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  • The national executive vice-chairman of the Nigeria Communication Commission has disclosed in Lagos that the federal government parastatal is set to reveal a new price for data.[Image: Danbatta-1.jpg]
    Prof Danbatta with Engr. Mrs Joanna Maduka, outgoing President of NAE at the pre-investiture dinner in Lagos
    The Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) is looking to release a new price for data, Prof. Umar Danbatta, the Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, has said.
    Danbatta made the disclosure on Thursday during his induction as a Fellow of the Nigeria Academy of Engineering (NAE).
    Danbatta was inducted along with 11 others at the investiture of Prof. Fola Lasisi as the 10th President of the academy.
    He said that the commission had completed a new framework that would give telecommunication companies the opportunity to participate in spectrum sharing.

    “With the new framework, you can transfer, lease and share your spectrum. These recent achievements of the commission will ensure optimum utilisation of spectrum,” he said.
    The NCC boss told newsmen on the sidelines of the event that the recognition by NAE would spur the commission to double efforts in boosting the Nigerian economy.
    “This recognition will be a testimony of our relevance not only within Nigerian universities but across borders,” he said.
    The outgoing President of NAE, Prof. Oluwaseun Joanna Maduka, said that the occasion should remind those in the academy to ensure advancement of engineering education and practice.
    Maduka said that the advancement would be achievable through continuous learning and strategic collaborations with relevant professional associations and industry.
    She said that the academy should be proactive by tackling emerging socio-economic challenges in the country as regards engineering and technology.
    Maduka added that the academy should be able to anticipate challenges and proffer appropriate solutions.
    NAN reports that NAE was incorporated as a private company limited by guarantee in September 1997, for the purpose of promoting excellence in technological and engineering training and practice to ensure technological growth and economic development of Nigeria.

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  • [Image: Ortom1.jpg]

    The Benue State government has denied planning to hire a negotiator to mediate between the state government and armed Fulani militia.

    The governor was reacting to a letter written by one Chief John Apochi, who claimed the governor was planning to invite Mrs. Aisha Alkali Walkil, otherwise known as Mama Boko Haram peace ambassador and chief negotiator, over herders/farmers clashes in the state.

    Reacting, however, the governor called on the general public to ignore the report as there was no iota of truth in it.

    Tahav Agerzua, Special Adviser, Media and ICT to the governor in a statement said the claim was false and mischievous.

    He said, “The Governor has not received such a letter the contents of which are obvious mischief and diversion from a serious challenge confronting the people of the state. The claims made in the so-called letter are as baseless as they are outlandish.

    “There is no basis whatsoever for Governor Samuel Ortom to hire any negotiator or mediator to tackle the current security challenges in the state as he was already providing support to the conventional Federal security agencies whose duty it is to protect lives and property to end the crisis.

    “The claim that the Governor brought in Mrs Aisha Wakil, alias Mama Boko Haram, to Benue State for purposes of mediation is also false and mischievous.

    “Mrs. Wakil visited the state recently in company of the national leadership of the Boys Scouts and Governor Ortom’s interaction with her did not go beyond that public occasion. Besides, the current security challenges in the state have been aggravated by sponsors of Fulani armed herdsmen militia who have openly vowed to resist the validly enacted Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law 2017.

    “These sponsors who include the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria and the Fulani Nationality Movement have openly stated that their agenda is to annihilate the current occupants of the Benue Valley and take over their land.

    “The Governor and other leaders of the state have called for the arrest and prosecution of the leaders of these groups for the atrocities being committed in the state by the herdsmen militia. Criminal prosecution has also been initiated to effect the arrests.

    “The position of several groups that Alhaji Aliyu Tershaku’s arrest and prosecution with members of the Livestock Guards for murder of two Catholic priests and worshippers is an attempt to change the true narrative and blame the victims instead of the aggressors suffices.

    “Otherwise Alhaji Tershaku’s has been known to the security agencies who brought him to head the Civilian Joint Task Force in Nasarawa and Benue State in 2013.

    “When President Muhammadu Buhari visited Benue State on March 12, 2018 he made a public presentation and stated his links with the current Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris and National Security Adviser, Ali Mungonu.

    “Attempts to demonize him are therefore part of a grand strategy to change the true narrative of the Benue crisis and also divert attention from the issues at stake just like the obviously sponsored reports of Governor Ortom’s plans to hire a mediator.

    “The protection of lives and property of citizens rests squarely with the Federal Government which has coercive powers and control of security agencies and it has the support of Governor Ortom and the Benue State Government.”


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  • [Image: Dino-Melaye3.jpg]

    The Presidency on Thursday responded to a statement credited to Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West, lambasting President Muhammadu Buhari over the 2018 budget controversy.

    DAILY POST reports that Melaye had urged President Buhari to stop playing to the gallery over the 2018 budget.

    The lawmaker was quoted saying, “I noticed that PMB is trying to whip up sentiments against the National Assembly again by alleging that the 2018 budget was padded.

    “What the President is authorised to do constitutionally is to present the National Assembly with a bill. A bill is a work in progress and not the finished work.

