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Author: Watchtower
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Is There A Relationship Between Cheating And Wealth?



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Do people cheat more when they have money or not?

[Image: How-to-know-you-are-with-a-time-waster.jpg]

Is it possible that men who cheat do so because they have the money to afford it?

Christiane Amanpour recently took her show, "Sex & Love around the World" to Ghana, with a view to understanding how love, romance and sex works in the gold coast.

And while conversing with a certain Ghanaian man about his marriage, she asks him if he ever cheats on his wife and his interesting response goes thus: “I can’t cheat. The reason… is that I’m a poor person.”

Spurred by this statement from the man, the British journalist, asks him if he really thinks cheating is a game only rich people play and his answer is an emphatic “yes;” delivered without missing a beat.

“When you are rich, you can decide to choose any woman, any lady you want; but I’m a poor person, I have to stay with one lady,” he says.

[Image: kissing-credit-card-shopping1.jpg]

Does money really affect cheating?

The man in the tweet above does have a point about how money enables unfaithful spouses run their illicit romantic operations smoothly. However, the decision to cheat in the first instance is a matter of the mind and not the depth of one's pockets.

"‏Cheating is a choice. It's not about been poor or rich. There are rich men who can afford lots of girls or women, but they don't. Same way you will be surprised a poor man has more than two women and side chics," says Amarteifio Jerry, a twitter user.

So in your opinion, is cheating really influenced by wealth or not?