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  • The disappearance of the corpse of a day-old-baby in the morgue has cause serious commotion in an Ondo community.[Image: Hospital.JPG]
    The corpse of a day-old-baby is missing at the morgue of the Ondo State Specialist hospital in Akure, Sahara Reporter can confirm. 

    The new baby had died upon delivery.The mother too lost her life in the throes of labour.

    The corpses of both mother and child were deposited at the morgue of Police Clinic  on Wednesday. 

    A family source who pleaded not to be named confirmed the incident to our correspondent in Akure on Saturday, adding that it was surprising when they visited the hosptial and could not find the corpse of their relative.  

    The source who explained how the corpses of both  mother and child were brought into the hospital said they were due for burial hence their visit to the morgue to retrieve their corpses. 

    "We (family members) got into the hospital today (Saturday) to collect the corpses of the deceased but noticed that they could not find the been  body of the baby again.

    "They only brought out the body of his mother and the placenta and the naughty mortuary attendants could not explain to us how the baby got missing from their reach.

    "In fact, hell would have been let loose in the hospital today becuase we were very angry that we brought in two corpses (mother and child) but they could only bring out the mother alone. 

    "So, where did they keep the corpse of the baby but we were begged to exercise patience over the issue as the police has been invited to come investigate how the dead baby got missing from the morgue" he said.

    Wahab Adegbenro,  Commissioner for Health in Ondo State confirmed the case of the missing corpse to SaharaReporters on the telephone.

    Dr. Adegbenro explained that the case was "strange" noting that the authorities present on duty on the day the corpses were brought in have been queried over the case.

    He also added that the all motuary attendants who were on duty when the corpses were brought into the mortuary department have been handed to the police investigations.

    "The case happened today and i have talked to some people concerning it but at the hospital  we have started our own internal investigation.

    "Also, we have already handed all the mortuary attendants who were on  duty on the day they brought the corpses to the police. I am sure they must have commenced their investigations" he said.

    Femi Joseph, the Spokesman of the Ondo State Police Command who also confirmed the case noted that investigation has already started on the case.

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  • A new research has emerged, explaining that kissing your partner passionately may end up giving you gonorrhea.[Image: French_Kiss.jpg]
    Australian researchers have raised the alarm over another method of spreading gonorrhoea, saying new evidence has shown that kissing with tongues could spread the s*xually transmitted infection (STI).
    The scientists in Melbourne, Australia, surveyed 3,000 gay and bisexual men and found that gay men were more likely to have gonorrhoea in their throat than in their penis – and the risk of spreading the bacteria that causes the disease was greater for kissing than through oral s*x.
    To this end, Professor Eric Chow and his colleagues that conducted the study, urged doctors and scientists to find new ways of stopping the infection and highlighted that efforts were currently focused on encouraging condom use during s*x.
    The findings of the new study is published in the journal ‘Sexually Transmitted Infections’, which is part of the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Although, the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom (UK) had dismissed kissing as a way of contracting gonorrhoea, based on the study, the scientists reiterated that the STI could be caught through mouth-tomouth.Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae or gonococcus. It used to be known as “the clap”.
    The bacteria are mainly found in discharge from the penis and in vaginal fluid. Gonorrhoea is easily passed between people through: unprotected vaginal, oral or anal s*x.
    According to the researchers, spreading the gonorrhoea, this way might be more common than expected. The tea, found the bacteria causing the gonorrhoea could present as a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes.
    The research into oropharyngeal gonorrhoea followed growing concerns about ‘super’ strains of the STI that were becoming resistant to medicine. Professor Eric Chow and his colleagues that conducted the study, said a number of pieces of evidence suggest transmission of gonorrhoea from the oropharynx [back of the throat] may be more common than previously thought.
    “[The bacteria] can be cultured from saliva, suggesting that the exchange of saliva between individuals may potentially transmit gonorrhoea.
    “Several case reports in the 1970s suggested kissing as a mode of transmission for oropharyngeal gonorrhoea… but kissing has always been neglected as a risk factor.”.
    Professor Chow said a rise in global reports of gonorrhoea strains which are evolving to stop antibiotics working against them was cause for concern. Discovering a way the bacteria are spreading under the radar could lead to new ways of spotting it sooner and preventing infections, the researchers said.
    The study showed that men in the study were more likely to have gonorrhoea in their throat than in their penis or anus. Similarly, more than six per cent had the infection in their mouth while just under six per cent had it in their anus, and only three per cent in the penis.
    Source: NewTelegraph

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  • There certain surprises couples experience in their first year of marriage. These are some of those surprises.

    [Image: black%20wedding.JPG]
    No matter how long you were engaged to someone, or how long you dated for, the experience of being married comes with few curve balls, especially in the early days.
    This does not necessarily bode something sinister. It just points to marriage as a thing that naturally comes with so many changes that even the most diligent marriage preparation and counselling may not necessarily prepare you for.
    So here are three things could be a little surprising when you tie the knot.
    1. The real extent of interdependence
    One of the biggest changes that marriage brings is the melding of lives. This is not news to many of us. As much as we have an idea of it though, when some people actually experience the extent to which theirs and their spouse’s lives became twined, they were indeed shocked, to be honest.
    One moment you’ll be Miss Independent doing your own thing, before you know it, you’re Mrs. Dependent, asking if every of your move will not be inconvenient for your spouse.
    Knowing about it might not be enough to handle this experience, really, but best be prepared for it nonetheless.
    2. Managing expectations
    People go into marriages with a host of expectations built consciously or unconsciously over the years.
    What you might quickly learn in marriage is that, preparing for it is not the same as actually living it, experiencing it.
    That’s why although many guys dated their girlfriends for long, and developed an idea of all what she needs from them to make the relationship work, they are still unprepared for the level of responsibilities that come with actual marriage.
    Same thing goes for ladies, you already heard about what your husband’s family might demand of you, and you’ve heard several things about how some mothers-in-law could be terrible and all, and you prepared yourself to handle whatever is thrown at you.
    I’m sorry to be the carrier of bad news, but what might be thrown at you might just be bigger than what you envisaged.
    3. Lifestyle differences
    Subconsciously, people often imagine a perfect marriage as one which works smoothly like synchronized swimming - you move he moves, you move he moves.
    They often think that the spouses’ lives are so in sync that it's hard to think of one without the other.
    Now, this may be the case after a long time of being married, but newlyweds can't expect to be walking in step from day one!
    Forget that you guys dated for quite a while, marriage, as they keep telling me, is a different ball game entirely, and you might likely experience a part of your spouse you never saw all along while you were dating.
    Anyway, love is about compromises and you can surely learn to co-habit with little adjustments here and there.
    You’ll be fine, guys. Love always prevails!
    Source: Pulse

