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  • A Nigerian therapist has ended up committing suicide after helping another depressed man escape his depression.[Image: sad-man-silhouette-on-bench.jpg]
    The story has been told of a Nigerian therapist who killed himself after he succeeded in helping another person escape his depression. 
    The story was told by Tolulope Onifade whom the therapist helped. 
    According to Tolulope, he was depressed and went to the therapist to seek help. The therapist was apparently good and successful helped him overcome his depression. However, tragedy happened just days later.
    Tolulope revealed that after his last therapy session, the therapist told him that he would be traveling abroad and may not be reachable or some time. He directed Tolulope to reach out to his assistant for any appointment. 
    However, Tolulope was shocked when he heard that the therapist had killed himself after just one week later.
    Below is how he told the story on Twitter:[Image: ace.JPG]

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  • A woman has lost her life after being lured from Facebook by two young men who reportedly killed her for money ritual.[Image: facebook-kill.jpg]
    The victim
    Two young men have been arrested for allegedly killing a woman in Aba, Abia state and trying to use her for money ritual.
    One of the suspects said to be from Ebonyi state confessed how they lured the deceased from Facebook before killing her.
    The suspect revealed that they contacted the victim through Facebook chat after promising to give her N25,000 for hook up (a word used when a man/woman chats up a woman/man on Facebook with the promise of paying him/her money in exchange for s-x).
    After falling for the trick, the lady came and was brutally murdered in cold blood after she was tied up and prevented from shouting.
    But, luck ran out on the men after they were caught with the corpse of the deceased while trying to flee with it.[Image: facebook-kill1.jpg]
    According to reports from witnesses, it is alleged that when they kill their victim, they deactivate the person’s account on Facebook to avoid being traced.
    It was also claimed that the suspects might also be involved in ritual money killing and selling of corpses/human parts to Alhajis and native doctors.
    Some of the residents were clamouring for the suspects to be lynched to death over the gruesome act.
    The suspects were later forced to carry the corpse before they were dragged away by the police.

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  • The Peoples Democratic Party's Peter Obi, who is gunning for the number two seat in the country, has spoken out on the anti-corruption fight of President Mohammadu Buhari.[Image: peter-obi-1.jpg]
    While speaking at the 3rd South East Economic Summit with the theme,  “South East Nigeria: An Investment Destination”,  PDP's vice presidential candidate, Peter Obi, on Tuesday, lampooned the anti-corruption policy of the President Buhari-led federal government, saying the country has receded in attempt to frighten and muscle the opposition with anti-graft campaign.
    According to Vanguard, the former governor of Anambra state, told the federal government that fight against corruption was not economic policy, and could boomerang when it is fought with intent to be vindictiveness.
    Peter Obi gave an instance that when peoples’ businesses that employ thousands of people and which render crucial services to the society are shut down in guise that they were established through corrupt means, the nation would lose more than the value of the looted money, if any.
    He blamed the nation’s poverty on over dependence on oil revenue to the detriment of other resources, arguing that oil has become a declining asset which many nations are dumping.
    Obi gave the example of Venezuela, which he noted has the largest deposit of oil in the world, with 23 million population but is economically a failed nation because it failed to adopt modern economic model like developed countries that run knowledge-based economy.
    He said “Nigeria in the past three years actually came down from GDP of 520 billion to a GDP of less than 400 million, and that was why I was worried when people say we are doing well… fighting corruption is not an economic policy; it’s a disaster…”
    The PDP presidential candidate said that South East and South South geopolitical zones of the country have the capacity to change Nigeria economically as they have the regions with the fastest growing cities in the country.

    “Knowledge economy is the driver of the word today. Nobody is talking about baggage (oil) economy; in our own, its’ even a diminishing asset.
    “People are now trying to build vehicles, they don’t need petroleum and we are still busy arguing everything, price of oil went up, price of oil went down; when we have talented young men that can change this place if supported, and this is what we need to look at and support them.
    “Like I always said to people, your country in 2016 had 70 something million poor people and India had 76 million poor people.
    "Within three years India pulled 102 million people out of poverty. They have no oil. Your country pulled 12 million into poverty and we became number one, they became number two. They have no oil.”

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  • After being accused of committing war crimes against humanity by the ICC, the Nigerian Army has reacted.[Image: Army.jpg]
    The Nigerian Army has reacted to allegations it committed war crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC).
    The army insisted there is no credible evidence to back such claims. It also denied the purported indictment.
    Army spokesman, Brigadier General Sani Usman, who was a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme Sunrise Daily, said that contrary to reports in some corners, army personnel in the North-East have been professional in their conduct.
    He said, “There are two things to it, one, they are accusing the army of not trying high-level Boko Haram terrorist, that is beyond the Nigerian military. Then secondly, if again the government is shielding some Nigerian military officers, again it is beyond the Nigerian military.”
    Brigadier General Usman’s comments come on the back of fresh accusations by Amnesty International that the army was, among other things, shielding senior officers who misuse power in the course of prosecuting the Boko Haram war.
    In a statement on Monday, Amnesty International called on the ICC to investigate the allegations against the army.

    But the army spokesperson believes the allegations won’t stand scrutiny.
    “The truth is that we have gone through this time and time again, but Amnesty International has been in the vanguard against the Nigerian military without credible evidence,” he said.
    Speaking on the situation of things in the northeast, Sani said the region is calm, though relatively unstable.
    Reacting to recent activities by the Boko Haram terrorists, he said,  “The military is responding adequately to all threats posed by the insurgents within the region.

