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  • [Image: ademola-adeleke.jpg]

    Ademola Adeleke of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is currently leading in the results announced so far by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in the Saturday’s governorship election in Osun State.

    From the results announced so far, Adeleke is ahead of his close challenger, Gboyega Oyetola, of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

    The results below.

    Oriade LGA:

    ADC: 109

    ADP: 1224

    APC: 9778

    PDP: 10109

    SDP: 2265






    Ilesha West LGA:

    PDP: 8286

    APC: 7251

    SDP: 2408

    ADP: 2363

    ADC: 127

    TOTAL VALID VOTES : 21,220


    TOTAL VOTES CAST . 23,081



    Boripe LGA

    APC : 11, 655

    PDP: 6, 892

    ADC: 137

    ADP :1137

    SDP – 2730

    Total Number of Registered Voters – 57, 397

    Total Number of of Accredited Voters: 25, 045




    Ilesa East LGA:

    ADC: 188

    ADP: 1275

    APC: 9790

    PDP: 8244

    SDP: 3620

    Total Number of Registered Voters: 65745

    Total Number of of Accredited Voters: 26194




    Obokun LGA:

    ADC: 106

    ADP: 663

    APC: 7229

    PDP: 10859

    SDP: 1907

    Total Number of Registered Voters: 45959

    Total Number of of Accredited Voters: 22617




    Orolu LGA:

    ADC: 79

    ADP : 388

    APC : 5442

    PDP: 7776


    Total Number of Registered Voters: 31,904

    Total Number of of Accredited Voters: 17,485



    TOTAL VOTES CAST: 17,417

    Ede South LGA:

    PDP : 16,693

    APC: 4,512

    ADP : 357

    SDP : 855

    Total Valid Votes: 23,136

    Total Rejected Votes: 1,605

    Total Votes Cast: 24,741

    Number Of Registered Voters: 46,887

    Number of Accredited Voters: 24,888

    Ifedayo LGA

    APC 3182

    PDP 3374

    SDP 1377

    Atakumosa west LGA

    APC 5019

    PDP 5401

    SDP 1570

    ADP 718

    Boluwaduro LGA

    APC 3843

    PDP 3779

    SDP 1776

    Ede North LGA:

    ADC : 89

    ADP :758

    APC: 7025

    PDP: 18745

    SDP: 1380

    Boripe LGA

    In the result announced by the returning officer, Professor Afolabi Atanda, APC Candidate, Gboyega Oyetola won the council.

    APC : 11, 655

    PDP: 6, 892

    ADC: 137

    ADP :1137

    SDP – 2730

    Total Registered Voters – 57, 397

    Accredited: 25, 045

    Atakumosa East LGA






    Total number of registered voters: 35,657

    Total number of accredited voters:17,086

    Total valid votes:15,721

    Total rejected votes:1,008

    Total vote cast:16,729

    Ife South LGA:






    Total valid votes = 19,998

    Rejected votes=1,399

    Total votes cast = 21,397

    Ila LGA

    APC: 8403

    ADC : 96

    ADP: 183

    PDP: 8241

    SDP: 3134

    Total Registered Voters: 39,188

    Total Accredited Voters; 21,124



    TOTAL VOTES CAST- 21,378

    Irepodun LGA

    ADC: 158

    ADP: 2,564

    APC: 6,517

    PDP: 8058

    SDP: 4856



    TOTAL VOTES CAST: 24,269



    Ifelodun LGA

    ADC 236

    ADP 2834

    APC: 9882

    PDP: 12269

    SDP: 1970

    Isokan LGA:

    ADC: 56,

    ADP : 682

    APC : 7297

    PDP :9048

    SDP: 3460

    Number of Registered Voters: 45,903

    Number of Accredited Voters: 23,314

    Total Valid Votes: 21,723

    Total Rejected Votes: 1519


    Odo Otin LGA:

    ADC – 1034

    ADP – 1112

    APC – 9996

    PDP – 9879

    SDP – 2941




    TOTAL VOTE CAST: 27,023


    Ayedire LGA

    ADC: 144

    ADP :166

    APC :5474

    PDP: 5133

    SDP: 2396





    ADC :145

    ADP : 1654

    APC : 10,861

    PDP : 10,836

    SDP: 2967

    Ejigbo LGA

    ADC: 258

    ADP: 592

    APC: 14,779

    PDP: 11,116

    SDP: 4,803

    Total Valid Votes: 32,787

    Rejected Votes: 2,109

    Total Votes Cast: 34,896

    Registered Voters: 63,652

    Accredited Voters: 35,061

    Irewole LGA;

    ADC: 249

    ADP: 1915

    APC: 10049

    PDP: 13848

    SDP: 1142




    No of registered voters : 61977

    No of accredited voters: 30898

    Ife North LGA

    ADC -94

    ADP -745



    SDP: 5158

    Total number of registered voters – 52684

    No of Accredited voters- 20549

    Total Valid Votes: 18846

    Rejected Votes: 1,674

    Total Votes Cast: 20,520


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  • [Image: bafarawa.jpg]

    Attahiru Bafarawa, former Sokoto State Governor and People Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, has said President Muhammadu Buhari’s military background had made it difficult for him to handle issues on democratic governance.

    Bafarawa, who spoke on Saturday in Jos, at a meeting with PDP supporters in Plateau, stated that only a true democrat could deliver sound leadership and solve Nigeria’s development problems.

    “I am a true democrat capable of taking Nigeria out of its numerous problems. We need true democrats to pull us out of the woods. What we have now is not true democracy,” he said.

    Bafarawa said that his main strength was his integrity, claiming he had never been involved in corrupt tendencies in the course of his various leadership roles.

    The aspirant, however, said that he would support whoever emerged as the PDP presidential candidate.

    On his candidacy, he said: “I am a man of integrity and have never been corrupt. When I was governor of Sokoto State, I left N13 billion in the state’s coffers after serving for eight years.

    “I did not stay in the government house and was not even interested in salary. I am not a poor man. I am contented and I want everybody to be contented too.

    “The election is not about Bafarawa. It is about Nigeria. If I lose the primaries, I will support the candidate because Nigeria needs the right person to take charge of its affairs”.