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  • If you have been planning to pack up and move out of Nigeria, there are certain things you need to do before traveling.[Image: Delta-airlines-696x391.jpg]

    Are you planning to move out of Nigeria?
    Planning a trip abroad can be really stressful. So imagine how it must feel when you’re planning on moving permanently and leaving your home behind.
    Here are the top 5 things you must do before you pack up and move to another country:
    1. Save, save, and save!
    When you move to another country, you’d need to have a lot of cash especially because you never know when you’re going to get a job. I would suggest you start saving up months (preferably a year) before you make that big move in order to avoid ending up broke or in debts.
    2. Look for a job
    Another way to avoid being broke within your first few months in your new place of residence is to get a job. You could do that by looking through options in your field online or getting in touch with firms that have openings you can apply for.
    And if you do not get a job offer that is remotely similar to your field, worry not. You just need to get enough cash to get on your feet properly.
    3. Tour the country before the big move
    By doing so, you can save yourself the trouble of familiarising yourself with the environment, people, culture and every other important factor that could lead you to change your decision on moving there.
    4. Get Your Long Term Visa
    This could be a temporary residency, permanent residency, work, business, a tourist visa, or a variety of others. Also, if your passport is about to expire, you need to go ahead and renew it. It would save you time and money to fly back home to do so.
    5. Get A New Debit or Credit Card
    Before jet-setting off to your next big destination, take a few extra steps to make sure you can access your funds. This is important because some countries make it difficult to pay for things with foreign cards. There are really easy ways to get an international debit or credit card.
    Source: The Nation

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  • The most decorated Nigerian footballer ever is still giving back to the country and has opened an academy to groom raw talents in the country.[Image: Kanuu.JPG]
    African football great, Nwankwo Kanu stepped back into the spotlight as he unveiled an international football academy in Lagos on Wednesday.
    The game has given the king of Nigerian football so much, and the 42-year-old continues to give back.
    Kanu International Football Academy has been set up with the aim of supporting talented young footballers hoping to emulate the Arsenal legend himself.
    KIFA - with over 20 centres across Nigeria, will not limit its work to what takes place on the football pitch, but, with programmes in place to educate the kids academically and morally.
    Addressing the media during the event, KIFA founder and chairman Kanu disclosed that the platform offers the Nigerian kids the chance to achieve their career targets without stress.
    “Years back, we had grassroots competitions to discover talents for the country but that has changed, because today the emphasis on the league and the national teams,” he said.
    “Back in those days, we had all sorts of grassroots football programmes such as street tournaments, community matches and particularly, YSFON competitions.

    “Today, the grassroots have been neglected and to make matters worse, if you don’t play abroad you are not seen as a good footballer. I was discovered in Nigeria before moving outside the country where I made a name for myself.

    “KIFA is not just here for football but also to enhance these kids’ education through EFootPlus because, without the right knowledge and morals, they won’t be able to achieve their football goals.”
    In the same vein, national coordinator Prince Dapo Ajibade also spoke of the project’s ambition.

    ”What King Kanu is doing with KIFA, is indeed, revolutionary,” he added.
    “It is coming with a special kits brand, a television sports channel and of course, a collaboration with a schools’ association that would breed a generation of gifted but equally educated footballers.

    “KIFA’s parent company Kanu International Football Agency, is into partnership with Kanu Heart Foundation and other key stakeholders in the football industry, to take the management and promotions of football to the next level.”

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  • One of the pages that Facebook cancelled appeared filled with viral misinformation attacking Atiku, a former Vice President.[Image: Facebook.JPG]
    Tech giant, Facebook, has closed some accounts allegedly set up by an Israeli firm named Archimedes, used in denting the image of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, and boosting the campaign of President Muhammadu Buhari, Associated Press reports.

    The report by United States think tank, Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, which analyses misinformation online, said some sample posts removed from Facebook appeared to praise President Buhari of the All Progressives Congress and smear his leading opponent, Atiku.

    Many of the pages and accounts were discovered to be linked to a Tel Aviv-based political consulting and lobbying firm named Archimedes.

    On its sparse website of African stock images, the company advertises its deliberate efforts to conduct disinformation campaigns, boasting that it takes “every advantage available in order to change reality according to our client’s wishes” through “unlimited online accounts operation.”

    Facebook banned Archimedes from its platform on Thursday for its “coordinated and deceptive behaviour” and conducted a sweeping takedown of dozens of accounts and hundreds of pages primarily aimed at disrupting elections in African countries, with some scattered activity in South-East Asia and Latin America.

    Overall, the misleading accounts had reached some 2.8 million users, and the pages had engaged over 5,000 followers, according to Facebook’s estimates.

    One of the pages that Facebook cancelled appeared filled with viral misinformation attacking Atiku, a former Vice President.

    The report further read, “The page’s banner image showed Abubakar as Darth Vader, the Star Wars villain, holding up a sign reading, ‘Make Nigeria Worse Again’.

    “Another page with almost identical visuals, although significantly excluding the Darth Vader mask, purported to support Atiku, with the slogan ‘Team Atiku for President’.

