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Author: SLim Baba
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Father Mbaka Catches His Impostor, Disgraces Him In His Church (Video, Photos)

SLim Baba


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Popular priest Fr Mbaka has exposed a man who has been using his name to scam people. The man from Imo state, an ex-seminarian has been scamming people in Awka with Father Mbaka's name until he was caught.Father Mbaka brought him to his Adoration Ministry Enugu ground and exposed him completely, describing him as a spiritual 419er.


[Image: 6811150_img20180310201758106_jpegbf8963d...f497c8a13c]
[Image: 6811151_img20180310201748643_jpegaab554d...7cd943bc3c]
[Image: 6811152_img20180310201738553_jpegb6574d8...7a2bc45f2a]
[Image: 6811153_img20180310201729065_jpeg561d5a0...372c3597ff]

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