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Author: slimsaint
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Angry Villagers Beat Old Chief To Pulp For Allegedly Killing Young Boy In The village



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Some really angry villagers have reportedly beaten an old chief to a pulp in their community after being accused of a crime. 

[Image: old-chief-beaten.JPG]
The old man was beaten up

Photos have shown the moment an old chief was reportedly beaten mercilessly and disgraced by the youths in Ebukuma community in Andoni Local Government Area in Rivers State.

The man was beaten up by the villagers on allegations of being a wizard.

Local reports claim that the elderly man identified as Chief Okorobo allegedly confessed to the killing of young boys in the community with charms and fetish means.

Angry youths and villagers stormed the man’s house as they beat him black and blue after his alleged confession.

The chief was also paraded round the village by the youths who made public his alleged crimes.