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  • A Nigerian man has revealed why he took the decision to fake his own suicide on social media.[Image: oth.jpeg]
    The Nigerian man faked his death
    A Nigerian man called senseless by Facebook users after he faked his own death has finally reacted.
    The man by name, ItzElderzne announced he was taking his life yesterday in several posts.
    Moments later, one of his friends posted a photo of what appeared to be his dead body.
    As people mourned him, he then updated his Facebook page, revealing it was just a prank to give a message to those contemplating suicide and tell them it is a selfish thing to do.
    However, Nigerians called him all manner of names for pranking them with something as serious as death.[Image: oth1.jpeg]
    [Image: oth3.jpeg]

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  • Some protesting LUTH resident doctors have stormed the streets, issuing an ultimatum to the hospital management.[Image: LUTH-doctors.jpeg]
    The protesting doctors
    Residents doctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, on Wednesday protested against the management of the hospital to press home their demands, Punch Metro reports.
    The doctors on Wednesday during their protest carried placards round the hospital.
    The President, Association of Resident Doctors, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Dr. Kayode Makinde, said it was painful that some of the resident doctors in the hospital have not been paid for five months.

    “How do you explain to your family and loved ones that as a doctor, who works in LUTH, who provide care to the sick and the vulnerable that your life can be cut short even in the line of duty due to inadequate security. Isn’t this a basic requirement to function?
    “How does one explain a situation where a house officer, the most vulnerable of the doctors are being owed salaries, some up to five months?”
    Makinde also lamented the shortage of medical doctors of all cadres, saying that the last time LUTH recruited doctors was in 2016.
    He added that when the association tried to discuss their grievances with the management, the management allegedly took to spying and other covert surveillance moves, and issuing queries based on the outcomes of such activities.
    Makinde said the union, on Wednesday, began a two-day warning strike after which they will take a decision if their demands were still unmet.
    Reacting, the Chief Medical Director, Prof Chris Bode, who spoke through the Chairman, Medical Adversary Committee, Prof Olufemi Fasanmade, said the union members decided to go on strike because some of its members got queries from the management.
    He said, “The doctors that were issued queries based on their conduct have responded, but the ARD want the management to withdraw the queries and apologise, which is not possible. They have decided to lump up other issues, but I can tell you that the reason for their agitation was because of the queries issued to some of its members.”
    Fasanmade said it was false that the management was spying on the WhatsApp platform of the union.
    He also said that the allegation that some of the members were owed up to five months salaries was false.
    Fasanmade said the rule of ‘no work, no pay’ will be enforced on the doctors for the period they were on strike as they had no basis to embark on the strike.
    See photos below:[Image: LUTH-doctors1.jpeg][Image: Luth-doctors2.jpeg]

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  • A useful information has been released to help victims of internet frauds on how to recover their stolen money.[Image: Hackers-hit-U_S_-and-Russian-banks.jpg]
    A Nigerian man has revealed how victims of fraud by internet fraudsters can recover their stolen money with the help of banks involved.
    According to the man, identified as ‏‏The Morris Monye Factor, banks now have a fraud desk where such complaints are laid as mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
    He wrote 3 steps to getting ones money back after being scammed.
    1. You can get your money back from online fraudsters (If you can follow through).
    CBN has now mandated all banks to open a fraud desk to handle cases.
    The bank will investigate, prosecute and reverse such dubious transactions even though the scammer has withdrawn the money.
    2. Say you use UBA and you paid money into your instagram seller’s(scammer) Zenith account, you can simply send a mail to
    Make sure you copy the CBN at (This puts the banks on their toes).
    3. The banks should block such a suspicious account IMMEDIATELY a complaint is received via the fraud desk.
    They can receive customer’s STOP-TRANSACTION complaints to block their own account.
    He also advised that people can visit CBN’s website for more details on how the proceed use works.

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  • The group said they are proud of Saraki who they described as an illustrious son in the North as he didn't turn his back on the people who voted him into power.[Image: Sark.JPG]

    Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Bukola Saraki
    The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has cautioned “a certain South West political leader” to leave Bukola Saraki, outgoing Senate President, alone.
    Although the AYCF did not mention any name, POLITICS TIMES gathered the group’s warning was issued to Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).
    The youths who are of the opinion that the recent investigation of the top lawmaker’s financial earning, during his days as Kwara State governor, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is politically motivated, accused the former Lagos governor of instigating the probe.
    Yerima Shettima, president of the group in a statement noted that “much as the AYCF supports the war against corruption, we will resist any subtle attempt to hide behind politics to intimidate our sons in positions of authority.”
    Mr Shettima who accused Tinubu of diverting key positions and developmental projects to the South West, warned him not to approach the North seeking their support for his alleged presidential ambition in 2023.
    “There is no way after cornering all the juicy Federal Government appointments and skewing development projects in favour of the South West anyone will dare approach the North with the issue of seeking for Presidency in 2023. That will be totally unacceptable,” he said.
    The group vowed to use all legitimate avenues for resisting the “manipulations of one man whose primary goal in life is the 2023 Presidency and we’re assuring him that even that is no longer possible and a waste of his resources, because the country belongs to all of us”.
    The group said they are proud of Saraki who they described as an illustrious son in the North as he didn’t turn his back on the people who voted him into power.

