Full Version: Reaction Quotes From Nigerians: IGP Transmission Video
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Who was in charge of Kano during the 2015 elections when the returning officer and his family were butchered and burnt? who  oversaw the election results that single-handedly gave the victory to Buhari?
Has anyone read or heard anything about the murder of the returning officer of that election? NO. Just make the illiterate police in charge in that very Kano the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE and bury the matter.

Remember, 24 senior officers were retired to pave the way for this illiterate HITMAN to become IGP. Una dey think say Buhari come play with una”. –

– Ena Ofugara

“Wow. We “embarrassed” Patience Jonathan, “Oga at the top”, Jonathan “drunkard” etcetera.
My friend, the way you guys think is bemusing. Once it’s your own you don’t hide your bigotry.
I laughed at Patience Jonathan “NA only u waka come?”. I am sure you also laughed. Why this sudden slip into dictatorship and intolerance. I thought we learned our lessons with the collapse of military dictatorship”

-Usenekong Okon

“They have not said it is a mistake. They said it was doctored. If it is a mistake then let them admit it. Then we can show empathy. But in as much as they are claiming it is doctored, we must get to the bottom of the matter to know who is fooling who”.

– Reno Omokri

“If the Nigerian Police can’t produce the un-doctored version of the IGP’s TRANSMISSION rap video more than 72 hours after @VoiceOfLibertyN allegedly released the doctored version, how can they then apprehend herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers and terrorists making Nigeria insecure”?

– Reno Omokri

“24 hours after the Nigerian Police claimed that IGP Idris’ video was ‘doctored’, they have yet to come up with the un-doctored version of the speech. I investigated and found out that this is due to doctors being on strike, so there‘s no doctor to undoctor what had been doctored”.

– Reno Omokri

“On Feb 6, 2018, the IGP’s spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, described Benue Governor, Samuel Ortom, as a drowning man. Today, 3 months later, I‘d love to ask Mr. Moshood to TRANSMIT to Nigerians who is drowning between his boss and Ortom. Dont wish evil for others. It may rebound on you”.

– Reno Omokri