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Author: SLim Baba
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Unbelievable Miracle! Driver Walks Out Alive As Car Splits Into Two After Accident

SLim Baba


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An unbelievable miracle has happened in Delta state as a man walked out without any injury after his car crashed into a tree, splitting into two pieces. 

 [Image: accident-in-delta-1.jpg]
Scene of the crash
A young man has miraculously survived a ghastly car crash earlier on Tuesday in Delta state.
According to multiple online reports, the accident happened along NPA expressway in Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta state, after the driver collided with a palm tree, thereby causing the vehicle to split into two due to the force.
[Image: accident-in-delta-2.jpg]
Eyewitnesses who never believed that there would be any survivor, revealed that the young man miraculously walked out of the crash without any assistance to the Navy Hospital close to the scene of the accident.
People gathered at the accident scene as they were left shocked by the horrific accident.

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