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  • A family has told the story of how their late father's dead body stayed in a mortuary for as many as 15 years.[Image: Late-Pa-Odinukaeze.jpg]

    Forty-eight-year-old Jerry Ajenre has been working as a mortician at St. Felix Hospital and Embalmment Centre, Mgbidi, in Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State for the past 13 years.
    Having joined the services of the organisation in 2006, Ajenre was saddled with the burden of looking after the remains of Pa Felix Ngobiladi Odinukaeze, whose body was deposited in the morgue two years before he joined the services of the hospital.
    And for those 13 years of his service, Ajenre kept looking after Pa Odinukaeze’s remains to ensure that it remained in good shape pending when his family decides to give him a final resting place.
    But the wish of Ajenre for an early disposition of the corpse appeared to be a mirage because of squabble in the family of Pa Odinukaeze which prevented them from allowing their father to rest in peace and his remains being in the morgue for 15 years. 
    Incredible as the story might sound, each member of the family justifying why they could not bury their father’s remains 15 years after his death. Born into the family of Odinukaeze in Umumbaneto of in Isi-Mgbidi Autonomous Community in Oru West Local Government Area of Imo State, late Pa Odinukaeze made a mark in the civil service where he retired as a staff of the Nigerian Postal Service.
    Having retired, Pa Odinuakaeze retreated to his village where he died on March 24, 2004, at the age of 83. If he had wished to have a decent burial as a successful family, having married three wives with scores of children, that wish was to become a mirage as that has become a subject of controversy for 15 years until a court action instituted by the Dr. Felix Iwudibia, owner of St.
    Felix Hospital and Embalmment Centre, forced them to finally put his remains to rest on April 29, 2019, probably making him the “oldest living corpse” in living memory.
    According to the stories weaved together by his children, trouble started in the family when their breadwinner died without writing a will. Leonard, one of the children of Pa Odinukaeze’s second wife said when their father died, he informed the first son from the first wife, Emeka, who instructed him to deposit the body in the mortuary pending when the burial arrangements would be finalised.
    He said, “It was a very unfortunate situation. My father married three wives and when he died the first son, Emeka, made it difficult for us to give him a decent burial. We called Emeka and on his instruction, deposited our father’s body in the mortuary and handed the tally [evidence that a corpse was deposited and must be produced whenever it will be removed]. He left [to overseas] with the tally and when we asked him when our father will be buried, he said that we should not worry him; that he is the first son and will decide ultimately when our father will be buried. Our father was then putting up a storey building that had reached lintel level. Emeka made us to understand that our father’s wish was to be buried inside that building. He asked us to exercise patience so that he could complete the project and bury our father there, according to his wishes. We relaxed, waiting for him.”[Image: Late-Pa-Odinukaeze%E2%80%99s-second-wife.jpg]
    Leonard pointed out that after years without hearding from Emeka and most of them had travelled overseas in search of greener pastures.
    “After I returned, we put pressure on Emeka to announce the burial date of our father. Emissaries upon emissaries from the extended family and the women to Emeka proved abortive. He told them that as the first son, he has the prerogative to bury his father as he wished.
    “The ding-dong continued until 2017 when the owner of the mortuary took us to court, asking us to come and remove our father’s corpse for burial and gave us a bill of N2.2 million. Emeka then replied that it was no business of his how to settle the mortuary fees because he was not the one that deposited their father’s remains in the mortuary,” Leonard explained.
    According to him, his siblings from the same mother pleaded with Dr. Felix that now that the matter has become a matter of adjudication and he had denied that he was not the one that deposited the body in the mortuary, he should allow them to take the remains for burial and negotiated a reduction of the mortuary expenses and was cut to N1.4 million.
    But, Leonard said even after the amount was paid, Emeka was still evasive and another of his elder brother determined to put the whole controversy to rest called the youth and elders of the village to give their dad a resting place.
    He said Emeka was absent because the youths were determined to deal with him for creating the controversy and allowing the issue to linger for 15 years. Leonard’s story was corroborated by his youngest sister, Ogoo, who said that their father died when she was very young. Now married with kids, Ogoo said that she never envisaged that her father’s remains would be in the mortuary for this long.
    According to her, their father had a lot of properties both in their community and beyond. After many efforts, Daily Trust on Sunday was able to locate Emeka. He initially refused to comment as he said the matter was in court and would not want to be charged for contempt, but thereafter opened up on the matter.
    According to him, the ultimate wish of his father in his twilight years was for his remains not to be deposited in the mortuary, but to be buried immediately and inside the building he was putting up.
    Emeka said: “When my father died and I was informed, my decision was to bury him immediately according to his wishes, but my brothers without informing me deposited his remains in the mortuary. This is my grouse.
    “As the first son, the onus was on me to carry out his wishes or on the contrary, my opinion should have been sought on what to do with his remains. I had expected that even without my presence, my father’s last wish would have been carried out and every expenses incurred defrayed by me, but my brothers went ahead to do otherwise.”
    Despite the man’s burial, Emeka said that he still intends to pursue the legal case to its conclusion. He accused some members of the family of colluding with the owners of the mortuary, claiming that it was not Dr. Iwudibia that instituted the suit against him, but was used as proxy by his brothers. Ajenre, the mortician, was not happy the way the whole thing. As a member of the Odinukaeze, Ajenre said that the whole community became a laughing stock.
    “Each time there was a gathering or burial ceremony, some people would ask you when are you going to bury our patriarch. But I still preserved his remains and when Leonard finally came to remove the remains, he could not believe that his father’s remains could still be recognizable.”
    On why it took him such a long time before he acted, Dr. Iwudibia, said he waited so long to allow the family to settle their issues, adding, but when they were not forthcoming, I had to go to court to persuade them to do the needful.”
    Pa Odinukaeze may have finally rested in peace, but the controversy generated by his demise will be a source of discourse for many years to come. 
    Source: Daily Trust

