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Author: Eagletale
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N2.5bn Scandal: PDP Mocks Buhari, Says First Lady is Entangled



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[Image: 81CDEEF2-FF17-4401-B119-8E93ABD060BB.jpeg]

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Wednesday challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to show his zero tolerance for corruption by allowing for an open inquest into the N2.5 billion scandal, in which the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, has already been entangled; instead of the spirited effort by the Presidency to suppress a matter that is already in public domain.

The party said nothing is more scandalous than the fact that while Buhari is in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York mouthing his war against corruption, a huge broth of corruption, in which his wife is mentioned, is simmering under his own roof.

“President Buhari, by now, must have learnt that Nigerians are not buying the lame denial by our First Lady, who had rushed to town to disown her detained security aide, Sani Baba Inna, just because the lid is off the can of worms.

“This scandal has further vindicated the stand of the PDP that President Buhari presides over a government of corruption, where his close relatives, officials and a cabal of associates are enmeshed in sleazy deals but parading as saints. 

Read the full story below:

[Image: 5F1F2B9F-0951-4A8C-AF92-5D6BDEC7EF0E-558x1024.jpeg]