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  • [Image: PDP-Vs-APC.jpg]

    Some witnesses for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, Tuesday, separately accused some agents of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, of brazenly intimidating voters during the February 23 presidential election.

    It was also alleged that some officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and polling agents of the ruling party connived to falsify and cancel many election results in favour of the ruling party.

    The witnesses. who hail from Nasarawa state also affirmed before the tribunal that the alleged rigging conspiracy took place in units and wards that are considered as strongholds of the PDP in the state.

    But under cross-examination by INEC counsel, Yunus Usman, SAN, there were certain loose ends to substantiate the allegations by Mohammed Okpaluwa, a PDP agent in unit 009 who admitted that sources of the total votes controversially scored by the PDP and ruling APC as contained in his statement that was deposed on oath were supplied to him by voters. Further, Okpaluwa also admitted that he signed form EC88 (result sheets) voluntarily.

    Yet, when grilled, he admitted again that he doesn’t know the number of accredited voters in his unit, number of registered voters and number of voters who actually voted in the unit under his watch as PDP agent.


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  • [Image: makarfi.jpg]

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has condoled with the former Governor of Kaduna State and former Chairman, PDP National Caretaker Committee, Sen. Ahmed Makarfi over the death of his father, Malam Muhammad Makarfi.

    The party in a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, on Tuesday in Abuja, said that the PDP was deeply saddened by the news of the death of Malam Makarfi.

    He described the deceased as a devoted statesman and devout Muslim, who dedicated his life to the service of God, stability and growth of the nation and the good of humanity at large.

    “Though, we intensely mourn, the PDP draws solace in the fact that Malam Makarfi lived a fulfilled life and bequeathed to our nation an outstanding patriot in Sen. Makarfi.

    “Sen. Makarfi’s commitment to national development as Governor of Kaduna state, Senator of the Federal Republic as well as the sacrifices he made in stabilising and repositioning PDP during her trying times, speak volume of the lessons he must have received from his father.

    “The PDP, therefore, condoles with the entire Makarfi family and prays the Almighty God to grant them and their loved ones the fortitude to bear this huge loss,’’ Ologbondiyan said.


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  • [Image: ReligionFeatureImage2.jpg]

    Long before independence and soon after, up to the late 1950s and early 1960s, most parents in Orokam had not embraced Christianity.

    They were mostly pegans and worshippers of several gods such as Alekwu, Enyanwu, Owo, Ejebi, Egri, Okpa, etc

    Method of worship was through sacrificing live animals such as goats, Rams, Chicken or fowls, Cocks and Tortoise which throats were usually slitted and the gushing blood sprinkled on the idol, muttering deep incantations and pouring Litany of requests before the idol at the same time.

    Other items used for the sacrifice included kola nut immersed in a bowl of water, palm wine and locally brewed gruel (Eje Okpoto) and Palm oil.

    Materials used for the sacrifice were selected depending on the nature of the sacrifice usually determined through consultations with the Fortune Teller.

    The commonest ailment at that time was malaria fever, headache and general weakness of the body which was believed to be caused by the spirits of dead relations and colleagues who were hungry in the land of the dead.

    Their spirits, therefore, caused ailment to afflict the living relation as a way of asking for sacrifice. The Fortune Teller reveals the cause of the sickness and what items needed for the sacrifice so that the sick person would not die.

    In his sleep the sufferer would dream about relations and colleagues who have died and buried long ago. He would dream about other frivolous things he hardly remembers on waking up.

    Once a sickness displayed such symptoms, it was believed that the god of “Egri” was hungry and needed some sacrifices to be taken to the other hungry spirits waiting in the land of the dead.

    No one knew or saw the spirits for it was an abomination to see spirits or ghosts of the dead with naked eyes.

    Such was the scenario when my uncle’s wife, Onyoko returned from Ukwo market one evening and ran up to my Mum crying profusely that she had seen ‘herself blind’ (le’yi manyi) because she had seen spirits and ghosts with her naked eyes moving in a convoy through the Ukwo market.

    According to her, the spirits were in numbers made up of men wielding long sticks with which they whipped their cows as they moved along the road through the market.

    They were accompanied by their wives and children with the very young ones strapped at their mothers’ backs and carrying bowls of ‘nunu’ and assorted wares on their heads.

    Their mode of dressing was outlandish with strange hair styles, piercing earrings and metal bangles. Their men were fair skinned and quite handsome while the women and children were equally beautiful which made uncle’s wife conclude that only spirits could be that beautiful.

    It took sympathizers time to convince her that what she saw were not spirits but Fulani normads who were grazing their cattle. The next day while on our way to ‘Enumabia’ stream we saw the same group of Fulanis in their makeshift shelters where they have camped as they grazed their cattle along the verdue in the gorge (ogo ijereyi) as their kids played around and offered ‘nunu’ to interested passersby.

    They were friendly and harmless. The men carried no dangerous weapons except the long sticks with which the cows were controlled. When we came back the third day on our way to the stream again, they had packed away from the gorge to other grazing destinations.

    They never grazed on farmers’ crops neither did they destroy farmlands. Where they trespassed unintentionally they had apologized sincerely and settled amicably with the farmers before moving on. They were really good neighbours wherever they went – North, South, East and West.

    Today, we have entirely different types of Fulani’s to contend with. They are said to be normads from the Sahel regions of Mali, Niger, Senegal, Libya etc. Their own convoy usually without women and children is made up of fat cows with huge horns and move in large numbers accompanied by a handful of herdsmen wielding AK-47 guns, matchets and other dangerous weapons.

    They invade farms, graze farmers’ crops and destroy farmlands with impunity. They kill, maim and massacred farmers and their households – men, women, boys, girls and innocent children and widows.

    They are never challenged or arrested for their crimes but are instead shielded and cosseted by the government of the day that had earlier informed Nigerians that they were killer herdsmen from other countries who had crossed Nigeria’s borders illegally.

    On invasion they set houses ablaze and chase farmers away from their ancestral homes. They forcefully occupy the destroyed homes as conquerors waiting for eventual movement to the dreaded government promised but now suspended Ruga Settlements.

    However, with the avalanche of hostile stance against the suspended Ruga policy and calls for its total cancellation, it appears that for these killer herdsmen, the road to Ruga is still rugged.

    Professor Jerry Agada

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  • [Image: herdsmen-1.jpg]

    The Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG, said it has lost confidence in the sincerity of the Federal Government to execute any positive initiative towards resolving the herders’ problems in the country.

    The groups also noted that there hasn’t been encouraging concern by the Federal government for the dilemma of the Fulani, who have been attacked in various states.

    The CNG spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, while on a visit by the groups to the chairman, Northern Elders Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi said, “We find it difficult to trust the commitments of this government, which has for the past four years failed to execute any positive initiative towards resolving the herders problems nor shown any encouraging concern for the dilemma of the Fulani who have been attacked in various states.”