    “The report identified the page as a covert attempt to infiltrate Atiku’s audience of potential voters and manipulate their views, gradually spamming them with antithetical content and diverting them to the ‘Make Nigeria Worse’ page.”

    Atiku has dragged the Independent National Electoral Commission and the President to court, accusing them of stealing his victory at the poll. He claims the figures on INEC’s servers show that he won the poll but the results that were resulted were doctored in favour of Buhari.

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  • The prosecutor told the court that Mr Francis Osibowale, the pastor of the Firebrand Power Ministry, caught the defendant’s 15-year-old son vandalising church property.[Image: Court%20gavel.JPG]

    A 39-year-old petty trader, Moji Aderibigbe, accused of stripping n*ked and pouring urine on the church altar, on Friday appeared in a Yaba Chief magistrates’ Court in Lagos.

    Aderibigbe, who resides in Pedro Area of Lagos is charged with insult to a religion and disorderly conduct.

    The Police prosecutor, Sgt. Modupe Olaluwoye, told the court that the defendant committed the offence at 8 p.m. on May 13, at No. 49, Onabola St., Ladi-lak area of Bariga, Lagos.

    Olaluwoye told the court that Mr Francis Osibowale, the pastor of the Firebrand Power Ministry, caught the defendant’s 15-year-old son vandalising church property.

    “My Lord, when Aderibigbe was told that the pastor had taken her son to the station, she took off her clothes inside the church building.

    “She also climbed the altar and began to urinate,” she said.

    Our non-custodial sentencing has reduced Lagos prison population – Kazeem, SAN (Opens in a new browser tab)

    The offence, she said, contravened the provisions of sections 124 and 168 (a) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2011.

    After the charge was read to her, she pleaded not guilty.

    The insult to religion carries two years jail term while disorderly conduct stipulates three months upon conviction, both with options of fine.

    The Chief Magistrate, Mrs Oluwatoyin Oghere, admitted the defendant to bail in the sum of N50,000 with two sureties in like sum.

    Oghere ordered that the sureties must be gainfully employed and must show evidence of three years tax payment to the Lagos state government.

    She adjourned the case until May 22 for mention.

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  • The stalemate forced both teams into a penalty shoot-out where the Super Falcons converted all their kicks and a missed effort denied the hosts glory.[Image: Super%20Falcons.JPG]

    Super Falcons
    The Super Falcons won the 2019 WAFU Women’s Cup on Saturday in Abidjan after defeating hosts Cote d’Ivoire 5-4 on penalty kicks.
    Nigeria’s woman football team players pose before a match between Niger and Nigeria in the second West African Football Union (WAFU) zone B women’s tournament at The Parcs des Sports in Abidjan on May 11, 2019. (Photo AFP)

    Both sides went into a penalty shootout after a 1-1 draw in the game played at the Stade Robert Champroux de Macory.

    The Super Falcons had advanced into the final match following their triumph over 2018 winners Ghana via penalty kicks shoot-out on Thursday.

    The Ivorians, who were last year’s finalists, had defeated Mali 2-1 in the competition’s second semi-final match to secure a back-to-back final spot.

    The Ivorians dominated proceedings in the opening minutes of the encounter but failed to find the back of the net until the 42nd minute.

    That was when Ange Koko Nguessan’s free-kick broke the deadlock.

    Cote d’Ivoire held on to the lead in the second half with the hopes of lifting the regional title on home soil.

    But Uchenna Kanu’s equaliser in the closing stages of the game put the hosts’ celebrations on hold.

    The stalemate forced both teams into a penalty shoot-out where the Super Falcons converted all their kicks and a missed effort denied the hosts glory.

    Aside her team’s success, Kanu ended the competition as the top scorer, after scoring 10 goals in five games for the Super Falcons.

    Following the triumph in Abidjan, Nigeria will return to Abuja on Sunday as they shift focus to the FIFA Women’s World Cup, starting in France next month.

    The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup will be the eighth edition of the competition.

    The competition is for the women’s national teams of the member-associations of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and it will hold from June 7 to July 7 in France.


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  • The dog dug around the area and began barking, alerting his owner a cattle herder, who went to the site.[Image: Rescue%20dog.JPG]
    Hero dog saves buried baby

    An attentive dog in northeastern Thailand is being hailed as a hero after finding and saving an infant allegedly buried in a field by his teenage mother, police said Saturday.

    The newborn was lying under a layer of dirt near a farm in the Chumpuang district of Nakhon Ratchasima province but was found the same day — May 15 — by a curious canine named Ping Pong.

    The dog dug around the area and began barking, alerting his owner a cattle herder, who went to the site.

    “I don’t think it was long after his mother buried him before the dog found him,” case officer Panuvat Udkam told AFP.

    He added that the boy was healthy, was recovering in hospital, and was so young he had not been named yet.

    The teenage mother was charged with attempted murder and abandonment of children.

    Officer Panuvat said the suspect was 15 years old and had tried to dispose of the child because she was afraid her parents would get angry.

    “So after she delivered the baby by herself she buried it,” he said.

    Local media coverage hailed the achievement and social media users praised Ping Pong’s good deed.

    A dog is the “best friend” of human beings, a Facebook user commented on the page of media outlet Khaosod English.

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  • In a new interview Zainab narrated her experience in detention, how she found it hard to trust people and eventually got close to an Ethiopian lady simply identified as Rehisty.[Image: Zainab%20Aliyu.JPG]
    Zainab Aliyu

    Zainab Aliyu, a Nigerian who was detained in Saudi Arabia for alleged drug trafficking, says she learnt “pure Arabic” and memorised half of the Qur’an during her 124-day stay in prison.

    Aliyu was arrested on December 26 after tramadol, a drug prohibited in Saudi Arabia was found in her bag.

    The 22-year-old student of the Maitama Sule University, Kano, had travelled to Saudi Arabia for lesser hajj alongside her mother and sister.