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  • [Image: Nigeria-Air.-Photo-PM-News-Nigeria-e1537603471386.jpg]

    Except for its indefinite suspension last Wednesday, the national carrier, Nigeria Air, was to cost Nigeria at least N180b yearly for the next 10 years, operators have said.
    Local airlines operators, who are privy to the actual business design, as well as, the cost implications said the financial commitment, weaved into the five per cent equity, was mandatory to keep the airline up and running.Even though the Minister of State for Aviation Hadi Sirika did not give reasons for the suspension of the airline, which he earlier said would takeoff on December 24, 2018, The Guardian’s investigation showed that the development was not unconnected with investors’ apathy, ownership structure and funding issues.
    It was further learnt that the huge financial request forced the last Federal Executive Council (FEC) to drop Nigeria Air off the priority list, since it was not budgeted for anywhere.While the operators described the indefinite suspension of the launch as a step in the right direction, sources hinted that over a billion naira had been sunk into the business case design, work by the transaction advisory team in the last two years, and unveiling of the logo in London recently.

    According to the Chairman of the Airlines Operators of Nigeria (AON), Capt. Nogie Meggison, setting up an airline requires huge capital investment and that explains why national carriers are no long fashionable around the world. Meggison said it was in this light that AON continued to call for a rethink, especially given the tough economic situation in the country and the fact that “it is a moribund idea”
    Meggison said: “Setting up of National Carrier will cost Nigeria at least N1.08t ($3b). A single Boeing 777 as of today costs about N115.2b ($320m).“Is it wise and should it be our priority as a nation to take $3b from our coffers today and put into a venture that will for sure go down the drain within a maximum of five years it will take to establish a national carrier?
    Also, bear in mind that the national carrier will need an additional cash injection of N180bn ($500m) subsidy per year on average for the next 10 years to keep the airline afloat, while about 97 per cent of the 200 million Nigerian masses today are grappling for the basic necessities of life; food, shelter, electricity, water, education and good roads,” he said.

    Sharing AON’s view that owning a national airline because of national pride is out of vogue because it is capital intensive is Chief Executive Officer of Topbrass Aviation Services, Capt. Roland Iyayi. Iyayi said:  “Just recently, the South African government had to inject $2m into the South African Airways, but how many times will a government be bailing out a national airline? There was a time Alitalia was bailed out by the Italian government, and when it found out that it was no longer tenable, it turned to privatisation.
    “I am a businessman. If I have already lost $5m and I see that my continued exposure to the same enterprise would amount to $100m loss, I would choose, which of the two options is cheaper for me. And that will be $5. Meaning that no matter how much the government has expended now, it will be pittance to what it will lose in the long term. For me, I would stop now instead of doing something that is not sustainable.”

    The Federal Government in July unveiled the name and logo of the proposed national carrier, Nigeria Air, at the Farnborough International Public Airshow in London. As contained in the Outline Business Case (OBC) approved by the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) and disclosed to the public, the airline is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project, with 95 per cent share pushed to investors while the government will own the rest.To get the new national carrier start off, the government will be injecting N3.168b ($8.8m) as the startup capital. It was learnt that the N3.2b is part-payment for the government’s five per cent equity in the investment, whose takeoff fund in the next three years of operation has been put at N108b ($300m).


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  • [Image: Abdur-Raheem_Adebayo_Shittu_-_ITU_Teleco...514728.jpg]

    The Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, has admitted that he did not participate in the mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme after graduation from the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

    Reacting to allegations making the round that he breached the NYSC rule, the minister insisted that his case is not akin to that of the former minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun.

    Shittu, who spoke with reporters after his screening by the Adams Oshiomhole-led National Working Committee (NWC) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja, yesterday, claimed that his service at the Oyo State House of Assembly was a much “higher service” compared to that of the NYSC.

    He said contrary to notions in certain quarters, he did not infringe any law in the constitution of the country, insisting: “Nigerian Tribune even reported that I left university in 1979, but in actual sense, I left in 1978, and left Law School in 1979 and the constitution says anyone who qualifies to contest an election or who has gone through an election and wins, is obligated to move through the House of Assembly, which I did for four years.

    “So, it is a form of higher service as far as I am concerned, and even now, I am still in service.”

    On whether he might have violated any law, the minister said: “I don’t see and I’m not worried. Do you see any worry on my face? I don’t think, so except someone has a superior argument and prove it.

    “There are walls of difference. Unfortunately, Kemi had a fake certificate, I didn’t present any, I didn’t have one, I simply followed the constitutional requirement that if you are qualified to contest an election, it is compulsory for you to serve the nation in the capacity that you won an election.”

    Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack the Minister of Communication for dodging the compulsory one-year national service and begin the process of his prosecution.

    In a statement released by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, yesterday, PDP said the open admittance by the minister that he did not perform the national service further validated its position that Buhari has many persons of questionable character in his cabinet.

    The party further stated: “President Buhari, in appointing fraudulent persons to hold key offices in his government, has shown that he has a weighty integrity burden,

    “President Buhari should provide answer to allegations that such individuals are being used as henchmen to fritter away trillions of naira from our treasury to service All Progressives Congress (APC) interests and the Presidency cabal.

    “Nigerians know how President Buhari refused to sack, let alone prosecute the erstwhile minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun, despite her culpability in certificate forgery and how the agents of the Federal Government escorted her out of the country to prevent her from opening up on the humongous corruption in the Presidency.

    “President has also not declared why he has refused to sack or prosecute his Special Assistant on Prosecution and Chairman of the Special Investigative Panel for the Recovery of Public Property, Chief Okoi Obono-Obla, despite declaration by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) that he parades a fake certificate.

    “This is in addition to official cover, which the Presidency provides for corrupt officials in various sectors, including the Petroleum Ministry, where over N10 trillion is alleged to have been stolen under fictitious contracts and sleazy oil subsidy deals, as well as the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), where indicted officials were reinstated by the Presidency.”

    The statement added: “The effrontery with which Shittu is trying to justify his crime against the nation speaks volume of the impunity in the Buhari administration.

    “It is very sad that the corruption of the Buhari administration have continued to smear our nation in the international arena, leading to the current dearth in foreign direct investments and development partnership to our country.”