    “Just last week, there was re-strategizing and injection of new commanders. So I can assure you that the situation is being normalised and becoming stable.”
    Usman added that all claims regarding officers not being properly taken care of are false. According to him; the troops are in good spirit to see the war to a victorious end.
    “Nobody is being owed any allowances, once they come they are always paid as at when due,” he said.

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  • A distraught woman has made a really stunning allegation against her husband, claiming that he sneaked into her maid's room to sleep with her.[Image: sad%20girl.jpg]File photo
    A Badagry Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday dissolved an 11-year marriage between Risikat and her husband, Muheem Quadri, over infidelity and theft, NAN reports.
    Risikat, a 41-year-old trader, told the court that apart from numerous cases of his philandering, her husband used to sneak into their maid’s room to sleep with her.
    “I am aware that my husband flirted with different women, but I was surprised the day I saw him having s*xual intercourse with our housemaid.
    “I had to send the maid away before he impregnated her.

    “Apart from this, my husband was in a relationship with a widow who lived close to our house.

    “Muheem connected our generator light to the woman’s room through a hidden conduit hole, such that each time we put on our generator, she would be supplied.

    “This woman used to pass the night with my husband, taking the advantage of proximity of his room to her own.

    “I did not know this until I packed out of his house and later discovered that the woman had packed in as his wife,” she said.
    The petitioner also alleged that Muheem used to steal her money.
    “My husband is a thief; he has the habit of stealing my money. If I put money inside my safe, he would enter my room and steal N20, 000 or more in between the bundles.
    “But if i asked him, he always confessed taking it in some occasions,” she said.
    The respondent, however, denied all the allegations and said he was a responsible man.
    The 51-year-old petroleum products seller said he did not have anything with a widow nor had any sexual intercourse with their housemaid.
    He however confirmed that he used to take the petitioner’s money whenever he was broke.
    Muheem said he was not interested in the marriage and asked the court to give Risikat the custody of their two children until they attain 18 years.
    Delivering the judgement, the court president, Mr. Sakirudeen Adekola dissolved the marriage on the ground of mutual consent.
    He said “Since both parties consented to the dissolution of their marriage, this court has no choice than to dissolve the marriage.

    “Both of you henceforth cease to be husband and wife. Each of you should go on his or her separate ways unmolested.

    “The custody of the two children of the union is hereby granted to the petitioner, as the respondent did not contend for their custody.

    “The respondent is hereby ordered to pay a sum of N20,000 on a monthly basis for the upkeep of the children in the custody of the petitioner, which must be channeled through the court.

    “Muheem shall be responsible for the school fees and medical bills of the children as obtained in government school and hospital respectively, unless otherwise mutually agreed.

    “Violation of any of the orders of this court shall be deemed contempt of court and shall be so treated with appreciate sanction.”

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  • National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, said it had arrested a 53-year-old fake soldier, Vwang David, for being in possession of 335 blocks or 218 kg of weeds suspected to be Cannabis Sativa in Niger State.

    The agency’s Commander in the state, Mrs Sylvia Egwunwoke, revealed this, yesterday, in Minna that the suspect was nabbed in Makwa, Makwa Local Government Area of the state.[Image: NDLEA-nabs----soldier----with-218kg-of-h...552535.jpg]
    NDLEA operative
    She said that the drug was concealed in a Toyota Camry car with number plates KWL 874 FH at Makwa town.

    She said that the suspect was stopped at Jebba checkpoint but refused to stop.

    “Our personnel, unknown to him were following him and was arrested where he stopped to eat at Makwa town,’’ Egwunwoke said.

    She said that the suspect would be charged to court after investigation.

    The commander appealed to the state government to provide patrol vehicles to pave way for the arrest of all those involved in illegal trades.

    “The interception of this concealment has in no small measure prevented the risk of having such a large quantity of this deadly substance in circulation in our midst,” she said.

    She said that the command had resolved to ensure that the “merchants of death’’ were chased out of the state through aggressive security measures that would stem their nefarious activities.

    In a chat with Journalists at the NDLEA Zonal Office Minna, the suspect said he never knew what was in the booth of the car as he was only sent on an errand with the vehicle.

    “I am not the owner of the car. My friend only sent me to deliver the car to his wife in Minna.

    “I did not know what was in the booth of the car. I have never seen Indian hemp in my life, this is my first time of seeing it.

    “I regret my action and it is my friend that pushed me into this trouble,“ Vwang explained.

    He said as he was being arrested, his friend, who was in another car zoomed off.


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  • Presidential candidate, Oby Ezekwesili has signed the Peace Accord amid some slight drama in Abuja.[Image: ezekwesili.jpg]
    Presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, has signed the 2019 General Elections Peace accord, Sun News reports.
    But the signing was not without a mild drama between her and the Convener of the National Peace Committee and Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev’d Dr. Matthew Hassan Kukah.
    Ezekwesili arrived at the Kukah Center, Wuse 2, Abuja, at 10:05a.m, where the committee office is domiciled.
    Present at the signing was the Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African States, Richard Young.
    The Secretary of the Secretariat, Rev. Fr. Atthah Bakindo, read out the terms of the agreement to Ezekwesili which included running issue-based campaigns at national, state and local government levels and a pledge to refrain from campaigns that will involve religious incitement, ethnic or tribal profiling both by the candidates and all agents acting in their name.
    Ezekwesili wanted to make a speech before signing the agreement, but Fr. Kukah objected.
    Kukah insisted on keeping to the format of the accord so that different treatments would not be given to different candidates.
    But Ezekwesili asked to know if it was the same procedure that was followed by President Muhammadu Buhari, on Tuesday, during the signing, adding that she wanted to ensure that all candidates were treated equally.
    Speaking after the signing, Ezekwesili called on President Buhari to sign the 2018 Electoral Amendment Bill without delay.
    She said the President could not rush to sign the peace accord, but refused to sign the Electoral Amendment Bill 2018.
    “The first thing that the President needs to do in order to build trust amongst all candidates is to sign the Electoral Amendment Bill 2018 into an Act.

