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  • Nigerian musician, 2Baba was left redfaced yesterday after BBNaija contestant, Tacha snubbed him. 

     [Image: tachababa.jpeg]

    2Baba and Tacha
    Nigerian musician, 2face Idibia and three others visited the BBNaija house as special guests to chat with the top 10 housemates and also celebrate his 44th birthday in style.
    The housemates who were excited about the visit couldn't hide their happiness.
    However, the visit took a different turn after a video appeared showing Tacha ‘snubbing‘ 2face Idibia’s attempt to give her a ‘high five’.
    The act has now been criticized by fans of the musician who didn't like the act.
    See the video and all the reactions below….


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  • A woman who tried to escape after robbing a bank in broad daylight has been apprehended by security operatives. 

    [Image: bankthief.JPG]

    Scene of the incident
    A video has surfaced on social media showing the moment a female robber tried escaping through the window after robbing a bank in Adum area of Kumasi in Ghana.
    In the video, the lady threw the money down from the window and jumped down to get the money, but she was caught and arrested by the bank’s security operatives.
    According to reports, the incident happened in Ghana.
    It is alleged that she might have gotten the idea to rob the bank in a dramatic way after watching too many foreign heist movies.
    The details of the lady was still unknown as at the time of filing this report.
    Watch video below: 



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  • [Image: Nigeria-police.jpg]

    The River state police command has arrested Gracious David West, an alleged serial killer in Port Harcourt, capital of Rivers state.

    In a series of tweets on Thursday, the police said the suspect was arrested while en route Uyo from Port Harcourt.

    About eight young women have been murdered in different hotels in the state in the past two months.

    The bodies of these ladies were said to have been found in similar conditions – strangled and with a white piece of cloth tied around their necks.

    “The notorious serial killer, Gracious David West was today September 19, 2019, arrested by the @policeNG in Rivers,” the tweet read.

    “The 26-year old killer from Buguma LGA of Rivers State, who is also a member of the Degbam cult group was arrested along East-West Road en route to Uyo from Port Harcourt. He has since made useful statements to the Police.

    “Investigation is on with a view to ascertaining his motives and possible accomplices. The Commissioner of Police Rivers State, CP Mustapha Dandaura will be briefing the media on this significant Police breakthrough tomorrow, September 20, 2019.”

    The arrest is coming after various groups protested the killings of young women in hotels across the state.


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  • A student living in the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos has recounted her rare s*xual experience with an Alsatian dog as organised by some white men for a huge amount of money. 
    Relationship adviser and psychologist Joro Olumofin has broken the internet with a shocking story of bestiality involving a seemingly young lady.
    According to the story, the person in question who is orphaned and poverty-striken signed up for the odd s*x for financial benefits. This clandestine activity took place at the highbrow Victoria Island of Lagos with foreigners in charge.
    The s*x was reportedly explosive and ever since, she has been lusting after dogs.
    Read her story below:

    [Image: dog%20sex1.JPG]

    [Image: dog%20sex2.JPG]


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  • A man has killed himself in a community in Katsina state after reportedly failing to win a girl's heart. 

    [Image: hanging%20man.jpg]

    File photo

    Daily Trust reports that the lifeless body of a 35 years old man identified as Badamasi Musa was on Thursday morning found hanging on a Mango tree in Kabomo village of Bakori local government area in Katsina state.

    Musa had committed suicide by hanging himself following his inability to win the heart of a lady in the village, sources said.

    The deceased, a farmer himself who also engages in other small businesses, got frustrated after he could not secure the hand of his lover whose name is yet to be ascertained as at the time of filing this report.

    It was gathered that the deceased was seen with the rope yesterday evening by his mother who confronted him and he told her that he was going out to get some firewood.
    “This morning as villages were heading to farms, his body was found hanging by the tree which was cut loose and reported to police,” a source said.

    Already, the state police command spokesman, SP Gambo Isah, has confirmed the development, saying details shall be provided in due course.


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  • The IPOB leader had led a delegation to a series of meetings with various UN agencies and officials in Geneva. 

     [Image: Nnamdi%20Kanu.JPG]

    Nnamdi Kanu

    Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on Thursday, disclosed that issues concerning the Biafran people were before the various arms and agencies of the United Nations, adding that Biafra’s case would no longer be swept under the carpet.
    The IPOB leader had led a delegation to a series of meetings with various UN agencies and officials at Geneva where he presented Biafra’s plight on Tuesday.
    Emma Powerful, the IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, in a statement on Thursday, said Kanu’s emergence from the meeting was met with chants of the eulogy by a congregation of Biafrans.
    Powerful disclosed that Kanu demanded urgent action against the numerous rights abuses inflicted daily upon Biafra agitators by the government of the day and the need to support the undeniable right of Biafrans to self-determination as enshrined in law, statute and various UN conventions.
    The statement added, “Every issue concerning our people is now before the various arms and agencies of the United Nations. Our case will no longer be ignored.

    “The case of RUGA settlement was also raised and the august body was left in doubt that Biafrans will never allow Fulani terror settlements in Biafraland.

    “Incessant killing of Biafrans in their own land by terrorist Fulani herdsmen, extortion and killing of Biafran motorcyclists and commercial drivers by the Nigerian army and police over refusal to give N50 bribery.”
    It added that Kanu was accompanied by his deputy, Mazi Uche Mefor, Head of Directorate of State, Mazi Chika Edoziem and other top echelons of the struggle.
    The Biafran leader raised the continued illegal detention of Omoleye Sowore, the relentless persecution of the members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria led by Sheikh El-Zakzaky, among other issues.

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  • If you have become burned by so many fees your bank charges you, here are some suggestions to help you reduce them. 


    [Image: Bank%20charges.JPG]

    Nigerian banks are profitable entities, as evidenced by their annual financial statements and the performance of the banking index. However, one aspect of the banking industry in Nigeria many people dislike is the fact that the bank charges seem to be a lot and on the high side.

    Usually, at the end of every month end, I receive four alerts (in quick succession) from my bank, all of which are bank charges. One of the charges is usually withholding tax, another about value-added tax. The other two would then be account maintenance charge and SMS charge. These charges would be sent to me in addition to the N2.50 and N50 value added tax and transfer commission I pay each time I transfer money to third parties in other banks. But that’s not all; I also get another alert for capitalised interest.

    By the time I do the calculation, about 33% of the capitalized interest would have already been taken back by the bank in the form of various types of charges. If you then add the transaction by transaction transfer charges, the interest would almost zero.  I am sure that this happens to a whole lot of people. So, that got me thinking about how I can minimise the bank charges. Then I downloaded the CBN Guide to Bank Charges and what I found is food for thought which I have decided to share with all and sundry.

    How to minimise bank charges

    The starting point to minimising the bank charges you pay is to get familiar with what charges your bank can subject you to. Getting to know about such charges entails reading the CBN guide to bank charges or keeping it handy as reference material. Not only will it help you know about the fees, but it can also act as a veritable companion when trying to recoup unauthorized charges from your bank.