    The party tasked the Police to immediately charge Shittu and the President to note that Nigerians have lost confidence in his anti-corruption fight.


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  • [Image: 2018-09-22T215517Z_1810942539_RC1FCDC848...569687.jpg]

    Britain’s Anthony Joshua retained his world heavyweight titles by inflicting the first stoppage defeat of Alexander Povetkin’s professional career with a ruthless seventh-round finish at Wembley Stadium on Saturday.

    A previously close contest turned in Joshua’s favour decisively when he sent the Russian crashing to the canvas with a straight right hand and left hook.

    Povetkin gamely beat the count but Joshua piled in before referee Steve Gray stopped the contest at one minute and 59 seconds of the seventh round.

    Victory saw Joshua extend his unbeaten professional record to 22 wins from 22 fights, with 21 knockouts, in front of a raucous home crowd.

    “Povetkin is a very tough challenger and he proved it tonight,” Joshua told Sky Sports.

    “I realised he was strong to the head but weak to the body.

    “I got my knockout streak back, I found my right hand again.”

    Joshua was putting his International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organisation belts on the line against 39-year-old Russian challenger Povetkin.

    This fight was the latest in a line of professional heavyweight title bouts, featuring the likes of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and George Foreman, between two former Olympic champions, with Joshua having won gold in front of his home crowd at the 2012 London Games — eight years after Povetkin stood atop the podium in Athens.

    Joshua, 28, had a significant height and reach advantage of several inches over Povetkin.

    Friday’s weigh-in also confirmed a significant size difference, with Joshua tipping the scales at 17 stone 8 pounds (111.5 kilogrammes) compared to Povetkin’s 15st 12lbs.

    This fight saw Joshua returning to the scene of arguably his greatest triumph, an 11th-round stoppage of former champion Wladimir Klitschko last year.

    Klitschko was the only man to have previously inflicted a blemish on Povetkin’s now 36-fight record, with a points win back in 2013.

    Joshua, born in nearby Watford but based in London, had been taken the distance for the first time as a professional in his last title defence — a unanimous points victory over New Zealand’s Joseph Parker in Cardiff in March.

    The undercard of that fight saw Povetkin serve notice of his formidable punching power with a sickening knockout of Britain’s David Price.

    Povetkin, who in 2016 was given an indefinite ban from boxing after testing positive for the banned substance meldonium that was later cut to a year, had insisted in the build-up he was a far stronger fighter than the one beaten by Klitschko.

    Povetkin pressure
    And the first round ended with Povetkin, stooping low, rocking Joshua with a right uppercut that drew blood from the champion’s nose.

    Joshua, who said Thursday that “my well is deep, my heart can definitely go through hell and back”, was certainly being tested in the opening exchanges, although he did start to respond with some single-punch jabs.

    And come the fourth round, Povetkin had a significant cut above the left eye.

    Nevertheless, at the end of the sixth he was still in the contest only for Joshua to seal victory barely two minutes later.

    But whether this win takes Joshua any closer to a fight with World Boxing Council heavyweight title-holder Deontay Wilder, who next fights Britain’s former world champion Tyson Fury on December 1, remains to be seen.

    “My number one would be Wilder,” said Joshua, whose promoter Eddie Hearn has already booked Wembley for April 13, when asked about his next opponent.

    “May the champion bring himself here and have a good old fashioned dust-up.

    “All I want to fight is serious challengers. If Dillian (Whyte) wants to fight here he is also more than welcome.”

    Joshua beat compatriot Whyte with a seventh-round knockout in December 2015 — his last fight before becoming a world champion for the first time

    Whyte, who was among an estimated 80,000 crowd at Wembley, said of Joshua’s latest victory: “He was patient and took his time, he was jabbing to the body and then brought the right into play which caught Povetkin by surprise.

    “Hopefully, it’s me next, I’m here and ready to fight.”


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  • The agency said Obinwa allegedly used sticks, wire and sharp objects to brutalise her home help and the victim was usually left untreated after such abuses.
    [Image: s_106861.jpg]

    The Rapid Response Squad of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons has arrested a 37-year-old health worker, Ifeoma Obinwa, for allegedly brutalising a 14-year-old girl with a hot knife in the Dutse Alhaji area of the Federal Capital Territory.

    Our correspondent learnt that Obinwa was arrested last week Friday by the operatives for a case of domestic violence, after she was reported to have used the knife to slash through the girl’s thigh and buttocks.

    The victim, who worked as a home help for Obinwa, was said to have been rescued by NAPTIP officials while the woman was arrested.

    According to the anti-trafficking agency, Obinwa, on September 12, allegedly inflicted grievous injuries on the girl, who had been living with her since 2015 without being enrolled in any school.

    The agency said Obinwa allegedly used sticks, wire and sharp objects to brutalise her home help and the victim was usually left untreated after such abuses.

    Speaking with our correspondent on Friday during a press briefing, Obinwa said she beat up the home help because of the way she (the girl) maltreated her (Obinwa’s) baby.

    She said, “I have always been nice to her. I have collected a school enrolment form for her. On this day, I left my youngest child, Mary, in her care, but I returned and found out that Mary had sustained hand injuries. When I asked her, she refused to talk. I was very angry and I started beating her.

    “She then confessed that she threw my baby inside our bathroom, where the little child slipped and broke her arm. I became so mad. It was anger that led me to inflict the pain on her.”

    Other suspects paraded by the agency included a 43-year-old woman, Stephany Bassey, who was arrested for allegedly being in possession of a three-month-old baby boy who was not her child.

    The NAPTIP Director of Investigation, Josiah Emerole, who paraded the suspects, said the cases were contrary to the Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition) Enforcement and Administration Act 2015 and the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015.

    He said, “As soon as investigations are over on these cases, the suspects would be charged to court. In Obinwa’s case, the suspect accused the victim of beating her child and allegedly placed a knife on fire until it became very hot and then placed it on the victim’s thigh and buttocks. The victim was left untreated until operatives of the agency rescued her.”

