Full Version: Patrick Etim- Spread Out, Spread Out, Here They Come Again
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Does it mean Saraki and Dogara are not getting the message?

Dino empowers murderers in Kogi.

Wike cries out that they want to frame him for murder.

Mobile Policeman shoots someone at APC rally and fingers now point as assassination attempt on Fayemi. Now Fayose is crying out that they want to frame him for murder.

Ortom signs anti-grazing law and since then he and his people have never had peace. Even the IGP that the President ordered to go and remain in Benue ended up going to Nassarawa and the President lamented that he was not aware that the IGP disobeyed him. That alone should have warned Saraki that he was dealing with one of the anointed when he kept insisting that the IGP appear before the Senate.

Now, at the very time you are being accused of abetting armed robbery contrary to the Robbery and Firearms Act, your DDS Details are reduced. Dogara’s DSS Details are also reduced. Nothing sinister in that, except that we know how different messages can be sent to non-compliant politicians.

You see, now that your DSS details have been reduced and you have to also rely on Policemen from the same IGP who have accused you of robbery, Your Excellency, your days are numbered, unless you can show the dexterity of your father, the Oloye himself, the late Senator Olusola Saraki.

Recall that Kogi State Governor was accused of importing military wares. The imported items included 100 pieces of military camouflage, 26 pieces of military camouflage jungle boots, 20 pieces of plastic knives, 24 pieces of black bullet proof vests, and 28 black boxing gloves. Others are 26 pieces of arctic hunter bags, 40 pieces of training mats, 20 pieces of black batons, 100 pieces of black T-shirts, 31 pieces of protective glasses, 25 pieces of black sunglasses and 29 pieces of black uniform belts.

Have you heard anything again? Learn your lessons, Saraki and Dogora. Go, bow and pay homage to His Royal Majesty, the Supreme Leader of Ndi Igbo, Ndi Awusa, Ndi Ofemanu, Ndi beribe, Ndi Mongo buronou and all shall be well.

For now, as we used to sing in the jungle “All well no be well o….”

It is better to be accused of corruption than to be accused of armed robbery o. Even though the great Fela said that “authority stealing” pass armed robbery, it does not apply in Nigeria. The penalty for armed robbery is death, irrespective of the amount stolen, be it one naira or one million naira. Once it is established that you used arms, even if it is a small dagger, you are facing death. Corrupt robbers or as Fela called them “Authority Stealers”, have no fear of death. Just enter a plea bargain, return some and keep the rest and you can have a rest.

My dear Senate President, I know you are orphan, both in real life and now it appears in your political life. I will advise you forget the fasting, take some shots of Monkey Tail, ginger up yourself and sing:

My papa no dey mama no dey o. If you want to kpai me, kpai me make I die, I will never follow you to that station?

My man, Dino tried it. He almost succeeded. You may fair better.

In summary, my dear Senator, know your enemies and understand how far they can go.
I have bought my popcorn. This is just the supporting film, The main film will start shortly. In the meantime lets sit back and watch “ROBBERY IN A DISTINGUISHED SHADOW, PART 1”

– Patrick Etim