Full Version: Are You Serious When You Say Your Religion Is A Religion Of Peace
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When I say the Nigerian Police doesn’t really do any work, people seem to always want to misunderstand me.

A man has just told the world that while he was in one party in Nigeria, they (him and his people in that said party) used to kill people to win elections.

In saner climes; in places where the police are alive to their duties of fighting crime and enforcing the law, he would have been picked up for some questioning.

This doesn’t require a presidential directive, it doesn’t need an act of parliament; It should just happen.

Of course he could just be blabbing but lets not be in a haste to make that decision for him; human lives were snuffed out if what this repentant killer is saying is the truth.

At other times, we have had newly converted pastors, or just religious, claim they were robbers before the holy spirit ‘arrested’ them.
Good! However while the holy spirit is using such people to win souls, the police should be arresting them to serve the punishment for their crimes and deter others from going that way.

Imagine what good a repentant murderer turned pastor would do in jail while serving life imprisonment. We would have repentant and converted souls in our prisons.

When they are released, society would be much better!!

This is why the call to have our institutions strengthened, rather than knee-jerk enforcement and justice systems, needs to be looked at and taken seriously.

-Tony Alika