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Author: slimsaint
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Photos Of Made In Aba Keke Napep That Doesn't Use Fuel Or Oil Emerges Online



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The people in Aba are well known for their business expertise and their ability to manufacture local products, and they have lived up to expectation with their latest invention.[Image: aba-keke-napep-1.jpg]

Twitter user identified as Obi Bright (@obibc), has taken to the social media platform to share photos of the latest invention of engineers in the commercial city of Aba, Abia state.
According to the images which are making the rounds online, the newly manufactured tricycle a.k.a Keke Napep which is currently being tested on the streets, doesn't use fuel or oil and have zero-carbon emission. It is electrically driven.
The identity of the local manufacturer and more details of the latest product were not ascertained by TORI News as at the time of filing this report, but many online users are applauding the efforts and have also called on the federal government to invest in the invention.
See more photos below;[Image: aba-keke-napep-2.jpg][Image: aba-keke-napep-3.jpg]