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  • Some operatives of the Federal Road Safety Corps, have been captured on camera while being beaten up by angry mob who accused them of causing an accident.[Image: FRSC-officers-2.jpg]
    The two officials who were beaten by a mob
    Angry mob descended on two officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), who accused them of being responsible for a ghastly motor accident in Anambra state.
    According to online reports, the FRSC officials were alleged to have been chasing a passenger bus, causing it to collide with another vehicle.

    [Image: FRSC-officers-3.jpg]

    It was gathered that many of the passengers in the bus were seriously injured following the crash, including a pregnant woman.
    The accident enraged residents and they got hold of two FRSC officials, making them scapegoats.

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  • It was gathered that the prime suspect, one Pastor Marvelous Odalo, who is the General Overseer of Mega Charismatic Fire Ministry, reportedly worked with a ‘madame’ in Russia to traffic the girl.[Image: Edo.JPG]

    In what has been hailed as a strong message to human traffickers and their allies, the Edo State Taskforce against Human Trafficking (ETAHT) has nabbed a pastor and his accomplice for conniving with a sponsor in Russia to traffic a 22-year-old girl from the state.

    Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Edo State, Prof. Yinka Omorogbe, who is to serve as the Chairman of the Committee on Human Trafficking, addressing Governor Godwin Obaseki during the inauguration of the committee, at Government House, Benin City, on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

    It was gathered that the prime suspect, one Pastor Marvelous Odalo, who is the General Overseer of Mega Charismatic Fire Ministry, reportedly worked with a ‘madame’ in Russia to traffic the girl.

    He was arrested following a tip-off from the girl (name withheld), who has since returned from Russia. She claimed that she and her sister were deceived and fell for the antics of the pastor and his accomplice.

    Narrating her ordeal, the victim said her problem commenced after she agreed to go to Europe and her Madam’s mother took her to the pastor’s church for oath-taking. “The pastor asked me to stand on top of a white handkerchief and N1000 note on the altar. He asked me to repeat what he was saying and that if I refuse to pay my madam, something bad will happen to me,” she said.

    She continued, “I was asked to pay $50,000, which is N17, 850, 000. They told me that I was going to meet a woman who is pregnant in Russian and I will assist her with domestic chores. They said I will also be working as a stylist in her saloon.

    "I will pay them that amount since the work is thriving there. I never knew that the lady was neither pregnant nor married. When I got there, it was a different ball game. I was forced to engage in prostitution in Russia which I resisted, I rejected it and told them I will rather go home than sell my body to satisfy one greedy woman.”

    She said that in the heat of the scuttle with her assailants, she met a Nigerian in Russia, who introduced her to the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Anti-Human Trafficking Issues, Comrade Solomon Okoduwa, who eventually took the matter up in Nigeria.

    “Ever since I came back, the so-called madam has been threatening my life, that I must pay her the money she spent. I want to appreciate Edo State Government which joined to facilitate my return. They have to also assist me, first, to stop the continuous threat of my madam and secondly, to help me to settle down and start up a business to enable me earn a decent living,” she said.

    “I sincerely appreciate the state government for the fight against human trafficking. I thank Obaseki for the show of love and care he is giving me. Many girls are still there in Russia now, who do not have the opportunity to come back home; they are suffering, working in cold and risking their lives,” she added.

    Comrade Okoduwu, who facilitated the arrest, said the pastor and another woman who is an accomplice have been handed over to the men and officers of Special Investigation Unit attached to the Government House to crack down on traffickers.

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  • The agents, whose name could not be immediately ascertained, were the final points of contact for voters who cast their votes for ADP and were willing to collect money for doing so.[Image: Osun%20votes.jpg]

    Two agents of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) in Polling Unit 2, Ward 2 of Ayedaade Local Government Area have been caught on camera sharing money to voters.

    The polling unit is situated in St Paul’s Primary School, One Church Area, Gbongan.

    Moshood Adeoti, a former Secretary to the State Government, is the candidate of the ADP in the election. He is considered one of the front runners in the election.

    The agents, whose name could not be immediately ascertained, were the final points of contact for voters who cast their votes for ADP and were willing to collect money for doing so.

    A beneficiary, an elderly woman who spoke with PREMIUM TIMES, said the money is her “right.”

    “If you want to collect your right, tell that guy on red,” she said pointing to the agent.

    “He will give you a paper. Take to them over there. You will get your N2000.” she added.

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  • Hey Slimsaint,  Pls post this for me!!! 
    I currently school in epkoma.. I have been dating this girl for about 6 months now.. I do visit her regularly, she lives alone bt i havent really brought up the topic about having sex with her, just waiting for the right moment to do my exploration..

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    Pls my fellow contripeople help a brother..

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  • People have been left in a state of shock commotion after a soldier turned his gun on his colleague before killing himself.[Image: soldier-murder.jpg]

    The soldier killed himself after shooting a colleague dead (Photo: National Helm)
    More details have emerged about how a Nigerian soldier identified as Adegor Okpako reportedly killed his partner, Saka, before he went on to commit suicide.
    It was gathered that sad incident occurred during a training exercise at an army base in Borno State.
    Adegor Okpako, a staff sergeant attached to 192 Battalion in Gwoza, killed himself at about 2:50 p.m. Wednesday.
    Three soldiers and a member of the civilian joint task force were also seriously wounded in the random shooting by Mr Okpako, sources said.
    According to reports, Mr Okpako killed himself two days after returning to the battalion after taking a break from work.
    The incident might not be unrelated with the excrutiating plight of Nigerian soldiers engaging Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria’s war-ravaged northeast as it appeares thing have worsened in recent months.
    Over 100 soldiers have been killed and as many feared missing since mid-July alone. In November 2017, a soldier opened fire on a captain, killing him before turning the gun on himself.
    The latest suicide comes three months after an Army captain committed suicide while under psychiatric evaluation in Borno State.[Image: soldier-murder1.jpg]

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  • A man who had been dragged to court by the EFCC, has been sentenced to spend as many as 140 years in jail.[Image: Cuffs-Prison-Jail.jpg]

    Justice Mohammed Idris of the Federal High Court In Ikoyi, Lagos has sentenced a businessman, Jones Biyere, to 140 years imprisonment on a 13-count charge of forgery brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), SaharaReporters reports.
    Idris gave the judgement on Thursday, having found Biyere guilty of the 13-count offences against him. 
    He was then sentenced to 10 years in prison each on counts 1 to 11, and 15 years each on counts 12 and 13, which brought the sentence to a total of 140 years.
    However, Biyeri would spend 15 years in jail as the terms are to be served concurrently.
    Reading the judgment, Justice Idris said: “The prosecution has been able to prove its case against the defendant beyond reasonable doubt.