    The groups observed, “Based on the above observations sir, and the fact that the instigation of hatred against the Fulani persists, we feel obliged to advise the leadership of the Northern Elders Forum to consider calling on the Fulani to forego their right to live and flourish anywhere in the south and relocate to their various states in the north to ensure their safety.”

    Speaking on the recent murder of Pa Fashoranti’s daughter, the groups noted that the failure or neglect of the police to trace a connection between the murder and the seeming prearranged conduct of Fani Kayode, Odumakin and Gani Adams by their haste to shift the blame in order to render the Fulani object of attack is certainly suspicious.

    CNG stressed, “Also within the same period, some section of the southern leadership had introduced a fresh round of instigations by indiscriminately blaming the death of the daughter of the Afenifere leader, Fashoranti on the Fulani and threatening reprisals on northerner.

    “Throwing caution to the winds, Gani Adams, Fani Kayode, Yinka Odumakin and a host of other southern regionalists shamelessly insisted on changing the narratives around killing of the Fashoranti lady. In the process, they threatened all forms of violations and breaches against northerners including the threat of an all-out war.”

    The groups said their visit to Professor Ango Abdullahi was to update him on developments since their last press conference at which they reviewed the current state of the nation in relation to the Northern region.

    They said, “We noted the unceasing disturbances in the polity with particular concern to the security situation in the North and the various reactions from the South.

    “We emphatically repudiated the attempt at vilifying, profiling and isolating the Fulani herders and exposing them to stigmatization and attacks in many parts of the country.

    “We specifically placed the Federal Government on a 30-day notice to halt the harassment, intimidation and forceful expulsion of the Fulani instigated by southern leaders. We also urged state governors to give peace a chance by re-considering their hard stance against the federal government’s resettlement initiatives for the pastoralists.

    “Our submission naturally drew the usual varied responses with the ones that actually matter, coming from the Northern Governors Forum and the Northern Elders Forum which we feel obliged to acknowledge.”


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  • [Image: 83C6FB96-6D99-4C90-A1C5-1B878AC28873.jpeg]

    The Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB, has chided leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Bola Tinubu, over his comment during a recent visit to commiserate with the Afenifere leader, Pa Fasoranti, over the killing of his daughter by suspected herdsmen, last weekend.

    A release by the spokesperson of IPOB, Mr Emma Powerful said Yorubas were enlightened and would not support Tinubu’s attempt to drag Igbos into the killing of their daughter.

    Parts of the release read, “You cannot sacrifice the blood of your brethren on the shrine of your greed, conceit and unbridled 2023 presidential political ambition.

    “I must remind you today that your Fulani masters will never do for you what you are slavishly doing for them. You know in your heart of hearts that murderous Fulani herdsmen are culpable in the brutal murder of a Yoruba daughter and that Igbos had no hand in the Ore Highway Massacre.

    “An influential newspaper reported that nearby villagers, who are Yorubas, informed police that the killer Fulani herdsmen have their base in a nearby forest. These are eye witness account from Yoruba people living in the surrounding areas where the tragic incident occurred. Or are you saying the villagers can no longer distinguish between a gun wielding Fulani terrorist and an Igbo man?

    “Your unguarded utterances only succeeded in doing more harm to the Fasoranti family, insulting the memory of their daughter and will be seen for what it is, an affront to the dignity of the Yoruba race.”


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  • [Image: 0B0EFF6B-939F-4D34-8C6C-AEF9EC361BD1.jpeg]

    The Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai, has declared that insecurity has been tamed across the country by the Nigerian army.

    He stated that “all these cries of insecurity which some groups and individuals are taking it as a political game, I think they should have a rethink because it is no longer the case.”

    He spoke during a visit to the troops stationed at 1 Division Super Camp in Kuyello, Birnin Gwari in Kaduna on Monday.

    He said that the efforts of the military in the northeast and northwest, as well as other parts of the country, had reduced insecurity in the country, NAN reports.

    Buratai restated that both the banditry in the northwest and Boko Haram insurgency in the northeast have been tactically defeated.

    He warned that those playing politics with the security situations in the country should desist, adding that the army would not hesitate to take action against them.

    According to him, there has been no major attacks in the last two tp three weeks because of the new strategy.

    ”Apart from some isolated remote areas as a result of some other factors, the attacks have drastically reduced.

    ”That means we are winning and it is a great success which people should be assured.

    ”Insecurity has been tamed right now in the northeast and in the northwest and even in other areas we are doing so well.

    ”Our troops are deployed in support of the government, civil police and indeed the civil authorities,” he said.


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  • [Image: kola-buhari.jpeg]

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari on the insecurity has vindicated the party’s position.

    Obasanjo, on Monday in another open letter to President Buhari, lamented about the state of the nation, while calling for urgent actions to tackle Nigeria’s challenges.

    Reacting, the PDP in a statement signed by Kola Ologbodiyan National Publicity Secretary, on Monday, described Obasanjo’s open letter as patriotic and prove that President Buhari has failed as the nation’s chief security officer.

    The statement read: “The party notes that President Obasanjo’s letter reechoes its numerous caution against the violations, insensitivity, impunity, vindictiveness, divisiveness, intolerance and dangerous sectionalism that characterize the Buhari administration and which are jeopardizing our national unity.

    “The PDP urges President Buhari to read between the lines and listen to the voice of reason from well-meaning Nigerians at this moment.

    “Our party is deeply worried that our nation, which grew in leaps and bounds in all sectors before the All Progressives Congress (APC) took over in 2015, is now dangerously sliding on all fronts under President Buhari, who has shown crass incompetence in managing our national affairs.

    “The PDP maintains that had President Buhari heed wise counsel to rejig his parade and respect the wishes and aspirations of Nigerians in the national interest, our nation would not have been on this dangerous bend.

    “The fact remains that President Buhari has not demonstrated the capacity to lead a nation as complex as our Nigeria. Events have shown that he cannot handle our diversities and ensure a united and equitable country that guarantees fairness, justice and space to all citizens without fear or favour.

    “The PDP, therefore, counsels President Buhari to listen to the pulse of our nation; accept his failure and seek help from other well-meaning Nigerians so as to take back our nation from this imminent precipice.

    “The party also calls on all Nigerians across the divides, irrespective of creed, ethnicity and political leaning, to close ranks, eschew all primordial and parochial interests and work together for the stability of our dear nation.”


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  • A Nigerian doctor has told an hilarious story of how his father played a trick on him in order to get some money from him. 
    A Nigerian medical doctor, Dr. Ayeni has revealed how his dad allegedly scammed him of a sum of N150,000.

    According to the doctor, his father called him and requested for the money with the excuse that he needed to repair the roof of his house damaged by rain. He sent the money immediately, only to realise it was a lie and that the roof had been in a perfect condition.

    He then confronted his dad and demanded to know why he lied, only to be told that he was paid back with the coin he sold to them as a student – He also lied to get money from them while in school.