    According to the Jews, every shekel, dime or kobo counts. So, if there are ways to reduce bank charges, take advantage of them as much as you can because, at the end of the period, such charges add up.  So here are a few ways to reduce such charges:

    Minimise installment payment

    One way to minimise the N50 per transfer charges is not to pay in installments. I know this may be difficult when contracting a project to someone. I have had to pay multiple transfer charges of N50 each because I had to pay by installments as the project progressed.
    Deal more with people with the same Bank

    Another way to avoid the transfer fee is by dealing with people that have the same bank as you. When you transfer from one account to another in the same bank, otherwise called intrabank transfer, you avoid payment of transfer fee and the value-added tax attached to it.

    Select only the banking products that you need

    Banks have many financial products on display and each has its own fee characteristic. Some of them bestow some status symbol but they come at a cost and if you are no ready to pay for that cost, do not opt for such a product. For example, an American Express Black Card is an invitation-only credit card used to proclaim status both in spending and creditworthiness. It is an elite card used by celebrities and the ultra-rich. It is a card made of anodized titanium but not everyone that receives the invitation buys into it.

    If you do not travel or do not engage in regular foreign currency transactions, there is no need to get a foreign currency denominated credit or debit card where you pay $20 annually as maintenance fee only to show that you belong to the crème de la crème in the society.

    Use Prepaid cards instead

    The CBN guide indicates that there are no charges for loading and unloading a prepaid card. If that is the case and you can afford it, use prepaid cards rather than pay the N1,000 initial issuing price for a credit or debit card in addition to the renewal fee of N1,000

    Restrict ATM use to your bank

    Try as much as possible to restrict ATM withdrawals to your bank and use it in third-party banks only in emergencies. By so doing, you will save yourself the third-party charges. Per the CBN guide, On-us (withdrawal from issuing bank’s ATM) attract no charges, but Not on-us (withdrawal from other bank’s ATM) in Nigeria attracts a fee of N65 after the third withdrawal within the same month. You will save yourself the N65 if you restrict your ATM use to your bank.

    Opt out of SMS Transaction Alert:

    SMS transaction alerts on customer induced transactions attract a fee of N4.00 per alert and if you do volumes of transactions per month, that adds up to a lot. Although the alerts may help you keep a tab on fraudulent activities on your account, you will save a lot of money by opting out of SMS alerts. All it takes to opt out is completing an indemnity form that will free the bank from any liability should there be a fraud on your account.

    Use Email Alert Instead:

    Email alerts do the same thing that SMS alerts do, only that you only see them when and if you check your emails. The good news is that email alerts carry no charges. Therefore, use email alerts and form the habit of checking your emails frequently especially after initiating a banking transaction.

    Avoid requesting for Statements of Account:

    It is mandatory for your bank to send you your monthly statement of accounts free of charge, however, any special request for statements of account, attracts a fee of N20 per page. Depending on the number of pages, that too can add up. Instead, if you have online access to your account, you can always query for your transaction history by defining a starting and ending date, which is what the special statement request would do for you. By using online access to access your transaction history over a period of time, you can avoid the charges that come with a special request of statements.
    Avoid Issuing Dud cheques:

    In countries like America, it is a crime to issue dud checks. While it is not as much a crime in Nigeria, it attracts huge charge or penalty. Usually, the issuer is charged 1% of the amount on the dud check or N5,000 whichever is larger. This means that the minimum you will pay by issuing a dud check is N5,000 which can be avoided by avoiding such practice.

    Use Software Token (OTP) instead of Hardware Token:

    To consummate your online transactions, you require a token. Such tokens come in two forms- Hardware and Software tokens. Hardware tokens attract a cost recovery fee subject to a maximum charge of N4,000 but software tokens are free except where they are sent via an SMS in which case a fee of N4 per SMS will apply. In addition to the initial payment of N4,000 for a hardware token, they also cost additional N4,000 for replacements due to physical damage, loss or expiration.

    Now, Do the Math:

    The CBN Guide on Bank charges states the fee chargeable by banks for each activity or product but that does not guarantee that the banks will charge at that rate especially where the guide makes such charges either negotiable or as having maximums. For example, upon checking the CBN issued guide on bank charges, I noticed that section 3, states that account maintenance fee is negotiable but subject to a maximum of N1 per mille. Permille stands for the Latin word, per thousand. This, therefore, means that if you execute a transfer worth N100,000 within a month, you are required to pay an account maintenance fee of N100, so if you do the math and you find out that you are charged more than should be, then call your bank and find out why.

    Stay Informed:

    Try to be and remain informed about bank charges as they are subject to change by referring to the most current version of the CBN Guide on Bank Charges.


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  • It has been reported that the Federal Government wasted about N8.5m of taxpayers' money monthly on PR. 

    [Image: mbuhari4(1).jpg]

    President Muhammadu Buhari
    The federal government paid Pagefield Global, a UK-based public relations firm, N8.5 million monthly for “public affairs and public relations advice”, TheCable can report.
    The company has now gone under before the expiration of the contract.
    TheCable understands that the business deal, which was officially documented in May 2019, was entered for the Federal Republic of Nigeria on behalf of Dayo Apata, solicitor general of the federation.
    Apata has been contacted for comments.
    Documents obtained by TheCable stipulate the actual payment for the service as £21,600 (N8.5 million at current interbank rate) to be paid per month on a one-month notice period.
    TheCable obtained copies of exhibits to the registration statement filed before the US Department of Justice (DOJ) pursuant to the foreign agents registration act (FARA) of 1938, as amended.
    The act requires all US individuals that are agents of a “foreign principal” to register with the DOJ within 10 days of entering such agreement. It defines a “foreign principal” is “not only a foreign government, but also a foreign political party, person, or organization outside of the United States, and any entity organized under the laws of a foreign country or with its primary place of business in a foreign country.”
    In its ‘Exhibit A to registration statement’ dated May 2, 2019, a copy of which was obtained by TheCable on Wednesday, Pagefield Global listed the “Federal Republic of Nigeria” as the foreign principal the company entered the agreement with.
    The statement with registration number 6675, was signed by Stuart Leach, Pagefield Global chief executive officer (CEO), and listed Apata as Nigeria’s representative.
    The exhibit B, with the same registration details noted, however, that the contract was not documented in writing.
    It said: “There is no written contract between the parties. Our understanding is that we will be paid £21,600 per month by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on a one month notice period.”
    In the description of the activities required, Pagefield stated: “Public affairs and public relations advice and monitoring, undertaking outreach and relationship building with various stakeholders and the media in connection with legal disputes that the Solicitor General is conducting on behalf of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”
    The company confirmed that “the activities on behalf of the above foreign principal include political activities as defined in Section l (o) of the Act.”
    Although the statement listed May 31, 2020 as the expiration date, checks by TheCable reveal the company shut down in early September.
    PR Week, a leading online PR platform, reported the closure on September 11. It quoted a spokesperson of the company, founded in 2017, as confirming the incident.
    The firm was co-founded by Mark Gallagher and had Oliver Foster as chief executive, Sara Price as
    founding partner and Gráinne Warner as finance director.
    Among their clientele were British Airways, University of Warwick, Hugo Boss and Santander Bank.
    Source: TheCable

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  • It has been revealed that Nigerian superstar musician, Olamide has been signed by Akon. 

