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Author: Watchtower
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Did Prof. Wole Soyinka Just Wake Up To The Situation In The Middle Belt?



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[Image: 775424F5-7391-4DE6-A92D-431A3F7A654E.jpeg]

“…Many in this nation have had bitter cause to conclude that governance had indeed expired, its elected head in a trance…

“Statements of outrage, humane sentiment, empathy, even visitations to afflicted areas are natural expectations from government, and perfectly in order. They are essential indications of concern and solidarity, even of admissions of lapses. They offer glimmerings of eventual measures of equity and restitution – of which we must never lose sight – else community sinks into despair, or enters the interminable spiral of reprisals. Visible pragmatic measures additionally assist in bolstering the optimism of victims, enable them to feel that they have not been abandoned…Long term propositions, such as establishment of ranches, restriction of cattle movements, cultivation of fast growth grasses and…they all indicate far-sighted planning. They deserve approbation, but they are not exclusively remedial.

“Certain unconscionable events have taken place, and cannot be ignored. Entire communities have been erased from the national landscape.

“It is a time of far-reaching, yet immediate decisions. The nation is dying. The time for false pride is over…”

Did Prof. Wole Soyinka just wake up from a trance? How come it took so long to see what the common Nigerian have known for a long while? Hmmmmm.