Full Version: When Would Port Harcourt Get Back Her Groove As The Garden City
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It is my wish and prayer that the political gladiators in Rivers State will realise that power is transient and you can never remain in power forever, no matter what you do.
I was posted to Rivers State in 1992 for my Youth Service. It was the dream of many young Nigerians to be posted to Rivers State. The state with a lot of "White People". The State where the nights are bright and colourful, with the skys illuminated by the gas flaring from the major oil companies. The State where young Nigerians girls got married to "Oyibo" people and started a new family. The State with many beautiful mulatoes.
Indeed, as we arrived our Ndele Camp for our orientation, many of believed we have arrived paradise. I am sure it is the same feeling many Africans get when they arrive Europe and America.
I was posted to S.J Ofoluwa & Co, whose office was at No. 44 Ikwerre Road, Mile 1, Diobu, Port Harcourt. I was given a Self-Contain apartment to stay. For those of you who know Port Harcourt very well, you will know this was the heart of the city. The Mile 1 market was just a minute away. The NYSC Secretariat was a building away. The Post Office was 3 buildings away. Mile 1 mosque was just by the Post Office. Hotel D Nas was two buildings away, where I go  to watch football matches. (I had no television then. My greatest asset was my Twin-Cam Sharp Radio-Cassette Player). Navy Quarters shared fence with where I stayed. The popular Education Bus Stop was just ahead and from there, you could trek to Njemanze Waterside to catch up with some very beautiful Rivers girls.
All around me were several "Joints" serving the best fish and meat peppersoups you can ever get. Owned mostly by beautiful Kalabari women with their equally beautiful daughters, you had an added reason to go there and stay until they close shop.
I made very good friends who are like brothers and sisters to me today. I met my wife in Rivers State and all our kids were born in Port Harcourt.
You see why Rivers State will always be part of me? You see why I join all great Rivers sons and daughter to pray for a return to the Garden City days?
Politics has eaten deep into Rivers State. The once friendly state has gradually became a no-go state.
I am happy that Governor Wike is gradually trying to bring back the fun to Rivers State. The Port Harcourt Amusement Park is a bold state. I have not been opportuned to go in there, so I cannot write much about it but I have seen pictures of families having fun.
To bring back the fun to Rivers State requires the cooperation of all Rivers sons and daughters, no matter their political leanings.
I wish Rivers State well and I commend Governor Wike for what he is doing.
Patrick Etim is a Legal Practitioner and Social Crusader