    “Because he has not done that, I find it very strange that he quickly was at the event yesterday (Tuesday) to sign the peace accord.

    “It is contradictory. He needs to be exemplary in all the things that he does. He cannot confuse the system by taking one measure that mills out another measure. That is not the way to go,” Ezekwesili said.
    On why she did not sign the agreement, on Tuesday, Ezekwesili said there was no communication to her and could not have been at an event where she had no communication.
    Speaking earlier, Kukah apologised for the inability of some candidates to sign the agreement, on Tuesday.
    Kukah, however, said the National Peace Committee had at its disposal, documentary evidence of invitation extended to candidates.
    “Our doors are open and we are really very sorry for whatever may have happened, but we have documentary evidence that we did send out our communication to the offices of all the 91 political parties and we have evidence that our correspondence s were received,” Kukah said.

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  • [Image: weapons-got.jpg]
    The dangerous weapons
    Troops of 1 Division Nigerian Army deployed for Operation WHIRL PUNCH arrested three notorious gun runners; Aminu Umar, Shehu Samaila and Bilyaminu Abdullahi aged 32, 25 and 22 years respectively on Tuesday 11 December 2018. They were apprehended during a Stop and Search operation at Rijau in Niger State.
    The troops recovered 44 fabricated locally made single barrel rifles and 351 cartridges being conveyed in a Toyota Corolla with Registration Number ZUR 28DX Kebbi.

    Preliminary investigation revealed that the gun runners were heading to Bena in Danko/Wasagu Local Government Area of Kebbi State which shares boundary with Zamfara State.This arrest is similar to that of Mr Rabi’u Akilu who was found in possession of 36 rifles and 343 rounds of ammunition neatly concealed in another Toyota Corolla heading to Zamfara State in November 2018.
    Further interrogation is ongoing while motorists are requested to continue to share credible information with the Nigerian Army and other security agencies. It is important to add that troops of 1 Division conducting Operation WHIRL PUNCH will remain resolutely committed to combating all forms of criminality in our Area of Operation.

    You are please requested to disseminate this information through your reputable media house.
    Grateful for your kind cooperation.
    Colonel Muhammad Dole
    Deputy Director
    Army Public Relations
    1 Division Nigerian Army
    12th December 2018

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  • A Nigerian woman living in Switzerland has been sentenced to jail and will be deported over s*x trafficking.[Image: swiss1.jpg]
    Prostitution is a regulated trade in Switzerland, but trafficking, forcing people into prostitution and most forms of pimping are illegal
    A court has sentenced a Nigerian woman to three years in jail and deportation from Switzerland for trafficking several Nigerian women and enslaving them as s*x workers using juju magic threats. 
    On Thursday, the Lausanne Correctional Court found the 36-year-old Nigerian woman guilty of human trafficking, money laundering and violating Swiss foreigners’ law.
    She was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay fine of CHF1,800 ($1,812). The court ruled she should be deported from Switzerland after completing her sentence and banned from returning for a period of eight years. 
    The woman was a s*x worker herself and was known to clients as Christina. She was found guilty of recruiting four girls aged 16 to 18 from the same village in Nigeria with the help of her brother. The girls were lured with promises of studying opportunities and cleaning jobs. 
    However, before they left for Europe, they were kidnapped and held at her brother’s house and forced to undergo a threatening ritual “juju” ceremony. The voodoo practice involves casting a spell on Nigerian women who are headed north with the goal of frightening them to settle their debts. 
    The defendant, who has worked as a prostitute between Bern and Biel since 2012, was staying illegally in Switzerland. She paid for the women to be sent from Nigeria to the Italian city of Milan with the help of Nigerian intermediaries.
    The four recruits crossed the Mediterranean on a boat with 150 other people. Christina then took them by train from Milan to Lausanne in 2016. The women were forced to work as prostitutes and hand over their earnings to reimburse the cost of their journey to Switzerland from Nigeria. 
    One of the victims told the court that Christina had asked her to repay CHF35,000 and threatened her that the “juju” would be invoked against her if she fled or contacted the police. 
    "She and her brothers told me that if I didn’t do what they said they would kill me with the juju,” the Nigerian victim, now aged 20, told the court on Tuesday. 
    The defendant denied the charges. She said the thousands of francs sent back to Nigeria and used to build a house for her brother was money she had earned herself as a prostitute.
    Prostitution is a regulated trade in Switzerland, but trafficking, forcing people into prostitution and most forms of pimping are illegal. S*x trafficking cases rarely come to court in Switzerland.
    Source: SWI Swiss Info

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  • [Image: AEC9584D-4569-4F7F-BED4-10157784B6F5.jpeg]

    The United States Consulate in Nigeria, has responded to allegations contained in ‘My Transition Hours’, a book written by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

    Jonathan claimed that former American President, Barack Obama, meddled in the 2015 Presidential elections in favour of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

    The former president even claimed that Obama released a video shortly before the election, asking Nigerians to “open a new chapter”.

