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Author: slimsaint
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Police Officer Beaten To Stupor After Shooting Another Man In The Leg (Photos)



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 police officer has received the beating of his life after he allegedly shot a man in the leg in a community in Delta state.[Image: police%20beaten.JPG]
The man was beaten up

A Nigerian police officer has been beaten to stupor after shooting a man in the leg.

The policeman reportedly shot at the man for berating him and his colleagues after they chased his son home. The sad incident happened in Agbor, Delta State, yesterday.

Local reports show that the policeman and his colleagues had chased a young man to his parents’ house, claiming he was a yahoo boy.

The chase caused quite a stir and on getting home, the man's father stepped out to question them. Angered by the man’s boldness, they started threatening him. By this time a crowd had gathered at the area.

The issue later got heated and they made good their threat by shooting him in the leg.

However, before they could leave, residents of the area descended on them and got hold of one of them. He was later rushed to the hospital after being given the beating of his life