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Author: slimsaint
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Heartbreaking Photos Of Man Found Hanging From A Tree In Ebonyi Community



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A man who is probably fed up with life's vicissitudes, has been found hanging from a tree in what has been thought to be suicide. 

A man has been pictured hanging from a tree in apparent suicide, a development which caused quite some stir in his community.
Local reports show that the heartbreaking incident happened today in the Ishieke community in Ebonyi State.
According to one Chizzy, who broke the story online, the unnamed man was found already dead, hanging from the tree. It is however unclear what may have driven him to suicide.
Below is what Chizzy wrote:
"Oh what a world we are into, no wonder the Bible said that the heart of a man is desperately wicked. Please can someone tell me what on Earth can make a man to take his life. This happened this morning here in ishieke.

"May his precious soul rest in peace"[Image: man%20hanged.JPG][Image: man%20hanged1.JPG]