    “The National Assembly is not just expected to rubber stamp whatever bill the President presents. If this was the norm then there would have been no need for the Constitution to direct that the Bill be submitted to the N/A in the first place.”

    Reacting, Buhari’s aide, Lauretta Onochie on her Twitter page said Dino Melaye should not tarnish the image of the NASS further.

    “A National Assembly with Sen Melaye who is standing trial for criminal offences and who commutes between a Court and the House of Senate, does not need more help to further smear it,” Onochie tweeted.


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  • [Image: Professor-Richard-Akindele.jpg]

    The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has urged the management of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the prosecution of dismissed lecturer, Professor Richard Akindele involved in sexual harassment.

    Babatunde Irukera, the Director-General of CPC, made the appeal in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Abuja.

    DAILY POST reports that the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife sacked Professor Richard Akindele for allegedly demanding sex from Monica Osagie to upgrade her mark.

    Irukera, speaking on the university’s decision, said that this would serve as a deterrent to the pervasive pattern of behaviour on many campuses.

    “In addition, and as a further deterrent, OAU and other learning institutions should commit to eradicating sexual harassment by establishing or institutionalising effective redress mechanisms.

    “This should include secure whistle-blowing opportunities for such cases, to protect both students and faculty,” Irukera said.

    The director-general also reiterated the need to address sexual harassment in institutions.

    This, he said, would provide safe and liberal environments for students and ensure that the relationship between faculty and students.

    “Both the approach of OAU and the outcome of its investigation convey the institution’s intolerance for despicable behaviour.

    “The action would inspire confidence that going forward, such allegations would be thoroughly investigated, and when established, penalised to the full extent of the law.

    “This exemplary response by OAU sets the standard and sends the appropriate message to other institutions, that learning and scholastic communities must be devoid of unacceptable behaviour, and that when such occurs, it will not be without consequence,” he added.


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  • [Image: opec.jpg]

    Nigeria may be ensnared in another budget deficit as members of the Organization Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) head for a crucial meeting to decide on output policy, which could crash the price of oil.With pressure mounting from consumers like United States and China, as well as move by Saudi Arabia and Russia for OPEC to increase supply in the market, there are concerns that such decisions could crash the price of oil, which has stabilized from as low as $27 a barrel in 2016 to $75 a barrel yesterday.
    Unless OPEC maintains its output policy and calm is sustained in the Niger Delta to keep oil output intact, Chairman/CEO of International Energy Services (IES) Ltd, Dr. Diran Fawibe projects a fall in price or production that could affect implementation of the 2018 budget signed by President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday.With an oil price benchmark of $51, crude oil production of 2.3 million barrels per day and exchange rate of N305/$1 approved for the budget, growing tension from militants in the Niger Delta as the country moves closer to election and other uncertainties at the international market could increase budget deficit, Fawibe told The Guardian yesterday.

    Fawibe said: “If OPEC increases its production by 1.5million barrels per day, there will be a slump in the price, especially now that we are going to winter.”He urged the federal government to proactively address the situation in the oil-producing region to enable the country to boost production, which stood around 2.25 million b/d earlier this year.

    President/Chairman of Council, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, who is Dean, College of Postgraduate Studies, Caleb University, Prof. Segun Ajibola expressed concern over Nigeria’s inability to determine global realities, adding that outcome of market decision could frustrate implementation of the budget, considering that oil revenue remained the country’s basic income.The re-balance in the oil sector had aided Nigeria to exit economic shortfall and boosted reserves but Ajibola was worried about the country’s continuous dependence on a single source of revenue.

    “We cannot control international market realities. Our economy is still tied to a product and if you look at the improvement in the economic indices, the oil and gas industry was the basic factor.“As long our politics on oil continues, we will still find ourselves in this unstable state of mind because what is happening out there is beyond our control and whatever OPEC will decide is beyond our control. If the shale oil in the US is to be pumped into the market, the price will fall and implementation of our budget becomes difficult,” Ajibola said

    President of Nigerian Association for Energy Economics (NAEE), Prof Wumi Iledare urged the federal government to take necessary steps in boosting the country’s capacity to produce more.Iledare, who noted Nigeria’s current level of production would not favour the country for higher quota, said OPEC understands the oil market dynamics. “Now they monitor market dynamics, especially inventory level in the US and China. Consecutive increase in inventory is not good for a stable market price so also is a sudden fall in inventory due to higher oil price. The tool OPEC use is its spare capacity to balance the market. Nigeria under this scenario must build capacity to participate easily when OPEC expands its production,” he said.

    Vice President, Macro Oils, at Wood Mackenzie, Ann-Louise Hittle said the producers must contend with differing production expectations for Iran and Venezuela, and consider external pressure for action from the US, adding that, “for Iran, the exact impact of the newly restored US secondary sanctions remains unknown. Venezuela’s production outlook remains uncertain, and recent outages in Libya may also weigh on decision-makers’ minds.Wood Mackenzie think-thank said OPEC could increase output by a more dramatic 1 million b/d, adding a further 0.3 million b/d from Russia to bring the total gain closer to 1.5 million b/d.