    However, in a live chat on Facebook, the Public Affairs Officer at the US Consulate General Lagos, Russell Brooks, described Jonathan’s claims as a “mischaracterisation”.

    Brooks said, “It was mischaracterised in the book about what President Obama or his administration did in Nigeria. The mischaracterisation here refers to not comprehending why we felt it was important for Nigeria to have a peaceful, free and fair election in 2015.

    “And thereby people may not understand why we placed so much importance of having a peaceful, free and fair and transparent election in 2019.

    “In the past, Nigeria’s elections had been beset by violence, there have been questions about the fairness of those elections. And we certainly believe that Nigeria can do better. In 2015, Nigeria did do better.

    “There may have been some difficulties as they often times occur in elections whether here in Nigeria or in the United States. But Nigeria did do better and we believe Nigeria will continue to make progress.”


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  • [Image: BD4BFEC9-AF53-4B3D-A7A0-9049DC64E8DB-768x432.jpeg]

    Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo has claimed that Nigeria is now the food basket of the world.

    Speaking at the Nigerian-German Investment Dialogue in Berlin, Germany, Osinbajo said Nigeria is a leading investment destination for potential and serious investors.

    According to him, “He said consumer spending in Africa was $1.4 trillion by 2015, with Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa accounting for more than half of that total,” Osinbajo said.

    “There is also increasing economic opportunities in Nigeria because of deliberate actions by our government to diversify the economy and improve the business environment.

    “It is encouraging that there are significant economic ties between Nigeria and Germany. Germany is a significant exporter to Nigeria, which is its second largest trading partner in Africa.

    “Recent reports show that German investment in Nigeria contributes as much as $1 billion in turnover annually. This is good, but we must agree that there is scope for even deeper collaboration given that Nigeria’s GDP is close to $500bn.”

    “Today we produce locally 10 million metric tonnes of paddy rice annually. And we are importing only two percent of our rice consumption now,” Osinbajo said.

    “Investments in milling capacity has risen astronomically since then, with one investor putting a million tonnes of milling capacity into the market.

    “Carlos Farms, a Mexican fruit and vegetable investor, had initially planned to grow bananas and pineapples for export; until he discovered that he was making more money selling his bananas locally at $3 dollars a kilogramme, for what he would have been paid only a dollar per kg in Europe.

    “With a substantial percentage of the world’s arable land and over half of that uncultivated, it is becoming clearer that the world will be looking to Africa, and Nigeria in particular, as its food basket.

    “Just to take China’s demand alone, China has 27% of the world’s population, but only 7% of the world’s arable land for agriculture. China needs 2 million tonnes of hybrid Soya beans per annum for livestock feed and vegetable oil. But we have not met that demand.”

    “We are also diversifying within oil, while adding that Nigeria is already exporting urea since it is producing more than enough for its domestic needs and in the very near future.

    “In the service sector, about 1.8 million international travellers spend two nights on average at Nigeria’s estimated 10,000 hotel rooms yearly.

    “This generated about US$210 million in revenue for the industry in 2017, which barely reflects on Nigeria’s US$500 billion GDP size.

    “Nigeria’s hotel industry alone is projected to grow by double digits by 2020, as the sector bounces back post-recession to one of the fastest growing in the world, and the possibilities for investors is significant.”


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  • A senior police officer has explained that having s*x inside a car in pubic place is not a crime in Nigeria.[Image: shiguble.JPG]
    Mr Abayomi Shogunle, the Head of the Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit of the Nigeria Police Force, has explained that having s*x in a car in a public place is not a crime in Nigeria.
    There has been a growing debate on social media in recent times on whether or not the act of having s*x inside one's car is a crime or not in Nigeria following the embarrassing treatment meted out to a couple caught romping in a car.
    However, Shogunle has cleared the air in the matter. 
    Shogunle made the statement when a Twitter user asked him "please is it a crime to have sex in your car?"
    The police officer was emphatic in his response. He wrote " NO.
    S*x in a car in a public place is not a crime in Nigeria provided;
    1. Location is not a place of worship
    2. Parties are 18 yrs+
    3. The act is consensual (agreed to by parties)
    4. Parties are of opposite s*x
    If threatened with an arrest over above, pls contact @PoliceNG_PCRRU."

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  • A Lagos-based lady who safely had a one night stand with a stranger has recounted her romantic experience which she terms as paradise.

    [Image: s_48674.jpg]

    Relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a girl who slept with a man she met at the club last night. After seeing his wealth, she claims to be in love with him.
    Read her story below:[Image: heaven%20romance.JPG]

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  • The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has reacted to his absence at the signing of a peace accord for 2019 presidential candidates.[Image: Atiku-Abubakar1.jpg]

    TORI News had earlier reported that the PDP Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, was missing at the International Conference Centre, the venue of the peace pact signing in Abuja, which was organised by the National Peace Committee, and led by a former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar.
    According to PREMIUM TIMES, Atiku Abubakar, while reacting on why he didn't attend the event on Tuesday, said that he did not receive any invitation to take part at the signing of the peace accord for 2019 presidential candidates.
    “I can confirm that Mr Abubakar did not receive any formal invitation to the signing of the peace pact,” Paul Ibe, a spokesperson for the former vice-president, said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.
    President Muhammadu Buhari, had earlier arrived at the event shortly after 3:00 p.m., and he signed the agreement, while some other presidential candidates like Kingsley Moghalu, Omoyele Sowore and Oby Ezekwesili were absent.
    Meanwhile, Popular Catholic Bishop, Matthew Kukah, who is one of the the proponents of the accord, confirmed that the committee “absolutely” sent invitation Atiku Abubakar, who is the main challenger to President Buhari at the general elections coming up in February.