    [Image: akon-olamide.jpeg] 

    Akon and Olamide
    US Senegalese singer, Akon has revealed that he has signed Olamide to Konvict Music Worldwide.
    The revelation was made during an interview on the Breakfast Club. According to him, they have already began working together.
    Akon stated this after he revealed that Nigerian music artistes don’t honor record deals. According to him, what is done in Nigeria is just a gentleman’s agreement with no papers signed.
    He also revealed that he once signed Wizkid and Davido, but due to the way Nigerian artiste honour deals, nothing much could be gotten out of their agreement.
    The revelation by Akon is yet to be confirmed by Olamide who has his own record label named YBNL Records.

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  • Charly Boy and Tonto Dikeh seem to have a good chemistry as the duo were seen goofing around in public. 

     [Image: To.JPG]

    Tonto Dikeh and Charly Boy

    It appears the Area Father of Nigeria, Charles Oputa is one of the admirers of the backside of Nolllywood actress, Tonto Dikeh as he was seen holding her waist like his life depended on it.
    The 68-year-old was making jokes about the bum of the actress and she really found it funny.
    Tonto Dikeh recently admitted to have doctored her bum to make it bigger. She has also done the same about her tummy, hips, face and breasts.
    She has frequently advised her colleagues battling with weight problems to do the same.
    Watch the funny video clip of Charly Boy and Tonto Dikeh below:

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  • It was gathered that the driver was climbing a hill when its brake failed and rolled backwards and hit a motorcycle that was behind it. 

    [Image: Truck.JPG]

    File photo

    A tipper driver on Thursday killed two persons at Mbanakwa Okpuno, Nnewichi in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

    The driver, our correspondent, learnt ran away after the act.

    It was gathered that the driver was climbing a hill when its brake failed and rolled backwards and hit a motorcycle that was behind it.

    An eyewitness said the victims sustained injuries and were rushed to a hospital where they died some hours later.

    The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Haruna Mohammed, confirmed the incident to our correspondent.

    Mohammed said the body of the deceased had been deposited at the hospital morgue.

    He said, “There was a fatal motor/motorcycle accident along Ukwukpaka junction, Mbanakwa Okpuno  Nnewichi in Nnewi North LGA involving a tipper with Reg No XA 206 KPP and a motorcycle with Reg No QL 500 UWN ridden by one Clement Odo, 50, conveying a pillion, one Anayo Elinye, 38.

    “Preliminary investigation revealed that the tipper had a brake failure while on motion, rolled backwards and hit the said motorcycle.

    “As a result, both the rider and the pillion sustained injuries and were rushed by police patrol  team to Diocesan Hospital where they were confirmed dead by a medical doctor.

    “The tipper driver absconded immediately, but efforts are on to apprehend and bring him to justice,” 
    Mohammed stated.


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  • Following criticisms that arose from CBN's re-introduction of cashless police and charges on withdrawals and deposits, the House of reps has acted. 

    [Image: House-of-representatives.jpg]

    House of Representatives
    The house of representatives has asked the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to suspend the implementation of cashless policy it recently re-introduced.
    The decision by the House was made at the plenary session on Thursday.
    The lower legislative chamber said the policy will lead to a significant decrease in credit extension by Nigerian money deposit banks.
    The lawmakers also said the policy will have negative impacts on small and medium enterprises “which are clearly the engine room for growth of the economy”.
    The suspension, according to the federal parliament, should remain until the apex had made due consultations with all relevant stakeholders.
    Call for the suspension was contained in a motion unanimously adopted during Thursday’s plenary, which was moved by Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr Benjamin Kalu.
    The motion was entitled, ‘Need to Suspend the Implementation of the Cashless Policy on Deposits by the Central Bank of Nigeria.’
    Adopting the motion, the lawmakers resolved to urge the CBN to “suspend the implementation of the cashless policy on deposits which has taken effect from Wednesday, 18th September, 2019, until appropriate and extensive consultative process is concluded.”
    They also resolved to mandate the House Committee on Banking and Currency to interface with the CBN to“ascertain the propriety, relevance and the actual need for the implementation of that aspect of the cashless policy at this time, considering the prevailing economic situation of the country and to report back to the House within four weeks.”
    Kalu, while moving the motion, said the House was against implementation of the policy as it would cause more hardships for Nigerians.
    He said, “The House is deeply worried that the implementation of cashless policy on withdrawals has negative impacts on micro, mini, small and medium scale enterprises, which are clearly the engine room for growth of the economy and employment generation, thereby throwing many of them out of business and sending more Nigerians into poverty. forcing more traders and micro investors to carry cash about with its attendant security challenges.

    “The House is aggrieved that while the impact of the cashless policy on withdrawals is still staring us all in our faces as well as other numerous burdensome charges by Nigeria’s Money Deposit Banks heavily impacting on businesses, the CBN deemed it necessary to impose the implementation of cashless policy on depositors ,without due consultations with all shades of stakeholders who will be impacted by the policy.

    “The House is concerned that this overbearing burden aimed at closing down majority of micro, mini, small and medium businesses in Nigeria, is also aimed at enriching Nigeria’s Money Deposit Banks owned by a privileged few without any known financial contribution to the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation.”
    The lawmaker noted that the policy on cash-based transactions (withdrawals) in banks was aimed at reducing and not eliminating the amount of physical cash (coins and notes) circulating in the economy, and encouraging more electronic-based transactions, including payments for goods and services, and transfers.
    The lawmaker explained that the cashless policy was introduced for a number of key reasons, including the need to drive development and modernisation of the country’s payment system, in line with Nigeria’s Vision 2020 goal of being amongst the top 20 economies by the year 2020.
    The goal, according to Kalu, is to reduce the cost of banking services, including cost of credit, and drive financial inclusion by providing more efficient transaction options and greater reach.
    Recall that in a circular released on Tuesday, the CBN had directed all deposit money banks in the country to charge 3% processing fees for withdrawals and 2% for deposits of amounts above N500,000 for individual accounts.
    Corporate account holders will be charged 5% processing fees for withdrawals and 3% for deposits of amounts above N3 million.
    The directive was, however, criticised by some Nigerians for various reasons.

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  • Ngige said the secessionists would have a moral burden to attack him because he protected them and their interests when he was the governor of Anambra State.
     [Image: Ngige3.JPG]
    Dr Chris Ngige
    The Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, has said members of the Indigenous People of Biafra cannot attack him outside Nigeria.
    He stated this in Obosi, Anambra State against the background of reports that IPOB members had threatened to attack politicians of the South-East geopolitical zone if they were sighted anywhere outside the country.
    He said the secessionists would have a moral burden to attack him because he protected them and their interests when he was the governor of Anambra State.
    He added that IPOB was not set up to be a violent group.
    Ngige said, “IPOB was registered by the late President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Dr Dozie Ikedife and other Igbo as a non-violent group.

    What is going on now in the group is not part of the work plan . I visited the United States of America recently, and I was welcomed by IPOB members.

    “They knew I fed and protected them when I was in office as governor. I have said it several times that Biafra cannot be achieved the IPOB way.

    “The Igbo should stop shouting marginalisation. They should stand up and assert themselves to be counted. Nigeria belongs to all of us.

    “Equity favours the Igbo to produce the next president of the country, but they must work hard and position themselves for it.

    “We should stop political sentiments. Politicians don’t give power based on sentiment and emotion. President Muhammadu Buhari has said he is favourable to an Igbo president.

