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  • Serie A champions, Juventus, have spoken out about why the club decided to sign world football star, Cristiano Ronaldo

    [Image: juve.JPG]
    Fabio Paratici, Juventus sporting director, has revealed the Serie A club decided to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, after his stunning bicycle kick against them in April.
    Ronaldo lit up the Champions League quarter-final first leg in Turin with two goals, including a sensational overhead kick in the second half.
    The then-Real Madrid star was applauded by the home fans inside the Allianz Stadium.
    “The crazy idea started after the crazy goal he scored against us,” Paratici told Sky Italia.

    “(Ronaldo’s agent) Jorge Mendes told us that Cristiano was stunned by the attention he received, he said that one day he would like to come to Juventus.”
    After Ronaldo was officially unveiled on Monday, Paratici revealed more details of the €100million (£88m/$117m) transfer.

    “I asked Mendes about Cristiano when we closed the deal for [Joao] Cancelo.

    “[Mendes] explained the situation to me.

    “I talked to our president, Andrea Agnelli. In the first place, the figures were the most difficult thing.

    “Agnelli took a few hours, he told me to go ahead and see if there was really an opportunity.

    “Cristiano is the strongest player in the world and the negotiations were done between two big clubs like Juventus and Real Madrid.

    “It’s easier to do business and make transfers with a great player like him and a great agent like Mendes,” he added

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  • According to a BBC report, a male model has been stabbed to death by a jealous catwalk rival after an Instagram feud over a girl.
    The case has been dragged to court.
    Harry Uzoka, a 25-year-old Nigerian-born model, was knifed in the heart by George Koh, 24, jurors were told.
    Koh was obsessed with the success of Zara and GQ model Harry — who accused him of copying his style, the Old Bailey heard.
    But after Koh, who worked for Louis Vuitton, bragged he had slept with Harry’s girlfriend, model Ruby Campbell, Harry said he wanted to settle the row “face to face[Image: uzoka.jpg]

    The pair arranged to meet in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, on January 11.
    Prosecutor Richard Horwell QC, said Harry recruited his flatmate Adrian Harper and both men armed themselves with metal bars for the fight.
    But Koh took two pals, Jonathan Okigbo and Merse Dikanda, both 24. Koh armed himself with two knives while Dikanda had a “particularly large” machete-style blade, jurors heard.
    Mr Horwell said: “It is not difficult to work out which side won and which lost.”
    The court heard Mr Harper fled but Harry was cornered by a parked car where Koh knifed him three 

    Mr Horwell said Harry managed to get away and run to his nearby home, where he collapsed and died.
    Koh gave himself up three days later. He said in a statement: “I acted in self defence. I was on the floor when he fell on to me.”
    Koh, Okigbo, and Dikanda, all of Camden, North London, deny murder. Dikanda also denies possessing a machete.
    The trial 

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  • The long arm of law has finally caught up with some notorious armed robbers after they were caught by the police. [Image: bodinde.jpg]

    Two armed robbers who have been terrorizing innocent residents of Rivers state have been apprehended by security operatives in the state.
    The hoodlums were apprehended after a tip-off as two pistols were recovered from them. The suspects are currently in police custody and will be charged to court after investigations are concluded.

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  • A fake medical doctor who was nabbed after carrying unethical practices, is being made to face the consequences of her action
    [Image: Mercy-Duru.jpg]

    Chief Magistrate’s Court in Isabo, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, has ordered the remand of one Mrs. Mercy Duru in prison, Crime Puzzle reports.
    Mrs Duru, who was arraigned today, July 16, 2018,on a three count-charge of attempted murder, impersonating as a medical doctor and obtaining by false pretence, will remain in prison till the next adjournment date of October 5, 2018.
    The charge with reference no: MA/512c/2018 read as follows: “That you, Mrs. Mercy Duru, between June 23, 2018 and July 1, 2018, at about 5:00pm, at Oluwo area, Adigbe, Abeokuta, in the Abeokuta Magisterial District, did attempt to unlawfully kill one Mr. Olawale Hassan by injecting him with Rocephine and Zoladex drugs, which you claimed can cure heart related diseases, that almost claimed his life and thereby committed an offence contrary and punishable under section 320 of the criminal law of Ogun State, Nigeria 2006.

    “That you, Mrs. Mercy Duru, on the same date, time and place, in the aforementioned Magisterial District, did with the intent to defraud one Mr. Olawale Hassan, falsely presented yourself as a medical doctor, working at the Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 484 of the criminal law of Ogun State, Nigeria 2006.

    “That you, Mrs. Mercy Duru, on the same date, time and place, in the aforementioned Magisterial District, did by false pretence and intent to defraud, obtained the sum of #400,000 from one Mr. Olawale Hassan on the pretence that you would use the money to buy medicine for him, which you neither bought nor refunded the money and committed an offence contrary and punishable under section 419 of the criminal law of Ogun State, Nigeria 2006”.
    After reading the charges to her, of which she affirmed to understanding them, her plea was not taken.
    The presiding Magistrate of Court 1, A. I. Adelaja (Mrs), ordered that she should be remanded in prison custody, while the matter was adjourned to October 5, 2018