    Source: tori News

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  • A man has shocked people with his dastardly act after he was found out to have attacked and killed his own girlfriend.[Image: dead-hand%20(1).jpg]
    Vanguard reports that serious tragedy struck in Obe community of Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State as a man known as Okonkwo Chibuzor killed his lover with a wooden frame. 
    It was gathered that the incident happened on 9th December 2018 when the suspect hit his lover Nkemakonam Chinweuba Onovo with a wooden frame on her head which left her unconscious and later confirmed dead by a doctor at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, UNTH, Ituku ozalla Enugu.
    According to the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO Ebere Amarizu, “A suspect identified as one Okonkwo Chibuzor of Obe in Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu state has allegedly struck his lover to dead over a misunderstanding that allegedly ensued between the deceased and lover over a yet to be established issue.
    “It was gathered that the alleged incident took place on 9/12/18 at Obe in Nkanu West local government Area of Enugu state when suspect Okonkwo Chinuzor had allegedly hit his lover Nkemakonam Chinweuba Onovo of about 48 years with a wooden frame following what he felt as a slight provocation.
    “It was further gathered that the hit on Nkemakonam Chinweuba Onovos head left her unconscious and was later confirmed dead having been rushed to the hospital”, Amarizu said.
    Amarizu stated that the dead body of the victim has been deposited at the UNTH mortuary for autopsy while the arrested suspect is helping the police operatives in their investigations.

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  • A man has approached the court to dissolve his marriage with his wife in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital after accusing her of keeping late nights, unfaithfulness and arrogance.[Image: couple-fighting-1.jpg]
    File photo used for illustrative puposes only
    A Grade `C’ Customary Court, Bode Igbo, Ibadan, on Tuesday adjourned the divorce suit filed by Taiwo Philip, as the wife, Bukola, urged the court to plead with her husband on her behalf.
    The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Philip, a plank seller, allegedly accused his wife of disobedience, keeping late nights, unfaithfulness and arrogance.
    According to Philip, who resides at Omi-Adio, Bukola is also fond of not caring for the well-being of their six children; the oldest being 16-years-old and the youngest, one-year-eight-months-old.
    “Two years after our marriage, my wife told me she wanted to further her education of NCE, of which I didn’t refuse.
    “I established a Nursery and Primary School where she served as the headmistress but in spite of all these efforts, she still turned out to be an ingrate by behaving badly at home,‘’ he said.
    Philip said he once met his wife and an old man in a compromising manner in her shop when he went in search of their second child, who ran away from home.

    According to him, as I demanded explanation from my wife, some goons, called ‘Gobe’, beat me up right there and then.
    “I reported the incident at the police station for my wife to produce all those involved but the matter degenerated.
    “With the matter still with the police, we were directed to approach the court for divorce,‘’ he said.
    The Respondent, Bukola, said she agreed to all her husband’s allegations, except that she never had an affair with the alleged old man.
    Bukola said the old man in question was the husband to the woman who introduced her to Philip and facilitated their marriage.
    “I usually approach this man for advice, because my husband will not allow me to visit my family since we wedded,’’ she said.
    Bukola also defended herself by saying that her husband was the violent type at home and that he was fond of driving her as a slave.
    “He places curse on me at will and he is fond of keeping late nights. My lord, he once sent me out of the house, forcing me to sleep in the shop.
    “Sir, in spite of everything, if the court can beg him, I will still be willing to settle the issue,’’ she said.
    After hearing the plea of the wife, the President of the court, Chief Muraina Agbomeji, adjourned the case until Dec. 17 for possible settlement out of court.

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  • Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has been threatened by members of the Indigenous People of Biafra over arrest of their members.[Image: Ikpeazu.jpg]
    Governor Okezie Ikpeazu
    The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Tuesday warned the Governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu to release its members arrested by the state Police Command.
    In a report by Daily Post, IPOB warned that if Ikpeazu and the state Commissioner of Police failed to ensure the release of its members, they would “live to regret what will come upon them.”

    The threat by the secessionist group was contained in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful.
    IPOB warned that both the governor and the State Commissioner of Police should be prepared.
    The statement reads, “We are warning Abia state police commissioner to release them, the 54 innocent citizens of Biafra who were doing peaceful evangelism in Umuahia for Biafra freedom. We blame Okezie Ikpeazu and Abia police commissioner for the damage this action may cause in Abia state if they fail to release these innocent Jewish worshipers exercising their rights.

    “Okezie Ikpeazu and police commissioner must release those arrested without further delay or they will live to regret what will come upon them soon.

    “We must not fail to warn police commissioner and Okezie Ikpeazu once again if they fail to release these innocent citizens who committed no crime against anybody or Nigeria state, that means they should prepare and wait for IPOB action.

    “We are coming on Nigeria police soon because you cannot continue killing and intimidating innocent and unarmed IPOB faithful and go Scot free. We promise to remain peaceful in every of our approach asking Nigerian government never push IPOB to pick up arms against anybody because it won’t be good to all and sundry in Nigeria.”

