Full Version: Still On The Transmission Video Saga: Why Are We Surprised The IG Cannot Read?
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Did we not see the sheer number of teachers dismissed in Kaduna by El Rufai for illiteracy? That was in the teaching service. Was that done in the police force? If illiterates or near illiterates could have the guts to apply to be teachers, think about the number in the military and police and immigration and customs.

Even in the south we saw Oshiomole dismiss a teacher in Edo state for same illiteracy.

The TRAGEDY is that this man is who Buhari picked to head the police force.

Magu of EFCC is not much better

If these dregs that should be “maiguard” at best are the ones leading agencies that require high intellect, are we surprised that no solution is provided for the insecurity in Nigeria? Are we surprised Magu cannot say correctly how much has recovered and the deals made to recover the moneys?

A society where the worst lead is a KAKISTOCRACY and that is what we practice in Nigeria.

The Senate and House of Rep and state assemblies are filled with these near illiterates. In Delta state we have a few we have sent to House of Rep and Warri may send one soon.

This is why as individuals we excel. But once we aggregate as Nigerians we achieve little.

We are led by THE WORST amd we do not seem to mind.

How else will Buhari be the president when we all know he did not finish secondary school nor did he acquire any meaningful education after including the PSI amd MNI that his mates have. Plus others like David Mark, Gowon and Obasanjo have even gone back to get true education and not some rifle training in London or America.

We allow the worst to lead us and everyday we pay for it.