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     [Image: Bhari-ICC-1.jpg]
    I am honoured to be with you here today to celebrate the anniversary of this vital global institution. I say "vital" because the world needs the ICC.
    2. Let me start by congratulating you, Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji, on your election as President of the International Criminal Court, and also thank the judges of the Court for electing you, a cherished son of Nigeria. Nigeria is very proud of you, Mr. President.
    3. Let me also express my gratitude to the International Criminal Court for inviting me to speak on this occasion.
    4. As we know, the International Criminal Court was established twenty years ago as a global court, inspired by the Nuremberg trials of World War II war criminals, to hold people accountable for crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes of genocide and aggression.
    5. In addition to preventing impunity, promoting adherence and respect for the rule of law and fundamental freedoms worldwide and to punishing those in leadership positions responsible for the most appalling crimes and atrocities, the ICC has given hope for justice to so many, by demanding strict adherence to the rules of international humanitarian law.
    6. With the alarming proliferation of the most serious crimes around the world, the ICC, and all that it stands for, is now needed more than ever, in ways that were unforeseeable to its founders. The ICC may have been created at a time of optimism that it would not need to be utilized frequently, but, unfortunately, the increase in international crimes has only increased the Court’s relevance.
    7. Indeed, while limits on the ICC’s jurisdiction mean that it cannot presently act with regard to some of the dire crises of the day in states that are not parties, by acting where it can, the ICC reinforces the demand for justice far beyond its own cases.
    8. A strong and effective ICC has the potential to send a powerful message about the international community’s commitment to accountability, a message that will be heard by both victims and perpetrators. Equally, a strong and effective ICC demonstrates the international community’s commitment to the rule of law.
    9. A strong and effective ICC can also act as a catalyst for other justice efforts, expanding the reach of accountability. These could include serious cases of corruption by state actors that severely compromise the development efforts of countries and throw citizens into greater poverty. These could also include cases of illicit financial flows where countries are complicit and obstruct repatriation of stolen assets. As the African Union Champion on Anti-corruption, these are issues dear to my heart.
    10. The Rome Statute created more than a court; it created the outline for a system of justice for horrific crimes rooted first in national courts doing their job, and where they fail to do so, the ICC stepping in only as “the court of the last resort”
    11. The ICC also needs increased cooperation and financial resources from its member states. State parties should express their commitment to increasing efforts in these areas, including pledging concrete assistance.
    12. The twenty years of the Court’s existence have witnessed several challenges, some of which had threatened the very existence of the Court itself. Most notable were the withdrawals and threats of withdrawals of membership of the Court by some States, as well as accusations of bias in the exercise of the jurisdiction of the Court. Thankfully, the Court has addressed these challenges in a dignified and commendable way.
    13. Nonetheless, the Court needs to take on board all constructive criticisms and allay lingering fears and concern through targeted messaging, awareness raising and possible modification of some legal provisions. If properly articulated, communication and awareness raising would surely engender trust and encourage greater cooperation of Member States with the Court and even encourage non – Member States to decide to become Members. It must avoid even a hint of bias or political motivations.
    14. The goals and responsibilities of the Court are no doubt very challenging and daunting but with the cooperation of all, coupled with the high calibre of Judges and staff of the Court, the challenges are not insurmountable. I, therefore, urge all States not to politicize the decisions of the Court but to always bear in mind the rationale for the establishment of the Court in the first place.
    15. I urge all States that have not yet done so to, as a matter of deliberate State policy, accede to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court so that it can become a universal treaty.
    16. Nigeria has cooperated with, and supported the Court at all times. This, we have demonstrated by our full and transparent cooperation on matters on which we are being investigated and also in our several Country statements at the sessions of the Court. Our cooperation with the Court is borne out of our strong belief in the respect for the rule of law and human rights, and in our firm commitment to the sanctity of fundamental freedoms at international and domestic levels, as ingrained in the objectives for establishing the Court.
    17. In conclusion, let me intimate you that Nigeria is preparing to conduct general elections in 2019. Contrary to the tragic incidents that characterized the 2011 general elections in Nigeria which necessitated preliminary investigations by the International Criminal Court, I assure you that all hands are on deck to prevent any recurrence of such tragic incidents. We shall do everything possible to ensure that Nigeria witnesses the conduct of free, fair and peaceful elections in 2019.
    18. Again, I congratulate the Court on its 20th Anniversary and wish it continued growth, relevance and success in the years to come in its vital role as a bulwark against man's inhumanity to man.
    Thank you for your attention

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  • Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has written yet another explosive piece on the just concluded Ekiti guber elections, and other recent happenings in the polity. [Image: fani-fayose-1.jpg]

