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Author: Eagletale
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Thank You For Bringing Me To CK1….



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[Image: BB809AC1-206C-4ADD-81C3-656C6A4A989B.jpeg]

It was her birthday, she was blindfolded by her friends with a promise of giving her the best of dinner at either 805, Wazobia or Enish.

They got to the restaurant and she was served her choice meal grilled fish with fried yam. As soon as she tasted it (still blindfolded) she smiled and said “thank you for bringing me to CK1…. and they shouted “HOW DO YOU KNOW WE ARE HERE? No other fish tastes like CK1 fish.

CK1 still stands out as the best African restaurant in South East London. We would always recommend CK1 to anyone looking for great food, company, friendly staff, and great location in South East London.