Full Version: I Prayed For Real Husband But Single Motherhood Chose Me - Actress Uche Ogbodo
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Actress Uche Ugbodo decided to lace the internet with her adult photos on her birthday in a bid to trend online.[Image: uc.JPG]

Uche Ogbodo who took to Instagram to pen down message to herself as she celebrated her birthday, disclosed that she prayed for a real husband but single motherhood chose her.
Sharing her birthday photos to mark her big day, the actress further revealed that she didn't choose to be born into poverty, grow up in the ghetto or drop out of school either. 
Revealing that single motherhood chose her even though she prayed for a real husband, Uche Ogbodo wrote in parts; 
"I always Dreamt and prayed for Love, for a Real Man a husband, for A happy Family , But Single MOTHERHOOD Chose. They All Chose ME without My Permission!. The Only Choice I have Is In Choosing Who I want ME to BE, A GODDESS. So Before you criticise me, PRAY for me, I need My Strength, Your Strength, and Devine Strength. ."