    “We must support him and associate with the APC. Nobody will give you president of Nigeria in your bedroom.”

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  • The legendary singer advised Nigerians and up and coming artistes to continue to work hard.
     [Image: 2face.JPG]
    Nigerian music superstar, 2Baba, real name Innocent Ujah Idibia, has revealed his biggest achievement.
    DAILY POST reports that he made the disclosure in a chat with newsmen in Lagos on Tuesday while speaking on his attainment of 20 years in the music industry.
    Benue-born 2baba said: “My biggest achievement? Na my kids oo. They inspire and motivate me.”
    Asked if he’ll announce a new stage name, Tuface as also called, responded: “I’m not changing. Maybe some other changes but not about my name.”
    On possibility of Nigerians seeing Plantashun Boiz come together for the two-decade celebration, 2baba replied: “No reunion concert, it’s just going to be me on stage…being grateful.”
    He advised Nigerians and up and coming artistes to continue to work hard.
    “The Almighty, my family, my fans keep me going. My advice to everyone is: be responsible, keep your head up.”
    2baba added that he has no plan of quitting music, saying: “This thing dey body, I can’t stop it.”
    In his remarks, 2baba’s manager and Now Muzik CEO, Efe Omoregbe, explained: “What Tuface is celebrating is 20 years a King not 20 years on stage.

    “20 years of marketing machine, good sound, direction, conscious music, dance music, consistency, opening doors, A-list international awards, selling out shows.

    “He made many artistes who are now at the top believe that they could make it, including some that used to live outside Nigeria.

    “He’s been involved in helping others grow, humanitarian works, success of elections, among others”, Omoregbe added.
    However, 2baba used the media briefing to unveil the Next Up talent search winners.
    They are Oche Peter, Apatira Taiwo, Okhiria Daabo Ayodele and Joseph Jonathan.

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  • Tboss, later on, became more popular when a fellow housemate, Kemen was accused of groping her while they shared a bed together in the middle of the night.
     [Image: bbs.jpg]
    CeeC, Tboss, Tacha
    Aside from the winner of the different seasons of the Big Brother Naija reality show, one contentious figure whose image is built around a pool of dissension and discordance springs up. This person's role is likened to the proverbial mentally-deranged woman dancing at the market place. Everybody enjoys the sight of the exhibition of shame except the relatives of the person.
    The prodigal figure suddenly becomes popular and gathers so many fans not because he or she is loved or doing some things right but because there is a need to instil some madness in the reality show for the purpose of entertaining the audience. This sort of craze exhibited by the person is tagged the needed 'spice'. This person in question becomes an irritant who is to a large extent unwanted and disliked by the other housemates. For this reason, the person is regularly put up for the weekly eviction but the fans who are enjoying the lunacy displayed by the individual dole out cash to support the person with votes to keep him or her in the house.
    In simple terms, they draw so much entertainment from the flagrant bad behaviours of the person and other misdeeds which might reek of poor upbringing, undying bad habits, lack of courtesy, pride and other oddities one should be ashamed of in saner climes. This is a winning strategy which the show has been projecting since 2017 thereby making celebrities out of uncouth and unrefined individuals of questionable characters. In 2017, the maiden user of this strategy was Romania returnee, Tokunbo Idowu, 35, self-styled Tboss. She was a very caustic figure who went hard on individuals who crossed her path, she was very defensive, outrightly boastful and she promoted the culture of being a 'king' over men. At some point, she boasted that she was going to expend the N25 million prize money of the show in just one week and that men with private jets flock around her. She was soon branded a 'strong woman' and a feminist by individuals who have a jaundiced view of feminism. Her beauty as well as free will to show off her boobs and bum also endeared her to some perverts who must have pictured her in their heads while engaging in the act of masturbation.
    Tboss, later on, became more popular when a fellow housemate, Kemen was accused of groping her while they shared a bed together in the middle of the night. She went on to become a finalist at the end of the show. Several business brands rushed to grab their share of the attention she was getting from the general public. Tboss would later on in 2019 have a child without a father. As Tboss' antics were televised and supported by her fans on social media, a younger generation was also watching and some of them who wanted to participate in the subsequent edition of the show adopted her style deemed the winning strategy or game plan. One a normal day, every housemate is expected to have a game plan that will enable him or she outlast the other 19 or more competitors gunning for the prize money that runs into millions of naira.
    In the year 2018 when another season of the reality show started, a younger lady named Cynthia Nwadiora, 26, aka CeeC copied Tboss' style and even made it worse with her 'rare talent' of deep bitterness. She picked a sparring partner in a lopsided show and made a fool of him. The partner, Tobi Bakre who was hopelessly in love with CeeC was so mesmerized that there were frequent incidents of outrage by the audience who took to social media to express their grievances. From Tobi, CeeC spread her tentacles across the house and started clashing with other housemates. Just like Tboss, she once claimed that some of the housemates are privileged to share the same roof with her. As expected, the audience who are like fans of combat games cheering at the sight of blood was excited about the drama she brought to the house and they laboured to keep her in the show till the final day. She even went close to winning the reality show. When the show ended, CeeC like Tboss was swarmed by brands with endorsements. They just wanted a bit of the attention she was getting. It was a move for publicity and subsequently profit. It's a trend in Nigeria; Instagram comedienne Etinosa Idemudia started getting endorsement deals and more movie roles after she stripped Unclad during a live video session on Instagram. These mushroom companies associated with her just liked the fact that she was in the news, the reason means nothing to them.
    As CeeC gathered over a million followers on Instagram in a matter of months, another younger lady was also watching her and hoping to be like her and this person is Tacha. I am sure Tacha must have boasted to herself of her ability to behave worse than the sullen CeeC in the bid to be rewarded for it. The self-acclaimed Port Harcourt First Daughter made it to the current season 4 of the reality show of the year 2019 and she has been stinging anybody that comes her way. Men like Seyi and Mike have been verbally battered severally by Tacha. She even extended her rudeness to the organizers of the show. Something her predecessors in the business of bad behaviours were scared to attempt. In fact, Tacha is so dramatic that she has been tagged the 'real pepper' of the show. Tacha who carries herself as a celebrity expressed similar views with CeeC by claiming her colleagues in the house should cherish the opportunity of being around her. She also bragged that she has achieved a lot at the age of 23 even more than what Seyi, the grandson of late elder statesman, Chief Obafemi Awolowo has achieved at 30. One can perceive a similar script being acted out by the controversial trio.
    Tacha's madness is so loved that she has been getting the highest votes during eviction sessions. The dancer who garnered over 200,000 followers from practising all manners of obscenities on Instagram is so sure she is doing what the audience wants that she boasted from the inception of the show that she would win it. According to her, she has fans who vote with the last drop of their blood to keep her in the show. So far, she seems very right. Tacha, the ambassador of colourism has suddenly become one of the hottest entertainment topics on social media all for the wrong reasons.
    Inasmuch as many believe the BBNaija show is a mere game one should read deep meanings into, the trio of Tboss, CeeC and Tacha are reflections of the stench and rot among the 21st century Nigerian females needlessly competing with men under the guise of feminism. These women have lost their African values as they compare themselves with their counterparts in the western world. They are women with an embarrassing sense of entitlement, importance and egotism. Most of them can't cook, clean or even maintain healthy relationships. They are bereft of intelligence and riddled with an acute inferiority complex. They are the ones that easily go under the knife to enlarge their boobs, hips and bums to boost their sex appeal. They never pay attention to what they have upstairs. They value having large followings on social media than real-life achievements. These people support Tboss, CeeC and Tacha because these individuals are reflections of them, so they relate with them easily. This is a far-reaching quandary in Nigerian society. Young men seeking for future partners will admit that finding sex is as easy as breathing in and out while finding a wife could be as hard as stopping the politicians from stealing public funds. We are sitting on a keg of gunpowder and as long as the reality show is allowed to strive, more figures like the trio will surface with stinking characters.
    It will be worse if Tacha realizes her dream of winning the reality show and bagging N60 million in prizes. The wrong person is about to be positioned at the centre stage as a role model. Ace comedian Basketmouth was forced to admit that he would be depressed should Tacha win the show in a couple of weeks. As a father and adult, he knows what it means to have someone like Tacha as an influencer. We can only pray to God for a spiritual intervention!