    “When Fayose won in 2014, the whole of Ekiti erupted with joy. In 2018 the APC “won” and all the streets of Ekiti are looking so gloomy. The people are sad because their will has been truncated”- Adeolu Daramola.
    My friend and brother, Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state, is not infallible. He is not an angel and like every other mortal, he has his own fair share of faults, excesses and shortcomings.
    We do not agree on everything and neither do we always share the same opinion on matters of state and policy.
    I should add this: some of his friends are my sworn enemies and some of my friends are his, yet nothing and no-one can come between us.
    That is the nature of our covenant and deep bond which has its roots well above politics, which was borne through our shared love of the Living God and the Gospel of Christ and which was established and forged by the blood of Jesus.
    Our differences in terms of style and approach only brings us closer and serves to make our friendship stronger. And despite his regular displays of strong emotions, what a profoundly good and insightful man he is.
    In terms of courage, compassion, decency, the love of his people and a yearning for truth and justice he stands head above shoulder virtually every other political leader in the country.
    And permit me to add this: even if I am the only one left in the country that is willing to do so, I will stand by him till the end.
    That is the nature of the man that the Buhari administration robbed, beat, slapped, humiliated and insulted last week and that they are now planning to utterly destroy.
    Yet despite the abysmal behaviour and shameless criminality of INEC, the ruling-APC and Buhari’s minions during the conduct of the governorship election last saturday Fayose has nothing to be ashamed of and, in my view, he remains the epitomy of courage, truth, loyalty, decency, compassion and righteousness.
    He stood for truth and he dared the powers that be in the name of the Most High God. Regardless of what we see today and what we witnessed on saturday, that God shall never forsake or leave him and in the end he will have the last laugh and be vindicated.
    The bitter truth is that the Ekiti election was a sham. The APC paid 4000 naira for each vote that they got and, in collusion with INEC officials, they used the police and security agencies to drive away PDP agents and supporters from voting and collation centres. They also shut down the local television and radio stations to prevent the truth from being exposed.
    This was a trago-comedy of the highest degree. As Josef Stalin, the dreaded Russian tyrant, once said, “the people who cast the votes decide nothing but the people who count the votes decide everything”.
    I say weep not for Fayose, Professor Kolapo Olusola (the PDP governorship candidate), or the PDP but rather weep for the good people of Ekiti state, Yorubaland and Nigeria.
    Worst of all is the fact that the daylight robbery that took place on saturday is actually a test run for 2019.
    Those that are laughing at Fayose and making jest of his misfortunes and his efforts to defend the true wishes and will of the Ekiti people will get their own at that time.
    I say this because the beast that seeks to devour him and the people of Ekiti seeks to devour us all.
    When the jihadists, herdsmen and members of Nigeria’s “master race” start terrorising and butchering the good people of Ekiti state, the south-west and the south, just as they are already doing to the people of the Middle Belt, no-one should be surprised and neither should they complain because that is the nature of the beast that has broken the gate and forced itself into their land and homes.
    Those that collected cash from the APC in return for their votes have unknowingly sold their souls, sovereignty, destiny independence and birthright to the agents and emissaries of satan in return for the rulership of a vicious and relentless cabal of vampires, demons, goblins and monsters who hail from a distant foreign land.
    For a measly 4000 naira they have traded in their liberty and freedom in return for the dictates, whims and caprices of a wicked group of heartless and cruel men who take their orders and directives from a dark, sinister and blood-filled cauldron of sorcery and voodoo and a malevolent and accursed tattered old broom.
    I have not mentioned any names but the creatures that I am referring to know who they are.
    I have always said that Dr. Kayode Fayemi is my friend who I have known for many years and who I have always liked, respected and had a soft spot for.
    The same goes for Otunba Niyi Adebayo, the former Governor of Ekiti state and the leader of the APC in Ekiti, who is not only a family friend of over 50 years standing but also a dear brother.
    I do not bear any animosity towards either of the two or towards Senator Femi Ojudu, another friend of mine, who is also a strong APC leader in Ekiti state either.
    However I consider those that they represent and who sent them to enslave the southewest and the people of the south with cattle colonies, herdsmen, cows, a Janjaweed ethos and a jihadist philosophy as my perpetual, mortal and eternal enemies before whom I can and will never bow.
    That is where I draw the line and that is our only point of departure. Outside of that I have no malice for or axe to grind with any of the leaders of the APC in Ekiti state or indeed anywhere else in Yorubaland. We simply belong to different teams and and different political camps. And this is for good reason.
    For those that doubt it let us consider our plight in Nigeria today. Insecurity is at its peak. The mass murder, ethnic cleansing and commission of genocide against innocent and defenceless Nigerians is unprecedented.
    Our nation is more divided than ever before. Our economy is in shambles and poverty stalks the land. The senior cadre of our Armed Forces are aggrieved because President Muhammadu Buhari has refused to appoint new Service Chiefs since the tenure of the old ones expired.
    The democratic process has been subverted as votes are procured with public funds and electons are rigged with the apparatus of the state. People no longer see or believe that their PVC is their weapon because few believe that we can ever have a free and fair election in our country as long as Buhari remains in power. The list goes on and on and it is one lamentation after another.
    Rev. Martin Luther King jnr. once said “to ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it”.
    How right he was. And many in our nation today, out of fear, stupidity and cowardice, have chosen to simply ignore the evil that took place in Ekiti on saturday.
    Yet even worse than them are those that have chosen to applaud the evil and celebrate it simply to spite Fayose. They forget that to applaud injustice is not only shortsighted and evil in itself but that it is also a graphic and singular manifestation of witchcraft and sorcery.
    The truth is that those that delight in the suffering, misfortune and humiliation of others and that refuse to stand up and speak for the victims of injustice, wickedness and tyranny are doomed to failure and eternal shame and are best described as the children of darkness and the sons and daughters of perdition. They shall all burn in hell.
    Many in our country are troubled by the many challenges that the Ekiti debacle has thrown up and even more understand and discern its solemn implications.
    As examples of some of those concerns permit me to share the insighful words of two respected public commentators and discerning intellectuals about the implications of what happeed in Ekiti.
    The first, Prince Otoks Dan Princewill, wrote the following.
    “Is it not now clear? Who wants to know more? Who wants to be further schooled? This PVC matter needs a sincere government to function properly. We have in place a government that looks away as Nigerians are slaughtered. We have a government who moved in 30,000 officers to rig an election and has a Division sitting on its thumbs in a place less than an hour away where Nigerians are slaughtered in a killing orgy for days. We have a government who encouraged a police officer to slap and rough handle a Governor. We have a government that has appointed the entire security architecture from a section of the country. And yes, we have a country where conscience is for sale for 4000 naira and many say it is overpriced. We must therefore retool. We must redirect and reset. We must match the bar to where things has been raised. We cannot afford to assume anything. As at now, count 2019 lost. Unless we retool. It is not about PVCs and registration. It is about so much more”.
    On his part Elder Michael Orobator wrote:
    “We have Judases and pernicious traitors, Fulani slaves and useless idiots always at the beck and call of the internal colonisers in our ranks. I have said it before and FFK strongly reiterated same that the Fulani, most comfortable in situations of strife and warfare, will not leave us alone until we weed out the Fayemis, Oshiomoles, Oyeguns, Amaechis et al from our midst”.
    Can any reasonable person dispute the insightful assertions of these two elderly, wise, experienced and discerning men?
    Permit me to conclude this contribution with the words of Peter “the Rock” himself. After the rape of democracy that took place in Ekiti state on July 12th he said:
    “I am Peter Ayodele Fayose, I hold my head high. I can never be suppressed. I don’t lose battles and I will not lose this. I will laugh last.The President should note what the Bible says which applies to him. ‘He that wears the armour should not boast as he that removes it.’ It is only Buhari that will pride himself with the security shooting sporadically at polling centres, scaring people to pave the way for APC thugs to snatch ballot boxes”.
    These are strong and prophetic words from a Spirit-filled soldier of Christ and a courageous and strong lion of the realm.
    He concluded by saying “Buhari’s EFCC is threatening me, as if Buhari will remain in power forever. Is the EFCC the Court?”
    How right he is!
    May God deliver our nation and may He guide, lead, strengthen and vindicate Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose and the good people of Ekiti state.
    About the Author:
    Femi Fani-Kayode was former minister of aviation and spokesman for the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organisation.

    [b]***Written pieces and contributions on this platform are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of[/b]

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  • Dewy Oputa, the daughter of Charly Boy who is known for her stand in LGBT issues, has finally showed off the face of her girlfriend for the first time. 
    [Image: dewy-oputa-lover-3.jpg]
    Veteran musician and entertainer, Charly Boy’s daughter, Dewy Oputa has taken to her Instagram page to tell the whole world that she is a lesbian, as she showed off her girlfriend while revealing they have created a page together.
    The US-based singer, Dewy who is dating her girlfriend simply known as SJ, shared photos and a video showing them engaged in PDA. She revealed she was nervous at first about making her private business public but decided to come out with it.
    She posted their loved-up photos and wrote: “I was kind of nervous about this but fuckkkkkkkkk ittttttttttt! …….Clears throat sooooooooooooo I and my Girlfriend decided to create a couples page because why not ?‍?? go follow @dewyandsj … ??”

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  • Governor Ayodele Fayose who is a vocal critic of President Muhammadu Buhari, will face criminal trial after leaving office, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have said.

    [Image: ayo-fayose-1.jpg]Influential politician and Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, who is expected to leave office in October after handing over to the governor-elect of the state, Kayode Fayemi, will face criminal trial after leaving office, EFCC said in a statement on Monday.
    Recall that few hours after Kayode Fayemi was announced winner of the Ekiti guber election, the EFCC posted a tweet on its official Twitter handle that it would resurrect a poultry scandal involving the governor.
    The anti-graft agency later deleted the tweet which was condemned by many Nigerians including the governor’s spokesperson.
    Meanwhile, in a statement sent to PREMIUM Timeson Monday night, the EFCC spokesperson played down on the tweet controversy, but said only the court could clear Fayose of his criminal trial after leaving office.
    “While it is true that there is a subsisting criminal charge against Governor Fayose, the fate of the charge will be determined by the Federal High Court, Ado Ekiti, at the expiration of his tenure, not the EFCC,” the agency’s spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren, said.
    Read the full EFCC statement by Uwujaren below:
    "The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has observed with interest, reactions to a tweet that purportedly appeared on the Commission’s Twitter handle July 15, announcing the imminent revival of the criminal case against Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State.
    In the opinion of most commentators, the tweet coming a few hours after Fayose’s protege, Kolapo Olusola of the People’s Democratic Party lost the governorship election to his All progressives Congress rival, Kayode Fayemi, betrayed the partisanship of the EFCC in the political contest in Ekiti State.
    Against the background, Commission is constrained to state that the purported tweet does not represent the views of the EFCC. As a law enforcement organization the Commission is apolitical and was not involved in the recent Ekiti election. It therefore has no reason to gloat over the political misfortune of any candidate or political god-father.
    While it is true that there is a subsisting criminal charge against Governor Fayose, the fate of the charge will be determined by the Federal High Court, Ado Ekiti, at the expiration of his tenure, not the EFCC.