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  • man who spent as much as 45 years in prison for a crime he never committed, has been paid a whopping $1.5m in compensation.[Image: phills.jpg]

    A 73-year-old Michigan man who served 45 years in jail for murder after a miscarriage of justice has won $1.5 million in state compensation. 
    Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel confirmed the award to Richard Phillips, who was the longest-serving US inmate on his release last year.
    Mr Phillips spoke exclusively to DailyMailTV in April 2018 following his release. 
    'We have an obligation to provide compassionate compensation to these men for the harm they suffered,' Mr Nessel said in a statement.
    Mr Phillips, a father of two who worked as a clerk typist for Crysler, was convicted in 1972, along with co-defendant Richard Palombo, for the 1971 murder of Gregory Harris.
    But he was freed on March 28, 2018, after spending 45 years in prison.
    The Innocence Clinic at University of Michigan law school learned that a co-defendant in 2010 told the parole board that Phillips had absolutely no role. 
    'The attorney general's office made a decision to pay him every penny he's currently owed,' said Phillips' attorney, Gabi Silver.
    'I am very happy with how things have turned out,'[Image: phills1.jpg]
    Exonerated convicts can claim up to $50,000 for every year they are wrongfully imprisoned. 
    On that basis, Mr Phillips would appear to qualify for $2.25 million, but authorities subtracted 15 years for an armed robbery sentence that he was already serving when he was convicted of the murder. 
    The freed man has been living on $500-a-month welfare payments plus $89 in food stamps.
    He has been selling the watercolour artworks he painted in his cell to supplement that meagre income. 
    In his first sit-down interview as a free man, Mr Phillips told DailyMailTV in April 2018 how he celebrated his release by going to a casino and 'pigging out' on the restaurant buffet.
    'We don't get a lot of hot food in prison,' he expalined. 'I went to the casino, I won $35 dollars and pigged out on the buffet.'

    'In prison most of the food we have is served cold so to get a hot meal is a real treat.' 
    'I missed out on a lot while I was locked up for 45 years for a crime I did not commit,' Mr Phillips said. 
    'I hadn't seen my kids and my mother died. Looking back on it, I don't know how I made it in prison,' added.

    'I got up every day while in prison going through the motions, just trying to survive. I finally had to leave it God's hands and my prayers were answered.'
    Source: Daily Mail UK

