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Author: slimsaint
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Christian Girl Who Disguised Herself In Hijab To Steal Gets Nabbed In The Act (Photos



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A Christian girl who had the nerve to disguise herself in a hijab to steal, has been nabbed in the act.[Image: Hijab%20girl.JPG]The girl was caught with a hijab


A young lady who was later identified as a Christian, has been nabbed after she dressed as a Muslim to commit a crime.
The lady reportedly wore a Hijab but was arrested by security operatives for alleged stealing and fraud.
Local reports show that the incident occurred in Sokoto State.
It was reported that the girl disguised herself as a Muslim with Hijab in order to infiltrate the area where she carried out her nefarious act before she was apprehended.
The lady who later revealed she’s a Christian, was seen with a Rosary on her neck after the Hijab was removed and is now said to be in police custody.
The girl was later fund with a rosary in her neck