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  • A 20-year-old Kenyatta University student, who is also a footballer has been killed by lightning as he was celebrating his team's goal.[Image: mbote.jpg]
    Allan Mbote (Circled) killed by lightning
    A Kenyan footballer has been struck dead by lightning as he celebrated his team’s equaliser against their opponents.
    According to a report by The Standard of Kenya, the victim, Allan Mbote, was a 20-year-old Kenyatta University student. He played as a defender for a team known as Red Sharks.
    The incident happened on Sunday, with five other players also injured by the lightning during Nangina Ward Football Tournament at Luchululo village.
    Three of the players are still on admission at Nangina Mission Hospital.
    Kenyatta University has confirmed the death of the second year student.
    The MP for the area, Dr. Oundo Mudenyo also sent his condolence as he wrote: “Some tragedies are hard to take: lightening striking a player during a soccer match! RIP Allan Mbote.”
    The Standard reported that Mbote’s death was the latest lightning tragedy to hit Kenya in recent days.
    On 9th December, lightning also killed three children in Teso North constituency.

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  • As we have unsound music videos, so also we have second-rate lyrics which are worse than nursery rhymes designed to enhance the learning ability of kids.[Image: aawi.JPG]
    Wizkid and Tiwa Savage in Fever video
    The best way to be sexually aroused nowadays is not really by watching adult films. All you need to do is pay attention to the trending secular songs which are virtually wherever you go.
    The sounds and visuals are potent enough to resurrect a manhood which has been flaccid from inception. You will see the best quality of high definition videos flashing the well-exposed waists, hips, boobs and bums of young ladies in your face.
    As we have unsound music videos, so also we have second-rate lyrics which are worse than nursery rhymes designed to enhance the learning ability of kids. The mediocrity of the so-called talented heads is laced with melodious beats and instrumentals to easily penetrate the minds of unsuspecting listeners.
    It’s like the key to dropping a hit song in Nigeria is by using unmeaning, silly and unintelligible lyrics that portray and glorify s*x, drugs, internet scam, thuggery, promiscuity, alcoholism, civil disobedience and unfounded wealth. These are the common vices the youths easily identify with and it gives the brand of the artistes wide acceptance. The music industry has continued to deteriorate that good profane music is beginning to become extinct except you want to consider the religious songs. 
    For a male artiste to appeal to the audience, he has to portray himself as a slave master who manipulates the hottest ladies at will and for that female artiste to be given attention, she has to project herself as a sex idol that can win the heart of any man who sights her. Wizkid and Tiwa Savage fit perfectly into this description.
    Music has continued to adversely shape our perception of life in Nigeria. It has helped in making abnormal things normal and this can be traced to the problem of globalization. Through this, foreign culture, tradition and behaviours have been imbibed to show exposure and class on the path of the performers. When I was growing up, it was a big shame to pay for sex. Men who patronize prostitutes did it with utmost secrecy to save their reputation. Today, sleeping with a prostitute has become a competitive sport which could attract a gold medal. This might not be far from the way some vulgar celebrities like Olamide, the late Da Grin, Reminisce, Lil Kesh and others have admitted to sleeping with hookers popularly regarded as "Oloshos". 
    I remember the popular song which says " Bata re adun koko ka, ti o ba kawe re, bata re a dun koko ka" meaning that "You will excel in life if you are educated". This song added real value to our lives and helped improve our mentality towards personal development. Today, good and inspirational lyrics have been replaced with songs that celebrate internet fraud and inexplicable wealth. Songs that demean women and reduce them to mere commodities which could be acquired in the market places if their prices are triggered dominate the airwaves. 
    Music video directors now hire video vixens that perform sexual acts painstakingly to impress their paymasters while the horny audience feed their lust. They now pay millions of naira to enhance their bodies through cosmetic surgeries to make their body parts more attractive and intoxicating. 
    The leadership of the Nigerian Customs Service has been constantly intercepting container loads of Tramadol worth billions of naira. A society which tolerates and applauds songs like ‘Codeine Diet’ and ‘Science Student’ by Olamide shouldn't be shocked about the crisis of hard drugs as vulnerable people might think getting high is the only way to experience Utopia.
    I remember how the Ibale tradition in Yorubaland which encouraged women to remain virgins till they get married instilled discipline and decency among female folks. I also remember how single mothers were called 'Adelebo'. The latter sounded like the stigmatization of women involved in failed relationships or broken marriages but it helped us in maintaining sanity in the marital institution. Today, being a 'baby mmama' to a wealthy person is bigger and more enviable than working at Shell or Chevron. Musicians now indiscriminately sleep with young ladies unprotected and consequently impregnate them. 
    Legendary musician, Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia once boasted in his song, ‘Enter The Place’ about his virility although he later regretted his actions after having 7 kids from three different women at a young age. Davido even went as far as featuring his two baby mamas, their children and also his reigning girlfriend, Chioma in his ‘Wonder Woman’ music video. The 26-year old is also under pressure to accept another child from an Ibadan-based lady he reportedly had a one-night stand with.
    With the advent of social media today and the desperate quest of multinational companies to make money at all costs, some of these celebrities who are outright bad examples in the society are now paraded as mentors under the banner of ambassadorial roles with cooked up successes stories that mislead the younger generation.
    In all sincerity, these songs which are produced with hot beats and attractive choruses easily captivate the minds of the younger generation; mostly taking them unaware. These poisonous contents unconsciously pollute their minds and they later see life from the corrupted lenses of these celebrities. Music is powerful and often times underrated. One of the purposes of music is to express and modulate emotions. We use it to soothe, psych up, woo, enrage, sadden and cheer each other, or ourselves.
    The societal decay is so prevalent that it appears any artiste making good songs with meaningful lyrics is unserious about his musical career.
    One wonders how the promising and intelligent rapper, Skales of the defunct music record label, Empire Mates Entertainment retrogressed from the crooner of the inspirational song "Heading For A Grammy" to a questionable song like "Booty Language". The popular excuse is that he is only producing what the society wants to consume as that is the only way to make good and quick money.
    Most youths now want to get rich quick and acquire belongings that will attract numerous girls to warm their beds with ease. Women have been reduced to fortune-hunting elements that  generously spread their legs at the sight or smell of Naira notes.
    Watching Nigerian music videos have boosted the sexual fantasies of men who wish they could have replicas of the video vixens to sleep with them. It’s even worse for married men who are given clues of what their aging wives aren’t giving them. Morality and shame have been thrown into the dustbins with ladies now advocating on social media for long sexual sessions. They have even tagged some men "one minute or Indomie men". Who else has noticed sex drugs advertorials have taken over Instagram with popular pages showcasing nothing less than three brands of sex enhancers per day? The companies producing and marketing these drugs have become so bold that they hire young ladies who make sultry appearances in short videos to talk raw in attestation to the efficacy of the drugs. Reports have it that men are patronizing these start-ups massively in the bid to satisfy the women in their lives in the ‘other room’.
    These are signs of insanity and absurdity being normalized by the young folks who are supposed to be the future of the country. The destiny of 67 million youths appears to be at stake with the ailment of cancerous music eating up the audience towards the destruction of their psyche. 
    Music is deeper than how it sounds and its clandestine effects on the lives of human beings can’t be overemphasized. 
    Scientists have proved that sound affects our bodies; sound affects us physiologically in very powerful ways. This is because hearing is our primary warning sense. A sudden sound will start a process. It releases cortisol (steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex), it increases your heart rate, and it changes your breathing.
    Music can improve mood, incrState.learning and concentration, and ward off the effects of brain aging. This is why one needs to be careful about the musical contents he/she consumes consciously and unconsciously.
    Also, according to an entertainment writer, Ronald Urbina - music is the reflection of the society. The fact that music reflects the community is well-known for more than a century. This is why the investigation of tribes that lived in the past is conducted through exploration of their way of life, which includes music. People like to express their state of being through songs.
    The way a Nigerian will dance to bad music in the heat of the moment is the same way he will show indifference about poor infrastructural facilities, bad government policies, corruption, moral decadence and other forms of societal challenges.
    This is who we are in Nigeria, we just don’t care. We suffer and smile. We easily overlook budding challenges until they become insurmountable. Those bad musical contents are reflections of us no matter how much we deny it.
    Written by Osayimwen Osahon George, a journalist and PhD student based in Lagos State

