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Author: SLim Baba
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Wife Kills Her Husband In Lagos Island (photos)

SLim Baba


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A lady named Damilola has killed her husband Olumide in Lagos Island.It is unclear what led to the incident.Sharing the news,Thomas wrote...

'R. I. P. Women have bad mind because have never seen whatever men can do you will see next thing his to kill ur man.dis guy was killed by his wife Oooooo'

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[Image: 7519949_fbimg1533449250000_jpegaa8460324...f165762dfa]
[Image: 7519950_fbimg1533449247175_jpeg55b0ace70...a4b2556109]
[Image: 7519951_img20180805065912837_jpeg9104ac5...b11ee411c3]
[Image: 7519952_img20180805071211986_jpegb2449b0...8d008b35f6]

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