    “Prosecution Witness Two confirmed to the court that the exhibit belongs to the defendant, and the defendant admitted same and said it was about to be sent out of the country.

    “He failed to give reasons why he wanted to send this exhibit abroad, knowing that they were fake. The evidence of the defendant is incapable to puncture the evidence given by the prosecution.”
    The judge noted the plea of the defendant’s counsel that he is a first offender and the breadwinner of his family.
    “I shall temper justice with mercy sentencing him. The trial took a long time due to the attitude of the defendant,” he said.
    Biyere was first arraigned in 2006 on a 13 count-charge bordering on conspiracy, forgery, and exporting forged cheques outside Nigeria.
    According to the EFCC, the convict alongside one Tony Adeyemi and one Eddy — both still at large — had on or about May 31, 2006, at 15, McCarthy Street, Onikan, Lagos, fraudulently forged and signed 10 Lloyd’s TBS Cheques with numbers 002108; 002104; 000096; 00091; 005263; 005260; 000147; 000144; 000546; and 000550.
    They were also said to have attempted to export the cheques through the offices of United Parcel Services (UPS) situated at Somolu and Gbagada.
    The offences, according to the EFCC, are contrary to Sections 3(2)a 6(2)(b) and 6(1) of the Miscellaneous Offences Act. Cap. 410, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990, as amended by Act. 62 of 1999, and punishable under Sections 3 and 3(b) of the Counterfeit Currency (Special Provisions) Act No. 22 of 1984 Cap. 77, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990.
    Biyere had pleaded not guilty to the charges and was granted bail.
    During his trial, however, the bail was revoked by Idris after the convict failed and refused to attend his trial on several adjourned dates.
    The judge also foreclosed the convict’s right to open his defence, noting that he was deliberately prolonging the trial by repeatedly changing counsels who, at different occasions, sought for adjournments to enable them prepare their defence.
    Idris said the actions were a ploy to continually delay and frustrate the case, which had already passed through two judges.

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  • A shocking new report has revealed how the soldiers fighting the deadly Boko Haram sect, beg for food and sleep in classrooms.[Image: Gandoki.JPG]

    Gandoki, a corporal with the special force unit of the Nigerian army, walks out of a sport betting shop, scans through the ticket in his hands, then nods as his face widens into a smile. The corporal and many other soldiers fighting Boko Haram insurgents in the north-east do not receive their operation allowance regularly. They find means of survival by gambling, using as low as N50 to predict results of games that could—if by chance their predictions hit it right— enrich them with a few thousands of naira.
    “For months now, we’ve not been paid our allowance. How would we have survived if not for the small money that we see from this sport betting?” Gandoki asks, smiling his way to a bar close to where his unit is camped. His predictions on matches in European football league have so far won him almost half the amount of allowance owed him by the Nigerian army.
    A few bottles of beer and a plate of pepper-soup are enough consolation for this special force soldier who has just a few days left in Maiduguri, Borno state capital, before returning to the frontline, where the fight continues.
    A standard soldiers’ footwear is dark green camouflage shoes but some who are fighting Boko Haram walk into battle with open-toe slippers. Soldiers in the trenches would reveal that being ‘poorly kitted’ in the army is an understatement.
    “Kitting of soldiers? You are on your own,”  Gandoki jeers.  Then, he yells: “We have our special uniforms that we use as special force soldiers. But nowadays, none of us is still that specially kitted.

    Soldiers now use any type of uniform they can afford. We were even once told that part of the money owed us would be used to buy our uniforms. We were also assured of getting camouflage T-shirts, rather, what we were given were Etisalat branded T-shirts. And when the uniforms came, if you get a trouser, you will not get the shirt. If you get camel bag, you will not get knee guard.

    “When they bring the uniforms, they share it among themselves at the top. Even in Abuja, you will see officers that did not train with us being kitted with special force uniforms.

    “In NAPEX (Nigerian Army Post Exchange), the store where military uniforms are being sold, each goes for about N25,000. But then, how much is an average soldier’s salary? So, that is why we put on anything we have. And we do that even in the war front. Soldiers who don’t have desert boots and can’t buy canvass, wear slippers.”
    Many of the soldiers have not been given fragmental jackets (bullet-resistant vests) since they got drafted into the war theatre. In the bushes where the action takes place, the soldiers don’t expect a luxurious living. They simply want the authorities to provide them with camp beds.
    “We buy the beds and tents with our money. Some of us went to Mali in 2013 for an operation where we were fully kitted. When we came back, and redeployed to operation Lafiya Dole, they collected the bed and fragmented jackets from us and were sent to the bush in Bama, at the time the insurgency was very hot. It was hell.”

    “We go for parameter patrol without night vision goggles. We go in blindly, and because we are not equipped with these night vision goggles, Boko Haram will be approaching your camp in the night and you will not see them until they are already closer, firing at you.”

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  • A man has been shot dead by his own neighbours in broad daylight in an unbelievable incident that was captured on camera.[Image: shoot.jpg]

    This is the moment a man is shot dead at point blank range by a neighbour in a row over a dumped mattress. 
    The killing in Texas was filmed by the dead man’s fiancee and shows a dispute with father and son neighbours turn deadly.
    John Miller, 67, and 31-year-old Michael Miller were arrested on murder charges over the death of 37-year-old Aaron Howard, who lived next door.[Image: shoot1.jpg]

    They have both been freed on $25,000 (£18,000) bond.
    Police said the row was over where to leave a mattress in a shared alleyway for collection by binmen.
    The footage, which was released by grieving Katie Box today, graphically shows the killing on September 1.
    The Miller son and dad can be seen standing topless and armed with guns.[Image: shoot2.jpg]

    Miss Box said she and her partner had left the mattress in a dumpster but that the Millers had taken it out and thrown it back onto their property in the town Abilene, which lies 150 miles west of Fort Worth.
    Angry at this, Mr Howard then confronted his neighbours in the back street of their houses while his partner filmed the row on her phone.
    The dad can been seen with a pistol in his right hand while the son, standing just a few feet behind him, is gripping a shotgun.
    John Miller can be heard saying: “If you come closer to me, I’m gonna kill you.

