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Author: slimsaint
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Ritualist Caught With Girl's Fresh Head In Bauchi (Graphic Photos)



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[b]A ritualist was flogged mercilessly in the northern part of Nigeria after the severed head of a young girl was found in his possession.[/b]
[Image: bauu1.JPG]The ritualist holding the severed head
A man has been nabbed by community youths for allegedly killing a little girl and beheading her in a case of suspected ritual.
A Facebook user, Abuhuzaifah Nuhu Sa'id, who hails from Bauchi state, shared the trending video footage as the suspected ritualist was paraded in public by the cane-wielding youths.
During his interrogation which was done in Hausa language, the suspect confessed to the crime of killing the innocent girl and beheading her.

After making the shocking confession in the presence of the community youths, the suspect was lashed mercilessly with huge canes before he was finally taken to police custody for further interrogation.