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Author: slimsaint
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Impossible: Diners In Shock As Cooked Fish 'Comes Back To Life' On Restaurant Table



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Diners having a good time inside a restaurant have been giving the shock of their lives when a cooked fish moved.[Image: seafo.JPG]The fish leaps completely clear of the serving bowl and lands on the restaurant table


A group of diners were left stunned after they watched a cooked fish appear to come back to life and leap out of the plate on the table.
Mobile footage appears to show a flatfish served up in bowl of soya sauce and vegetables, wiggle and then jump about.
Two men can be seen jumping out of their chairs and they are taken aback by the fish that seems to have come back from the dead.
The video believed to be filmed in China, has been uploaded to Youku, a Chinese equivalent of YouTube, on May 2.
According to IFL Science the movement is due to a chemical reaction that stimulates the fish's muscle tissue.
The site said: "The fish’s brains are very much dead, but most of their tissue is very much alive in these viral videos."
Charles Grisham, a chemistry professor at the University of Virginia explained to Discovery News that even though the fish actually dead, most of its tissue is still alive.
He said: "Even though the brain function is missing, the tissues will still respond to stimuli."
Adding things like salt or soya sauce can cause muscle spasms in recently killed fish causing muscles to contract.
Watch the video at The Sun UK