Full Version: The Illusion Of A Second Bid Declaration - Patrick Etim
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A friend asked me why I have not written about President Buhari’s “declaration”?

First, I asked him if he listened to Buhari make the declaration? He said no. So, I asked him to wait until he hears him as I don’t intend to discuss a press release, especially when such statements are later denied.

Then I informed him that I am more interested in the things that they want to draw our attention away from, than the so-called declaration. I told him that if I were him, I will try not to be distracted by the ” declaration ” and concentrate more on the issues on ground before the declaration.

I told him my mum used to give us plenty house chores whenever she wants to travel to keep us occupied until her return. My mum did not have any formal education but had native intelligence and whenever I see native intelligence in action, I can easily recognize it.

Patrick Etim is a Legal Practitioner and Social Crusader