    “Saudi Arabia could do this with Russia to weaken oil prices significantly – leading to a reduction in gasoline prices in the US, and providing support to President Trump. Such a decision, if implemented, would have a large impact on the supply-and-demand fundamentals by creating implied stock builds averaging 0.9 million b/d in H2 2018, and 1.8 million b/d in 2019,” the group said in email on Wednesday.

    The organisation added that OPEC could however maintain its goal of stable oil prices and continue the current production cut agreement looking at situation, which sees a 380,000 b/d decline in supply from Venezuela, January to December 2018, and Iran’s output slipping to 3.4 million b/d by the end of this year, OPEC could.“In our base case outlook, the losses from Venezuela and Iran are somewhat offset by continued growth in the US. This view leads to a small-implied stock draw in Q3 2018, followed by an inventory build in Q4 2018 which is expected to weaken prices heading into 2019 when we see an oversupply for the year,” Hittle said.


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  • [Image: stanbic.jpg]

    Shareholders of Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc have approved the bank’s total dividend, culminating to per share due to every investor of the bank for the 2017 financial year. The shareholders also lauded the bank for the improved performance recorded during the year under review and adherence to corporate governance principles.Specifically, the President of Pragmatic Shareholders Association of Nigeria, Mrs Bisi Bakare commended the management for the impressive performance and efficient running of the company, amid harsh economic environment.

    She, however urged the bank to ensure consistency in divided policy to increase shareholders’ value on investment.Reviewing its performance at the bank’s 2017 yearly general meeting held in Lagos recently, the Chairman of the bank, Basil Omiyi explained that the bank recorded 36 percent rise in gross earnings to N212.4 billion from N156.4 billion achieved in the corresponding period in 2016.

    Similarly, the bank’s PAT stood at N48.4 billion, representing a growth of 70 per cent over N28.5 billion recorded in 2016, while profit before tax grew by 64 percent from N37.2 billion to N61.2 billion recorded during the period under review.

    According to him, total assets increased to N1.386.4 trillion last year, a 32 percent boost compared to the N1.053.5 trillion recorded in December 2016.He said  the growth in the balance sheet size was driven mainly by customer deposits, which recorded a growth of 34 percent to N753.6 billion in 2017 from N561.0 billion in 2016.Gross loans and advances also rose by eight percent to N403.9 billion, compared to N375.3 billion recorded in December 2016.

    The group’s total capital adequacy ratio of the bank closed at 23.5 percent, which is significantly higher than the 10 percent minimum regulatory requirement while liquidity ratio during the year further improved to 115.4 percent at the end of the year.

    Omiyi added that the bank’s liquidity ratio also increased to 102.3 percent (2016: 59.1 per cent). This is above the regulatory minimum requirement of 30 percent and indicates the Group’s sound position to continue meeting its liquidity obligations in a timely manner.The Chief Executive of the bank, Yinka Sanni, said  the improved performance was evidence of the positive outcome of the group’s strategy of growing the client base across target and key market segments while maintaining a principled credit process.

    “The Group reported its best profitability results since inception. We achieved a 70 per cent growth in profit after tax amid healthy capital and liquidity levels. Our balance sheet grew by 32 per cent to N1.39 trillion and this was funded mainly by customer deposit growth of 34 per cent,” Sanni stated.He noted that the various business divisions achieved strong operating results as well as retained market leadership across the various businesses such as global markets, investment banking, pension, stockbroking, asset management, and custodial services, with several accolades received during the year.

    “Furthermore, Fitch retained our AAA national ratings, which reaffirms our strong fundamentals, stability, credit worthiness and low relative risk in the Nigerian financial markets,” he added.Going forward, Sanni said the group remains optimistic that it will sustain the improved financial performance in 2018 and beyond.

    “While we are encouraged by the impressive results, we remain focused on improving risk asset quality, managing our cost base, maintaining our capital strength and increasing our returns to shareholders. We are positive that the Group will benefit from a more stable macroeconomic environment to drive growth in lending and other business activities.”


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  • [Image: INEC-Mahmud-Yakubu-690x450.jpeg]

    The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has revealed that more than 300 non-Nigerians have been apprehended for attempting to register for Permanent Voters Card, PVC.

    Speaking at an election stakeholders’ summit in Abuja, INEC chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, also disclosed that Nigerian Immigration Service has been deployed to arrest any foreigner who tried to register.

    He also revealed that the commission was working on a draft policy on diaspora voting, even as he said the commission was collaborating with security agencies and formulating administrative procedures to check the incident of vote buying at polling centres.

    He also noted that 138 political associations had applied for registration as political parties ahead of the 2109 general elections.

    He said: “As at June 8, 2018, we have received requests from 138 associations to register as political parties to join the already 68 registered political parties. So, we may have more than the 68 registered political parties before the 2019 general elections.”

    He, however, expressed worries that registering more political parties could have effect on the size of ballot paper, the ballot box and also have implications on the speed of processing the election outcome.

