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Author: SLim Baba
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Why Do We Divide House Chores Based On Gender?

SLim Baba


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Why Do We Divide House Chores Based on Gender? … (A WORD FOR PARENTS and TO-BE PARENTS)[Image: low-section-of-man-vacuuming-floor-while...f09a24.jpg]

I have realized from observations that many parents divide house chores to their kids based on their gender rather than age!
The girl is saddled with the responsibility of keeping the kitchen clean, cooking, mopping the floor, cleaning the toilets and doing some tasks we assume should be done by girls only.
The boy’s responsibility will be to do the gardening, clear the snow, go to the farm, tidy up the garage, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the house, clear the weeds around the house, and do what we believe are the “hard” kinds of stuff.
In a home where you have more than one kid and you have both sexes, I Believe the kids should be exposed to the same level of house chores irrespective of their gender.
No wonder we have men that cant cook for themselves not to talk of the kids when the woman is not at home. Men that will always prove its the woman’s duty to do this or that simply because they’ve been brought up that way! (don’t miss-quote me, the woman has a duty as well as the man), same with the woman… there are certain things you should be able to do in your husband’s absence! (I’m not talking about things that require lots of energy or muscle.. but simple things that society has taught us that they should only be done by men in the home!). It will surprise you to know that some women don’t even know where the battery is located in a car!
My Suggestion: Rotate them on each of the house chores, with that, they will be vast in all aspects of the home management. They will also stop the “it’s not my duty” game, because they know that “what goes around, comes around”
By the grace of God, I was brought up by my parents in all aspects of house chores, from the kitchen to the farm!
Your Friend, wisdom Moses chibuzo

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One of the essence is to train a boy to know how to handle things that are meant for men

While for the girls, their chores are mainly female chores, training them to know the core duty of a woman

Though both genders can handle each other chores

But the difficult ones that require extra energy are reserved for the boys or man of the house

That doesn't mean that females can't handle it, men will do it better and more carefully since those ones are hazardous