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  • [url=][/url]

    Results of the study revealed that there were 155 cases of heart attacks or strokes among the participants during the over five years of the research.
    [Image: Afternoon%20nap.JPG]
    A new study by researchers from the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland has shown that people who sleep during the day have a lower risk for heart attacks.

    The researchers noted that chronic lack of sleep can raise the risk of getting atherosclerosis or a build-up of cholesterol plaques within the arteries of the body.

    “Atherosclerosis is a known risk factor for heart attacks. It leads to the narrowing and hardening of the arteries and when this happens in the coronary arteries, heart attack risks are significantly raised,” the researchers explained.

    The study titled, Association of napping with incident cardiovascular events in a prospective cohort study was published in the British Medical Journal, Heart, as the researchers assessed the relationship of sleeping frequency and average nap duration with fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular disease events.

    According to, the researchers noted that persons who slept for a bit in the afternoon seemed to have a 50 per cent lower risk for heart attacks compared to those who did not get enough sleep.

    The team added that shortage of sleep time at night could be corrected by taking an afternoon nap.

    The study authors looked at 3,462 individuals aged between 35 and 75 years and followed them up for over five years.

    Results of the study revealed that there were 155 cases of heart attacks or strokes among the participants during the over five years of the research.

    “Napping even once or twice a week was found to have a 48 per cent lower risk of getting the heart attacks compared to those who did not nap at all, the researchers wrote. No association was found between short or long nap duration and risk of CVD events," the team wrote.

    “Occasional napping might be the result of a physiological compensation allowing for a decrease in stress due to insufficient nocturnal sleep and thus could have a beneficial effect on CVD events.”

    The researchers explained that on awakening from naps there may be a transient surge in blood pressure and heart rate and this may raise the risk of CVD events in the short term but occasional naps had stress releasing effect.

    The lead author of the study, Dr Nadine Hausler, explained that the team accounted for other factors that could have affected the risk of heart attacks or strokes in the individuals during the study.

    “Subjects who nap once or twice per week have a lower risk for incident CVD events, while no association was found for more frequent napping or napping duration. Nap frequency may help explain the discrepant findings regarding the association between napping and CVD events.

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  • Nnamdi Kanu is a man of theatrics and he never fails to entertain. My problem is that his jokes are becoming too expensive and they have been taken too far.
     [Image: Nnamdi.JPG]
    Nnamdi Kanu
    Let me start this article with a very short story about a personal experience. One day, I was at a bar at the Festac Town area of Lagos State in 2016 watching a football match when a potbellied full-figured man passionately unloading some empty bottles of alcohol started analyzing politics with his friends in a very distracting tone. His voice was so reverberating, and he reiterated his views with so much confidence. Gradually, he started to win over the attention of everybody including me. The latest way of winning or dominating arguments in such places is to shout on top of your voice and remain defiant even if you are not making sense. It works like magic.
    "The solution to the problems of Nigeria is to gather all our leaders and set them on fire, burn them to ashes!" he echoed.
    His friends whose eyes and brains must have been failing them gradually due to alcohol intake cheered him. As I walked home from the bar after the match that night, I thought about his extreme 'revolutionary solution' and disagreed fundamentally. For every corrupt politician that dies in Nigeria, there is a competent replacement amongst us, in fact, we have a clone or a replica. The Nigerian State is a reflection of its people. My usual prayer is that God should save Nigeria from Nigerians. A perfect example of such a cantankerous figure masquerading around as a freedom fighter, history maker and game-changer is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The South-easterners are very religious people; predominantly Christians and I believe they are special in the sight of God. Confirmation of my view is the failure of the secession cause of Nnamdi Kanu under the banner of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. If Biafra had worked, Nnamdi Kanu in the bid to reap the 'fruit of his labour' would have forced his way to the driver's seat and a fatal accident would have been the case. Biafra and South Sudan would have been competing for the best case study for why secession is never the solution to the challenges of a minority group in a country. I trust my colleagues in academia to jump on it and win awards with the research.
    Nnamdi Kanu is a man of theatrics and he never fails to entertain. My problem is that his jokes are becoming too expensive and they have been taken too far. The world has seen 'good comedians' in politics. While some have failed, others have gone to achieve great things. The 41-year old president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky was a comedian and actor who brought his role in a movie to reality, beating a sitting president at the polls this year to gain power. He is presently reforming his country and commendably secured the release of some Ukrainian sailors detained by Russia. Others with clownish antics are President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and maybe President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. The 51-year old Nnamdi Kanu who has secured himself with a British passport is far below the class of these world leaders. He seems to be reading the playbook of a former Iraqi diplomat and politician, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf nicknamed Comical Ali who came to worldwide prominence around the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He successfully did a 'Lai Mohammed-like job' while he was the Iraqi Information Minister under Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, acting as a spokesperson for the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party and Saddam's government.
    Nnamdi Kanu is quite smart but I must say he isn't smart enough. He understands how fragmented the Nigerian society is due to identity crisis. He knows how much we all play the victim card; every Nigeria feels cheated and has a justification for every unscrupulous act. He also knows trust in government is considerably low due to corruption over the years. He understands that there is always an information gap coupled with a high level of illiteracy and ineffective educational system. The loopholes are well exploited by him and he has been feeding fat on them making money from his sympathizers. Using the power of the new media, Kanu smartly leveraged on the secrecy of the medical treatment of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2017 at a London hospital to announce that he was dead. As his proclamation started to gather momentum, Buhari surfaced although looking like he just rose from the grave. Nnamdi Kanu must have felt disappointed but accepting defeat was not an option. He later went on to announce that Buhari was actually dead and the man that is the leader of Nigeria is one Jubril Al Sudani from Sudan, a body double in simple terms.
    Kanu went on to make a series of YouTube videos buttressing his views and the blogs gave him the needed audience. The media system in Nigeria is so flawed and you have everybody competing for traffic and advertising revenue at all costs. Nobody really pays attention to credibility anymore and Kanu became an instant beneficiary. He pushed that Jubril narrative until it gained not only national attention but became a global issue.
    The Vice President Atiku Abubakar must have been enjoying the hit on Buhari when Kanu attacked him and claimed he is a Cameroonian who isn't constitutionally qualified to be the president of Nigeria. That joke of a claim later ended in court with Buhari's lawyers alluding to that view probably as delay tactics.
    Nnamdi Kanu urged IPOB supporters never to participate in the electoral process but in the last minute made a U-turn. Rumours have it that some political stakeholders cut a moneyed deal with him. According to analysts, Kanu's initial campaign for the boycott of elections accounted largely for the low turnout of voters during the 2018 presidential election in the South-east. He threatened most South-eastern governors with political annihilation but all that failed and his morale dropped. Kanu faded and started to feel irrelevant but later gained resurgence in a more dramatic and daring fashion.
    His present charade is taking 'Biafra to the world'. He announced recently that he spoke to the European Union parliament in Brussels, Belgium and circulated his speech among mainstream media platforms. The Punch, Vanguard and The Guardian brazenly published it without due diligence. Till date, there is no video of Kanu meeting with the EU leaders, no photo-ops, no details of the event on the EU website and no information about the proceedings of such a gathering. In fact, the EU parliament never convened on the 10th of September which is the said date he allegedly delivered his speech. One wonders when the EU whose scope is largely economical with a focus on Europe has now developed an interest in local politics in Nigeria.
    When questions were asked, his supporters photoshopped a picture of him purportedly delivering a speech at the EU parliament. The quack job that can't even convince a blind fool looked him he was making a rap song presentation on the floor of the parliament. Kanu's camp went on to further mock his audience by releasing a video of him delivering an informal speech outside the EU headquarters. Isn't that loopy?
    The latest move is that he will be visiting the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland. As usual, the details are very unclear. The UN whose body language hasn't favoured reasonable secessionists like the Catalonians has maintained a deafening silence while Kanu's team continues the lap of honour over a phantom achievement that could be better imagined than actually realized. IPOB's reasons for the unclear details is to deter any form of sabotage by the Nigerian government. One might be forced to think Kanu might be going to pay a personal visit to his friend who works at the UN and is using that avenue to hoodwink the public.
    My only concern is that some people actually buy these works of fiction and they might be contributing their hard-earned money to fund it as Kanu has admitted. Kanu is really blessed with such an easy life!
    All of a sudden, Nnamdi Kanu's father rumoured to be missing and probably dead has returned quietly to his palace two years after it was invaded by the military. One wonders when all these lies will end. Will Kanu ever run out of lies? When will his supporters realize that he is just a 'political entrepreneur' exploiting the system ridden with despondency?
    Kanu's jokes are actually not funny anymore. He needs to be stopped through proactive measures to protect his followers from him. With someone of Kanu's nature on the prowl, nobody will take Nigeria seriously. An intelligent and vigilant foreigner who encounters him will see more danger looming through his deceitful eyes.