    He wrote:

    "My dad once called me & told me that rain has removed the roof of our house & he needs 150k to fix it ASAP. I quickly sent it. I only realised later that it was a lie & when I confronted him, he said, “You think all those lies you told when you were in sch, we didn’t know?”

    "While reacting to his post one of his followers wrote that his parents have been doing same to him for months now. They have been receiving money to repair generator and water pumping machine that never got damaged."

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  • Also, a farmer in Kajola village who gave his name only as Mr Aliu, also said bandits had invaded forests surrounding the village. 

     [Image: Fula.JPG]

    File Photo

    Fresh facts emerged on Saturday that herdsmen have converted the Ondo Government reserve located in the Odigbo Local Government Area into a militia camp.
    This indication buttressed the widespread claim that killers of Mrs Funke Olakunrin, 58-year-old daughter of the leader of pan-Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere, Chief Reuben Fasoranti, were herdsmen who sneaked out of the reserve to rain bullets on the vehicle she was travelling in.
    Olakunrin was killed on Friday as the gunmen ambushed vehicles on the highway and abducted some commuters. Her maid reportedly sustained some gunshot injuries during the attack.
    Killers of Fasoranti’s daughter have their base in the forest, say villagers
    A former senator who represented Ondo South Senatorial District at the Senate, Boluwaji Kunlere, said hoodlums had been operating around where Olakunrin was killed for a long time.
    He said this in an interview with one of our correspondents in Lagos on Saturday.
    Kunlere said, “I beefed up security in the area when I was in the Senate. I gave 13 Hilux vans to the police divisions in Ondo South Senatorial District and gave motorcycles to the Department of State Services for surveillance.

    “I think the police do not have the manpower to ensure adequate security in the area. The expressway (Benin-Ore-Sagamu Expressway) is where the major problem is. The spot (Kajola) where they killed Baba Fasoranti’s daughter falls between Odigbo and Okitipupa Local Government territory.

    “The people living close to the area said Fulani herdsmen had taken over that area and there was a time a bishop was abducted and the police rescued him in that area. Herdsmen are all over the forest. We see them between Omotosho and Igbotako. They graze their cows on the road and strike and they run back to the bush.

     “They have been operating there for long but the attack on Baba Fasoranti’s daughter was given a wide publicity because of the man’s influence. The downtrodden have been suffering there for long. There was a time that they exchanged gunfire with the police between Omotosho and Ore in the afternoon and they ran away when they discovered that the police would overpower them.
    “When they attacked Chief Olu Falae’s farm then, the police said it was bush burning because of the fear of Abuja. They want to attribute this killing to armed robbers but the locals are saying the killers are herdsmen.”
    Some residents of Kajola town in the Odigbo council area who spoke with SUNDAY PUNCH insisted that some Fulani herdsmen terrorising the area were residing in the forest in the area.
    One of the residents identified only as Mr Ola said the herdsmen behaved as if they were above the law, adding that it was not the first time they would perpetrate the act in the area.
    He said, “They destroy our farms at will. Their cows always eat up many of our farm produce. We have reported several times to the police but no action was taken.  We heard gunshots yesterday (Friday) and it is a common thing in the area. We call on the government to provide adequate security to protect our lives and property.’’
    Also, a farmer in Kajola village who gave his name only as Mr Aliu, also said bandits had invaded forests surrounding the village.
    He said there had been many criminal activities going on in the forest and nobody stopped them.
    Aliu said, “The herdsmen that struck on the expressway yesterday (Friday) stay in the forest around the area. That is not their first time and that is how they operate. We have reported to security agents but nothing has been done about it. We are helpless. Government should come to our aid.”
    Another resident who spoke on condition of anonymity also reiterated that the reserve in the Odigbo council area had been inhabited for long by herdsmen.
    He said though the reserve belonged to the government, community members now use the place for farming.
    The resident, who is a prominent member of the National Association of Odigbo Local Government Students, said herdsmen rampage started in the area at the same time it became rampant in the country.
    He said, “Villagers are aware of the activities of herdsmen in the area. There was a time herdsmen cut the wrist of a farmer who confronted them when they took their cows for grazing on his farm.

    “The DPO of Ore Police Station intervened in the matter and spoke with members of the community. The vigilantes have had to confront them many times. The vigilantes later constructed a shed in the community and take turns to ensure security in the area. This is a development that is known to people in the community.’’

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  • The judge also ordered the interim forfeiture of 22 bank accounts with Zenith Bank, Access Bank and Sterling Bank linked to Nwaoboshi. 

    [Image: Nwaoboshi.JPG]

    Senator Peter Nwaoboshi
    The Special Presidential ‎Investigation Panel on the Recovery of Public Property on Saturday sealed some properties linked to Delta-North Senator, Peter Nwaoboshi, in Lagos and Delta states.

    Chairman of the panel, Okoi Obono-Obla, disclosed this on Sunday, by sharing with journalists, some 12 pictures he captioned as “Sealing up of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi’s suspicious assets carried out by operatives of SPIP this weekend in Warri, Asaba and Lagos.”

    ‎This was said to have followed the July 2, 2019 ruling of Justice Taiwo Taiwo of the Federal High Court in Abuja, ordering the interim forfeiture of 11 properties and 22 bank accounts linked to ‎the senator.

    Justice Taiwo had issued the order of interim forfeiture order following an ex parte application by the panel, which described the assets as suspicious or suspected to be far beyond the senator’s legitimate income.

    Although, the panel’s lawyer, Celsus Ukpong, had applied for interim forfeiture of 14 landed assets, the judge only granted the request in respect of 11, as he exempted three of them that were without addresses from the order.

    The affected properties include, Suiming Electrical Company (RC 1090069) located at Asaba, along Asaba Airport Road, Asaba, Delta State; PON Filling Station, along Asaba Airport Road, Asaba, Delta State and a multi-billion naira estate under construction at Maryam Babangida Road, Asaba, Delta State.

    The also include, Cartage Cinema located at Okpanan Road, beside Rain Oil Petrol Station, Asaba, Delta State; Newbridge Filing Station, along Airport Road, Warri, Delta State; and house at No. 8, Monu Olarewaju Crescent, GRA, Asaba, Delta State.

    The rest are, a multi-million building located at 41, Buma Road, Apapa, Lagos; Guinea House, No. 27, Marina Road, Apapa, Lagos; Plot 3011B, Kuranah Close, Maitama, FCT, Abuja, and Ceedeez School Hall Airport Road, Asaba Delta State.

    Those exempted are Plot on C of O No. 16800, Plot on C of O No. 16711 and Plot on C of O 13988.

    The judge also ordered the interim forfeiture of 22 bank accounts with Zenith Bank, Access Bank and Sterling Bank linked to Nwaoboshi.

    Some of the bank accounts are held in the name Hon. (Barr) Peter Nwaoboshi, Nwaobosh Peter, and Senator Peter Nwaoboshi.