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  • This is a really interesting story about the woman said to be the most notorious serial killer in America's history.[Image: aileen2.jpg]
    Aileen Wuonos 
    Aileen Wuornos better known as ‘The Highway Hooker’ or ‘The Damsel of Death’ was a notorious serial killer convicted and sentenced to death for murdering her victims who were all men between 1989 and 1990.
    She killed her victims by posing as a stranded motorist on north central Florida highways.
    Wuornos who committed the heinous acts in Florida shot her victims at point-blank range claiming that those she killed were people who had wronged (raped) her in the past even though she later recanted.
    Wuornos had a really troubled past. Born on February 29, 1956, at the tender age 11, she began selling her body in exchange for cigarettes, drugs, and food.
    She fell pregnant at 13 after being raped by her grandfather’s friend. At 15, she delved into prostitution, selling her body to survive and living in the woods after he grandfather threw her out of his house.
    As a disturbed woman, Wuornos engaged in car theft, robberies, prostitution and illegal use of firearm. She was angry with many people and decided to get her revenge (so it seems). Within a period of twelve months, Wuornos killed six men, even though the seventh man’s body was never found and she was not charged for it.
    Tyria Moore, Wuornos’ girlfriend she met at a biker bar before they started a relationship convinced her to confess. Moore worked as a hotel maid when she and Wuornos started a relationship and became a couple. As at the time of her death, Wuornos said she was still in love with Moore.
    Wuornos and Moore were arrested following the murder of Peter Siems, a 65-year-old ex-merchant seaman who devoted his life to a Christian outreach ministry.
    Witnesses helped police identify the two after Moore and Wuornos were spotted abandoning his car. Wuornos’ palm print was found on the interior door handle.
    They never told police where the body was and it was never found.
    Tyria Moore was spared of prosecution. Moore knew about the killings. She elicited confession from Wuornos in exchange for immunity from prosecution.
    She did this by making numerous phone calls to Wuornos under police guidance. She pleaded with Wuornos to confess to the police and help clear her name. After three days of pleading, Wuornos confessed to the murders.
    A member of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department, Sgt. Bob Kelley who investigated the murder of Wuornos’ first victim, Richard Mallory described the method used by Wuornos saying she shot, robbed and dumped the bodies of her victims [to rot.]
    With the help of her girlfriend’s testimony, Wuornos was convicted of Richard Mallory’s murder.
    Even though psychiatrists testified that Wuornos was mentally unsound and had earlier been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder, she was however given a death sentence.
    Moreso, Wuornos was handed four more death sentences after pleading guilty to murdering her other victims – Charles Humphreys, Troy Burress, David Spears and Charles Carskaddon. According to her, the reason for her confession was because she wanted to “get right with God”.
    She was also accused of murdering, Walter Jeno Antonio.
    A statement she made in court read in part: “I wanted to confess to you that Richard Mallory did violently rape me as I’ve told you; but these others did not. [They] only began to start to.” 
    Wuornos left chilling last words in her petition to the Florida Supreme Court in 2001. She notified them of her intention to dismiss her legal counsel and terminate all pending appeals.
    In a 2001 petition to the Florida Supreme Court, she stated her intention to dismiss her legal counsel and terminate all pending appeals.
    “I killed those men, robbed them as cold as ice. And I’d do it again, too. There’s no chance in keeping me alive or anything, because I’d kill again. I have hate crawling through my system. I am so sick of hearing this ‘she’s crazy’ stuff. I’ve been evaluated so many times. I’m competent, sane, and I’m trying to telto tell the truth. I’m one who seriously hates human life and would kill again.” she said.
    In her final words before her execution, Wuornos said: “I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the Rock and I’ll be back like ‘Independence Day’ with Jesus, June 6, like the movie, big mother ship and all. I’ll be back.” 
    Her death came on the 9th of October, 2002 after she was executed by lethal injection.
    In 2003, the film, ‘Monster’ won actress Charlize Theron an Academy Award for Best Actress. She starred as Wuornos, telling the story of a disturbed Wuornos.
    Culled from:

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  • Also, it's been recorded that 13.6 million people watched the telecast on HBO, making it single telecast in HBO history.[Image: GOT.JPG]
    The last episode of the HBO show, “Game of Thrones” broke records with 19.3 million views.
    According to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the final episode of the show got the highest views with millions of viewers tunning in despite mixed reactions from fans.
    Recall that the previous record holder was the Season four premiere of ‘The Sopranos’ in 2002, which drew 13.4 million.
    Across HBO, HBO Go, and HBO NOW, the conclusion of the show made a megahit of 19.3 million viewers, across HBO, HBO GO, and HBO NOW.
    Also, it’s been recorded that 13.6 million people watched the telecast on HBO, making it single telecast in HBO history.
    ‘Game of Thrones’ also overtook the Bill Hader-led comedy “Barry,” 2.7 million viewers across HBO’s platforms from the season finale.
    Though the final season of the HBO show titled, “A Song of Ice and Fire” was criticized by fans, the show continued to have a record-breaking viewership.
    One of the complaints about the eighth and final season by fans was its pacing and its treatment of previous character developments.
    While the first six seasons of the show contained 10 episodes, season seven had only seven episodes and eight had six.
    In addition, over 800, 000 fans have signed a petition to show their discontent, calling for a remake of season eight and also that plotlines may have been developed further given more time.