    “If you come within three feet of me, I’m going to kill you.”[Image: shoot3.jpg]

    Shots are then fired and Mr Howard can be seen lying on the ground with a bleeding head wound.
    Miss Box told the Star-Telegram: “I stepped in between Aaron and John (Miller), then my ears started ringing from the gunshots.

    “I just screamed and screamed."
    According to Miss Box, John Miller walked up to her and put his handgun against her head, ordering her to get down.
    She said she decided to release the disturbing footage to a television news broadcast because she said people deserved to know what happened.
    Source: The Sun UK

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  • Security operatives in Kenya have apprehended suspected Nigerian internet fraudsters duping women in the country.[Image: uduebor.jpg]

    Early today, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI Detectives arrested two Nigerians and one Tanzanian for engaging in electronic fraud in Kenya where local banks lost huge amounts of cash. According to reports, most of the money defrauded from the local banks was withdrawn outside the country.
    The following items were confiscated from the suspects:ATM cards, Laptops,Cheque books among other exhibits.
    The suspects are currently in lawful custody and will be arraigned in court on Monday.
    The operation to weed out more Electronic Fraudsters continues.[Image: uduebor1.jpg]

    [Image: uduebor2.jpg]

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  • A housewife has reportedly dumped her own baby inside a market toilet in Delta state, running off afterwards.[Image: town.JPG]

    File photo: A Nigerian town
    Judith Oke, a 35-year-old housewife in Sapele town, Delta State, had in the early hours of Friday allegedly dumped her day-old baby into a market toilet after an alleged disagreement with the father of the baby.
    According to Daily Post, an eyewitness, Tony Akpeki who spoke to journalists in the area said the cry of the baby attracted security agents to the female toilet in the market where they discovered a newborn baby allegedly dumped in the toilet.
    But the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Andrew Aniamaka who Confirmed that the incident occurred in the early hours, said upon a search, they establish contact with the mother of the child.
    He said,”The placenta of the baby was hurriedly severed, the sight of fresh blood was on the floor, indicating that the incident occurred in the early hours. We are still searching for the woman, the police will locate her. At the meantime, the baby has been taken to the central hospital in Sapele, while investigation is ongoing”.
    Sources told Daily Post that the woman had a problem with the supposed husband who allegedly claimed that the pregnancy was not for him.
    A neighbour who claimed to be Stella Oghenevo said the woman hails from Enugu State and had settled in Sapele town where she met with the man who promised to marry her but unfortunately, put her in a family way.
    The man was said to have confided in a friend that he was not responsible for the baby, alleging that the woman confessed to him before her delivery that two men slept with her almost on the same date, hence the baby was not his child.

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  • A driver who went home with his boss' car and decide to carry a prostitute to spend the night, has landed himself in serious trouble after the woman fled with the car to an unknown destination.[Image: police-brutality-1.jpg]

    A 54-year-old driver of the chairman of an outsourcing firm located on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State, is in trouble after a s-x worker allegedly fled with his boss’ Kia Sorento sports utility vehicle valued at N5.4m.
    According to PUNCH, the prostitute, identified only as Nina, reportedly fled with the vehicle at a filling station in Ikoyi immediately the driver, Victor Dossa, came down to fuel it.
    Dossa, who lives on Ikoyi Crescent, usually took the vehicle to his house after taking his boss home at the close of work.
    It was gathered that Dossa drove the vehicle to Obalende around 11pm to convey Nina to his house, perhaps to have fun together overnight, and as they were returning home, Nina drove the vehicle and suggested that they stopped at a nearby filling station to buy fuel.
    While Dossa came down from the vehicle to monitor how the fuel being bought was being dispensed, Nina zoomed off.
    The case was said to have been reported to the police at the Onikan Police Division and the driver was arrested.
    Dossa, who hails from Benin Republic, reportedly told the police that he first met Nina in the Obalende area a week before the incident.
    He said, “I was brought to Nigeria in 2004 by the company chairman. I work with him as a driver in charge of the Kia Sorento SUV with the number plate, BDG 644 BJ. Whenever I closed from work, I parked the vehicle in my house. The following day, I would go and pick my boss from his house to the office.
    “My boss did not come to the office on August 17, 2018, so the vehicle was in my house throughout. Around 11pm, I drove it to Obalende to pick a sex worker whom I met a week earlier. I only know her as Nina.
    “On our way back to my house, she drove the vehicle while I was at the front passenger seat. She stopped at a filling station along Awolowo Road to buy fuel. She gave money to pay for the fuel. The moment I came down from the vehicle, she zoomed off. I don’t know how to locate her. I don’t know any of her friends either.”
    Dossa was subsequently brought before an Igbosere Magistrate’s Court by a police prosecutor, Sergeant Francisca Job, on two counts of conspiracy and stealing.
    The charges read, “That you, Victor Dossa and one other at large, on August 17, 2018, around 11pm, along Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, in the Eti-Osa Local Government Area, within the Lagos Magisterial District, did conspire to commit felony, to wit, stealing, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 411 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2015.”
    The defendant pleaded not guilty to the charges and elected to summary trial.
    He was granted bail by the presiding magistrate, Y.O. Aro-Lambo, in the sum of N1m with two sureties in like sum.
    The case was adjourned till September 26, 2018 for mention.

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  • It was learnt that trouble started when the wife of the deceased, Martha, wanted to take her bath in one of the bathrooms but was told by the suspect to use the one with a faulty door.[Image: Stabbed.JPG]

    Tragedy struck on Friday when a tenant, identified as Orobosa, allegedly stabbed his neighbour to death on Ekiosa Street, in the Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo State.

    The suspect was said to have had an argument with the deceased, one Okereke Chinonso, over the use of a bathroom in the building located around the Second-East Circular Road in Benin.

    The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Chidi Nwabuzor, confirmed the incident, adding that the suspect had been arrested.

    Nwabuzor also stated that the command had launched an investigation into the matter.