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  • Nigeria eliminated holders Cameroon in the last 16 before knocking out South Africa, the conquerors of hosts Egypt, in the quarter-finals in their first Cup of Nations since lifting the title for a third time in 2013. 

     [Image: Rohr.JPG]

    Gernot Rohr

    Nigeria coach Gernot Rohr admitted he expects a far tougher challenge against Algeria in Sunday’s Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals than during qualifying for the 2018 World Cup.
    The Super Eagles finished top of a section including 2017 African champions Cameroon and Algeria on the road to Russia last year, defeating the Desert Foxes 3-1 at home before a 1-1 draw in the return fixture.
    Algeria were later awarded a 3-0 walkover for the second game in Constantine after Nigeria fielded an ineligible player, and Rohr has been impressed by their improvement since Djamel Belmadi took over last August.
    “He’s done a very professional job. They were shaky at the time. We beat them 3-1 (in Uyo) and they made lots of individual errors and defensives mistakes that made it easier for us to win. They were also fragile in the draw,” Rohr told reporters Saturday.
    “Now I see a solid Algeria side with a good balance between attack and defence. They’re still physical but they have come on since and it will be a much harder match than in World Cup qualifying.”
    Nigeria eliminated holders Cameroon in the last 16 before knocking out South Africa, the conquerors of hosts Egypt, in the quarter-finals in their first Cup of Nations since lifting the title for a third time in 2013.
    Rohr’s side have bounced back strongly following a shock 2-0 loss to Madagascar that cost them top spot in their group here, leaving the German confident they can overcome an Algeria team that has scored 10 goals in Egypt while conceding just once.
    “As coach you’re always optimistic. We know they’re a good side but we have a strong team too. We can reasonably hope to win based on our last two performances but we’re wary because of our opponents,” said Rohr.
    “We still have things to improve, for example if we have chances to score a second goal we need to be more clinical. They’ve been more impressive than us on the whole so far.”
    Nigeria had one day’s rest more than Algeria, who needed extra time and penalties to squeeze past Ivory Coast on Thursday, but Rohr doesn’t believe that will play a factor in Cairo.
    “To have one day more to recover could, in theory, be an advantage but practically speaking I don’t think so.”
    We were in the same position against Madagascar, we had two days extra but we lost the match,” he said.
    “All teams are prepared to recover quickly. They all play at good clubs and have good physical trainers too. I think fatigue soon goes.”

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  • Police confirmed the incident saying the woman's right hand was chopped off by the suspect while the baby was cut on the thighs. 

    [Image: Uganda.JPG]
    Police in Bugweri District, Uganda, are hunting for a man who hacked his wife after accusing her of having extramarital affairs with another man.

    The incident occurred on Wednesday at Butende village in Ibulanku Sub County where the suspect hacked his wife Ziriya Nankwaga several using a panga.

    According to reports, trouble started two days ago when Ms Nakwanga returned home after spending three days at her parents’ home in the nearby Buyanga Sub County.

    Ms Kamida Kagoya, 70, a grandmother to the suspect who stays at the couple’s home, said that when the woman returned, the husband started accusing her of planning to quit their marriage.

    “The two had a verbal exchange and it was from there that the man tried to hang Ms Nakwanga, but I intervened and separated them,” he said.

    Ms Kagoya said that on the fateful night, his grandson arrived home at about 8.00pm and asked the woman to open the door, in vain.

    “Ms Nankwanga feared to open the door and the man passed through the window and started beating her. When the mother of three tried to escape, the suspect picked a panga and hacked her several times,” she said.

    After hacking the woman, the suspect turned to the two-year-old child who remained in the house when her siblings took off for safety. Ms Nakwanga and her child were rushed to Iganga Hospital where they are currently receiving medical treatment, but still in bad condition.

    The Bugweri District police commander Mr John Nkudizana confirmed the incident saying the woman’s right hand was chopped off by the suspect while the baby was cut on the thighs.

    “The woman was hacked several times on the head, hands, abdomen and other body parts. One of the hands was cut off, it is very unfortunate,” he said.

    Mr Nkudizana said that the suspect managed to escape, but they are tireless hunting for him to face the law.

    “We call upon members of the public who could be having any clue about the whereabouts of the suspect to share with us information such that he can be brought to book,” he said.

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  • The Shanghai Greenland Shenhua revealed that he will be happy to become the Super Eagles highest goal scorer but that his priority remains to put the team first. 

    [Image: Odion%20Ighalo.JPG]

    Odion Ighalo

    Odion Ighalo, Nigeria’s point man at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt, says the semi-final clash against Algeria will be “tougher” for the Super Eagles than previous matches.

    Ighalo, however, admitted to TheCable that the Eagles are ready for Sunday’s battle against the Fennecs, with plans to win it.

    The 30-year old said the three-time African champions team is built to be tough.

    “It’s going to be even more tougher than the game we played yesterday against South Africa and Cameroon,” Ighalo said.

    “It’s going to be a tough game. They are a very tough side, compact team. But we are looking forward to it because we are built for this toughness and we are going all out on Sunday to win it.”

    The Shanghai Greenland Shenhua revealed that he will be happy to become the Super Eagles highest goal scorer but that his priority remains to put the team first.

    Ighalo, Adam Ounas of Algeria, Sadio Mane of Senegal and Cedric Bakambu of DR Congo have three goals each as the highest goal scorers in Egypt so far.

    “I will be happy if I become the highest goal scorer but like I have said before, I always put the team performance ahead of mine.

    “Mine is to just do my own job on Sunday, goal or no goal, as long as we win the game I will be very happy.

    “Yes, I thank God and I am very very happy that the team qualified for the semi-final because nobody gave us the chance to get to where we are today.

    “This is my first AFCON tournament and I am happy that we are in the semi-final.”

    The Super Eagles will face Algeria in the semi-final of the 2019 AFCON at the Cairo International stadium on Sunday, 8pm Nigerian time.

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  • The victim after the encounter then went to police and immediately reported the alleged incident. 

     [Image: Pia.JPG]

    Shawn Rhoden,

    Bodybuilding star and Mr. Olympia winner, Shawn Rhoden, has been charged with first-degree rape in Utah, U.S.
    The 44-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting a female bodybuilder inside of a Courtyard Marriott hotel room back in October. 
    The alleged victim had tried to stop Rhoden — pushing him away and ordering him to stay back — but Rhoden was too strong.
    The woman told cops that he eventually got off of her and allowed her to leave, the documents said. She then went to police and immediately reported the alleged incident.


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  • Algeria coach, Djamel Belmadi said he is confident of a win over the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Sunday's semi-final clash of Africa Cup of Nations. 

    [Image: Algeria%20coach.JPG]

    Djamel Belmadi
    Algeria boss Djamel Belmadi said his players are “two very difficult steps” away from writing history as they prepare to face Nigeria in Sunday’s Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals.

    The Desert Foxes are through to the last four of the tournament for the first time since 2010 and have looked the strongest side in Egypt, having defeated title favourites Senegal in the group phase.