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  • A final year student has been found dead inside an abandoned well few days after he went missing while being chased by security operatives at a hostel in Ekpoma, Edo State.

    [Image: ASARS-1(1).jpg]An undergraduate student of the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, has been reportedly found dead inside an abandoned well, four days after going missing while being allegedly chased by SARS operatives.
    According to multiple online reports, the victim identified as Saliu Alli Haruna, a final year Business Administration student, saw his hostel invaded by the officers on Friday night.
    Saliu who was scared by the sudden invasion with all other occupants of the hostel all fled in different directions, into the surrounding bushes. And unfortunately for Haruna, he fell inside an abandoned well.
    He was subsequently declared missing, since no one knew what became of him after the raid. However, after almost 4 days of intense search, his body was on Monday, discovered in the well

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  • Details of how four police officers were brutally murdered and burnt by suspected drug cartel have been revealed. 

    [Image: the-burnt-policemen.JPG]
    The true story how four police officers were killed and burnt has been revealed.
    According to NewTelegraph, investigation in Benin, Edo State yesterday revealed that the dastardly act was executed by a drug cartel operating at the Ifon-Sabongida-Ora area of the state.
    The police officers were killed at Sabongida-Ora in Owan West Local Government Area. Sources close to the area said the killing was due to the police hard line stance on drug lords in the area.
    The killing came a few days after seven policemen were murdered in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The FCT killing occurred on July 2 while that of Edo State followed on July 14. Worried by the separate incidents, however, the Inspector General of Police (IG), Ibrahim Idris, has announced a N5 million bounty for information that would lead to the arrest of the assailants.
    This came as Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State yesterday placed a N10 million bounty on the killers. The Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Communication Strategy, Mr. Crusoe Osagie, disclosed this yesterday at the end of an emergency security meeting between the governor and security chiefs in Benin.
    The policemen attached to the Sabongida - Ora Divisional Police Headquarters were killed at a road block at Uzebba-Aviosi junction on Ifon Road, Sabongida- Ora and were burnt inside their patrol van while their official rifles were taken away by the bandits. Sources said the Uzebba area and environs were known for high production of Indian hemp.
    The state Commissioner of Police, Babtunde Kokumo, described the killing as sad and unpalatable news. Kokumo also promised to talk on the killing at a later date. Meanwhile, Obaseki through his media aide, Osagie, said the meeting with security chiefs had in attendance the heads and representatives of the police, the Army, Department of State Security (DSS), Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

    “Governor Obaseki described the situation as appalling and has ordered a comprehensive investigation into the killings and the arrest of the assailants.
    “The ggovernor announced a N10 million reward for anyone with useful information that can lead to the arrest of the criminals that carried out the dastardly act.

    "The governor also pledged to support the families of the four policemen killed while on duty and maintained that the killers must be arrested and brought to book,” Osagie said. Obaseki had earlier condemned the ambush and killing of the four policemen who were on routine patrol in Sabongida-Ora.
    Like in the Abuja case, the IG has ordered a thorough investigation into the Edo killing. The Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), DCP Jimoh Moshood, who made the disclosure in a statement yesterday, however, clarified that there was no established link with the two incidents.
    While the July 2 attack was executed at a junction in Galadimawa, where the policemen were said to be conducting routine stop-and-search operation, the Edo four were attacked during patrol operations. Idris has also directed the processing and payment of the dead personnel’s entitlements.
    “The IGP has… directed a thorough and discreet investigation into the recent ambush and killing of four Policemen at Sabongida-Ora in Edo State on the 14thJuly, 2018 by armed robbers while on patrol.

    “As a result of the ambush, the police patrol vehicle burst into flame after the attack and the four policemen died in the process.

    “The investigation conducted so far has not established any link between the two attacks, but public spirited individuals and other good Nigerians have been giving useful information to the police in the progressive investigation into the two unfortunate incidents.

    “In order to arrest the other suspects still at large in the first incident, the Force is desirous of more credible information from the public, and hereby pledges a reward of N5 million to any member of the public that provides useful information that leads to the arrest of the remaining perpetrators of the ambush and killing of seven policemen in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja on the 2nd July, 2018 or the recent ambush and killing of four policemen on patrol at Sabongida-Ora in Edo State on the 14thJuly, 2018.

    “The Force wishes to assure that the informant will be protected and his/ her identity secured,” Moshood said On July 3, a day after the Abuja incident, the IG set-up a team of Specialized Crack Investigation Detectives, Police Scene of Crime Experts and Technical Intelligence Unit of the Force to, among other things, undertake a comprehensive investigation, with a view to bringing perpetrators to deserved justice. Idris also ordered Commissioners of Police (CPs) “and their Supervising Assistant Inspectors General of Police to beef-up security in their Area of Responsibilities (AOR) and embark on massive raids of criminal hideouts and flashpoints across the country to forestall any further attack anywhere in the Country”.
    In the main, the police chief had “placed the Commissioners of Police and Police Personnel Nationwide on Red-alert and (directed) Twenty – Four (24) Hours Crime Prevention and Police visibility Patrol of flash and vulnerable points in their jurisdictions”.

    This was in addition to the directive to the CPs “to re-gird their crime prevention and control strategies and work with community/religious leaders, other stakeholders and public spirited individuals to nip in the bud crimes and criminalities in their AOR”. Meanwhile, the police have vowed to carry on with their crime fighting and prevention mandate across the country, despite the isolated setbacks

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  • The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has given an update on the registration of 2018 Batch B mobilization exercise. 

    [Image: NYSC-1.jpg]The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) has advised Nigerian graduates residing abroad to use personal digital scanner for thumbprint to enable them complete online registration for the forthcoming 2018 batch ”B” orientation.
    Muhammed Momoh, NYSC Lagos State Coordinator, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos.
    He added that the foreign based graduates could also defer the thumbprint part of the registration until their arrival in Nigeria ahead of the orientation.
    “For the foreign based graduates who find it difficult to apend their thumbprint to their registration in our portal, it is adviseable for them to get a personal digital scanner to be able to do that.
    “In the alternative, a window is open for them to come home one week after the registration portal closes to be able to upload their thumbprint. The registration portal will be closed one week before orientation commences,” he said.
    The NYSC registration portal opened on July 10 and will close on July 16, while the orientation camp will open on Tuesday, July 24.
    The Scheme in a statement also said those having problems with their registration on the portal should report to the States Secretariat before the commencement of the orientation exercise.
    The statement reads below;
    Attention! Prospective Corps Members to contact their Institutions if they are faced with the following challenges during Online Registration.
    1. Wrong Matriculation Number
    2. Invalid or Wrong JAMB Number
    3. The omission of either their first name or middle name on their dashboard.
    4. No records found on the Senate list on the Portal.
    “Foreign-trained Prospective Corps Members who have registered during 2018 Batch “A” Online Registration and were previously given Call-up Number should NOT Re-upload their documents.