    It was learnt that trouble started when the wife of the deceased, Martha, wanted to take her bath in one of the bathrooms but was told by the suspect to use the one with a faulty door.

    The victim was said to have confronted Orobosa, asking him why he prevented his wife from using the bathroom.

    It was gathered that an argument ensued between the two after which the suspect allegedly hit the victim in the head with a wooden object and later stabbed him. Okereke was said to have been taken to a hospital in a wheelbarrow but was confirmed dead on arrival.

    It further learnt that some youths in the area mobilised to the building and attempted to set it ablaze before they were prevented by some policemen.

    Other tenants in the building were also said to have fled to avoid being caught up in the pandemonium.

    A resident in the neighbourhood, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the suspect was a Libya returnee.

    “But the woman (Martha) decided to use the other bathroom because his (deceased) landlord had yet to fix theirs and, as I speak, they do not even have a toilet,” the source added.

    The widow said that the suspect, who was also the caretaker, chased her husband into their apartment and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife. Martha explained, “He (suspect) said my husband and I  should not use the bathroom again. My husband came back and saw that I had not taken my bath and went to ask the caretaker.

    “But the caretaker started shouting that he had been warning my husband. As he was shouting, he used a mortar to hit my husband’s head.

    “He brought out a knife and my husband ran away. But he chased my husband to our room and stabbed him in the chest.”

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  • The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Friday revoked the licence of Skye Bank, and transferred its assets and liabilities to a newly licensed bridge bank called Polaris Bank.

    [Image: 0366e3b2c5b3c7f100032162c9f412c0x412x310...,;3,480x,1]
    Meanwhile, the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) has sold Polaris Bank to the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) with the mandate to stabilise the bank as well as return it to profitability for the purpose of selling it to interested Investors. 
    In this regard AMCON will inject N786 billion into Polarise Bank to bring it’s net value to zero.
    CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele and NDIC Managing Director, Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim disclosed this at a joint press conference in Lagos Friday.
    Emefiele said while the purpose of the CBN’s intervention in Skye Bank on July 4th 2016 has been achieved the decision to revoke the license of Skye Bank was due to failure of its shareholders to recapitalise the bank.
    He said: “The focus of the action then was to save depositors’ funds and to ensure that the bank continued as a going concern, being a systemically important bank. Part of our intention was also to stem the imminent job losses to staff if a liquidation option had been adopted.
    These objectives have been fully achieved and the bank has been able to meet customer obligations, having curtailed the liquidity haemorrhage and restored depositor confidence.
    Indeed, the bank’s performance has improved considerably compared to the pre-July 2016 era.
    “The result of our examinations and forensic audit of the bank has, however, have revealed that the Skye bank requires urgent recapitalisation as it can no longer continue to live on borrowed times with indefinite liquidity support from the CBN. The shareholders of the bank have been unable to recapitalize it.
    “As a responsible and responsive regulator and in consultation with the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation(NDIC), we have decided to establish a bridge bank, Polaris Bank, to assume the assets and liabilities of Skye bank. The strategy is for the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) to capitalize the Bridge Bank and begin the process of sourcing investors to buy out AMCON. By this decision, the licence of the defunct Skye Bank is hereby revoked.
    “We wish to assure all depositors that under this arrangement, their deposits shall remain safe and that normal banking services shall continue in the new bank on Monday, 24th September, 2018, to enable customers to transact their businesses seamlessly.
    “Thus, all customers of Skye Bank shall be automatic customers of the new bank and their accounts and records duly purchased by Polaris Bank.
    “Given the good performance of the board and management, the CBN shall retain them. In addition, all employees of Skye Bank shall be absorbed by Polaris Bank under a new contract unless any employee decides to opt out.
    “We wish to assure the general public that the Nigerian banking industry remains safe and resilient and that the CBN will continue to live up to its responsibilities of promoting stability in the banking and financial system.”
    Emefiele further disclosed that the shares of Skye Bank would be suspended on the Nigeria Stock
    Exchange henceforth till further notice.
    Also speaking, MD/CEO of NDIC, Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim said that AMCON will inject N786 billion facility into Polaris Bank adding that the fund is a long term loan granted at single digit interest rate.
    He said: “In continuation of the Central Bank of Nigeria intervention in the distressed Skye Bank Plc which started on the 4th of July 2016 and which was aimed at protecting depositors of that bank, the NDIC in exercise of its statutory powers under the NDIC Act 2006 and in consultation with the central bank has organised and incorporated a bridge bank known as Polaris Bank Limited to assume the deposits and other liabilities of Skye Bank Plc and acquire its assets.
    “CConsequently, Polaris Bank Limited has been issued operating license by the CBN and shall commence banking business from today, Friday, 21st September.”
    “The operating license of Skye Bank has been revoked by the Governor of the Central Bank and the NDIC has commenced its liquidation. The capitalisation of Polaris Bank Limited is being done by the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria through the injection of about N786 billion to return the bank to soundness and profitability so as to enable its subsequent sale to credible and financially sound third-party acquirers.
    “The NDIC carried out the bridged bank option so as to resolve the Skye Bank in order to make certain that its depositors are protected and the deposits with the Polaris Bank Limited is insured under the NDIC Act and the customers of Skye bank Plc can continue to transact business with Polaris Bank limited thereby ensuring non distribution of thier banking transaction.
    “Furthermore, adoption of the bridged bank model for resolution of Skye Bank Plc guarantees that most of the employees of that bank would not lose their jobs and they would continue their employment with Polaris bank limited under a fresh contract of employment.
    “The NDIC as a deposit insurer acted to ensure the continuous safety of depositors funds in furtherance of the regulatory authorities resolve to proactively manage the potential threat to financial stability.
    “The NDIC hereby assures depositors and customers of the defunked Skye bank that their deposits are safe and hereby encourages all of them to continue to transact their businesses with Polaris bank.”