    She, was, however, arrested by Saudi authorities over allegations that the bag bearing her name tag contained tramadol.

    In an interview with Daily Trust, she narrated her experience in detention, how she found it hard to trust people and eventually got close to an Ethiopian lady simply identified as Rehisty.

    She explained that she suffered communication gap with Rehisty whom she said understands little English while she (Aliyu), knew just a bit of Arabic.

    “I met several people. But I can assure you, it took me some days before I could trust some of the inmates. That’s because after realizing that I was actually framed, I couldn’t bring myself to trust anyone. I did not trust anybody there, even among my roommates. The only person that I can say I trusted, is one Ethiopian lady with whom I was brought in,”  Aliyu said.

    “Yes, but only the Ethiopian lady I mentioned earlier, called Rehisty. When we were brought there, together, we found it difficult to communicate, because she could only understand a little English, and I understand only a little Arabic. So, it took us some time before we started communicating, in Arabic, which I picked up while in detention.

    “I learnt pure Arabic. I also joined Tahfiuz school, and Alhamdulillah, I was able to memorize half of the Holy Qur’an during my stay in the prison. I also learnt how to live with people from different backgrounds.

    Narrating her ordeal from when she was picked up in her hotel room till when she was released, Aliyu said it took about a week for her to come to terms that she was in prison.

    She, however, said she and the other inmates were well taken care of, adding that she experienced no form of harassment or intimidation.

    “I spent almost one week without knowing that I was in a prison, because I did not commit any offence,” she said.

    “They treated us like human beings. Nobody humiliated or harassed anyone in there. And I spent 124 days there.”

    Aliyu thanked the federal government and everyone who worked towards securing her release.

    She cautioned that she is not on social media, raising the alarm that some people have opened social media accounts in her name.

    “I thank President Muhammadu Buhari, Madam Abike Dabiri, and the Minister of Justice, Justice Malami, and all others who in one way or the other contributed to my release,” she said.

    “I am also calling on some people who have created Instagram and Twitter handles, and even a Facebook account in my name, to please stop, because it is not good to deceive people. Honestly, I am not on social media, so the general public should take note.”

    Aliyu was released from prison in April and returned to Nigeria on May 13.

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  • This is a simple, lovely and decent pre-wedding photo of a couple who will be walking down the aisle very soon.[Image: love.JPG]
    The lovebirds
    A Nigerian couple-to-be rock customized T-shirt as fiance chases his fiancee in their pre-wedding photoshoot.
    The duo were filled with sweet smiles of romance, interest and affection as they posed for the picture. 
    They are very goodlooking and they appear to have a strong chemistry. Congratulatory messages are in order for the lovebirds who will be tying the nuptial knot very soon.

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  • A man who was chased by the operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad has incurred serious financial damages.[Image: crash.JPG]
    The accident scene and the rebuilding of the fence
    A man who narrowly escaped death after ramming into a fence while being chased by some SARS operatives, has been made to rebuild the fence.
    The incident happened, yesterday, along the Awoyaya- Gbetu New Road axis of the Lekki-Epe Expressway in Lagos.
    It was gathered that upon crashing into the fence, the injured driver was abandoned by his chasers, who reversed immediately, and fled.
    However, the victim’s car was seized by the house owner and he was forced to rebuild the fence before the car was released to him.

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  • It's no more news that a great percent of pictures seen on social media are unreal; they are mostly doctored to attract public appeal.[Image: moyoo1.JPG]
    The photoshopped picture
    Curvy and brief actress, Moyo Lawal is back again in the news for a controversial act.
    She posted some pictures on social media and in a bid to look sexy, she decided to edit one of the full pictures to make her hips and bum bigger.
    Unfortunately for her, her amateur multi-media skills affected the surrounding of the picture with the gate at the background bent.
    This attracted the attention of her fans who have been mocking her since the picture emerged. The single actress has refused to be bullied as she quickly joined in the fun.[Image: Moyoo3.JPG]

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  • The warning came four days after Governor Akeredolu advised the Federal Government to encourage the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, also known as Indian hemp, in the country.[Image: hem.JPG]
    Rotimi Akeredolu
    The move by Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, to establish a legal marijuana industry in the ‘sunshine’ state may have hit the rocks even before his very own eyes.
    This is just as findings by  journalists on Saturday showed that Akeredolu is not likely to find a willing ally in the Federal Government over his pursuit. 
    Despite the collaboration being received from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), the governor has been disowned by the Presidential Advisory Committee for the Elimination of Drug Abuse (PACEDA), an appendage of the Presidency.
    PACEDA, in a statement made available to the media on Saturday, stated that no amount of money could be worth the lives of those that would be affected should marijuana be legalised in the country, as being canvassed by Akeredolu and, by extension, the NDLEA.
    The warning came four days after Governor Akeredolu advised the Federal Government to encourage the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, also known as Indian hemp, in the country.
    The statement was signed by the PACEDA Chair, Mohammed Buba Marwa.
    Marwa, a retired military top officer, noted that the timing was so inauspicious, considering that the government had been doing everything to eradicate drug abuse in the country.
    “It is disturbing that at this time when about 10 million Nigerians are abusing cannabis, anyone or group will be considering or advocating for Nigeria to legalise the growing of marijuana for economic or whatever purposes.

    “Our committee has spent the last six months going round the country to obtain firsthand information about the dangers of drug abuse and how to combat it and we have been faced with the stark reality of how deep the menace has damaged and still damaging lives, especially the youths.

    “No doubt, President Muhammadu Buhari was worried about this emergency situation, hence the decision to set up PACEDA to find a lasting solution to the threat. We should not, therefore, fold our arms or keep sealed lips while deliberate attempts are being made to sabotage the genuine efforts of the Federal Government in the interest of the nation.

    “We should not forget so soon how many over-the-counter (OTC) drugs were made prescription medicines when millions of our young minds and adults were abusing such. How can we then turn around to call for legalising growing of cannabis when the Federal Government is still in the process of curtailing and eliminating the same?