    "They will be notified when to print their Call-up Letter through SMS and on their dashboard. Your Orientation Exercise commences Tuesday 24th July 2018 to Monday 13th August 2018."
    This is to inform 2018 Batch “B” Prospective Corps Members with wrong Thumbprint and Passport Photographs to contact our States Secretariat before the commencement of the Orientation Exercise.
    “Foreign graduates to bring Original Transcript not photocopy and also Translation Version of their Certificate to the Orientation Camp

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  • [Image: anam.jpg]A mother and her young daughter have escaped death in Anambra state.
    The woman and child are lucky to be alive after their car somersaulted and plunged into a gutter around the Government House, Awka, the Anambra State capital.
    The incident which happened on Monday evening, left many residents shaken.

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  • [Image: Fani-Kayode-Koko-ng.jpg]

    Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the announcement by Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, that he is no longer with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

    Ortom made the declaration at the banquet hall of the Government House in Makurdi, the state capital on Monday.

    He spoke while swearing in the newly appointed Special Adviser on Local Government and Cheftaincy Affairs, Jerome Torshimbe.

    Ortom’s Chief Press Secretary, Terver Akase, quoted the governor as saying that, “As for party, I’ve been given the red card and I’m now outside the pitch.

    “So, if I have been given the red card and I’m standing outside, that means I’m a free man.”

    In response, Fani-Kayode, a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) expressed excitement at the development.

    “We are delighted he Governor Ortom has seen the light and has left the path of darkness”, he told the press.

    “It is a right step that will break the yoke of bondage the good people of Benue have suffered over the years. I congratulate him,” he added.


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  • [Image: naf.jpg]

    The Nigerian Army has denied any of its personnel were missing in an attack by Boko Haram on Saturday.

    However, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported yesterday: “No fewer than 23 Nigerian soldiers are yet to be accounted for after Boko Haram insurgents ambushed a military convoy at Boboshe village in Bama Local Government Area of Borno.

    “Five officers, 18 soldiers and eight trucks were missing after the attack which occurred early on Saturday.

    “The military, acting on intelligence, mobilised troops in a convoy of 11 trucks to clear the insurgents from the deserted village. The insurgents were believed to have been those who escaped the ongoing offensive by the military to flush out Boko Haram terrorists in the fringes of Sambisa Forest and the Lake Chad region.

    “A competent military source told NAN that the insurgents in the hundreds ambushed the troops, and in the process many of them have been missing. He disclosed that only three of the 11 trucks deployed in the area returned to their base in Maiduguri, after suffering huge loss in the battle with the insurgents.”

    NAN quotes the source as saying: “There was a quick response by the army when they received reports that hundreds of the insurgents gathered at Boboshe on the Maiduguri-Konduga-Bama road. The insurgents ambushed the gallant soldiers. Only three of the 11 trucks returned to the base. It is not clear what happened but it was assumed the soldiers were missing following the ambush.”

    Also, quoting “security sources”, AFP on Twitter yesterday announced: “Dozens of soldiers feared dead after a Boko Haram attack Saturday on a military base in remote northeast Nigeria.”

    But in its rebuttal yesterday, the army dismissed as “untrue” and “misleading” reports of alleged missing soldiers and military vehicles in an attack coordinated by Boko Haram insurgents in Borno, urging people to disregard it.

    In a statement in Maiduguri, Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Texas Chukwu, said: “The Nigerian Army wishes to state categorically that the report is blown out of proportion by the media. Contrary to the report, the Nigerian Army wishes to put the record straight on the issue and assure members of the public, particularly residents of the northeast, to disregard the report, as their safety is guaranteed.

    “The Nigeria Army wishes to state that there was an attempted attack on troops at Kwakwa and Chingori communities in the Bama area of Borno State by suspected Boko Haram terrorists as a result of difficult terrain where our vehicles (were) bogged down.

    “The terrorists also attempted to cart away troops’ operational vehicles, but were successfully repelled by our gallant troops with the support of the Nigerian Air Force.”

    Chukwu disclosed that the troops killed 22 insurgents, while several others escaped with gunshot wounds. He said efforts were being intensified by the troops to get the fleeing terrorists.

    He said one officer and a soldier, who sustained injuries in the attack, were receiving medical attention at a military medical facility, and tasked the media to always verify facts.

    “Certain facts must be reported with caution, particularly now that numerous successes have been recorded by the troops in the fight against insurgency,” Chukwu said, urging people to go about their normal businesses, as the army is on top of the situation.

    But BBC’s Africa security correspondent, Tomi Oladipo, said: “The news agency, AFP, stands by its report that a second jihadist attack on Nigerian troops in as many days was even more deadly and included an army base being overrun. It adds that hundreds of troops are unaccounted for after the attack.

    “The Nigerian military’s dismissive response to this report is typical of its default stance of downplaying or denying losses. It wants to be the sole source of news from the front line, and pits the media as purveyors of unfounded and unverified claims.

    “There have been genuine, laudable military successes in this campaign – but the force has also hurt its own credibility with some inaccurate or even untrue accounts. It claims that residents of northeast Nigeria have nothing to fear, yet it restricts media access to certain parts of the region. It wants journalists to trumpet its gains against what it considers a rag-tag militia – but also go silent on the continuing attacks on civilians and soldiers.

    “The Nigeria military describes its ‘gallant’ troops as being in high spirits, yet for years we have had multiple accounts from those on the frontline complaining of being ill-equipped and even poorly fed.

    “Despite the much-repeated assertion of having defeated Islamist militant group Boko Haram, the insurgency is into its ninth year.”


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  • [Image: oil.jpg]

    Barely a few days after crude oil price surged towards $80 per barrel, following the shut down of one oilfield in Norway and Libya reduced production by more than a half, the price slipped on Monday to $73 per barrel as Libyan ports reopened, while traders eyed potential supply increases by Russia and other oil producers.

    The disruptions of crude oil production in Libya and Norway had added to the supply worries around the world.

    Venezuela’s production had collapsed as a result of a lack of investment, while Iranian exports suffered due to United States sanctions.

    US President, Donald Trump, said in May that he would remove his country out of an international accord under which Tehran had agreed to limit its nuclear development in exchange for sanctions relief.

    Trump said he would reintroduce sanctions and Washington later told countries they must stop buying Iran’s oil from November 4 or face financial consequences.

    The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has little capacity to fill the gap as demand for oil quickens.

    But despite the tight supply, the global benchmark crude, Brent fell $1.69 to a low of $73.64 per barrel, before recovering a little to trade around $73.80, down $1.53.

    Also the US’ West Texas Intermediate (WTI) light crude was down $1.15 at $69.86 per barrel.

    Indeed, supply outages in Libya, a labour dispute in Norway and unrest in Iraq all helped push oil prices higher late last week, although prices still fell for a second straight week.