    On when the ballot papers could be ready, he said: “I am looking at November when we will have the sample of the ballot paper and by that time we would also have known the number of political parties contesting in each constituency.”

    He said that currently, there were 1,146 registration centres nationwide.

    On when the voters’ cards would be ready, he said: “We have been processing the cards and we will make sure that citizens collect their PVCs before the 2019 general elections.

    “Vote buying is a big problem and we have been working with the EFCC and the police on this. We have to look at the administration of voting process by ensuring increased secrecy at the voting point.”


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  • [Image: Fani-Kayode-insists-NWC-sabotaged-Jonath...proofs.jpg]

    Femi Fani-Kayode, former Aviation Minister, has reacted to claims by the Presidency that opposition figures were responsible for the crisis between farmers and herdsmen.

    President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina had yesterday attributed the widespread killings across the country to Buhari’s opponents.

    Speaking on Arise Television, Adesina alleged that the president’s enemies resorted to killings to discredit his scorecard on security.

    Reacting to Adesina’s declaration, Fani-Kayode, insisted that the President’s spokesperson has lost his mind.

    In a tweet, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, chieftain stressed that “Villa curse” and “Buhari spell” has beclouded his judgment.

    He tweeted, “Opposition are the ones sponsoring killings in the country – Femi Adesina

    “I am finally convinced that my friend and brother Femi Adesina has lost his mind. The Villa curse has affected his thinking and the Buhari spell has beclouded his judgment. He needs help. Pray for him!”


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  • [Image: IMG_2021.jpg]

    Three months into his wedding to Fatima Dangote, Jamil Abubakar has been called out by a lady who claims she gave birth to his baby.

    Irene Chiamaka Nwachukwu, aka Goddess_Irene on Instagram, revealed details of their alleged affair on Thursday, a development that has sent the social media buzzing.

    The lady said she has engaged a lawyer to represent her, insisting that Jamil must own up to his responsibility.

    She alleged that Jamil offered her N40,000 per month to take care of the baby or to accept a N5million pay off and relocate with the baby.

    In the texts she posted, Goodess_Irene also alleged that she was eight months pregnant when Jamil and Fatima had their wedding.

    Fatima is the daughter of billionaire businessman and Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote while Jamil is the pilot son of former Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Dikko Abubakar.

    In March, a pre-wedding dinner was held in Kano state to officially mark the commencement of the traditional rites.

    The event was attended by friends, well-wishers and family members of Dangote and the Abubakar’s families.

    The nuptial ceremony climaxed in Lagos at the Eko Hotel and Suites on Saturday, March 24. Among those in attendance were billionaire Bill Gates.

    [Image: IMG_2008.jpg]
    [Image: IMG_2011.jpg]
    [Image: IMG_2013.jpg]
    [Image: IMG_2012.jpg]
    [Image: IMG_2009.jpg]


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  • [Image: Mercy-aigbe-new3.jpg]

    Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, has finally apologized to colleague, Mercy Aigbe following their public ‘fight’ on Instagram.

    Toyin had sometime ago accused Mercy of being the reason for her crashed marriage with her ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

    This was after Mercy Aigbe sent a congratulatory message to Adeniyi Johnson’s fiancée.

    However, Toyin, on Thursday took to her Instagram page, publicly apologizing to Mercy.

    She described her accusation as one of her moment of ‘mess up’

    ”I am a product of grace. Even in my deepest moments of “mess-up” and deepest hole of hell, God found me and gave me a second chance and aligned my path with grace.

    “Do I mess up sometimes? Yes. Like the Mercy Aigbe’s blip, it was an error in judgment on my part. I was wrong and way out of line. I’ve since reached out to Mercy and we have sorted our differences.

    “Today, we still had cause to communicate. I am truly sorry, It is time to focus on the goal and move on to something better than the past and the present”. Toying Abraham wrote.


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  • [Image: Gernot-Rohr.jpg]

    Head coach of the Super Eagles, Gernot Rohr, has promised fans that they won’t lose to Iceland in their crucial Group D clash on Friday.

    Following their 1-0 defeat to Croatia in their first fixture, Nigeria must beat the Scandinavian country, to avoid early exit from the 2018 World Cup.

    Rohr, speaking to reporters before training on Thursday, however assured that his team will have the upper hand.

    “We won’t lose to Iceland. I’m not even thinking about what will happen if we lose because we won’t lose the game.

    “I will prefer if you ask me this question after the game,” Rohr said. The game kicks off 4pm Nigerian time.


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  • [Image: Messi-Modric-June2018.jpg]

    Argentina are on the verge of exiting the 2018 World Cup at the group stage, after they were thrashed 3-0 by Croatia on Thursday evening.

    Jorge Sampaoli’s team came into the game needing to win, after a disappointing 1-1 draw with Iceland in their opening Group D clash.

    However, they failed to score in the opening 45 minutes, which ended 0-0.

    But it was the Croats who dominated after the break, with disciplined defending and swift counter-attacking.

    Willy Caballero gifted Ante Rebic with the opener, before Luka Modric lashed in the second from just outside the box.