    “We dare say that no economic gain is worth the life of any Nigerian daily damaged on the street as a result of the effect of cannabis. There is, therefore, the need for all stakeholders at the federal, state and local government levels to rally round the Federal Government’s efforts at eliminating the menace of drug abuse rather than engaging in any counterproductive venture,” the statement read.
    Despite the widespread appeal of Akeredolu's position on social media, some critics have rebuked the governor.
    Among those who criticized the governor include Senator Shehu Sani, the lawmaker representing Kaduna Central in the National Assembly. 
    Sani, who took to Twitter via his handle @ShehuSani on Wednesday, May 15, wrote;
    “My brother Akeredolu, Lagos partnered with Kebbi for rice, please partner with Niger for beans, Kaduna for ginger or partner with Benue for yam. Please leave this Indian Hemp matter for now, abeg.”
    But Akeredolu is determined in his pursuit, despite several condemnation and backlash received in the last few days. 
    “The governor believes that the global legal marijuana industry is primed to be a jumbo in years ahead and Ondo State is trying to think ahead of time,” an aide of the governor, who did not want his name mentioned, told a reporter on Saturday.

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  • Gundumi has been remanded in Jos prison by Plateau State High Court for allegedly killing Mrs. Hajara during s*x[Image: gum.JPG]
    Pictures of the concerned parties
    Nightmare has remained the only companion of a 42-year-old man, Gundumi Saya who allegedly lured a married woman, Mrs. Hajara Markus out of her matrimonial home for s*x where she died while the duo were engaged in illicit affair.
    Gundumi has been remanded in Jos prison by Plateau State High Court for allegedly killing Mrs. Hajara during s*x. He confessed to have been having secret s*xual relationship with the woman before and after she got married to her husband.
    The suspect who hails from Zango-Dinya village of Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State is married with three wives and 14 children, but still enjoys keeping concubines he sleeps with outside his home. He claimed to have dated Hajara during her active youthful years before she got married to Markus Jagaba.
    Nemesis caught-up with Gundumi when their sexual relationship turned sour on November 21, 2018, a day Hajara allegedly died having sex with him in an exclusive location in Jos.
    It was gathered that the late Hajara had lied to her husband that she was going for a wedding programme at Jakandagiwa village in Bauchi State and demanded for permission to be away for some days. She however took advantage of the wedding to go for the extra-marital affair that ended her life.
    According to his statement to police filed before Justice Daniel Longji of the Plateau State High Court, Jos, Gundumi, argued that he does not have a hand in the death of his ex-lover, Hajara but admitted he was together with her when she died.
    Gundumi, who is cooling his heels at the Jos Prison, was charged with culpable homicide, an offence he allegedly committed on November 21, 2018.
    The police alleged that Gundumi, on that fateful day committed the act of adultery with the deceased when he lured her out of her matrimonial home to have sexual intercourse with her, an offence that contravened section 368 of the Penal Code.
    It was revealed that Gundumi intentionally dumped the body of the deceased by the roadside, after he realised that she had died while they were having sex. He was accused of refusing to inform the police of Hajara’s death, thereby contravening sections 189 and 102 of the Penal Code.

    How it happened
    In his statement, he denied killing his lover, stating that he woke up to make love to her in the middle of the night only to find her dead.
    “I have known Hajara before she got married; we have been in a relationship for a long time. In between, she got married and got divorced twice, but we still kept on seeing each other until she got married again a few years ago.

    “Whenever I wanted to have sexual relationship with her, I invite her to the bush where we will `catch our fun’, and she will return home. On the said date, we arranged to meet at my friend’s place, one Ojukwu, who is also married, after she told her husband that she was going for a wedding in Bauchi State.

    “As agreed, we met at Ojukwu’s house and he (Ojukwu), gave us a room to pass the night. Ojukwu’s wife later sent a boy with `garri’ (cassava flour), and kuli-kuli (groundnut cake), to Hajara, which she soaked and took, after which she retired to sleep.

    “I woke up at 2 am to make love to her, but discovered that she was motionless. I quickly ran to Ojukwu’s room to alert him, but his wife told me that he did not sleep at home.”
    Gundumi was left in confusion, he picked his phone and called Ojukwu to inform him of the tragedy and suggested that the matter should be reported to the police. But his friend, Ojukwu allegedly insisted that the matter should not be reported to the police because it would land him in serious trouble.
    Gundumi in his statement claimed that Ojukwu advised him to dump the body by the roadside, which they both did, and went their separate ways. Six days after Hajara’s lifeless body was dumped, there was commotion in front of his house and as he peeped through the window, he discovered that policemen had stormed his house to arrest him.
    His surrender
    Luckily, he escaped inside the bush and stayed there for three days after which his daughter called to tell him that the police had taken his elder brother away. “I felt bad when I heard that sad news that my brother had been taken away by the police and I decided to surrender myself to the police”.
    Gundumi insisted that he had no hand in the death of the woman. “I did not kill her. But I may not know if my friend’s wife poisoned the `garri’ she gave her because that was the last thing she took before going to bed.’’
    Her husband opens up
    The deceased husband, Mr Markus Jagaba, 44, in his statement, stated that his wife took permission from him to attend a wedding at Jakandangiwa village in Bauchi State. Jagaba added that he allowed her to go because it was a family occasion and he did not suspect that she was going to meet another man.
    “My wife told me she was going to attend a family occasion at Jakandangiwa village in Bauchi State. I did not argue with her. I simply allowed her to go because I didn’t know she had other plans.

    “I became worried when she did not return home after the wedding and did not respond to my phone calls. I called her family members and was shocked to learn that she was not at the wedding.