    Saudi Arabia, other members of the OPEC and allies, including Russia agreed last month to increase output to dampen price gains and offset global production losses.

    The market has grown concerned that if Saudi Arabia offsets the losses from Iran that will use up global spare capacity and leave markets more vulnerable to further or unexpected production declines.

    Russia and other oil producers could raise output by one million barrels per day (bpd) or more if shortages hit the market, Russian Energy Minister, Alexander Novak, told reporters last Friday.

    “If we need more than one million bpd, I don’t rule out that we can quickly discuss it and make a quick decision,” he said.

    Production at Libya’s giant Sharara oilfield was expected to fall by at least 160,000 barrels per day (bpd) after two staff were abducted in an attack by an unknown group, the National Oil Corporation said last Saturday.

    A Norwegian union for workers on offshore oil and gas drilling rigs stepped up a six-day strike yesterday that has hit oil output.

    Reuters also reported that in Iraq, two protesters died on Sunday in clashes with security forces in the town of Samawa amid anger in southern cities over public services and corruption.

    Demonstrations have not yet affected crude production in Basra, whose shipments account for more than 95 per cent of OPEC producer Iraq’s state revenue.

    But any disruption could severely impact the country’s economy and push up prices.

    Investors are also on edge over the impact of the trade dispute between US and its big trading partners.

    Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were set to hold their first stand-alone meeting in Helsinki yesterday.

    Trump has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with higher oil prices, asking OPEC to lower prices.


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  • [Image: Ohanaeze-Ndigbo.jpg?fit=800%2C500&ssl=1]

    The President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, frontline Igbo Socio-cultural group, Chief John Nwodo, on Monday warned that some recent actions of the federal government showed that the country was sliding into dictatorship.

    Nwodo spoke at a news conference in Abuja, where he said that a chartered flight that was to take some Southern leaders to Makurdi for a rally was refused landing permit at the Benue State capital.

    With him at the news conference, were, First Republic Information Minister, Chief Edwin Clark; former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife; and Afenifere Leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo.

    The leaders were billed to attend the Middle Belt Forum’s rally on restructuring in Makurdi.

    Nevertheless, the rally held with the Forum’s leaders restating their belief in the total restructuring of Nigeria.

    “We were told at the airport that our chartered flight has no permit to land in Makurdi,” he said, adding that upon inquiry, they were told that the directive not to allow their plane to land in Makurdi was from above.

    According to him, “We were at the airport in Abuja as early as possible to get a chartered flight to Makurdi but at the point of payment we were advised to confirm the issue of landing permit from the Airport Commandant in Makurdi.

    “At that point, we were made to understand that the request for the landing permit of our chartered flight is on the table of the Commandant, Lt. Commander A. Audu, who we learnt said for security reasons no aircraft will be allowed to land in Makurdi on Monday.”

    THISDAY, however, learnt yesterday that the Southern leaders might not have been properly briefed about the status of the Makurdi Airport, as an informed explained that being a military facility, civil flights needed the permit of the military authority to operate, to and from, the airport.

    Nwodo, however, told the press that the Southern leaders missed the meeting with their Middle Belt counterparts on restructuring in Makurdi, which was supposed to be a follow-up to similar ones successfully held earlier in Ibadan, Yenagoa and Awka.

    Nwodo, also former information minister, said their inability to fly to Makurdi was an infringement on their fundamental rights.

    He wondered why they were denied freedom of movement and association since no known law had been breached by them.

    “We are sliding into a dictatorship under a democratic government,” he exclaimed.

    He specifically mentioned the Executive Order 006 recently signed by President Muhammadu Buhari giving him express power to confiscate people’s property.

    “This is condemnable as the Constitution is very explicit about the functions of the three arms of government, and not for the Executive to be using the powers of the Legislature. That is why there is separation of powers,” Nwodo said.

    The inability of the South-east, South-west and South-south leaders to make the Makurdi summit, however, did not dampen the spirit of the conferees, who restated their call for the total restructuring of the country in order to correct some abnormalities that is stunting the growth and unity of the country.

    Chairman of the Elders’ Forum of the Middle-Belt Forum Air Commodore Dan Suleiman (rtd), restated the forum’s position at the rally, which held at the IBB Square in Makurdi.

    He told his audience that the leaders of other socio-cultural groups, South-South Forum, Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo and Afenifere, were left stranded at the airport for five hours.

    He said despite challenges confronting the region, the Middle-Belt would remain united and continue to march forward to greatness.

    Suleiman said there was need for Nigeria to be restructured to give way to fair sharing of resources, insisting that justice must be delivered to the people of the region.

    In his speech, Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State commended the National Assembly for initiating a bill to establish state police.

    He called for accelerated passage of the bill, which he said would go a long way to address the incessant killings in the country.

    “Killing people is another form of corruption and the worst of it all. When one steals one million he is prosecuted but when some people kill innocent people in their sleep they are allowed to walk freely. This must stop. Nigeria is a great country but it is wasting away. Every state in Nigeria is a potential country of its own,” he said.

    In his address, Benue State Governor, Dr. Samuel Ortom, said the leadership of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore was still moving freely after calling for their arrest at several fora.

    He reiterated the call for the arrest of the leadership of the association for being behind the killings in the state.

    He said before the group commenced the killing of innocent people in the state they had threatened that if the state’s anti-open grazing and ranching law was not repealed they would unleash terror on Benue people.

    “They had done that several times and killed scores of people. If they are not arrested we cannot rest nor stop crying. We have decided and taken them to court as law abiding people,” Ortom said.

    Also speaking, Senator Barnabas Gemade enjoined all nationalities in the Middle Belt to stand their ground and work together as a people of same culture, race, irrespective of their language.


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  • [Image: Buhari-pained.jpg]

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari was invited by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute of the Court, because his administration “has a lot of questions to answer.

    This was contained in a statement signed by PDP’s National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, on Monday.

    It was in response to remarks made by Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Oji Ngofa, that Buhari was invited because of the high regard in which Nigeria is held. 

    “What the Presidency seeks to hide from Nigerians is that the ICC Rome Statute deals directly with critical issues of crime against humanity, which is already prevalent in Nigeria under President Buhari’s watch.

    “The PDP said the fact that President Buhari is the only President invited to the event showed that the world is alarmed by the spate of blood-letting, extra-judicial executions, illegal arrests, arbitrary detention and torture going on in Nigeria.

    “The party therefore calls on the ICC to take President Buhari to task on the documented abuse of human rights in Nigeria, particularly, the US Department of State 2017 Human Right Report, which catalogued issues of extrajudicial and arbitrary killings; disappearances and arbitrary detentions and torture, particularly in detention facilities in Nigeria under this administration,” the statement read.

    The party also asked President Buhari to report and defend himself to the ICC over “documented human right abuses, crime against humanity and killings in Nigeria” under his watch.


