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Smoking is the single highest cause of preventable death and disability the world over –  it takes a great toll on human health – accounting for about 6 percent of all illhealth according to the best estimates. When combined – is more than HIV, Malaria and other known ailments. Despite that , smoking is on the increase worldwide.
Kicking the habit can be very tough and difficult – hence it is a physical and psychological addition  – not a personal failing.

For you to succeed at kicking smoking habit , it is important to make a personal commitment by mapping  out a strategy and getting the right support.

   The following tips can assist you kick the bad habit :

1. Personal commitment – you have to truly decide that you want to kick the habit . By so doing you can arrange to attend classes conducted by professional counselors – for instance when you are made to watch the video of smokers who lost their body parts ,such as nose, tongue ,eye etc from the cancer that resulted from smoking – The shock and chill can deeply  move you to kick the habit.

2. Join a stop smoking group – This group can be very helpful in providing you the strategies and support that you need to keep you focused on your goal.

3. Prepare the right environment –  this you can do by removing objects that can remind you of smoking such as ashtray, matches or lighter and other smoking related items

4. Avoid staying in isolation – as this may push you back to the bad habit. Rather , learn to be in the mix of caring friends.

5. Remain Focused – even if you make several attempts that failed , never give up – until the battle is fully won.

6. Practice drinking water –  Drink up to eight glasses daily , to cleanse your body of nicotine.

7. Take a deep breath –  you can also practice taking a deep breath to help you relax and engage yourself in other recreational activities to help take your mind off smoking .

8. Practice chewing gum, licking hot sweet or peppermint , or put something like toothpick in your mouth anytime you have the urge to smoke.

Also , learn to say a silent regular prayer – supplicating the Almighty God to shower you with his holy Spirit – which will remove your thought from all negative habits – such as smoking, filling your mind with great and clean thought.

 As you practice all the aforementioned – you will gradually see yourself breaking free and kicking the bad habit.

Gabriel O.A.