Full Version: 2019….LET THE LIES BEGIN! - Patrick Etim
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If you have a friend that lies perpetually and very comfortable with lies and propaganda, would you consider it as a result of bad upbringing, failure of religion or the evil effect of broom-allied spirits?

I am really getting worried with the ease and comfort with which people I know tell and spread lies. Sometimes, I wonder whether they realise that sometimes nature can punish their own children for their lies and the destruction of others?

In 2015, I saw otherwise well educated men tell and spread lies. For them, it was all about politics but I just weep silently for them because I know they will pay a price for such things but then, do they really care? I don’t think so. If people cared about what the various religions and esoteric group teach, Nigeria would not have been this bad.

It is worse when you have a government that has made lies a state policy. Just how much destruction do we intend to inflict on ourselves before we realise we are doing great damage to our country?

Patrick Etim is a Legal Practitioner and Social Crusader.