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Author: slimsaint
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The Hustle Is Real: Man With Only One Leg Spotted Carrying Bag Of Cement On His Back



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A man with one leg has surprised and inspired many people with his never-say-die attitude in making a living for himself.[Image: one-legged.JPG]

Photos have shown a man in action moving bags of cements with his back to make a living.
In this age where many disabled persons have resorted to begging on the streets in many Nigerian towns, this man's story is really an inspiration.
In the photos, the man is seen picking up bags from a truck and moving them to what is thought to be a store in a building. 
He does this while hopping along with his crutches.

[Image: one-legged1.JPG]

Although his identity is still unknown, many internet users have commended the man for going against all odds to work to feed himself.