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  • [Image: images-16-1.jpg]

    The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos (UNILAG ), Prof Oluwatoyin Ogundipe has urged one Joy Nwanna, a former student, and popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, to appear before its sexual harassment panel.

    The Vice-Chancellor, who made the appeal Monday at the Senate chambers in Abuja, said the appearance of the duo would help the Prof Chioma Agonmo-led panel to unravel Joy’s allegations of sexual harassment against Prof Segun Awonusi of the university’s English department.

    He assured them of protection should they come forward.

    In May, Linda Ikeji featured a post of semi-nude photographs of Awonusi sent by Nwanna who accused him and others in the university’s English department of sexual harassment.

    Nwanna was a student of the University between 2012/2013 and 2015/2016 academic sessions.

    In investigating the matter, Prof Ogundipe said the five-member panel dug into contacts from Miss Nwanna’s student records and tried reaching out to her and her next of kin but met a brick wall.

    “She gave us the name of the next of kin, Samuel Nwanna. His number is 08060971976. We called but it did not go through.

    “Her sponsor is known as Idighisai Grace. The phone number is 07033543627. We got in touch but it was another person that responded.

    “The number with us concerning Joy Nwanna is 07035574747. It was one Yakubu Idris that picked the call.

    “This particular individual had different personalities. If she is ready to attend to the request of the panel, we will give her necessary cover.

    “And even Linda Ikeji, who is an alumnus, we are appealing that as a proud alumnus of this university, she should assist this university to get to the bottom of this issue so that the name of the University will not be ridiculed.

    “The email address she used to getting across to Awonusi, we sent a mail but got no reply.”

    The VC said Awonusi on his part had appeared before the panel twice.

    “Awonusi submitted a written report; the committee looked at the report. He submitted the email she sent to him and appeared before the panel twice,” he said.

    Unfortunately, Ogundipe said the panel got no response from any other students regarding the sexual harassment case.

    “The panel called on other students who had information about the case or others to come forward but nobody came forward,” he said.

    Ogundipe said the University would not rule out using law enforcement agencies to trace Nwanna.

    The VC urged members of the public with relevant information on the victim to help the University with the investigation.


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  • [Image: Nigerias-Ahmed-Musa-set-for-Premier-League.jpg]

    Super Eagles and Leicester City ace, Ahmed Musa is close to agreeing a big money move to Saudi Arabia Side, Al Nassr Riyad.

    The club had ealier announced the signing of Morrocan wide man Nordin Ambrabat, who represented Morocco at the just concluded World Cup in Russia.

    Ambrabat played for the English Premier League side, Watford.

    Musa initially turned down the chance to move to the Middle East but he was swayed into considering the offer when the club increased his wage to an amount that will possibly make him the highest paid African player.

    OwnGoal reports that a fee of around £30m has been mooted as what the club wants to pay Leicester City for his transfer, an amount which many believe the Premier League outfit will gladly accept, considering Musa’s failure to make a mark since his move to the club from CSKA Moscow two years ago.


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  • [Image: _102552332_hi048198417.jpg]

    World Cup winners France were welcomed home by hundreds of thousands of supporters as they paraded down the Champs Elysees in Paris on Monday.

    France beat Croatia 4-2 in the final in Moscow on Sunday to win the tournament for the second time in 20 years.

    They were given a raucous reception at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport before their parade through the capital city.

    The team will also receive their country's highest accolade - the Legion d'Honneur.

    Fans partied across France overnight, but celebrations in some cities were marred by violence. Police fired tear gas as sporadic clashes broke out in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Rouen.

    France first won the World Cup in 1998 - which they hosted - by beating Brazil in the final.

    Similar celebrations took place 20 years ago on the Champs Elysees.

    [Image: _102552339_ipiccy-collage.jpg]

    Didier Deschamps captained the team then, and 20 years on is manager.

    The 49-year-old is just the third man - after Brazil's Mario Zagallo and Germany's Franz Beckenbauer - to win the competition as a player and coach.

    Paris St-Germain forward Kylian Mbappe scored his side's fourth goal in Moscow, and won the tournament's best young player award.

    He is only the second teenager to score in a World Cup final after Pele in 1958.

    Many predict he will go on to win the Ballon d'Or - following in the footsteps of 1998 hero Zinedine Zidane.

    [Image: _102555812_hi048201883.jpg]


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  • A Nigerian Cleric has been trailed with mixed reaction on social media after he wrote a special birthday message for his wife expressing her sexual prowess in bed.

    [Image: bayelsa-pastor-3.jpg]A Nigerian pastor who is based in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital, identified as Wauton Knight, has taken to his Facebook page to praise his wife on her birthday.
    The cleric who shared special birthday on Facebook and revealed that his wife satisfies him in every way, expressed his gratitude to her for not refusing his intercourse demands, adding that she has a distinction in bedmatics.
    Aside from praising his wife's bedmatics prowess, he also celebrated the way she loves everyone around, noting that his wife loves his family endlessly.
    Pastor Wauton Knight further added that his wife has not stopped praying for him since they tied the knot, adding that she also cooks well, adding that she has a pure heart.
    Read post below:
    “WHAT A WOMAN A woman who has not said no to my sexual demands since we got married.

    A1 in Bedmatics since we got married. A woman who has not held back her money since we got married.

    A woman who has not refused following me anywhere for my numerous preaching engagements since we got married.

    A woman who has not stopped loving me since we got married. A woman who loves my family unendingly and follows me to the village for family meetings and other concerns since we got married.

    A woman who has not stopped praying for me since we got married A woman who cooks well and not very well sometimes since we got married.

    A woman who loves God and humanity lavishly since we got married A woman who serves God from a pure heart and has not stopped panting for His glory manifest presence since we got married.

    A woman of God extraordinary! Since we got married. WHAT A WOMAN Please note She is not just a woman but MY WIFE ,a million times over. Join me celebrate my SETTLEMENT.

    MY SE for short. The mother of my children. The Queen of my dynasty. The love of my life. Today is her BIRTHDAY. We give GOD all the glory.

    Woyengi Nua! Okoi do! Happy birthday; MRS MIEBI INEIKETIN KNIGHT WAUTON. (The Marriage Preservative

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  • Another tanker has been spotted yet again spilling fuel on the road in Lagos leaving many aghast. 

    [Image: tanker%20fuel.JPG]

    A video has shown the rather shocking moment a fuel tanker was spotted leaking its content on the road in Lagos. The video was captured by another driver driving behind the tanker.
    In the video, the tanker is seen speeding away on the road in the night. Some fuel can be seen pouring down its side down and dropping on the road as the vehicle moves away.
    The tanker was reportedly caught on camera pouring out the fuel near Lekki toll gate in Lagos.
    The driver who recorded the leaking tanker can be heard in the video vowing to take note of the tanker's plate number, apparently to report the incident later.