    “When we did not see her after searching everywhere, my family and I reported the matter to the police after which I was called by the police, some days later, to come over and identify the corpse which I confirmed to be my wife’s.’’
    Source: Sun News

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  • He was said to have bought some flashy cars which he kept in a mansion he bought with stolen funds in highbrow Lekki part of Lagos.[Image: Conv.JPG]
    All is not well in the IT Department of Covenant University, Otta, TheNation can authoritatively report.
    A guru in information technology (IT) attached to that department is in the police net after he was found to have devised a means by which he diverted funds meant for the university into his private pocket. By the time the university woke up to his antics, he had succeeded in siphoning a whopping N180 million!
    Before the bubble burst, not a few people were said to have wondered how the loved and trusted official was managing to get the funds with which he maintained a lifestyle the Chancellor of the university and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, would call “riotous living.”
    He was said to have bought some flashy cars which he kept in a mansion he bought with stolen funds in highbrow Lekki part of Lagos, even though he had a house in the school where he lived with his wife.
    Every Friday, he would cruise with his wife to the posh house in Lekki to enjoy the weekend. But what really gave him away was the habit of flying back to his duty post in Otta in a chopper that landed at the premises of The Bells University, which is only a stone’s throw from Covenant University.
    Tongues began to wag from onlookers who started to wonder who the big boy could be. Word about his lifestyle soon got to the authorities of Covenant University who decided to put him under surveillance and realised that he had stolen the university’s money amounting to more than N180 million. The funds were mainly school fees paid by students. The fees were paid into the accounts of the university in designated banks but the disingenuous inventor found a means of diverting the money into his private account. The discovery alarmed the authorities of the school. Oyedepo, sources said, was flabbergasted.
    The IT guru was promptly reported to the police, who arrested him. Covenant University authorities expected the police to fast track his prosecution but that was not forthcoming.
    Words got to the university that the suspected fraudster was greasing the palms of the police. Again alarmed by the development, the authorities sidelined the police and handed the suspect to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).
    Upon interrogation, the suspect admitted stealing the said sum and even agreed to refund N56 million in cash immediately. Sentry will keep you posted on further developments.

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  • She noted that she never questioned God after the death of her child, adding that God knows best.[Image: remi.JPG]
    Remilekun Oshodi
    Ace actress, Remilekun Oshodi, popularly called Remi Surutu, by her friends and fans, recently celebrated her birthday.
    However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, she reflected on how thankful she was to God on how far He had brought her despite the agony she went through after she lost her daughter in 2017.
    She noted that she never questioned God after the death of her child, adding that God knows best.
     In the ’80s, many people were not aware of the implications of sickle cell because they had never experienced it. I speak to people who are willing to listen, that it is not an easy experience. They need to check themselves to avoid bringing a beautiful child to the world and end up crying over them. Iyabo Ojo released a video on Mother’s Day that made me cry so much because I knew what I went through to have my first child and at the end of the day, she is not here to celebrate with me. I thank God that her sister is alive and she is not a sickle cell patient and God has been faithful to her,” she told Saturday Beats.

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  • Sanusi II is known for his criticisms on matters of social and economic development in Kano and Nigeria at large.[Image: SANU.JPG]
    Emir, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
    Sir Muhammadu Sanusi I (1905-1990 ), the grandfather of the present Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II reigned for only five years as Emir of Kano before he was forced to resign.
    He was said not to be in the good books of the authorities of the day due to his views which were considered offensive. He was perceived to be too independent minded by the political authorities and a web of intrigues were weaved around him in order to remove him as Emir. In the course of his reign, a panel was set up to investigate alleged misappropriation of the then Kano Native Authority’s funds and the Emir alongside other members of the Native Authority were made to testify before the commission with D.J.M Muffet as sole commissioner.
    At the end of the inquiry, Muffet in his report advised the Regional Government that Sir Muhammadu Sanusi I should resign. He therefore tendered his resignation to the Governor of the Northern Region, Sir Kashim Ibrahim on 28th of March 1963.
    It will appear that the present Emir, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is facing same circumstances. He has made some salient points on the economy and some policies Governor Ganduje sees as offensive.
    As a successful banker and risk manager with track records in the industry, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, now Muhammadu Sanusi II, became the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria from where he later mounted the throne as the Emir of Kano after being suspended from office as CBN governor by the then Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan when he alleged that $20b was missing from the treasury.
    The power elites in Kano state then, led by the Governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, who has now also turned into a political adversary of Governor Ganduje, despite public resistance by the public, were clearly instrumental in the selection of Sanusi II as the 14th Emir of Kano. He was turbaned on 8th of June 2014 after the death of his grand uncle and 13th Emir of Kano Alhaji Ado Bayero 1930-2014.
    Sanusi’s ‘sins’
    Sanusi II is known for his criticisms on matters of social and economic development in Kano and Nigeria at large, offering advice and suggestions even when they seem to be displeasing to the political powers especially on the Girl Child Education and issues on family planning. His ordeals with the Kano state governor dated back to 2017.
    In one of such bold reactions on government plans in April 2017 Sanusi II challenged the Kano state governor, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje while delivering a keynote address at a function in Kaduna, on the governor’s plan to secure a loan of $1.85b from a Chinese Development Bank that would fund 85% of a Light Rail project to be constructed by a Chinese company CR18G-CRECG. The project was for the construction of a 74 kilometer facility in the state with the intention of reducing traffic on the roads and to ease commercial activities.

    Rubbishing the plan, Sanusi II said that the plan to build the Light Rail project was built on a shaky foundation. He said, “we have governors, they go to China and spend one month on a tour and come back with MoU on debts.
    “China will lend you $1.8b to build light rail. This light rail will be done by workers from China, the trains will come from China, the engines will come from China, the labor will come from China while the driver is Chinese.