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  • Chief Superintendent Abrokwa said there was a renewed campaign to weed out foreigners engaged in unlawful acts in the territory.
     [Image: Ashy.JPG]
    File Photo
    The Ghana Immigration Service is set to deport 25 Nigerian ladies arrested in the Bono East Region of the country over prostitution.
    The Regional Commander of Immigration Service Department in the Bono East Region, Chief Superintendent Enoch Annor Abrokwa, told journalists that the girls will be deported to Nigeria as soon as the process was completed.
    Their arrest followed the directive of the Regional Minister, Hon. Kofi Amaokohere to security personnel to rid the region of unlawful elements.
    Chief Superintendent Abrokwa said there was a renewed campaign to weed out foreigners engaged in unlawful acts in the territory.
    He said the prostitutes were arrested in the Nkoranza South and Kintampo South of the region when officers of the Immigration Service and the Ghana Police Service the area.
    “Our men raided some notorious spots in the towns around 12a.m and 3a.m on the fateful day and picked about 25 prostitutes, all Nigerians,” he said.
    The Immigration officer revealed that none of the girls had in their possession, any valid form of identification at the time of their arrest.

    “None of the girl’s had any form of identification cards, such as Voter’s Identification card and Passports,” he said.
    Chief Superintendent Annor said the Ghana Immigration Service will immediately commence the process for their deportation.
    He sounded a strong warning to foreigners illegally residing in the region saying,” I want to use this opportunity to warn all foreigners in Bono East Region, who do not have appropriate documents to start packing, because the Immigration Service will come after them.”
    A video recording captured some of the girl’s scantily dressed and soliciting for patronage from the officers.

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  • A new report has shown how heavy workload is driving suicide and depression among Nigerian doctors.
    [Image: WORKING-DOCTOR.jpg]
    File photo
    Heavy workload is driving suicide and depression among Nigerian doctors some of whom are leaving the country in large numbers, worsening the acute shortage of medical professionals in the country, a report says.

    In April, Chris Ngige, minister of labour and employment said Nigeria has enough doctors to meet its medical needs. His claim was fact-checked and found to be false.

    An investigation by The PUNCH revealed that though the exodus of doctors from the country is not new, it has been on the increase in the past two years with new migrations to countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

    According to the report, the exodus has increased the workload of those who are still in government service, and many states have not been employing doctors.

    Saliu Oseni,  chairman of Lagos state Nigeria Medical Association, said about 50 -60 doctors leave the services of the state hospitals every six months.

    Oseni reportedly said the failure of the state government to replace doctors, who had left its service, and employ new ones was affecting the service delivery of NMA members in the state.

    “It will be difficult to give a total figure of doctors that have left the service of the  Lagos State Government since 2017, but to be conservative, no fewer than 50 to 60 doctors left the system every six months,”
    Oseni was quoted to have said.

    “Some of them leave for greener pastures abroad. Some of them take offers from the federal government and some retire. Not replacing such doctors is a big challenge to us.

    “The situation is affecting our members as they are being overworked. Some of the hospitals have not employed or replaced doctors that have left the system in the last two years.”


    The doctors listed poor remuneration, insecurity, inadequate welfare, poor health infrastructure, enormous workload , as reasons they are forced to leave.

    “The work that is supposed to be done by junior officers is being done by senior officers and currently in Lagos state hospitals, you see a doctor attending to close to 100 patients per eight-hour work in a clinic which is not good for the doctor and the patients,”
    Oseni said.

    “The ideal patient-doctor ratio is supposed to 1:500, but what we have currently in Lagos state-owned hospitals is one doctor to over 5000 patients.

    “If I am going to see 80 patients in eight hours, there is no way I’ll follow the routine properly. By standard, a doctor needs 15 to 30 minutes to attend to a patient very well.

    “Conditions of our work are overwhelming. That is why suicide and depression are common among those of us that are still in the system.”

    According to the report, rural areas are the most affected.

    A doctor was quoted as saying: “Who wants to be killed? or who wants to be stunted in terms of career progression?”

    Stephen Kache, Kaduna NMA chairman, said that of the 33 medical doctors recently employed by the state government, only eight reported for duty.

    “The current exodus of doctors we have is over 60 per cent. They left between six months and one year. In 2018, we did a  survey in some hospitals within the state and in one of the hospitals as of January, there were 21 doctors and by August of the same year,  there were eight doctors remaining, “Kache said.

    “Recently, the state government tried to replace those that had left and 33 doctors were employed. I am aware that out of the 33 that were employed, only eight of them have reported.”