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  • A lawmaker, Sani Zorro, has made a shocking revelation that 17 local government areas are occupied by terrorists.[Image: Boko-Haram-2.jpg]
    File Photo
    Contrary to claims by the Nigerian government that no local government in Nigeria is under Boko Haram occupation, the House of Representatives have discovered that at least 17 local government areas are still under the occupation of the terrorists.
    In June, at the 2018 World Congress of the International Press Institute in Abuja, President Muhammadu Buhari reiterated that Boko Haram had been degraded and was no longer in control of any part of Nigeria.
    “Your annual congress is holding in Nigeria during a period of global terrorism. Nigeria experiences that scourge through Boko Haram which has been technically degraded and has no territorial hold anywhere anymore in its North-East operational base,” he said.
    But in an interview with the BBC Hausa Service on Tuesday, the chairman of the House Committee on Internally Displaced Persons, IPDs, Sani Zorro, made a shocking revelation that 17 local government areas are occupied by terrorists.
    He said the lawmakers discovered this during a recent oversight function in Nigeria’s North East.
    “I assure you that 17 local government areas of Borno are still under Boko Haram. They have control in many areas, collecting all many of taxes. In some local government areas, they would go to where people draw well water and ask people to give them certain amount of money in three days. And the locals would comply and give them the money.

    “So whoever says Boko Haram is not occupying and administering those areas is telling a lie.
    “It is better they (Nigerian authorities) stop claiming that Boko Haram is not occupying any territory. Those living in the rural areas of the affected states hear all manner of tales. Why are trenches dug to stop infiltration of insurgents into areas protected by the military?

    “For instance, about three days ago, the terrorists invaded Abadam and Kalabalge, leading to the UN refugee agency’s withdrawal of its aid workers. This is where two nurses were killed.

    “The question now is, if you say Boko Haram is not holding any Nigerian territory, where are they coming from and where are they taking the hostages they abducted?,” Mr Zorro asked.
    He told the BBC that no success was recorded in the resettlement of displaced persons to their communities as most of the displaced persons who were either forced or persuaded to resettle have fled their communities again.
    “We were in Bama on 5th November, in the report we submitted, we said in conservative estimate that there are not more than 200 people living in Bama. But I believe there are not more than 50 people living there today. We traversed everywhere in Bama including their hospital, military base and the palace of the emir. I can tell you that even vultures have fled the palace of the emir,” he said.
    DAILY NIGERIAN gathered that Bama has a population of 269,986 people, according to 2006 Census.