    “At the end of the day, what do you benefit from them? Your citizens will ride on a train and when you ride on a train in northern Nigeria, in a state like Kano or Katsina, where are you going to? You are not going to industrial estate to work. You are not going to school. You are not going to the farm. You borrow money from China to invest in trains so that your citizens can ride on them to go for weddings and naming ceremonies.”
    This did not go down well with the political powers in the state and in a swift reaction, the State House of Assembly accused Sanusi II of spreading false information against Governor Ganduje on his trip to China. He was also accused of spending the funds of the Emirate without the approval of the governor or the House of Assembly. As a result, a probe was established with a view to indicting him and subsequently dethroning him.
    Also, Emir Sanusi II was accused of not supporting Ganduje but seen to have soft spot for the opposition candidate in the last general election that was declared inconclusive in Kano by the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC.
    It was clear that Sanusi II was going to have problems with Governor Ganduje. On the day INEC declared Governor Ganduje winner of the inconclusive election, the APC supporters trooped to the Government House Kano to celebrate with the governor. In the course of the wild celebration they chanted songs calling for the removal of Sanusi II saying; “Tsohon gwamna sabon sarki” meaning “we support the incumbent governor and want a new Emir”. They didn’t stop there, they went to the Coronation House where the governor addressed them and they destroyed portraits and pictures of Emir Sanusi II.
    However, Sanusi II managed to survive with the intervention of some dignitaries in the country among whom were Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Sultan of Sokoto and former Presidents Ibrahim Babangida and Abubakar Abdulsalam. Following this intervention, the State Assembly as well as the Public Complaints and Anti-Graft Commission closed the case.
    In a swift reaction, Sanusi II had no choice than to apologize to Governor Ganduje at a grand reception he organized in his honor at his palace asking him to be a forgiving leader.

    In a swift reaction, Sanusi II had no choice than to apologize to Governor Ganduje at a grand reception he organized in his honor at his palace asking him to be a forgiving leader.
    Creation of new Emirates
    Thereafter, the state government in a political move meant to cut Emir Sanusi II to size by creating four new Emirates of the same first class status as his as well as indict him for alleged misappropriation of funds in order to dethrone him. The State House of Assembly would, on one hand, ensure that the powerful Emirate was broken into five Emirates of the same status while, on the other hand, the State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission would reopen an earlier probe on the issue of the Emirates funds.
    With this plan in place a petition by some legal practitioners in the state led by Mr Salisu Ibrahim called on the state Assembly to create four new Emirates by amending the Emirate law thereby cutting down the size of the Kano Emirate and revisiting history to upgrade some old chiefdoms. The assembly immediately consented and adopted it. Four additional first class Emirate Councils were then created by the Assembly within 48 hours in Karaye, Rano, Bichi and Gaya making Kano the fifth. Out of the former 43 local government areas under the Kano Emirate, only 10 are now under it in the new arrangement.
    As the Assembly was deliberating on the Bill, the state governor revealed to newsmen that he would sign it to law as soon as it gets to his table. Subsequently the Assembly passed the amendment into law and the governor assented to it thereby making it the fastest law ever in this part of the country. This action was however not without opposition from some concerned Kano citizens.
    A member of the royal house stated that Ganduje had erred by involving the institution of the Emirate arguing that the governor should have limited his action to Sanusi II by simply dethroning him and not breaking the Kano Emirate into five.
    Other concerned Kano citizens then went ahead to institute a suit against the move by the state Assembly. Ruling in an ex parte motion dated May 10, 2019, being Friday, and filed by Hon. Sule Gwarzo, Justice Nasiru Saminu restrained Governor Ganduje, Kano House of Assembly, the Speaker, Clerk of the Assembly, the Attorney General and the state Printer from implementing the division of Kano into five Emirates.
    In an order of interim injunction, the court directed all the parties in the suit to maintain the status quo pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice.
    It was not clear if this order was served on the parties concerned on Friday and Governor Ganduje went ahead to make appointments. He then issued staff of office to the newly appointed Emirs in the new Emirates at the weekend, while he received the court order on Tuesday, four days after.
    Alhaji Ibrahim AbdulKadir was appointed as Emir of Gaya, Alhaji Tafida Abubakar Ila as Emir of Rano, Dr. Alhaji Ibrahim Abubakar II as Emir of Karaye while the son of the late Emir Ado Bayero, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero was appointed as the Emir of Bichi.

    On the other hand, the corruption charges were still on. The former Personal Secretary of Emir Sanusi II, Isah Bayero is among those to be quizzed by the panel even as as he is now seen as a strong supporter of the moves by Governor Ganduje to unseat Emir Sanusi.
    Isah was said to have evidence which would be used by investigators to prosecute the Emir who is charged with spending N6b without the consent of the state government or the Assembly. Some structures in palace were said to have been modernized by destroying the artifacts inherited from past Emirs.
    Dangote’s intervention saves Emir
    Interestingly, there was no intervention from the Arewa Consultative Forum, the Sultan of Sokoto, other state governors or the Presidency on the matter. Sanusi II was therefore left to himself.
    However, the business tycoon Aliko Dangote was said to have been the only one who, from the beginning pleaded with Governor Ganduje not to remove the Emir but Ganduje insisted.
    Sources from government said the governor gave Dangote some conditions which must be met in order to save the Emir since the Emir would not stop criticising the government.
    The source said “Governor Ganduje’s response was that he told Dangote to go back and tell the Emir that he should choose from three alternatives: to resign on his own, to be removed from office or for the government to create additional Emirates in the state. Ganduje assured Dangote that one of the three options would be implemented by government since the Emir would not stop playing partisan politics. But for the quick intervention by Dangote, Ganduje would have dethroned the Emir”, the source revealed.
    Source: Vanguard

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  • A new report has shown that men think about football more than they think about s*x these days.[Image: Lionel-Messi%20(2).jpg]