    On his part, Obelebra Adebiyi, chairman of Rivers NMA, said if the situation is not addressed urgently, patients would be forced to patronise quacks.

    Adebiyi said: “I don’t know how many doctors have travelled abroad and how many are remaining in Rivers state because we have not done a study to get the statistics, but a lot of doctors are leaving the country and a lot more are still planning to leave for myriad reasons.”

    The doctors also disclosed that the heavy workload is making some of their colleagues commit suicide.

    “The effects are so enormous that some of our doctors are now committing suicide because of the pressure of work,” Mingeh Tijo, ex-NMA vice president, was quoted to have said.

    “Poor service delivery is imminent because we are overworked, and then the patents are the ones suffering for this.

    “Patient-doctor ratio is approximately 1:5000. The number of patients a doctor sees per day depends on the locality the doctor is operating from. Some see 70 patients in a day;  some 100, but in some tertiary institutions, the ratio may not be as high as that. Again, it depends on whether the doctor is practising in a rural or urban area. “

    Ike Okwesili, Rivers NMA chairman, reportedly said the brain drain had reached an alarming level.

    He said failure to implement the consolidated salary scale caused the migration of workers from state to federal jobs, which he described as “internal brain drain”.

    Okwesili said the problem could be resolved by identifying its magnitude.

    “This has to come by way of full implementation of the National Health Act. The National Council on Health in Section 41of the Act has the responsibility of identifying the human resource requirements of the health sector across all levels of care,”
    he said.

    “Doing this will give a quantitative assessment of the cumulative loss.

    “The enforcement of these will help all of us improve the budgetary allocations to health in line with the Abuja declaration.”

    The doctors also urged government at all levels to ensure a quick rehabilitation of the health sector by investing in infrastructure across the country.

    They said if health facilities and wages were improved across the countries, doctors and other health workers “would have a rethink and stay back”.

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  • As the Federal Government prepares to increase VAT from 5-7 percent, Nigerains have been told of what to expect.
    [Image: vat-750x375.jpg]
    After 26 years, the Federal Government has made the proposal to increase the rate of Value Added Tax (VAT) from five per cent to seven point five per cent with effect from 2020.
    Here is what you need to know about the proposed ‘VAT Increment’ and how the hike affects you. Alao Abiodun Reports
    What is VAT?
    Value Added Tax (VAT) in Nigeria is a consumption tax that is backed up by the Value Added Tax Act of 1993. It is a Federal Tax which is managed by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).
    VAT is a multi-stage tax which is imposed on goods and services as they pass through the various stages in the business chain. From manufacturing, importation, wholesaling and retailing but however, the burden of the payment is borne by the final consumer because it is included in the selling price.
    The VAT Act 1993 provides for a recover-ability system whereby VAT, which is paid during the course of production, is recovered by the taxpayer in form of input VAT and ultimately passed down to the final consumer.
    VAT is calculated at a flat rate of 5% of the cost of service and products and is charged on a wide array of goods and services in Nigeria. Much as it is known that VAT will increase the revenue base of Nigeria, it cannot be free from some problem.
    The scope and coverage of VAT is extremely broad and applies to all imported, supplied or manufactured goods and services in Nigeria, except those that are specifically listed as exempt or zero-rated.
    Only a few items are exempted from VAT in Nigeria. These include exported services and items such as;
    • Medical and pharmaceuticals products
    • Basic food items
    • Baby products
    • Medical services
    • Plays and performances conducted by educational institutions as part of learning
    • Materials and equipment imported for use in downstream gas activities.
    Suppliers of exempted goods are not required to charge VAT on their sales and cannot claim input tax for VAT paid on their purchases.
    The background
    On September 11, the Federal Executive Council agreed to hike in Value Added Tax, VAT from 5 per cent to 7.5 per cent.
    The decision of the federal government to undertake this increment was not unexpected as there had been murmurings in government circles on the need for an increase of the country’s VAT.
    However, the increment of Value Added Tax from five per cent to 7.5 per cent have continued to spark up mixed reactions from financial analyst and Nigerians at large.
    It should be noted that the federal governments’ plan to generate more revenues to finance national development led to the creation of ‘Strategic Revenue Growth Initiative’ which in turn birthed the VAT Increment.
    However, the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Ahmed, has said that the proposed increase of the Value-Added Tax (VAT) rate by the federal government is subject to the review and approval of the National Assembly.
    Ahmed said the decision will be communicated to the National Assembly for consideration alongside the 2020 Appropriation Bill.
    How the hike affects Nigerians
    Almost every Nigerian can attest to the fact that the cost of living is currently higher than it was in previous years.
    From a simple economic point of view, any increase in VAT would disproportionately affect poor people.
    Going deeper, the biggest challenge is that any increase in indirect taxes affects the price of goods and services. This in turn would affect the country’s inflation rate.
    If the Value Added Tax (VAT) increased to 7.5 per cent is implemented, it is expected to generate not less than N2trillion into the government treasury in 2020.
    According to statistics, Nigeria has one of the lowest VAT which is a variant of sales tax in the world. Asides Eritrea, which also has a five percent rate, Nigeria is the only other country in Africa with a single digit VAT of five per cent.
    Globally the highest sales tax rate is held by Bhutan which has 50 per cent sales tax.
    In Africa, Madagascar and Morocco hold the highest rate at 20 per cent followed by Cameroon which has a 19.25 per cent sales tax. Niger holds a 19 per cent rate.
    Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Congo, Mali all have a sales tax rate of 18 per cent.
    Kenya and Zambia hold 16 per cent while Ethiopia, Gambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe all hold 15 per cent rates.
    Egypt holds 14 per cent while Ghana and Botswana have 12 per cent sales tax. Somalia and Angola alongside Djibouti and Comoros all have 10 per cent sales tax rate.
    The National Tax Policy, the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) and the 2018 International Monetary Fund (IMF) Report on Nigeria have all stress the need for an increased focus on revenue generation from VAT in Nigeria. While the dwindling oil prices is no longer news, the weakness of the naira against the
    While many economic analysts have viewed the VAT rate now as ‘bad timing’ or perhaps ‘ill-timed’ and inconsistent with current economic reality, they are of the idea that the increase will lead to higher inflation, interest rate hike, more unemployment and generally make people poorer.
    A closer look also reveals that this will affect market operations, especially the formal sector because an increase will discourage consumption (People will tend to buy fewer items to save cost). This will hurt businesses and affect employees.
    The minimum wage dilemma
    Sadly, for more than four months after President Muhammadu Buhari signed the new minimum wage bill into law, workers in the country are yet to begin to benefit from the increment.
    It is crystal clear that the government already owes the workers a backlog of arrears. The longer the negotiation on consequential adjustment takes, the more the backlog of arrears will leave a huge debt burden on government.
    Source: TheNation