    “The one that we won was in 1990, a long time ago when it was at home. We’ve never won since. This is away from home, it’s more difficult of course,” 
    said Belmadi.

    Algeria beat Nigeria twice, including 1-0 in the final, to lift the trophy in Algiers in 1990 to follow on from the likes of Lakhdar Belloumi and Salah Assad, who helped put the country on the footballing map a few years earlier.

    “Those players mentioned are great players, they made history for our football. They played at the World Cup in 1982 and 1986 and some great games, but even those players didn’t win it in 1990. They were different players,” recalled Belmadi.

    “This is our target, we want to write our history and the players want to write their history as well. It’s not far — two more steps, but two very difficult steps to this great achievement. We will try our best.”

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  • General Yakubu Gowon, Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, were among key figures who stopped former President Olusegun Obasanjo's impeachment by the National Assembly in 2007. 

    [Image: Yakubu%20Gowon.JPG]

    Yakubu Gowon
    Former military head of state, General Yakubu Gowon on Saturday went down the memory lane, revealing how he and other prominent Nigerians saved Chief Olusegun Obasanjo from impeachment by the National Assembly during his second term as president.

    He named General Abdulsalami Abubakar and Chief Ernest Sonekan, both of them ex-heads of state, as some of the other eminent Nigerians involved in saving Obasanjo from getting the sack.

    Gowon, speaking during a lecture ‘Nation Building or Nation Fragmentation: Reflections on 20 Years of Post-Military Rule in Nigeria’  in Abuja  said it took them some effort to convince the then Senate president Pius  Anyim and House of Representatives Speaker Ghali Na’Abba  to drop the impeachment plot in the national interest.

    He said their move was to prevent subsequent presidents from arbitrary impeachment.

    Na’Abbah was at the lecture which was organized by the Major General Emmanuel Olumuyiwa Abisoye Foundation.

    Gowon thanked the former House of Reps speaker  for not only  giving him and other prominent Nigerians the honour to intervene abut also granting their request to shelve the impeachment threat.


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  • The statement also disclosed that her remains had been deposited at a morgue in Lagos, pending when burial plans are put in place. 

     [Image: Oyee.JPG]

    Mrs. Chineye Amaechi

    Ozonkpu Victor Oye, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), has lost his last daughter, Mrs. Chineye Amaechi.
    This was made known in a terse statement forwarded to DAILY POST on Saturday night by the APGA New Media Group.
    The statement stated that Chineye died on Friday afternoon, at about 2pm at a private hospital in Lekki, Lagos, after she was allegedly diagnosed with typhoid and malaria.
    It hinted that her death might have arisen from misdiagnosis, which, according to a source, did not take her medical history into account.
    The statement also disclosed that her remains had been deposited at a morgue in Lagos, pending when burial plans are put in place.
    According to the statement, “The late Chineye Amaechi, is survived by her husband, a set of twins, parents and immediate siblings.”
    Meanwhile, a chieftain of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Senator Victor Umeh, has condoled Chief Victor Oye, over the demise of his daughter, Mrs. Chineye Amaechi.
    Umeh, in his condolence message, on Sunday, said, “My Wife and i this afternoon in London, received with surprise and shock, the sad news of the death of Mrs. Chinenye Amaechi (Née Oye), the Daughter of Ọzọ Nkpu Victor Ike Oye and Iyom Mary Oye.

    “My family sympathizes with Ozonkpu Oye and their in-laws. We pray the Almighty God to grant Chinenye’s Soul eternal rest. We also pray that God comforts her husband, children, parents and siblings and equally grants them the fortitude to bear this painful loss.”

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  • [Image: AADAC6AA-ED65-4414-905F-7AF3E14ECEC7.jpeg]

    The apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has stated that Nigeria was already on fire and awaiting disintegration.

    Ohanaeze was quoted by the Sun to have said this on Saturday through its national publicity secretary, Uche Opaga- Achi,

    The organisation was reacting to an earlier statement by the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) which urged those opposed to the setting up of Fulani herdsmen settlements, popularly called Ruga, across the country, to drop their opposition and allow the policy take off.

    Ohanaeze said that the positions of both ACF and the Northern youth coalition, show the level of impunity they demonstrate or operate.

    It added, “Nigeria is already on fire, and what was remaining is disintegration, which the action of these people is leading to. They are mongering for war; the country is on fire, there is distress everywhere.

    “It is turning to criminality and absurdity that people will stay in the comfort of their homes and dictate what happens in another zone.

    “What is the concept of rule of law and human rights; what is the concept of self determination; what is the concept of government protecting lives and property of people under its watch?

    “They have the backing of the federal government and that is the more reason they can just wake up in the morning and begin to say things that are capable of disintegrating the country and nobody cares and they get out of it and lie freely on their beds, while the statement they have made is enforcing, heating the embers of disunity in the country.

    “Our argument is this, the land in the north is by far much more larger than the one in the east or in south. Why is it that it is in the east and south that they are making emphasis of enforcing Ruga?

    “Our argument is that you have the Sambisa forest that can contain all the cows in Africa and the insurgents are coming in through that axis. Let them go and develop the forest and bring all the cows in Africa and put there. They will be free from all forms of destruction, distraction or problems here and there; there will be no farmers there to clash with.

    “In the alternative, the Sahara desert is wasting; you have oil in the south and you piped it to the north and you use it the way you want. So, the same way, you can also pipe water to the Sahara desert, as Governor Nyesom Wike suggested that they can pipe water to the desert, and Governor Dave Umahi also said that they can buy the grasses from the south. So, you can use the money you have and pipe water to develop the Sahara desert, water it and grass it.

    “The cows will have a field day; the herders will have nobody to clash with. How come that you want to stifle the people with the little land they have here. You see brothers and sisters fighting over land because the land is too small; there are so many land cases in the court, which tells you that land is not even here, and you want to bring in Fulani from all parts of Africa to come and flood here in order to continue with you Islamisation and Fulanisation agenda. Is there anything hidden about this thing; it is an open secret.

    “The support of the coalition group on herdsmen being part of security in states, is as laughable and as it is provocative and even insulting. How can southerners go to north and constitute vigilante? What is the job of the police, what is the job of the local vigilante there, are you saying that they are incompetent? They are doing their jobs. See how Boko Haram is killing our soldiers because the government provides money for arms and ammunition, but the people at the helm of affairs allegedly pocket the money.

    “People are calling that Ruga should be implemented when the federal government has made a statement suspending it. Is that not a counter action, which is an offence and more so, criminal when you are making statements or comments capable of tearing the country into pieces, and yet, nobody is going for them; herdsmen are killing and raping people, and nobody is arresting them.

    “They have a field day. It is the IPOB whose members were not armed was declared a terrorist group, but the terrorists that are busy killing people, damaging farms are walking freely without challenge. So, why will the northern youth not make inflammatory statement when they knew that nobody would question them and they have the backing of their elders.”


