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Author: slimsaint
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Man Seen Walking Out With His Wife's Head In His Hand After Killing Her In Their hous



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In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has been spotted walking out of his home with his wife's head in his hand.[Image: head%20in%20hand.JPG]CCTV emerged of the moment Zhang walked out his home holding his wife’s head


A photo (seen above) has shown the sickening moment a man accused of decapitating his own wife calmly walks out the front door of their home carrying her head in China.
According to The Sun UK, the suspect, named only as Zhang, 31, is accused of murdering his spouse during a heated row before cutting off her head and dumping it at a public tip.
A horrified  sanitation worker found the victim’s severed head and called the police who took it away in a cardboard box.
The shocking incident happened in the village of Kangle in South China’s Guangdong Province.
The headless body of the woman, named Xia, 28, was found inside the family flat.
Zhang has been arrested on murder charges.

The headless body of the woman was found inside the family home

The couple are both natives of North China’s Hebei Province, Haizhu District authorities said in a public statement.
The suspect was taken into custody when CCTV emerged of the moment he walked out his home holding his wife’s head.
Another unidentified man accompanies him as he calmly walks through the alleyway moments before disposing of it.
Shockingly, no one appears to notice the woman’s head during the short clip.
Investigations are still ongoing[/size]