    Ivan Rakitic sealed the win with a tap in. Croatia now have six points from two matches, while Argentina are still on one point.


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  • The Akwa Ibom state secretariat has been submerged by flood after heavy rains descended, crippling activities.[Image: Nkanga2.jpg]flood took over the area

    It has been reported that major activities have been affected in the Idongesit Nkanga area of Akwa Ibom state after heavy flood, Thursday took over the Secretariat.
    Local reports show that the flooding which disrupted workers activities, came immediately after the heavy rainfall of Thursday morning in Uyo, the capital city of Akwa Ibom state.
    Those affected mostly by the flood disaster include: workers of the Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB as well as Ministry of Finance who struggled to gain access to their respective offices.
    Commercial drivers were also victims as the water submerged a lot vehicles including tricyclists.
    See more photos below:

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  • People have been left perplexed after a great white monster shark measuring around 9 feet was discovered dead on a beach. 

    [Image: whiteshark0.JPG]

    The Great White Shark
    A dead great white shark was found washed ashore on an Aptos beach Sunday morning, according to
    A US Seascape Beach Resort staff say the shark was found on the beach near the resort around 7 a.m. Sunday. Marine biologist Giancarlo Thomae said the shark was 8 feet 9 inches long, weighed 500 pounds, and was 5 years old.
    The shark had numerous recent puncture wounds and scars from feeding on sea lions, and had sea lion fur in its jaws.

    State Parks Rangers transported the carcass to the Hidden Beach ramp where UCSC researchers and Thomae transported the shark to Long Marine Lab where a necropsy will be performed early next week.
    Thomae said that it is unlikely the sea lions killed the shark, but "we won't know the cause of death until the results of the necropsy are released."
    Thomae also said that there have been strains of bacteria that effect brain functions of sharks, and many shark deaths have been blamed on 'carnobacterium infections' in previous years. These bacteria are nearly harmless to humans.
    See more photos: 

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  • A police inspector has been killed as members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria engaged themselves in a fight with police officers.[Image: Nigeria-Police.jpg]File photo

    According to a report by Premium Times, the police in Kaduna State on Thursday said an officer was killed following a clash between the police and suspected members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria.
    Members of the sect were protesting the arraignment of their leader, Ibrahim El-zakzaky, who was taken to court on Thursday after years in detention.The police responded by shutting down many highways in the city.
    Mr El-zakzaky’s arraignment was however stalled by the absence of the trial judge in court.
    The victim, a police inspector, was said to have died while being taken to Barau Dikko Hospital, Kaduna after sustaining injuries in the clash‎.
    An eye witness who simply identified himself as Sani said the officer was attacked along Ibrahim Taiwo Road, by Ahmadu Bello Way in the state capital.
    He told Premium Times that people in the area shut down t‎heir shops and offices and fled from the clash.
    “We have all closed our office and gone back home after a policeman was attacked and killed closed to our‎ office,” Mr Sani said.
    Police spokesperson, Muktar Aliyu, confirmed to Premium Times that the officer was stoned and stabbed to death.
    ” Yes, a police officer was killed by Shiites protesters today (Thursday). He was stabbed and stoned to death.

    ” He died on his way to Barau Dikko hospital and was confirmed dead at the hospital,” he said.
    He said the police arrested about 11 Shiite members on Thursday.
    “Some of those arrested were among those that killed the policeman,” he said.
    According to him, the arrested persons will be charged to court.
    The Shittes were protesting the trial of their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky in Kaduna. Mr El-Zakzaky has been in detention since December 2015 since over 300 of his followers were killed by soldiers. The army accused the Shiites of blocking a major road being used by the army chief, Tukur Buratai.
    Leaders of the IMN could not be reached for comment on Thursday’s incident.
    Premium Times also learnt that the police will issue a press release on the situation later.

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  • Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye, has just delighted his wife as he acquires a brand new range rover for the woman.[Image: peter.JPG]
    The car gift

    Peter Okoye, a famous Nigerian singer, is known for his romantic gestures towards his beautiful wife, Lola Omotayo-Okoye. 
    The father of 2, who now goes by the stage name, Mr P, has often expressed his love for his woman and kids whom he shows off on Instagram every now and then.

    The Ebeano crooner, today stunned his wife with a new gift he acquired for her. In a fresh post he made on Instagram, Mr P revealed that he had gotten a brand new Range Rover for the woman and asked her to hurry home to receive it.
    He wrote: "I told you every day is Valentine’s Day with you so here's today's gift. 

    "Guys, help me Tag and tell my Wife to hurry home (if Lagos traffic will allow her) to unwrap this gift"

    [Image: peter2.JPG]

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  • The story has been told of a blind Nigerian teacher who has authored as many as 15 publications including a Mathematics textbook and a novel.[Image: belonwu.jpg]Mr Ofochebe Tochukwu


    Blessing Belonwu, a Nigerian OAP who works with Momemts FM in Anambra, has shared story of Mr Ofochebe Tochukwu, a blind teacher at a secondary school in the State.
    According to her, the blind man has authored as many as 150 publications, including a novel and mathematics text book.
    Ms Belonwu revealed that she met the teacher at the Google Digital marketing sponsored by the Anambra State Ministry of Education. 

