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Plane Crashes in Busy Part of Mumbai City – Five Confirmed Dead



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[Image: E2DA13F6-1677-4BA4-81F7-A065526F62EE-768x432.jpeg]

Five people have died after a plane crashed while coming in to land over a busy district of Mumbai.

Two pilots and two aircraft maintenance engineers who were on board and a fifth person on the ground were killed when the Beechcraft King Air C90 aircraft came down in Ghatkopar, a densely-populated area close to a major train station and the city’s airport.

Television images showed parts of the wreckage burning on the ground and police and fire engines were at the crash site. 

The 23-year-old turboprop plane, which can seat seven passengers and two crew, had been registered to the government of Uttar Pradesh, a state in the north of the country bordering Nepal. 

It was sold to a Mumbai-based company after it was involved in an accident, Indian media reported.

The aircraft crashed close to a construction site around two miles from the airport at 1.30pm on Thursday (9am BST).

A Mumbai fire official said five bodies had been recovered from the site. Two others were injured.

India’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau said it would conduct an investigation into the crash.