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Author: Watchtower
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Nigerian Lesbian Attempts Suicide After UK Tried To Deport Her



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[Image: Nneka-Obazee.png?w=633]

34-year-old Nigerian lesbian, Nneka Obazee, reportedly took an overdose of a pain medication after finding out she was to be deported to her Nigeria.

The lesbian asylum seeker was meant to be flown on a charter flight to her home country of Nigeria alongside her 19-year-old stepson on an 11pm charter flight on Wednesday. However, her ovedosed pain medication which led to her hospitalization, has sparked outrage from the LGBTQ community.

Her hospitalization however didn’t stop her step son from getting deported. It was gathered that Ms Obazee went to the UK in March 2013 on a visit with her abusive husband and stepson and took the opportunity to run away for him while in the UK. Nneka who has been an active member of the LGBT+ community says she felt she was able to reveal her sexuality while in the country, as she helped in organizing with the queer migrant group African Rainbow Family while living in Manchester for the past 4 years.

The Independent reported that Ms Obazee has had her case rejected by the Home Office and failed two appeals tribunals. She is currently undergoing a judicial review. Ms Obazee has experienced severe mental health issues, including depression according to LGSM, which she says have been exacerbated by the asylum process. .

The group have said that since being detained her mental health has worsened and she has suffered a nervous breakdown which has included thoughts of suicide.

Ms Obazee is currently in Yarls Wood. A spokesperson for the Home Office told The Independent: “We do not routinely comment on operational activity.”




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Lol. UK sending back our trouble to us.