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Author: slimsaint
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Nigerian Musician Dies After Releasing A Song Titled 'If I Die Young' (Photos)



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[Image: rappon5.jpg]The late Rappon
A young and promising Enugu-based Nigerian rapper, Rappon D'victor has passed away weeks after releasing a song titled “if I die young.” The musician died after suffering from one illness to the other.
He had on the 10th of March this year posted about his challenges on Facebook saying: "It's being a challenging year for me, from one illness to another but I know God got me. I am getting back on my feet and the hustle continues."

His friends took to Facebook to mourn his death.

Lotanna Kacey Akachukwu wrote: "RIP Rappon. My blood. Your memories still remains fresh in my heart. We had a short stay together but feels like decades. *sad* I can remember I snapped this picture of you back then in ASO ROCK lodge. God knows best."[img=303x0][/img]

Another friend, Earldon Daniel Gabriel wrote:"Homie passed on few days ago after singing "if I die young" in 2015.
RIP Rappon D'Victor 
This hurts... Choi

Dear Rappers stop proclaiming your death.
Mind the songs and lyrics you listen to: music inspires."
Ani Jay added: "Rest in Peace Eche aka RAPPON D' VICTOR .... 042 will miss you...
Music Industry will miss you......


Ydp Francis Nnaemeka wrote: "Uwa a Enwero isi at all [img=303x0][/img]

Rest Well bro haven't met you but has heard about you R.I.P Rappon 💔"