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  • [Image: 9F4815FB-810C-4F40-8F8B-4067D46FE732-768x404.jpeg]

    President Muhammadu Buhari government has come under attack over the killing of Mrs. Olufunke Olakunrin, daughter of the leader of the Pan Yoruba Socio political Organisation, Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fasoranti.

    DAILY POST recalls that the incident was confirmed by Afenifere’s Spokesman, Mr. Yinka Odumakin in a statement.

    He said 58-year-old Mrs. Olakunrin was killed by persons suspected to be herdsmen while heading to Ore Junction from Akure, Ondo State, where she was attacked and shot by her attackers.

    But the Ondo State police command refuted Odumakin’s claim, saying it was an armed robbery attack. 

    Also, Buhari in his stead said, “ Afenifere leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti’s daughter, Mrs Funke Olakunrin was killed along Ondo-Ore road by those described as armed robbers by Ondo Police Command. “

    Speaking on the development, Buhari’s fierce critic, Omokri has criticised the current administration as being “Inept and Dishonest”

    Omokri queried why there were three different angles to those responsible for the death of Pa Fasoranti’s daughter.

    The former presidential aide on his Twitter page wrote: “Why is General Buhari’s government inept and dishonest?

    “The Nigeria President claims “armed robbers” killed Pa Fasoranti’s daughter. Police claim it is ‘kidnappers’. Eyewitnesses testify it is ‘herdsmen’.

    “1 death, three different stories! Who do we believe?

    Here are some reactions from other Nigerians on Twitter:

    @Babatope3291 “The death of the daughter of Afenifere leader, is political, not from Fulani herdsmen.”

    @umehoma “The killing of the daughter of Afenifere is sad, but why wait until someone in high place is affected before realizing there’s fire on the mountain? Some of these Fulani Herdsmen have proven to be terrorists, but the best way to reward them is RUGA.”

    @RealOladele “We need to put an end to Fulani Herdsmen brutality in this country. They need to leave the yorubas land and go back to where they belong. Osinbajo should stand up to Buhari to condemn the killing of Afenifere leader “Pa Fasoranti” daughter.”

    @ChrisRizzy “How many more calls is Buhari going to place considering the rate at which these things happen with no solution in sight, these are crazy times in my country with no good reports whatsoever.”

    @Mamakum19 “What is the government doing to curb this issue of herdsmen kidnapping and killing Nigerians? Nothing!!! The security issues under this admin is scary. Many families are mourning and the govt has chosen to turn a blind eye. The blood of these people is crying out for justice.”

    @Prodataologist “We don’t want his condolence anymore, we want security and a strong decisive action statement against his kinsmen who are on the killing sprees with reckless impunity.Enough of all these crocodile tears. Perhaps, he should relinquish power to someone who is more competent.”

    @Radiobiafralive “The brazen terror attack on Yoruba soil by Fulani terrorists must not go unanswered. Let the murder of the daughter of Afenifere Chairman, Funke Fasoranti Olakunrin be another wake-up call.“


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  • [Image: E1603F82-7679-4471-B78D-E3376F9263F2.jpeg]

    The Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, has warned that the region may go offensive over the killing of Funke Olakunrin, daughter of the leader of Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fasoranti.

    Adams, who is the leader of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), described Olakunrin’s killing by suspected herdsmen in Ondo State as one too many “by Fulanis who are invading the South West in their numbers and perpetrating atrocities”.

    In a statement by his media assistant, Kehinde Aderemi, on Saturday, the Aare Onakakanfo said the Yoruba race was not at a loss as to what to do to put a complete stop to the atrocities of the Fulani herdsmen.

    He said Yoruba people are not paper tigers and dogs who can only bark without biting, adding: “We only want the whole world to know what has been done and being done to our people.

    “They should be aware of the actions that preceded our reaction when it eventually comes. We are not bereft of ideas of how to stop this criminality on our land.

    “It is just so that we should not be blamed when the reaction comes.

    “We are like the proverbial goat that it being chased. When it gets to the wall, it will certainly react. We are at that stage now.”

    Adams said the Yoruba race had met over a period of three weeks on the security threat to the people, calling on Governors of the South West States to ensure the conclusion of the Security Summit process.

    He charged all traditional rulers to take bold steps to stamp out killings by Fulani herdsmen in their domains, adding that there should be a process of identifying visitors or new settlers in every community.

    He commiserated with Pa Fasoranti, praying God to comfort him and his entire household.
    He said: “Papa, this is a very trying time. But it is certain justice will come.”


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  • [Image: C8F0CB88-C0C9-44C2-89F2-B9EE5FF516EA.jpeg]

    The driver and househelp of Mrs Olufunke Olakunrin, daughter of Afenifere leader, Reuben Fasoranti, has recounted how she was murdered.

    Funke was killed by gunmen along Ore expressway Friday.

    TVC News reports that the driver, Tayo Ogundare, recalled that some masked men came out from the bush to attack their vehicle.

    He added that they shot at the vehicle just after the Ore toll gate.

    Tayo confirmed that his boss died at the hospital due to gunshot injuries.

    “We had a stop over to buy soft drinks at Ore. We were attacked at Ore toll gate by some masked men who emerged from the bush.

    “At this point, madam asked me to reverse which I did. They started shooting at us and other vehicles.

    “In the process my boss was hit by bullets. Some of us in the vehicle escaped. We later rushed her to the hospital where she gave up the ghost,” he stated.


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  • Algeria were the better team, using more interplay and combinations in attack to work chances for their inverted wingers. 

     [Image: Alg.JPG]