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  • Two students of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology have died while on their way to school.[Image: laut.JPG]
    The victims
    It has been reported that two students of LAUTECH have died in a car crash which killed occurred this morning in Oyo state.
    Dr. Sleem and Young Prof, both 400 level students of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Lautech, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, were reportedly driving to school when they were involved in a fatal accident.
    According to LAUTECH Portal, six students were in the Toyota Camry when it collided with a truck along the Old Ilorin Road, Aroje, during a heavy downpour this morning.
    Two of the students died, the other four are currently battling for their lives.
    Below are photos from the accident scene:[Image: laut1.JPG][Image: laut2.JPG]

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  • [Image: drunk%20naval.JPG]
    An apparently drunk Nigerian naval officer in uniform has been caught on video misbehaving in public.
    The short video, being circulated on some WhatsApp platforms, shows the officer sitting down on a bare floor and resting his back on a plastic sit, while a female’s voice is heard talking angrily at him.
    The officer kept gazing into the camera lens and intermittently making some inaudible sounds. He appeared helpless in the video.
    PREMIUM TIMES could not ascertain when and where the video was taken, and the circumstances surrounding it.
    But, going by the comment made by the voice in the video, the incident may have happened in Warri, Delta State.
    “Mohammed, what’s your problem?” the woman’s voice is heard in the video, shouting at the drunk naval officer.
    The woman claimed she is the owner of the shop where the drunk officer is stuck.
    “I am the owner of the store, why are you sleeping in my store? You piss (urinate) in my store.

    “And you are in uniform. A Navy officer like you. You drink, you mess yourself up, you piss inside my store, and you are sleeping on the floor. You are supposed to be on duty,” she kept shouting.
    The woman said the man’s conduct was unbecoming of a military officer. She threatened to ensure the officer is sacked from the Nigerian navy.
    “I will tell the federal government to pull your uniform today.

    “You are sacked. The federal government will fire you.”
    The officer, severely debilitated, could not hold on any longer; he crashed on the floor, exposing the stains on the backside of his navy blue trousers.
    That seemed to have angered the woman the more.

    “You are a disgrace to (the) federal government. You are a disgrace to your family.”
    The woman in the video suddenly changed the focus of her comment, as if she was now addressing those who may be viewing the drama in the video.
    “You see, this is a naval officer. These are the people Nigeria is giving work to, and there are other people that needed the work, but they did not see the work.

    “This is a disgrace to the federal government.

    “Shame to Nigeria.

    “Shame to you Mohammed M.I, a navy officer, Warri Command.”
    When contacted on Tuesday, Suleman Jahun, the Nigerian navy spokesperson, simply told PREMIUM TIMES that the incident was being investigated by the navy.
    But a source in the defence headquarters, Abuja, who disclosed to this paper the naval authorities’ angst over the embarrassing video, said the drunk officer would be tried soon and punished in accordance with the service rules to serve as a deterrence to other officers.

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  • It is the end of the road for some notorious kidnappers who abducted the 80-year-old mother of Governor Masari.[Image: sus1.jpg]
    The suspects
    The Katsina State Police Command said on Monday that it has so far arrested no fewer than 70 suspected kidnappers from April to date across the state.
    The state Commissioner of Police, Mr Sanusi Buba disclosed this during a press briefing in Katsina on the achievements recorded by Operation Puff Adder in the state.
    He said that the police also recovered 43 AK 47 rifles, two Light Assault Rifles, 19 Dane guns, two pump action rifles and two pistols during the period under review.
    Others were five motor vehicles, 44 motorcycles, 200 cartridges, 25 liters of Jerry cans loaded with fuel, five bags of food items and over 1,500 ammunitions, among others.
    The commissioner further said that the police had succeeded in arresting the kidnappers of the Gov Aminu Masari’s 80-year-old mother-in-law, Hajiya Hauwa Yusuf.
    He said that those arrested were Abdullahi Sani, 23, Abubakar Dani, 25, Rabe Hamza, 30, Marwana Gide, 25, and Abdulhakim Bishir, 22.
    The governor’s mother-in-law was kidnapped on the eve of the governorship and state assembly elections in Match 9, 2019. She regained her freedom after payment of about N30 million ransom to the kidnappers.

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  • Former aides of Nigeria's communications minister, Adebayo Shittu have dragged the man to court for owing them salaries.[Image: adebayo%20shittu.jpg]