    Read her posts below: 
    "Meet Ofochebe Tochukwu(Mr.) , a blind teacher from Adazi-Ani in Anaocha L.G.A. of Anambra state who teaches at Urban Girls Secondary school, Ekwulobia, Aguata l.g.a. Anambra state.

    He is a renowned author of about 15 publications including a mathematics textbook and a novel titled 'Voice of Reasoning'.

    He has been blind for over 20 years, though according to him, he had residual sight before he started teaching. As a matter of fact, he teaches Mathematics, Physics and sometimes Chemistry.

    When asked how he relates with his students, he answered that he has grown to adopt the situation and his students can relate with him well in the class room.

    I met him at the Google Digital marketing skills for Africa sponsored by the Anambra state ministry of education and I was inspired.

    He doesn't have his sight, yet, he has been able to do all these. What of you and me? We have complete hands, complete legs and sound sight, therefore , We can do better!


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  • An officer of the Nigerian Police has been spotted this afternoon fighting a bike rider over an alleged N200 bribe in the city of Lagos.[Image: fight-in-lagos-1.jpg]Scene of the incident

    The dramatic moment a commercial motorcyclist, also known as Okada, was engaging himself in a fight with an official of the Nigerian Police Force in the commercial city of Lagos, has been captured on camera.
    The incident which was recorded by a local resident, reportedly happened earlier today in the Isolo area of Lagos as eyewitnesses say the fight was as a result of the bike-man's refusal to pay N200 bribe.


    The identity of the Okada rider or the Policeman who engaged in the fight, were not ascertained by TORI News as at the time of filing this report.
    Watch the video clip below courtesy of @Instablog9ja;[/size][/size]

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  • A Nigerian man has left people in shock after he set a man ablaze for refusing to stay away from his girlfriend. 

    [Image: man-on-fire.jpg]

    A man on fire (File photo)
    A 45 year-old man identified as Baba Mohammed has set his rival ablaze in Niger state for refusing to leave his lover.
    According to The Nation, Mohammed who is from Edo Baba village in Lavun Local Government Area of the state is currently cooling his heels in police custody after setting ablaze Usman Tetengi, who he accused made advances to the  woman he wants to marry.
    The suspect had warned the victim to stop seeing the woman he had proposed to marry, but the victim did not heed to his warning.

    Mohammed confessed that he resorted to the crime because all pleading have proved to no avail declaring that he did not regret his action.
    “I am not regretting my action because if I did not kill him at that particular time, he would have killed me, so let him go in his next world he will not join issues with me again.

    “I am not married, I do not care where this case will get to, the most important thing was that I have closed his chapter and stopped him from troubling my life.
    "There are other women in our community but he choose to be making advances to the woman I have proposed to marry. No, he has paid dearly to it, it suits him well.”
    The Command Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Abubakar explained that the suspect sent a boy,  Abdul to buy three litres of fuel which he used in setting the victim ablaze.
    Abubakar said that the victim was rushed to Federal Medical Centre FMC Bida and was  later referred to  Gwagwalada hospital, Abuja where he was receiving treatment until death adding that the matter would be charged to court on conclusion of investigation.

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  • The special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, has spoken out on the sponsors of widespread killings across Nigeria. 

     [Image: demi-adesina-1.jpg]
    While speaking in an interview on Arise TV on Wednesday, Femi Adesina, special adviser to the president on media and publicity, accused the opposition of sponsoring the widespread killings in the country.
    The presidential spokesman disclosed that the president’s enemies resorted to the “bestial act” to discredit his scorecard on security, adding that the killings were being instigated to weaken the incumbent government.
    Adesina said security agencies were investigating those behind the killings, adding that they will be dealt with once they are identified.
    He said; “You have the true herders and farmers who are clashing and you have hidden hostile hands who have crept in under that umbrella to play what the president has described as irresponsible politics.
    “This farmers/herders’ clash has been going on for a long time. When I say long time, I mean far long before this administration.
    “Like the president said, the issue is even older than anybody living today. What you have today are being sponsored because they know security is one of the strongest points of the administration.
    “The president said so in a national broadcast. He also said the security agencies are investigating and has warned that once they are identified, they will be dealt with.
    “The intention of the opposition in any democracy is to weaken the incumbent as much as possible and the opposition in Nigeria has identified security as one of the strong points of the Buhari administration. So they decided to go to that area finding the soft under belly and stick a knife into it.”

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  • Peoples Democratic Party chieftain, Femi Fani-Kayode has taken to his social media page to remember missing IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu. 

    [Image: Nnamdi-kanu-gone.jpg]

    Nnamdi Kanu
    Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu who went missing many months ago after soldiers invaded his house has been remembered by his friend, Femi Fani-Kayode.
    Femi Fani-Kayode took to his social media page to write a touching note for Kanu whose whereabouts is unknown till today.
    FFK wrote: 

    "To my friend and brother, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Lion of the East: wherever you are I want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with and for you and yours.