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  • [Image: D92A9FEE-5272-4804-9493-B89CFEDCBA80.jpeg]

    French President Emmanuel Macron gave a 13-minute speech to the nation on Monday evening in a bid to appease the yellow vest protesters. Among the measures he announced was a rise in the minimum wage and a cut in taxes for pensioners.

    Macron gave a somber speech that was pre-recorded during the day in which he apologised to those people he may have offended with his words and said he accepted his part for the anger that has risen in the country.

    “I may have given the impression that it wasn’t my problem, that it wasn’t my priority. I may have hurt some of you with my words,” said Macron.

    Among the concrete measures he announced was a €100 a month rise in the minimum wage (SMIC) from January 2019 and a scrap on taxes and social contributions for overtime hours worked.

    Macron said firms would not have to foot the bill for the increase in the minimum wage.

    The minimum wage was set at 1,498 euros per month pre-tax in 2018 and 1,185 euros after tax.

    He also announced that the worse-off pensioners, who had accused Macron of bleeding them dry, would see a cut in social contributions to leave them with more money each month.

    The cut in taxes would benefit those whose pensions were worth less than €2,000 a month.

    He also asked companies to give an end-of year bonus to their employees.

    “My only concern is you. Our only battle is for France,” said Macron at the end of his speech that was delivered in a humble tone, as he sought to address criticism of his style of leadership.

    Macron did however refuse to bring back the fortune tax on the country’s most wealthy, which had been the source of much anger. “To reverse would weaken us,” said Macron adding that he would continue the fight against tax evasion.

    The president opened the speech by condemning the violence that had taken place across France over recent weeks.

    “No anger justifies attacking a gendarme, or a police officer,” he said adding that he had given instructions to the government to be tough on those behind the violence.

    But Macron accepted that behind the violence lay “anger and indignation” and “legitimate” grievances.

    “This anger is shared by many among us, by many French people,” said Macron.

    “Their distress doesn’t date from yesterday. We have ended up getting used to it,” he said.

    “These are forty years of malaise that have come to the surface,” he added.

    “Without doubt we haven’t been able to provide a response that was strong or quick enough,” he said.

    ‘Radical yellow vests won’t be convinced’

    After Macron’s announcements the question now is whether the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) will continue their protests.

    Many listened and watched Macron’s speech at their road blocks on roundabouts around the country.


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  • [Image: D6CC4C1D-B8CC-4C5A-B960-D415DD101B68-768x768.jpeg]

    Mr. Paul Ibe, the Head of the Atiku Media Office, on Monday, said that operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission raided the apartments of Aliyu and Mustapha Atiku-Abubakar, two sons of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in Maitama, Abuja.

    Ibe in an interview with our correspondent said EFCC conducted the search on the apartment where Aliyu and Mustapha live on Saturday. He added that they found nothing incriminating on Atiku’s sons.

    According to him, the search was an act of intimidation of Atiku, who he said officials of the Muhammadu Buhari government perceived as their ‘tomentor-in-chief.’

    Details later.

    Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga

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  • [Image: 8DCCE621-18BB-48FD-87FF-4B41A8D60866.jpeg]

    If you want to be called a father, yet you run away from home because of the noise of your kids, go back to your mother, father hood is not for you.

    If you want children, yet you abhor the stretch marks on her body, the two fallen heroes on her chest, you cant stand her big and now flabby, over stretched tummy , most times riddled with C section scars. Go back home to your mother and learn that you can’t have your cake and eat it.

    Sometimes, you even shamelessly tell her you wished she had a flatter tummy, standing and firm heroes on her chest, a very tight receptacle after you have given her belle eight times. In fact, you oftentimes even berate her for all these scars of motherhood. You compare her with the the chingum, dirty dirty gutter girls you frolic with . Just be reminded that you had a choice to live with a woman with flat tummy and perky breasts, yet you chose to have kids.

    When confronted,you call her a nag and even threaten her with abandonment. She keeps quiet. Poor her!

    Please go back to your mother and continue with diapers and bottle feeding. You are a baby, and not mature for marriage and its attendant commitment.

    And women do your best to stay beautiful even after kids but accept there are certain things you can’t change after child birth and don’t lose sleep over them. Don’t let your pride be deflated because of them. Motherhood takes you to a new level of beauty that only divine privilege gives. Ala dalu ada , adago kwa nu.

    Men ,please allow us enjoy our flat breasts, bloated tummy, stretch marks, and all the stripes that motherhood leaves behind on us in peace. We are grateful for all of them. Our omugwo made in Atlanta is in view and we are eagerly looking forward to it.

    Uche Eze Ann

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  • [Image: 7AB1495A-F2BD-4156-969C-532FB068DB85.jpeg]

    If Atiku and his people are listening, (I know they are) it is time for Atiku to say that



    then add that

    “not for himself but covenant to make Nigerians poor. He and his family are doing just fine. It is Nigerians that suffer in this arrangement”

    Nigerians have seen or at least admire wealth and when they hear this, they will know covenants are worse than contracts, it can hardly be broken. As long as Buhari is there, there can never be oil boom nor will rice grow well or… You cannot avoid your destiny. God did not give him the brain or fate to help Nigerian economy. It is not his DESTINY.

    Atiku must tie Buhari to poverty or increase the correlation of Buhari and poverty. In 1984 hunger, and recession. 2015, hunger and recession. 2019 NEXT LEVEL of hunger and recession. This time hunger will kill people in the streets.

    Tie Buhari to poverty.

    APC = Acute Poverty Congress.

    Ena Ofugara

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