    Two former aides of Adebayo Shittu on Tuesday dragged the Communications minister before the National Industrial Court (NIC) in Abuja for allegedly owing them N21.5 million in salaries and allowances.
    The plaintiffs are the former Personal Assistant to the minister, Razaq Olubodun, and Special Assistant on Media, Victor Oluwadamilare.
    In their separate suits filed by their counsel, Adewale Lawal, the two prayed the court to order the minister to pay them the claim.
    Mr Olubodun, in his suit numbered NICN/Abj/132/2019, is seeking to recover N9.8 million from Mr Shittu, being his salaries and allowances for 24 months. He said the federal government paid the money to the minister alongside his salaries.
    PREMIUM TIMES gathered that more than seven aides of the Minister have resigned due to issues bordering on nonpayment of salaries and allowances.
    Mr Olubodun had also resigned over the salaries issue.
    Mr Oluwadamilare in his suit, NICN/Abj/133/2019, is claiming N11.7million, being his alleged outstanding salaries and allowances for 28 months.
    He had also resigned over the dispute.
    The two former aides are seeking a declaration of the court that the non-payment of full salaries and allowances for those periods was wrongful, illegal and unconstitutional.
    They urged the court to order the minister to pay them according to the Federal Government directive for payment of aides to the Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    The claimants are asking for an order on the defendant to pay N50million to each of them and to also pay them their full taxed costs of the prosecution of the suits.
    They averred that by their letters of appointments as PA and SA respectively, they were informed that their monthly emolument would be in line with the existing practice for paying PA and SA to Hon. Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    Though the claimants noted that the above-stated fact was indicated in the ‘paragraph 3′ of their letters of appointments dated 23rd Nov. 2015, the defendant “tried to make the salaries and allowances of PA and SA to Hon. Minister to look like his own personal affairs. The defendant tried to indicate this by an Internal Memo, seven months after the claimants’ appointments”.
    While Mr Olubodun claimed to have received just N1m all through his period of service from the Minister, Mr Oluwadamilare said he was paid thrice to the tune of N2.3million in his 28 months of service under the Minister.
    The claimants said a circular from the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) dated July 27, 1999, indicated in paragraph 1a that the salaries of PAs and SAs to the Ministers are Grade Levels 12 and 16, step 4 respectively.
    They accused the minister of applying “intimidation, harassment, draconian and Machiavellian approach” and threats to take them to court, to ensure they are frustrated.
    The claimants said they had been subjected to sufferings, ridicule, and untold hardship as a result of the denial of their rights by the minister.
    No date has been fixed for hearing of the case in which the two claimants presented 35 and 40 statements of facts, respectively.
    Efforts to reach the minister on Tuesday were unsuccessful as he did not pick calls to his known telephone lines.

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  • A man has been humiliated and cajoled by his wife who denied him his conjugal rights over the size of his manhood.[Image: crying-man.jpg]

    File photo
    A Pastor, Samson Farounbi, has told an Idi-Ogungun Customary Court, Agodi, in Ibadan, that his wife has denied him s-x for a very long period of time now all because his manhood is very small in size.
    Farounbi disclosed this on Monday when testifying before the court on a case of divorce he instituted against Tope Farounbi.
    He had requested the court to end the 19-year-old union on the grounds of unrest of mind, threat to life and lack of respect for his family.
    Narrating his ordeals, the Pastor said his wife, who was a fruit seller, used to return home at late hours every day and would refuse to have sex with him.
    ”There was a day I challenged her why she always return late and denying me s-x.

    ”She confessed that the small size of my penis was responsible for her keeping late outside and for refusing to have sex with her.

    ”She suggested to buy local herb for the treatment of my micro penis which cost N5,000 but I priced it down to N4,000.

    ”I got myself treated with the ‘Agbo'(local herb) but she still felt reluctant to allow me have access to her body,” he narrated.
    The pastor further alleged that the defendant maltreated his mother when she was living with him and that the ill-treatment forced his aged mother to relocate to Ilesha where she died few months later.
    He told the court that Tope used to abuse every member of his family and always abused his brothers when they visited him.
    ”My lord, she is a devil; always fighting people, especially females that come to my church for prayer, accusing me of flirting with them.

    ”We have never stayed beyond two years in every house I rented since we married 19 years ago due to her stubbornness and troublesome character.

    ”The five children of our union lack home training and are always cursing me whenever I tried to correct any of the kids for doing wrong things.

    ”In fact, our first child has ran away from home now and I cannot even locate his whereabouts.

    ”I urge the court to separate us so that I can have peace of mind to do my pastoral work,”  he pleaded.
    In her defence, Tope denied all the allegations but urged the court to dissolve the marriage as requested by the plaintiff.
    She accused her husband of womanising, saying he never cared for her welfare but was in the habit of drinking alcohol.
    The President of the court, Chief Mukaila Balogun and the two court assessors, Chief Wahab Popoola and Chief Alao Ganiyu, in their unanimous decision, dissolved the marriage.
    Balogun said the court was handicapped to settle the dispute between the parties because the couple had agreed to end the marriage.
    He ordered that three kids that are males including the first born that ran away should be in the custody of the plaintiff while the remaining two daughters should remain with the defendant.
    He further directed the plaintiff to pay N8,000 monthly allowance for the upkeep of the two kids in the defendant’s custody.
    He admonished the parties to refrain from fomenting trouble or disturb public peace.

