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Author: Watchtower
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Patrick Etim – MURIC Now Dictates To Musicians What They Should Sing



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[Image: 6F68DC32-93AC-43FA-8633-E7D8DE55C1E6.jpeg]

That is how low we have descended. MURIC now dictates to Musicians what they should sing. Very soon, they will ask our wives and daughters to put on Hijab. The hypocrites go to cinemas to watch Foreign films featuring Islamic terrorists and Christian Crusaders and they never spoke out.

This music is the Nigerian version of an american music. No one arrested the musician in America for depicting the American society. Trust our religious hypocrites to act holier than the pope.

I watch some Nigerian home videos. I see Reverend Sisters, Reverend Fathers and Pastors depicted in less than complimentary roles and all I see is a lesson to all. Some of these things are depicted to raise awareness and bring some evils to light. MURIC wants us to pretend these things are not happening in our country.

What hypocrisy!

- Patrick Etim