging me on to say things. They were recording me and sent it around to our friends, she said I don’t want to fly anymore,” she said.