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  • The Judge said she must pay her friend the money and she's a fool for giving a Nigerian she met online her bank account details.
     [Image: hooo1.JPG]
    The court scene
    A white lady has appeared in court for being unable to pay $3150 she borrowed from a friend after unknowingly giving it to a Nigerian scammer she met online.
    In the video, the white lady was in a courtroom explaining to the Judge how she is unable to pay the money she borrowed from a friend because she got scammed of the money by a Nigerian.
    However, the judge said she must pay her friend the money and she’s a fool for giving a Nigerian she met online her bank account tracking details cause he promised to help her when he comes back to the U.S.
    Some Nigerians reacted to this video as seen below:
    [Image: hooo2.JPG]
    [Image: hooo3.JPG]
    [Image: hooo4.JPG]
    [Image: hooo5.JPG]
    Agbabuhari: "Government needs to take strict measures on these yahoo guys. They keep tarnishing our image daily.if govt don’t,it’s gonna be like boko haram and might not be able to control"
    Bubamoh: "The expression of the lady behind her as soon as she said the guy is in Nigeria says it all"
    Alhajirazaqq: "This is pathetic aswear.. Agency needs to stops youth from this dreadful act"

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  • Details have emerged how a Peoples Democratic Party chieftain secured his daughter's release from kidnappers by paying $15,000 in bitcoin.
    [Image: UMAR-ARDO.jpg]
    Umar Ardo
    A Peoples Democratic Party chieftain, Dr Umar Ardo whose daughter, Aisha, was kidnapped on Saturday, in Abuja, has revealed how he was made to pay $15,000 in bitcoin, to secure her release. 
    Revealing details to Daily Trust, he said that he was contacted by one of the kidnappers on Sunday at about 9:56 am who said his daughter would return to him safely if he cooperates with them. 
    “I then said okay I will cooperate and negotiate with you on one condition; that is if you give me two promises. One, that you will not harm my daughter, by which I meant you won’t kill her. 

    "Secondly you will not molest my daughter by which I meant you won’t rape her. But if you cannot promise me these two then you can as well do what you want to do with her. 

    "The caller then said Dr I see you are a gentleman and I am also a gentleman. I give you these two promises; we will not touch your daughter. I then asked what would you want me to do in order to get back my daughter? 

    "He said you are going to pay us $15,000. If you cooperate with us your daughter would return to you but if you don’t cooperate with us you will never see her again alive,” he revealed.
    Describing the kidnappers as gentlemen who kept their promise, Ardo said they later called him around 3 pm to say they wanted him to make the payment by bitcoin.
    “I told them I don’t know how to do this bit payment but the caller insisted I must learn. I will text you our address through which you will go and make the payment; it is up to you to do that; don’t forget the life of your daughter is on the line. 

    "Thank God I had the money in my domiciliary account. I got somebody who paid the money through the wallet account. Within an hour we sent the money and it generated payment evidence which I texted to him. 

    "I was waiting for his response but he didn’t but by 10 pm a call came I picked and it was my daughter. She said she was at drumstick at Gwarimpa where I went with family members and picked her,” Ardo added.

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  • In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has stabbed his own father to death.
    [Image: Dead-hand.jpg]
    File photo
    The Nation reports that an 80 years old man, Malam Ibrahim Salihu who was severally stabbed by his 35 years old son, Habibu Ibrahim of Asada Village in Doguwa Local Government Area in Kano state has finally given up the ghost.

    However, the Police on Tuesday said they have arrested Habibu who ran away into hiding, minutes after killing his own father.

    The spokesman of Kano state Police Command, DSP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, said one of the brothers of the suspect, Yahaya Ibrahim reported at the Asada Doguwa Police station on September 15, 2019, that his younger brother Habibu had stabbed their father in the stomach unprovoked at about 1:30 a.m.

    He added that “upon the receipt of the complaint, Officers at the station quickly mobilized and rushed the victim to Doguwa General Hospital to be resuscitated but later passed away in the hospital at about 6:30 am of that same day while receiving treatment.”

    The police spokesman said a post mortem examination was conducted in the deceased body and was later released to the family for burial in accordance to Islamic rites.

    “Preliminary findings revealed that the suspect is a drug addict and carried out the heinous crime under the influence of hard drugs.

    “The suspect’s relatives made us know that Habibu has been abusing drugs and that has been an issue which consequently led to the death of their father,”
    he added.

    He said, the State Commissioner of Police, CP Ahmed Iliyasu has directed that the suspect who already is in custody be transferred to the State Investigation and Intelligence Department (SIID) for a more discreet investigation as soon as Doctor’s report is obtained.

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  • A beautiful accountant has died by electrocution after the phone she was charging fell into her bath.
    [Image: evgenia.JPG]
    Evgenia Shulyatyeva was found dead in the bathroom of her family home after being electrocuted
    A selfie-loving accountant died after her mobile phone 'slipped' into the bath she was laying in whilst charging.

    Evgenia Shulyatyeva, 26, died at the scene in Kirovo-Chepetsk, Russia, after being electrocuted by the device when it fell into the water.
    Her body was found by her devastated mum, Vera, just minutes later.

    Evgenia's death is now being investigated by the Russian Investigative Committee following a string of similar deaths in the country.

    Paying tribute to Evgenia, friends posted photos online.

    One said: "Sister ... rest in peace .... sleep well .... you are forever in our hearts … Call me tomorrow, say that was a just a dream, that this is not the truth."

    Another added: "You were so bright …Sleep well…."

    Her death follows that of another girl who was electrocuted in her bath after her phone fell in the water.
    [Image: evgenia1.JPG]

    Russian martial arts champion Irina Rybnikova, 15, died immediately as a result of the “tragic accident”.
    The 15-year-old was found dead in the water at her home in Bratsk, Russia, in December.

    She was a champion fighter in pankration - an ancient Greek form of “no rules” boxing and wrestling - and had been selected for her country’s national team.

    Speaking previously after Irina's death, Yury Agrafonov, the head of radio-electronic department of Irkutsk State University, said: "Water is a good conductor. This is why there was a short circuit when the phone fell into the water.

    "If the phone had not been plugged in to 220 volts, the tragedy would not have happened."

    Another woman, 26-year-old Liliya Novikova, who was dubbed Russia’s “most beautiful poker player”, was found dead from a suspected massive electric shock in her bathroom in June.

    Liliya Novikova had been alone at home and her body was discovered on the floor of her bathroom in Moscow.
    Source: The Sun UK

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  • A woman has ended up dead after her car went off the road and plunged into a river in Port Harcourt.
    [Image: Car%20plunges%20in%20river.jpg]
    The accident scene
    A woman has died as her Camry saloon plunged into a river off Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas, NLNG, Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, PM News reports.

    The male driver survived. The incident occurred at about 9.0pm on Monday.

    The vehicle was recovered on Monday with the help of a crane owned by Julius Berger.

    It was learnt that the woman was stuck inside the ill-fated Toyota Camry.

    An eyewitnesses said that the driver of the car might have his vision blurred by smokey truck directly front him and that in a desperate attempt to steer off it, he skidded into the River close to the Nkpogu bridge.

    The unidentified driver was able to swim to safety but the female occupant drowned.

    Before the rescue operation, the accident scene was condoned off and traffic diverted back to Amadi Flats, Rainbow Town in Trans Amadi through Nkpogu bridge.

    As expected, the rescue operation attracted a huge spectacle as onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse as security agencies monitored the recovery of the ill-fated car by Julius Berger’s Crane, today.

    The driver was said to be in an undisclosed hospital for medical attention while body of female occupant has been deposited at the morgue.

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