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Author: slimsaint
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Tanker Climbs Over Man's Car In Warri But He Came Out Without A Scratch. Photos



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An On-Air-Personality and broadcaster based in Warri, Delta state is lucky to be alive following a freak motor accident which happened yesterday morning. A fuel tanker loaded with petrol climbed over his car with an extra passenger inside and totally destroyed it.

The two car occupants miraculously came out totally unhurt from the accident as he ascribed his survival to God.

Oghenero Genza took to Facebook to share the good news. Read below;

we were two inside the car. The fuel tanker loaded with petrol climbed over our car and totally destroyed it. But the two of us miraculously came out totally unhurt. yes, i said totally unhurt. It was this morning at the front of NNPC filling station, just before Agbarho. The glory is to God almighty.


[Image: 6801994_onjj_jpegeaf622847c303c7d44a2411061823dde]
[Image: 6801995_onjj1_jpeg5d7fcd9a87df69c005c0f681d5af647c]
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