    Your support base remains intact and are yearning for your triumphant return. Whatever happens you have made your mark and you will live forever in the hearts and minds of all true progressives and lovers of freedom.

    The deep understanding and bond of friendship and trust that we formed whilst together at Kuje prison shall never be broken.

    I am as proud of you today as I was then. Your strength and resolve was courageous and your inspiring words, "unto death we shall stand and face it like men", resonate in my body, spirit and soul till today.

    Be strong brother and always remember this: whatever the future holds you have made your mark and you have been vindicated by recent events. History and posterity shall be kind to you.

    How I wish we had more great warrriors and men of courage like you. Your dream shall never die. Like Achilles, Hector, Joshua, David, Jehu, Gideon and brave Horatio of the gate, you faced down giants and challenged the powers that be.

    A truly strong and valient man: you are the first amongst equals."

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  • Gallant men of the Department of State Services have successfully arrested two commanders of a terrorist group in the country. 

    [Image: DSS-1.jpg]

    The Department of State Services (DSS) said it has arrested two Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) commanders in Kukuntu village, Gwgwalada, Abuja.
    The suspects are: Bashiru Adams and Rufai Sajo.
    A statement issued by an operative of the service, Mr Tony Opuiyo, on Thursday in Abuja, said the suspects were arrested on May 5, after special operations on identified targets.
    He said that in a related operation on April 28, the service also arrested one Umar Dogo, a suspected member of ISWA at Muda Lawal market in Bauchi.
    Opuiyo said the suspects were discovered to have concluded plans to perpetuate the ideals of the group in the area, and in collaboration with Boko Haram, carry out heinous violent attacks on innocent persons.
    The operative also said that following intelligence reports, two experts in Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Adamu Hassan, aka Bale and Abubakar Abubakar aka Alhaji or Buba, were arrested.
    He said that two other members of Boko Haram,  Mohammed Saleh, aka Azrak and Iliyasu Abubakar,  aka Ruwa, were also arrested on April 12 and 19 at at Gassol and Ardo Local Government Areas  of Taraba.
    Opuiyo said in furtherance of the service`s operation, two members of the dreaded Basalube kidnap group, Usman, aka Siddi and Ibrahim Muhammed, aka Ganaja, were arrested on June 17 at Karu village in Abuja.
    He said that during one of the operations, one of the group`s notorious members, Tambaya Umar was arrested on April 24 at Odigie village, Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo.
    Opuiyo said that Umar was arrested alongside Ibrahim Ali,  Abubakar Mohammed, Aliyu Manu and Umar Mohammed for their complicity in the group’s numerous criminal acts.
    He said that on March 27 the service also arrested five members of a kidnap syndicate at Calabar.
    The suspects are: Simeon Paul, Emmanuel Etim, Eric Out, Famous  Oleke and Felix  Eshet.
    He said that items recovered from them include: one AK-47 Rifle, three empty AK-47 Magazines, 38 rounds of live ammunition, two live rounds of 9mm ammunition, one  Mossberg pump action rifle and 15 live cartridges of ammunition.
    Opuiyo added that between May 9 and 29, several associates of the dreaded kidnapper, Terwase Akwasa, aka, Ghana were also arrested at various locations in Benue.
    He said that the during the operation, three suspects, Ada  James, Tikaa Desmond and Joseph Ikpa were arrested with a Toyota Venza Sport Utility Vehicle.
    He said that in another operation in Katibu village, Lau local government area of Taraba, a joint team of the service, military and police encountered 100 armed herdsmen, adding that “during the confrontation, 10 herdsmen were killed and several others escaped with bullet wounds.”
    He said that items recovered from them include: two AK-47 Rifles, one G3 rifle, three Dane guns, two cutlasses, and four motorcycles.
    The operative said that the service also arrested suspects in connection with kidnapping and cultism across Nasarawa, Edo, Delta, Osun, Lagos, Kogi  and Ondo states.
    Opuiyo said that with the arrests, calm would  return to the otherwise volatile areas where the criminals had held sway.
    “ The Service is therefore poised to consolidate on these successes and bring about an atmosphere in which law abiding citizens will pursue their legitimate businesses,“he said.
    He called on members of the public who have useful security information not to hesitate to volunteer same to the appropriate security agencies and formations. 

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  • [Image: Value-Added-Tax.jpg]

    Citing inconsistencies in the country’s tax rate and lifestyles of many Nigerians, the Federal Government has reiterated its stance on prosecuting defaulters at the end of the extended deadline for the Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) on June 30.

    According to The Executive Secretary, Joint Tax Board, Oseni Elamah, the extended ultimatum was in a bid to increase tax compliance of Nigerians.

    Elamah during a tax compliance clinic/sensitization for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) on understanding the requirements and benefits of tax compliance, in Lagos, said despite the nation having some of the most profitable and well capitalized companies and individuals, the tax remittance rate is still low.

    He noted that Nigeria’s low tax is inconsistent with the lifestyles and spending habits of a large number of citizens.