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  • Nigerian social media influencer, Hushpuppi claims he just purchased a multi million naira car.[Image: hush1.JPG]
    Flamboyant Dubai-based Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi, acquires new 2018 Mercedes Maybach S650 which is reportedly worth $198,700 (N71m).
    Hushpuppi who confirmed it in his Instagram post, wrote: "Bought myself that S650 Maybach like"
    Recall that Hushpuppi bought himself Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Wraith few months ago.
    Hushpuppi who grew up in Lagos State before moving to Malaysia and Dubai, United Arab Emirates doesn't have a known means of livelyhood.[Image: hush2.JPG]

    [Image: hush3.JPG]

    [Image: hush4.JPG]

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  • It is a sad time for the football community in Bolivia after a referee collapsed and died during a football game.[Image: refereeone.jpg]
    Referee Victor Hugo Hurtado (AP Photo/Juan Carlos Usnayo)
    A referee has died in hospital after collapsing during a match played at high altitude.
    Victor Hugo Hurtado collapsed in the 47th minute of Always Ready and Oriente Petrolero's Bolivian league game.
    The match was played at Municipal Stadium in El Alto, 3,900m (12,795ft) above sea level.
    Always Ready team doctor Eric Kosziner said the 31-year-old had a heart attack on the field and then a second, fatal attack as he arrived at the hospital.
    Social media footage showed Hurtado fall backwards to the ground before players and team doctors rushed to help him.
    Bolivia president, Evo Morales Ayma, wrote on Twitter: "We regret the passing of referee Victor Hugo Hurtado.

    "We send our condolences and solidarity to your family, friends and colleagues. Bolivian football is in mourning."
    The match, which had been goalless in the 47th minute, ended in a 5-0 victory for Always Ready.
    Culled from BBC

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  • Some of the items recovered from the suspects were exotic cars, laptops and smart phones.[Image: YYY.JPG]
    The suspected fraudsters being paraded
    The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Abuja Zonal office on Friday May 17, 2019, raided and arrested 10 suspected internet scammers at Favour Estate Land Estate, Life Camp, Abuja.
    They were arrested following a tip-off by an anonymous source.
    The suspects are: Okorokpa Clifford, Ejechi Rukeme Clarence, Omoagbere Nelson, Olamide Agbi, Prosper Williams, Zhenom Moses, Nasiru Saudi Ali, Shakajede Okiemute, Okoro Andrew and Amorighoye Laju Precious. 
    Some of the items recovered from the suspects were exotic cars, laptops and smart phones.
    They will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.

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  • Nigerian men have been urged to break up with their girlfriends if the girls fail these 20 tests.[Image: Joro-2-1.jpg]

    Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, took to social media to enlighten young men on the 20 reasons why they should break up with their girlfriend.
    Read Full Post:
    1) If she can’t use N5,000 to cook decent meals from Friday – Sunday. (A Full weekend)

    2) If she has more than 3 married men as “besto”, “fwends” or “my G”

    3) If your girlfriend demands a gift on every birthday

    4) If she borrows money from different guys without asking you

    5) If she doesn’t call your mother on Mother’s Day.

    6) If your girlfriend has been to Dubai 3 times from 2018 till date and she doesn’t have any income

    7) If you have given your girlfriend up to N500,000 / $1400 and she’s still broke or doesn’t have a business.

    8) If she is always commenting on known Yahoo boys pictures and Billionaires pictures on IG : “Yas zaddy, i tap into ur grace sir, check ur DM”

    9) If she doesn’t know what you do to make money. E.g she knows you’re a banker but doesn’t know what department you’re in

    10) If she takes Postinor 2 like M&K every month

    11) If she idolizes runs girls & copies their IG post and Snapchat. “She May be an apprentice soon”

    12) If she has cheated on you in the past 12 months

    13) If she’s a student & you can’t locate her on weekends

    14) If she has never bought you anything apart from perfume, belt & boxers on your birthday. E.g she should buy you books & inspirational dvds

    15) If she spends N40,000 on makeup every month & she’s not a makeup artist or making money from the makeup.

    16) If shes always commenting on celebrity pages saying “ Bless me”.

    17) If more than 5 night club bouncers know her name in your city

    18) If she would rather go to the cinema than mid week service

    19) If she doesn’t let you wipe or clean her up after sex.

    20) If she gets violent. Trashes your car, assaults, burns your clothes.

    *If your girlfriend is guilty of more than 5 of these and not willing to change, you should consider reentering the market*

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  • A man has taken to social media to lament after discovering that his girlfriend has been cheating with two other guys.[Image: ebereman.jpeg]
    Chidiebere shared the photo
    A Nigerian man identified as Isaiah Chidiebere has been left stunned after his girlfriend reacted in an unusual manner because he found out that she has been cheating on him.
    According to the man, he was checking her phone when he discovered that she has been cheating with two other guys.
    However, when he confronted his girlfriend, she grabbed the phone from him and smashed it on the floor, breaking it into pieces.
    He wrote:
    “Today I went through my girls phone to my amazement I discovered that she’s been cheating on me with 2 other guys! I confronted her to explain the several messages I saw on her WhatsApp, she snatched the phone from me and smashed it so hard on the wall.