    File Photo

    Ivory Coast and Algeria clashed in the quarter-final at the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) on Thursday evening in Suez. After a 1-1 draw in regulation time as Algeria missed a penalty, the game went into extra-time and was then settled by spot-kicks. The Desert Foxes won 4-3 on penalties and will face Nigeria in the semi-final, as Ivory Coast’s tournament comes to an end.
    After being thoroughly outplayed in their Round of 16 win against Mali, Ibrahima Kamara made two changes to his lineup. Max Gradel came in to replace Nicolas Pepe on the right flank after the latter’s underwhelming display in that match, whilst Jean-Philippe Gbamin dropped down to bench as Ibrahim Sangare came in – central midfield had proven a problem area for the Ivorians in the tournament. At right back, captain Serge Aurier remained out injured as Mamadou Bagayoko continued to deputise.
    Algeria named an unchanged side from their 3-0 win against Guinea with coach, Djamel Belmadi happy with his side’s performance and physical recovery since that convincing win. Ismael Bennacer was particularly impressive in that match, proving an assist and making seven dribbles. Join top-scorer in the tournament, Adam Ounas was amongst the substitutes, as was Islam Slimani.
    Early on, this game felt like a real match-up all over the pitch as both sides used three man central midfields and lone strikers. The key players for The Elephants were the two wide players, Max Gradel on the left and Wilfried Zaha on the right. They not only had the main responsibility for Ivory Coast’s attacks, but had to find a way to deal with Algeria’s extremely adventurous fullbacks – Youcef Atal and Ramy Bensebaini.
    On the other side, The Desert Foxes had two inverted wingers who looked to move inside from their wide positions to free space for the fullbacks to attack. This put a lot of defensive onus on the central midfielders to cover space on counter attacks, particularly on the right after Atal’s forays.
    In the opening stages, Ivory Coast continued their trend this tournament of playing very direct. Most of the passes from deep areas were aimed long in the direction of Jonathan Kodjia. Their start was impressive though considering they had one less rest day than Algeria and had struggled in all facets in most of their games in the Afcon.
    Gradel and Zaha were both proving major weapons. The former cut inside to strike the post after a fine Rais M’bolhi fingertip save, then Zaha beat Bensebaini with a dribble but Kodjia couldn’t finish in a crowded box. The attack had come on the break with Atal stranded high up the pitch, Guedioura covering on the right, and Kodjia able to receive in a vacant midfield zone and send Zaha away.
    Despite a large number of fouls, it was a very open start to the game with Gradel hitting another start on target and being chopped down after beating Atal. The latter was an undoubted weapon going forward, having scored six times for OGC Nice last season, including a hattrick when playing as a winger. However, his defensive positioning was a real concern. On the opposite side, Zaha was being asked to tuck into narrow positions onto the far ball-side central midfielder, Bennacer when Algeria attacked on the opposite flank. This made the Ivorians susceptible to quick switches of play to Youcef Belaili on Algeria’s left.

    [Image: alg2.JPG]
    Cote d’Ivoire had played several hopeful longer passes in the direction of Kodjia, usually static and fighting in the air to create second balls for teammates. Algeria, on the other hand, were playing constant longer passes into space towards their focal point, Baghdad Bounedjah. The forward was the most consistently dangerous player on the pitch. Wherever a teammate was facing forward with the ball, the striker saw it as a trigger to make a run into depth.
    Whereas Kodjia was doing a good job for his side, Bounedjah was a downright nightmare for Wilfried Kanon and Ismael Traore to deal with. His movement into the channels, chasing lost causes and running in-behind pushed The Elephants deeper, creating big spaces in front of their back four for Belaili and Riyad Mahrez to exploit. One excellent run by the latter saw him spin off the back of Sangare, play a one-two with Belaili and fire a shot narrowly wide.
    When the goal came for Belmadi’s men, it combined all the elements of their play: a cross-field switch, Bounedjah winning the ball off a defender, and fullback Bensebaini pulling the ball back for Sofiane Feghouli to finish superbly. Serey Die had been drawn out of his zone to close down and the finish came from that exact area.
    After half an hour, Atal’s game was over after a bad landing on his arm when bombing forward. Mehdi Zeffane came on in his place, a far more conservative fullback. Both sides came close to scoring before the half-time whistle as Gradel received in the box after a diagonal run but was thwarted by the excellent Djamel Benlamri.
    Mahrez was then presented with a chance after a quick freekick by Konan was given straight to the winger, but despite beating two men with his trademark feints, the Manchester City man’s shot was blocked. There was still time for another Gradel shot after Zaha swapped wings and picked him out.
    The first half had been a very entertaining affair and probably one of Ivory Coast's better performances in the tournament, particularly the energy in their play considering their Round of 16 match had been on Monday. By the final minute of the first period, Algeria had nine outfield players back inside the final 25 yards of the pitch as they defended aggressively in numbers to see out the half with a lead.
    It took just 21 seconds of the second half for Bounedjah to win a penalty. He forced Konan into an error and then was taken down by goalkeeper, Sylvain Gbohouo. The contact was minimal at best, but summed up the unrelenting test of facing the Qatar-based striker. He stepped up himself, but could only strike the bar.
    After that, Algeria showed all their famed game management and gamesmanship abilities, slowing down proceedings and committing a succession of momentum-killing fouls, as they had done in the first half too.
    When they conceded 62 minutes in – their first goal let all tournament – it came from an error. Mahrez gave the ball away in midfield, Zaha led a counter, and Kodjia chopped inside Benlamri to curl a shot into the far corner.
    The Desert Foxes’ reaction was excellent. They immediately increased the intensity of the match, winning several set plays and going close from some superb Belaili deliveries. The right-footed left winger had particularly stepped up since the equaliser. He set up Bounedjah for a great chance which Gbohouo saved well, then the striker picked out Mahrez’s run and hit shot was somehow cleared off the line by the recovering Bagayoko.
    The final contribution from Algeria’s emotional, outstanding striker was to set up Belaili to fire a shot narrowly over after strong hold-up play. It was a real surprise to see Islam Slimani take the forward’s place shortly after. Despite the latter’s pedigree and record for his country, it immediately gave Traore and substitute centre back, Cheick Comara, an easier time. There was simply less depth to Algeria’s play and with less channel runs, the central defenders were no longer drawn out of the middle. 
    The rest of regulation time had few good incidents. With 37 fouls by the 73rd minute and a swath of substitutions as Sangare went off with cramp and Adam Ounas replaced Mahrez for Algeria, there was a constant breaking of momentum.
    The clearest route to goal for Kamara’s team was via Gradel’s deliveries from wide. His left-footed cross set up Zaha to volley a good opening high and wide, as Kodjia continued to find joy by dropping deep, away from pressure and turning to play in his wingers. The Aston Villa man also nearly set up Franck Kessie for a chance in the box with a good pass.
    As is so often the case, extra time lacked many moments of real excitement. Maxwell Cornet came on and had a good shooting chance from more Gradel service and Comara headed over from the winger’s set-play.
    Algeria had threat on the right from Ounas’ direct dribbling but with Slimani waiting in the box, he required service and was not able to create chances for teammates like Bounedjah had done. Wilfried Bony’s introduction for Kodjia also gave Ivory Coast less movement and pace and the substitute had no impact beyond committing several fouls.
    There were still two late chances for Algeria as Kessie sold himself, Belaili received free between-the-lines and set up Slimani for a great opening, but Gbohouo saved excellently. Andy Delort came on for the final action to take a freekick which he put narrowly past the post. The game would be settled on penalties, with Algeria taking a 4-3 victory.
    This was a brilliant game of football, but less about tactics and more about the individual talents of the two teams' wide players and the movement of their starting forwards (and the lack of movement from their replacements). Algeria were the better team, using more interplay and combinations in attack to work chances for their inverted wingers, but the removal of the game’s best player in striker Bounedjah saw their attacking threat diminish.
    Ivory Coast had struggled for any sort of cohesive play in the Afcon prior to this game, but looked more impressive in this match as Zaha had his best game of the tournament, setting up four chances, and Gradel was superb on both flanks, first cutting in to shoot from the left, and then delivering excellent crosses when on the right. Like Algeria, the removal of their mobile focal point forward saw a drop in their goal threat.
    This game could easily have been several more goals, but Algeria deserved the victory on the balance of chances having missed a penalty, forced several excellent saves, and had a shot cleared off the line. They will face Nigeria in the semi-final on Sunday.