    According to him, Nigeria’s tax to GDP ratio at 6 per cent is one of the lowest in the world compared to India’s of 16 per cent, Ghana of 15.9 per cent and South Africa of 27 per cent, pointing out that most developed nation have tax to GDP ratios of between 32 per cent and 35 per cent.

    He added that VAIDS would provide an opportunity to increase general tax awareness and compliance among the general public, saying that to profit from the scheme, taxpayers will be required to fully and honestly declare previously undisclosed assets and income.

    “Many are engaged in transfer of assets overseas, use of offshore companies in tax havens and registration of assets in nominee names,” he said.

    He stated that VAIDS is being implemented to ensure an increase in tax compliance as only 1 out of 5 economically active Nigerians currently pay tax.

    He pointed out that the VAIDS is a project by the federal government of Nigeria aimed at providing opportunity for corporate bodies and individuals to regularize their tax status relating to previous tax periods, stressing that under the scheme, tax payers are given the opportunity to benefit from total waiver of outstanding and overdue interests and penalties.

    “They also stand to benefit from the assurance that they will not face criminal prosecution for tax offences or be subjected to further tax investigations”, he added.

    He said the benefits of VAIDS to the Nigerian economy include reduced cost of doing business, attraction of foreign investments, growth of non-oil sector and adequate canvas for economic growth and development.

    Earlier, the President and Chairman of council of the Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME), Segun Agboade, said Lagos and Edo States are the two focal States for the project, saying that all hands must be on deck to meet up the deadline of VAIDS.

    He urged participants and MSME beneficiaries to take advantage of the sensitization programme.


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  • [Image: Dangote-Cement.jpg]

    For increasing investors’ value on investment through dividend payout and adherence to corporate governance principles, shareholders of Dangote cement Plc, yesterday commended the company’s board for its 2017 performance, as they approve a dividend of N10.50 per 50 kobo share for the 2017 financial year.
    This dividend represents 90 per cent of net profit and 23.5 per cent rise when compared to N8.50 kobo per share declared in the previous year.

    The shareholders, who spoke at the company’s 2017 yearly general meeting in held in Lagos Wednesday, also commended the management for the performance and efficient running of the company, amid harsh economic environment.

    Specifically, the President of the Progressive Shareholders Association, Boniface Okezie expressed satisfaction with the state of affairs in the company especially for abiding by strict corporate governance principles and sustaining its profitability.

    He however urged the board to do everything within its powers to give bonus to shareholders in the next financial year.

    Another shareholders’ association leader Dr. Umar Farouk, urged the regulators to adequately compensate the management of the Dangote Cement with an award as it has consistently kept faith with its shareholders.

    He expressed optimism on the pan-African plants, especially now that the plants are contributing significantly to the turnover of the company.

    “It is a statement of fact that we are lucky to be shareholders of this great company.

    If you see what our subsidiaries across Africa are contributing to the turnover, then you will understand what I am talking about.

    I am very happy and our members are upbeat for the future, knowing that it will only get better.”

    The Chairman, Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, while addressing shareholders said the company made investment worth N85.6 billion during the period under review including the new facility opened in the Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone.

    He explained that the total production capacity of the new facilities stood at 2.0 Mta, adding that it has increased the firm’s total capacity to 45.6Mta.

    Furthermore, he said the facility has increased its visibility across sub-Saharan Africa from eight countries of operation to ten.

    According to him, the company recorded 31 per cent increase in revenue to N805.6 billion while EBITDA rose by 50.9 per cent to N388.1 billion.

    Dangote however attributed the 31 per cent increase in the company’s revenue of N805.6 billion to its pan-African operations’ growth which also recorded a significant increase in revenue from N195 billion to N258.4 billion in 2017.

    He said: “Pan African operations increased volumes by 8.4 per cent, with Ethiopia, Senegal, Cameroon and South Africa all performing strongly and close to their operating capacity”.


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  • [Image: Okorocha.jpg]

    Chief Tobby Anumaka, Patron Okpoko Igbo, a pan Igbo socio-cultural organisation and a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has given reasons President Muhammadu Buhari is not on the side of the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha in the crisis rocking the ruling party in the state.

    He said Buhari had on two occasions told the governor to go and put his house in order when he (Okorocha) ran to him (Buhari) seeking soft landing.

    Anumaka, a chieftain of the APC in Imo pointed out that Buhari had abandoned the governor despite his contribution to his victory in 2015 as he (Okorocha) was trying to turn the state into a private enterprise.

    The politician who spoke with Daily Sun, said “During the second and recent visit to the President in the Presidential Villa by Okorocha accompanied by the former Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole, where he went to plead with Buhari for soft-landing for Okorocha, the President advised him to go and put his house in order.

    “Yes, President Buhari and APC stakeholders in Imo acknowledged the effort of the governor in the success of the party in the state, but that should not be a guarantee for Okorocha to turn the ruling party in the state into a private enterprise. This is exactly what he is trying to do and we say no and this is the cause of the problem in Imo APC.

    “I know that President Buhari will never support personalisation of the party in state, which is the reason he advised Okorocha to accommodate other stakeholders because a tree does not make a forest even if it is an Iroko tree.”

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