    Edit: We’ve been dating for the past 2 years.”[Image: ebereman1.jpg]

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  • Mourinho was sacked by Man United in December and hasn't managed any club since then.[Image: Mou5.JPG]
    Former Chelsea striker, Chris Sutton, has claimed that former Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho was offered the chance of becoming Celtic’s new manager.
    Mourinho was sacked by Man United in December and hasn’t managed any club since then.
    The 56-year-old had reiterated his desire to return to management this summer and hinted that it would be in a league that motivates him.
    But Sutton has now disclosed that the Portuguese gaffer was presented with the opportunity of coaching the Scottish giants next season.
    “There’s going to be a lot of managers in for it (the Celtic manager’s job),” Sutton was quoted by Manchester Evening news as saying.
    “Mourinho was heavily linked and I’m led to believe that there was something in that in terms of there being an offer.

    “But why would he take the Celtic job? I just don’t get it. I don’t know the exact terms but there was an offer.”

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  • A bus driver who killed eight person in a fatal accident has been found hanging from a tree.[Image: bus%20accident.jpg]

    A bus driver has been found hanged on a tree after the bus he drove overturned and killed eight people in Welkom in Free State, South Africa, on Monday.
    Free State police said the bus was travelling to Upington from Durban when the accident occurred on Alma road. Seven people were declared dead at the scene and one died later in hospital.
    Provincial Spokesman, Brig. Motantsi Makhele, said three children and four females were among those who died in the crash.

    “People injured have been transported to various hospitals. The information we gathered from the scene is that the bus might have lost control and overturned on a circle,”  he said.
    The driver was discovered hanging on a tree 300 meters from the accident scene with a safety belt from the bus.
    Makhele said that an inquest into the 32-year-old driver’s death would be conducted.

    “He was found hanging, but we can’t conclude that he killed himself. A culpable homicide case and an inquest would tell us how he died,” he said.
    Details coming from the Health Department in the province indicate that when paramedics arrived at the scene, the driver spoke with them.

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  • Despite reports that he was granted bail, it has been revealed that Naira Marley is still in prison.[Image: Naira%20Ma.jpg]
    Naira Marley in court
    Contrary to a video circulating online which show Azeez Fashola better known as Naira Marley going into a private car and captions suggesting that he has been released, he is to be remanded in prison SaharaReporters can confirm.
    A top source in the EFCC who spoke to SaharaReporters said the video was mere propaganda by friends of the musician who are desperate to launder his image.
    At the court, SaharaReporters saw some friends of Naira Marley talking to journalists to write their story of the arraignment in favor of the musician.
    The Federal High Court sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos on Monday ordered that Nigeria singer be remanded in prison until May 30th when the hearing of his bail application will take place.
    Justice Nicholas Oweibo presided over the arraignment. 
    Naira Marley was charged to court at the behest of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on 11 count charge bordering on cybercrime, possession of counterfeit cards and conspiracy to obtain gain.
    After the 11 charges were read to him, he pleaded 'not guilty'.

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  • A lady who has been practising prostitution on a lowkey in Lagos was exposed by a man who almost went into a serious relationship with her.

    Relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a man who unknowingly met a lady who was secretly engaging in transactional s*x to augument her earnings.
    He was smart enough to contact her using another account and she consented to sleeping with him for money.
    It would be recalled that paid s*x has become a major issue in Lagos with ladies who appear decent physically engaging in the act. Some good men unluckingly fall into the hands of such ladies.
    Read the story below:[Image: olosho.JPG]

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  • Tonto Dikeh has been in the news for the wrong reasons for weeks and the ill reports have been affecting her reputation.[Image: tottt1.JPG]
    Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has laughed off those saying no man will marry her again because of her controversial nature.
    According to her, their words are merely theirs, as she finally had a son even when they once said she had no womb.
    She wrote;
    "My laughter when I hear people say "Oo no man gonno marry you again..
    BABY JESUS!!!!
    #I once heard I had no womb,BOOM came KING!!


    [Image: tottt2.JPG]

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  • Some of the president's supporters reacted by asking those who had said Buhari was ill and unfit to hold public office to seek forgiveness from God.[Image: Buhari%20hajj.JPG]

    A video of President Muhammadu Buhari jogging while performing lesser hajj in Saudi Arabia is currently trending online.

    The video shot by NTA shows the president carrying out the exercise while performing one of the rites of hajj at the Masjid Haram (the Grand Mosque) in Makkah.

    At the end of the exercise, Buhari granted an interview where he said he would continue to pray for the country.

    Some of the president’s supporters reacted by asking those who had said Buhari was ill and unfit to hold public office to seek forgiveness from God.

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  • Some men exhibit some very strange behaviours in bed and only those who have encountered them could tell the story.

    Relationship blogger and adviser, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a man who derives pleasure from perceiving the scent around his girlfriend's anus and v*gina.
    According to her, he recently developed the character and she finds it so uncomfortable. She is seeking public opinion on how to deal with the challenge.
    Read her brief story below:[Image: smell(1).jpg]

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