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  • Malaysian authorities has given details of how Nigerian student, Thomas Orhionsefe Ewansiha died in the country. 

    [Image: Ewansiha.JPG]

    Thomas Orhionsefe Ewansiha

    Thomas Orhionsefe Ewansiha, the Nigerian who died after a Malaysian Immigration arrest

    The Malaysian immigration department has provided details on how Nigerian student Thomas Orhionsefe Ewansiha died in its Bukit Jalil detention centre on Tuesday, denying that standard operating procedures had been breached.

    In a statement, it said Thomas died after he was arrested alongside 19 others during a raid at the Desa Aman Puri Apartment in Kepong, Selangor.

    “Residents of the apartment had lodged complaints to the immigration about the presence of foreigners and their misbehaviour,” it said.

    Residents had also alleged that the use of drugs, prostitution and public intoxication in the area had caused unrest among locals, according to The Star Online.

    Here is the account of the Malaysian Immigration Department as reported by The Star Online:

    “At the time, a group of foreigners had tried to run away while also refusing to cooperate with officers during inspection.

    “The person in question (Ewansiha) had also fled but was successfully detained by officers,”
     said Immigration Department director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud in a statement Friday (July 12).

    [Image: Ewansiha%202.JPG]

    The Malaysian Immigration detention centre where Ewansiha Thomas had seizure and died

    He said that Ewansiha then produced documents that officers found to be valid.

    However, his previous actions had cause doubt on the authenticity of documents, and he was then detained for 14 days for further investigations.

    “All the OKTs (arrested detainees) were then transported to the Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department office,” he said.

    Checks were conducted on Ewansiha and treatment was administrated for an old injury on his thigh. He did not specify any pre-existing medical illnesses, according to Immigration.

    All the detainees were then sent to the Bukit Jalil Depot at around noon on July 5.

    “At around 12.05am on July 9, the officers on duty were told by the other detainees that the subject had had a seizure in his sleep.

    “Immediate aid and medical checks were conducted and the hospital was contacted to assist as well.

    “An ambulance from HUKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Hospital) as well as an assistant medical officer arrived at 12.30am and they had attempted to help the subject.

    “However, he was then pronounced dead,” Khairul Dzaimee said, adding that a police report was made on the matter.

    He added that the department was still waiting for a full medical report on the subject, as well as the exact cause of death, via a post-mortem.

    Ewansiha’s death led to a protest outside the Nigerian High Commission on Thursday, July 11.

    According to The protesters voiced their frustrations at what they called the embassy’s lack of assistance to the over 30,000 Nigerians in the country.

    Ahmed Adebanjo, a spokesman for NGO Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation Malaysia, said many Nigerians were being held in immigration depots as they did not have valid travel documents.

    “Many Nigerians want to go home but after spending a lot of money, they don’t have the means to go back,” he said.

    He said his organisation was doing all it could to help them but that the embassy had to do more.[/size][/size]

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  • The two businessmen made the promise on Thursday, according to a statement by the Nigeria Football Federation. 

    [Image: Super%20Eagles%20training.JPG]

    Super Eagles
    Billionaires Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola have both promised the Super Eagles $75,000 for every goal scored in their remaining matches at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations.

    While Dangote made a pledge of $50,000 to the team for every goal in their remaining two matches at the championship, Otedola promised $25,000 for every goal.

    This is coming after the Eagles’ impressive performance against South Africa at the quarter-final of the competition.

    The game, played Wednesday night, saw Eagles shoot down the Bafana Bafana 2-1 to advance to the semi-finals of AFCON 2019.

    The two businessmen made the promise on Thursday, according to a statement by the Nigeria Football Federation.

    The statement added, “On a visit to the team’s Le Meridien Cairo Airport Hotel on Thursday morning, during which he urged the players to even redouble their efforts in order to cross the semi-final stage on Sunday, President of the NFF, Mr Amaju Pinnick, put a call through to the two well-known philanthropists and tasked them to commit to supporting the team.

    “Dangote, who holds Nigeria’s second highest national honour (GCON) is the President of Dangote Group and is ranked as the richest person of African descent in the world. The Dangote Group has interests in various commodities in Nigeria and other African countries.

    “Oil baron Otedola has recently been involved in a number of commendable interventions for ailing former Nigerian international players, including 1980 AFCON winning team –captain Christian Chukwu and goalkeeper Peter Fregene.

    “Further words of encouragement came from His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) following Wednesday night’s victory, with the President urging the team and their handlers to be focused, disciplined and scale the remaining two hurdles to glory.”

    It will be recalled that following their Round of 16 defeat of Cup holders Cameroon in Alexandria on Saturday, businessman Captain Hosa Wells Okunbor pledged the sum of $20,000 for every player, while Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State gave $5,000 to every player.

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  • A court in Lagos has sent a fraudster who opened a school to teach people how to perform fraud, to prison. 

    [Image: yahooschool2.jpg]

    Chinedu Frank
    An Ikeja special Offences Court yesterday remanded the proprietor of a ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ training school in Lagos, Chinedu Frank, in prison custody.
    Frank is standing trial before Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo over an alleged $20,000 fraud
    He is facing a seven-count charge of obtaining money by false pretence and possession of fraudulent documents brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC).
    He pleaded not guilty.
    EFCC prosecuting counsel, Samuel Daji thereafter asked the court for a trial date.
    Justice Taiwo granted his request and adjourned the matter till September 17.
    She also ordered the defendant to be remanded in Ikoyi Prisons custody.
    Earlier, Daji, had told the court that the defendant committed the offences sometime in 2018 and on May 24, in Lagos.
    The EFCC alleged that Frank fraudulently obtained the sum of $20, 000 property of Han-Yong Ja on the representation that he is a United States Army officer stationed in Iraq.
    Frank was also alleged to have in his possession several fraudulent documents titled: “3rd Billing Flight; Certificate of Retirement” and ‘Replacement Format”.
    The defendant was also alleged to have falsely represented himself as a Major-General Davis Lucas of the American Army.
    It would be recalled that the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence corps (NSCDC) had on May 22, arrested Frank alongside eight students of the unnamed training centre located at 14, Animashaun Street, Progressive Estate, Ojodu Berger, Lagos, while receiving lectures in internet fraud activities.
    Items recovered from them include nine laptops, 16 mobile phones, an Airtel modem, Orange Wifi and one Toyota Camry marked EPE406FN.
    The NSCDC handed him to the EFCC alongside eight students identified as Ahmed Musa, 24; Desmond Eze, 29; Preye Kingsley, 23; Benjamin Irabor, 21; Benjamin Opah, 19; Akapo Prosper, 22; Innocent Paul, 20 and Olamide Edun, 20.

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