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  • Ahead of Saturday election in Osun state, the management of the National Youth Service Corps has fired important warning to its corps members over electoral malpractice.[Image: NYSC-1.jpg]
    File photo: NYSC corps members
    While speaking with PREMIUM TIMES on Friday, the Osun State coordinator of the NYSC, Emmanuel Attah, said corps members who engage in any form of electoral malpractice during Saturday’s Osun election are “on their own” and would face the full wrath of the law.
    The official of the National Youth Service Corps who made the disclosure ahead of the Osun state election, said he was confident that the corps members would perform well.
    He said: “Our corps members in the state of Osun are prepared to discharge their duties with all patriotism and zeal.

    “We have talked with them, we have sensitised them, and one thing we keep harping on, not just of recent, in fact in the past few months, the NYSC is apolitical. We don’t belong to any political party. We belong to all.

    “The NYSC over the years have given credibility to the Nigerian electoral process and we intend to maintain such. They have their names to protect, the names of their families. They have their own integrity to protect.

    “We have told them, the uniform they put on is not immunity in committing any electoral offence. I must say that I have full confidence in the corps members to discharge their duties as prescribed to them by INEC and I have confidence that they will never let this nation down,” he said.
    On the allegation made by some political parties that the NYSC was working with certain political parties to manipulate the card readers, Attah said the allegations were baseless and an attempt by the parties to “hype themselves”.
    He said: “I want to say that as far as we are concerned in this election, nobody has approached us and nobody can approach us.

    “We have said it, we are apolitical, and we have said it that anybody who dares to intimidate our corps members or make any attempt at our corps member, we will not take it lightly. These are our children. They have been called to duty to serve this country and we are ready to protect them.

    “The security agencies have assured us of their safety, both during and after the election, and I have absolute confidence in the security apparatus of the state. We have met with them severally and they have given us that guarantee.

    “What is important is for the people here to know that in as much as other people’s children are serving in this state; their children are also serving in other states.”  
    Attah added that the corps members had been well ‘motivated’ for the job and the citizens “should simply cooperate with them so they could deliver optimally for the credibility and acceptability of Saturday’s election”.

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  • [Image: 046E766C-F997-4203-9841-7995279D9ED0.jpeg]

    “We are not dredging the River Niger with billions of naira; we are dredging the River Niger with just N100m. When we flagged it off recently, did you see us dancing? Was there a party? I just went to see the governor and told him that the project will start today and will be finished in one month.

    The governor said he will accompany me, and I said ‘ok’. So, I asked the governor to flag it off since it’s located in his state.

    People are wondering how on earth we are going to dredge the River Niger for N100m when the previous government awarded same contract for N47billion? But we are going to dredge the River Niger, using dredgers owned by the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA).

    NIWA has dredgers, but the previous government preferred to give contractors money to dredge the river with private dredgers while NIWA’s dredgers were lying idle somewhere in Port Harcourt.

    The NIWA MD told me the agency has dredgers, but it’s been hired out to somebody in Port Harcourt. So, we had dredgers, but the previous administration hired them out to some persons in Port Harcourt while paying a contractor billions of naira to use privately owned dredgers at a very high cost.

    I told the NIWA MD that I will look for money to fuel their dredgers, and work has started. That is why we are dredging the River Niger with just N100m,”

    ~ Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Transportation Minister, May 4 2017

    NB: It’s 16 months since the Honorable Minister made this promise.

    I am just sad because it doesn’t look like I will get my mansion for 25k as discussed

    Is it fair?


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  • [Image: 3EAD86D0-D361-4343-A3A6-2DF5A73EF167.jpeg]

    Facebook’s global head of safety has admitted the social network needs more people to help tackle hate speech, with its detection software failing to pick up on it as effectively as other offensive content.

    While insisting that the platform remained a safe place for its users, Antigone Davis told Sky News the company acknowledged that more “human involvement” was needed to help bolster its efforts to protect them from hate speech.

    “When you’re talking about hate speech, it can require a good deal of context in which to understand the term that someone has used or how they’re using it,” Ms Davis said.

    “I think that is an area in which we need human involvement.”

    In its recently released Transparency Report, Facebook reported that its detection software had found 99.7% of spam and 99.5% of terrorist propaganda before it was flagged by any of its two billion users.

    But its algorithms had only discovered 38% of hate speech, despite many of the posts easily accessible to any user with a quick search. Sky News found pages containing the antisemitic phrase “Jewish Ritual Murder”.


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  • [Image: 5180D2BA-9628-4A55-A733-C732DCDDC283.jpeg]

    President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday approved the appointment of a campaign organisation for his re-election in 2019 with Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as Secretary/Director General.

    Amaechi was the Director General of the Buhari-Osinbajo Presidential Campaign Committee in 2014-2015 that won the elections and brought the current administration into office.

    Amaechi, who is presently the Minister of Transportation, would announce other appointments into the campaign structure as approved by Buhari.

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  • [Image: 32E5FFE7-5B22-48DF-AF13-7FD8C2E6E649-768x432.jpeg]

    Mexico’s leftist president-elect has pledged to stick to his plan to get rid of the country’s presidential plane – despite finding himself stuck on the tarmac for three hours waiting for a commercial flight to take off.

    In video footage posted online from onboard the delayed flight from Huatulco to Mexico City, Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he would “die of shame” if he used “a luxurious plane in a country where there is so much poverty”.

    “I’m not going to change my mind because of this,” he said of the delay, which was caused by heavy rain. “Any politician who acts arrogantly won’t last.”

    López Obrador was using the low-cost airline VivaAerobús. He and other passengers spent three hours on the plane and were then moved back to the terminal to wait for a further hour before they could fly.

    The 64-year-old, often known by his initials Amlo, convincingly won Mexico’s presidential election in July. He will take office for a five-year term in December.

    On the campaign trail he pledged to sell the presidential plane and convert the presidential palace into an arts centre.

    [Image: DAB89CA4-FA68-4E82-8AA7-31C9542950E3.jpeg]

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  • [Image: 96E19425-971F-460A-8B1F-665D4AAC804F.jpeg]

    Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has revoked the operating licence of Skye Bank Plc with immediate effect.

    CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, stated this at a press briefing in Lagos on Friday.

    According to him, Skye Bank would now be taken over by Polaris Bank, which would take over all the assets and liabilities of the defunct entity.

    The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria has been directed to commence the sale process of the bank from Monday.

    The regulators said customers deposits safe as management and members of staff would be retained under the new ownership structure.

    More to follow…

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