    Lagos has been beset with cases of tanker explosions and accidents in recent times and incidents like this where tankers brazenly spill fuel on the road, cannot be condoned

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  • [Image: liver2.JPG]

    The liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. It plays a crucial role in numerous physiological processes including digestion, metabolism and blood detoxification.
    Liver fitness is something that we often overlook when we have to compromise with our lifestyle and food habits.Since the liver plays a role In detoxifying your body, anything that reaches inside your body will have an effect on liver health. Generally liver damage will not be presented all of a sudden.
    It will proceed gradually and the symptoms will be presented only in the later stages of the damage. Usually, it will become too late by the time you diagnose a liver disease.
    There are some ways to keep your liver healthy. Always follow a healthy and balanced diet and get regular exercise. Keep an eye on your body weight. Excess alcohol consumption can damage your liver cells leading to a condition called liver cirrhosis. Some medicines and toxins can also hurt your liver. Avoid cigarette smoking and try to get sound sleep daily.
    Bad habits can affect the ability of the liver to repair itself. Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc. are the common symptoms of liver damage.Here are some habits that can damage your liver.
    Dangerous habits that can damage your liver are:
    1. Alcoholism: Excess alcohol intake reduces the ability of the liver to remove toxins from the body. It will make the liver to focus mainly on converting alcohol to a less toxic form and will lead to inflammation and fatty liver disease.
    2. Over Medication: Consumption of drugs in excess can gradually harm your liver and will lead to severe liver failure. High doses of acetaminophen, which is commonly available without prescription can cause liver damage when taken continuously for several days.
    3. Smoking: The chemicals present in cigarette reach the liver and cause oxidative stress producing free radicals that damage liver cells. It will also cause fibrosis, a process in which the liver develops excess scar-like tissues.

    4. Unhealthy Diet: Avoid fatty foods and include fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are a good source of beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium, which keep your liver healthy. Processed foods contain additives and artificial sweeteners.
    5. Sleeplessness: Our body usually goes into a repair and detoxification mode when we are sleeping. Lack of sleep can cause oxidative stress to the liver. So try to get sound sleep of minimum eight hours a day.
    6. Obesity And Poor Nutrition: Your eating habits can affect your liver health directly. Eating too many wrong foods causes fats to build up in the liver. Accumulation of fats can lead to inflammation and liver damage.
    7. Overdose Of Nutritional Supplements: Even nutritional supplements and certain herbs are harmful for the liver in excess amount. An overdose of vitamin A can lead to liver damage.
    8. Not Taking Vaccination: Hepatitis is one of the major diseases that affects the liver. If you are not taking vaccination for Hepatitis, you are risking your liver health.
    These are the dangerous habits that can damage your liver

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  • A pastor has gotten the embarrassment of his life after his own wife stormed church service to expose his illicit affair. 

    [Image: Priest%20collar.jpg]
    It was pure drama recently at Victory Church International when its senior pastor was forced to confess to cheating with a praise and worship member after his wife disrupted a church service on Saturday, H Metro reports.
    Pastor Frank  Kitenge’s wife Diana Kitenge was grabbed by security personal and dragged out of the church after she questioned the participation of Clarity Muza in the praise and worship team when she is accused of dating her husband.
    When journalists arrived at the church along Kaguvi Street, the church leader Pastor Paul Mwamba was instructing his security team to make sure Diana was not allowed inside the church.
    “I will not go anywhere leaving my husband because you Pastor Mwamba want my husband to marry Clarity, a whore who is wrecking my marriage,” Diana was heard saying as she wrestled with church security.

    “Who in this church does not know that Clarity has ruined my family and is getting a blessing from the church leader who is allowing her to sing in the praise and worship group? 
    “This is Clarity’s nude photograph she sent to my husband and the church is forcing me to remain quiet about it because Pastor Mwamba shares the word on radio. I will not leave my husband here,”said Diana displaying the nude photographs drawing the attention of workers and passers-by around the church.

    Pastor Kitenge was asked to accompany Diana out of the church service and he openly confessed to the crowd that he is not an angel to resist Clarity’s love when his house is not in order.
    "I have four children with this wife but she is troublesome. I am a pastor yes but also human,” said Pastor Kitenge confirming his illicit affair with Clarity.

    “My wife has done a lot of things that affected our marriage and what does she expect me to do as a man? That nude photograph of Clarity she is showing people was doctored, only the head is hers not those legs and exposed private parts,” he said drawing jeers and calling of names from the crowd questioning his pastoral duties.
    In an interview with H-Metro, Pastor Kitenge said Pastor Mwamba has failed, so has the church, the help his marriage that the two are staying in  different places.
    “I was expelled from the church along with my wife after the issue of Clarity was raised and my wife is the one who started circulating nu_de photographs of Clarity,” said Pastor Kitenge.
    “Pastor Mwamba is the one who accommodated me in one of the church houses following a failed series of counselling sessions to restore my marriage to Diana.”

    “She does not understand and the whole church is now against her actions (because) from time to time she comes to disturb church proceedings like this,” he said.
    Diana accuses pastor Mwamba of wrecking marriages and encourages pastors close to him into second marriages claiming that their first marriages are not biblical.
    “Pastor Mwamba is facilitating a marriage between my husband and Clarity accusing me of being possessed with evil spirits. If his claims are true where are his powers to cast the evil spirits if any,”said Diana.
    "A number of church members’ marriages were affected following his teachings against first marriages because he divorced his wife and is after single ladies in the church,” she added

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  • [Image: angry-youths-photo-1.jpg]
    The palace of Delta State monarch, King Samson Oghugunwa, have been laid seige by some gun-weilding youths of Agbarho community in Ughelli South Local Government Area as they rage over the manner of deployment of the community’s vigilante by the traditional ruler.
    While speaking to Vanguard on the development at Asaba, Commissioner of Police, Delta State Police Command, Muhammad Mustapha, disclosed that four villagers, Oruwa Godswill, Ikurusu Aghogo, Ochuko Shishe and Collins Eneayevwa were injured when the wild protest escalated to the streets.
    He said that police had brought the matter under control, while the injured were rushed for treatment and were in stable condition at Eloho Clinic, Agbarho, adding that the youth of Agbarho, led by a community leader and retired army general, “came en masse to protest against the absolute control of the community vigilante by the traditional ruler, King Samson Oghugunwa.”
    “The youth forced their way into the king’s palace and drove away the vigilante’s Toyota Hilux vehicle parked in the palace.
    “The protest continued into the streets of the town with the young men burning tyres and shooting guns during which some people were injured by stray pellets, but with the quick intervention of the police, the situation was brought under control,” he said.
    Meanwhile, a 48-year- old contract staff with Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL, Escravos in Warri South West local government area, Francis Onyesaanu, who hailed from Ilaje, Ondo state, slumped along the laundry walkway and died shortly after he was rushed to Chevron clinic.
    Commissioner Mustafa, who also confirmed the tragedy, said a Security Supervisor with CNL, Debo Balogun, reported the incident to the police.
    “While his corpse has being deposited in the company’s morgue, arrangement was made to transfer the corpse to a mortuary in Warri awaiting post mortem examination,” he added

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