    Messi during a game between Barcelona and Chelsea
    A recently-published finding has shown that men think more about football than they do s*x.
    The report said 64 per cent of 1,000 adults that were sampled said they think more about football every seven seconds than they do about women or sex. Only eight per cent of the respondents said they think about sex more than football.
    The report was published by the UK-based IllicitEncounters, which said it was out to puncture holes in a series of sexual myths that had been passed on through generations, according to the Daily Star.
    Other findings
    The report also busted the longstanding assumption that men with large feet or hands will have a bigger manhood, showing that there is no scientific link between the two.
    Other interesting findings include the claim that oysters might be a proven aphrodisiac for men. Only 12 per cent of men who took part in the survey said taking oysters turned them on.
    Find the top ten male sex myths, according to IllicitEncounters, as follows:
    1. I think about s*x every seven seconds (I’m more likely to be thinking about football)
    2. Big hands or feet means big p*nis
    3. I play badly at sport if I have s*x the previous night
    4. Oysters make you horny
    5. Women peak s*xually later than men
    6. I have never cheated on a partner
    7. Good s*x has to be spontaneous
    8. Good s*x needs to last a long time
    9. I have a higher s*x drive than my partner
    10. You can burn a lot of calories having s*x.
    Source: Premium Times

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  • The Canadian authorities, however, pointed out that two out of every three Nigerian applicants claim to be victims of homophobic attacks.[Image: Canada.JPG]
    Nigerians are now the largest nationals seeking refugee status in Canada, Saturday PUNCH has learnt.
    According to data received from the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Nigeria had 12,138 pending applications as of December 2018.

    The Canadian authorities, however, pointed out that two out of every three Nigerian applicants claim to be victims of homophobic attacks.
    The Federal Government led by former President Goodluck Jonathan had in 2014 signed the Same Sex (Prohibition) Act which outlawed gay marriage and prescribed a prison term of 14 years for persons found guilty of such.
    According to the RPD, which is in charge of hearing and deciding claims for refugee protection made in Canada, Nigeria has overtaken crisis-ridden Haiti which was number one the previous year.
    The total number of pending applications from across the world stood at 71,675 which implies that Nigeria represents about 17 per cent of total pending applications from amongst the over 170 countries.
    Haiti comes a distant second with 6,811 pending applications while India has 5,175. Mexico has 3,525; Colombia, which ended a civil war barely three years ago, has 3,056 while China has 2,105.
    Jawad Kassab, who led the refugee and immigration programme at Legal Aid Ontario in 2017, said the agency had identified an unusual pattern in sexual orientation claims filed by Nigerian refugee seekers.
    Kassab told CBC News that he was concerned that if claims were fabricated, refugees with legitimate claims might have a harder time getting the help they need.
    “It galls me because of the potential impact it could have on the refugee system and the Canadian public’s perception of refugee claimants and refugees in a very vulnerable time globally,” he said.
    Kassab said Legal Aid Ontario, which covers the legal costs for most refugee claims heard in the province, became suspicious after a routine review of refugee applications showed that 60 to 70 per cent of about 600 Nigerian claims made in Ontario since April 2017 were based on persecution because of sexual orientation.
    Kassab described that number as “high, relative to other countries.”
    Kassab said Legal Aid feared some of the claims were either made up by individual claimants or that legal representatives coached them to do so.
    The National Orientation Agency has therefore cautioned Nigerians against desperation while seeking asylum abroad, saying even though the body could not stop anyone from seeking better life somewhere, Nigerians should not do it by all means
    The agency’s spokesperson, Mr Paul Ogenyi, spoke to our correspondent in a telephone interview on Friday.
    He said, “Of course, as more experts are leaving the country, it would affect us in the future because to replace the professionals leaving this country would be difficult.”
    On Nigerians claiming to be gay to seek asylum in Canada, Ogenyi said it was due to the law against homosexuality in Nigeria. “But desperate people should not use gay issue as a means of getting asylum,” he added.

    The Presidency had yet to respond to Saturday PUNCH’s reaction to this issue as of the time of publishing this report.
    The Senior Special Assistant, Media and Publicity, to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr Garba Shehu, neither answered calls to his mobile phone nor did he respond to a text message sent to him on Friday

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  • The suspects have made useful statements and will be charged to court as soon investigations are completed. [Image: hoo1.JPG]
    The suspects being paraded
    Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Advance Fee Fraud Section, Abuja Headquarters in collaboration with men from the Benin Zonal Office in an operation on Friday 17, 2019 arrested 22 suspected internet fraudsters during an early morning raid at Sapele, Delta State.
    Working on intelligence reports, the suspects, who are between the ages of 18 to 30 years, were smoked out from their hideout in an early morning operation.
    A day earlier, the operatives from Abuja had arrested two suspected internet fraudster in Ughelli, Delta State.
    Items recovered from the suspects include lap top computers, iPhones, phones, ATM cards and three exotic vehicles. The cars are Benz C350, Benz ML 350 and Chrysler 300.[Image: Hoo2.JPG]

    [Image: hoo3.JPG][Image: hoo4.JPG]

    The raid on the internet fraudsters is one in the series by operatives of the Commission in line with the directive of the acting Executive Chairman of the Commission, Ibrahim Magu to rid the entire country of internet fraud and cyber crime.
    The suspects have made useful statements and will be charged to court as soon investigations are completed.

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  • The suspects will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded, the EFCC has concluded.[Image: ya1.JPG]

    The Yahoo Boys
    The Abuja Zonal office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Friday, May 17, 2019 arrested ten suspected internet fraudsters.
    They are Habib Adeyemi, Lawal Kehinde, Victory Jemibor, Solomon Enuneke, Ubgehi Joshua and Tosan Ogbe. Others are Onajite Ejovwo, Anthony Igbonoeme, Tunde Azeez and Adeyemi Habib.
    The operatives swung into action following intelligence report on their activities.
    Some of the items recovered from them were two (2) exotic cars Six (6) laptops, 10 smart phones and 1 international passport.
    The suspects will be charged to court as soon as investigations are concluded.[Image: ya2.JPG]

    [Image: ya3.JPG]

    [Image: ya4.JPG]

    [Image: ya5(1).jpg]

    [Image: ya6.JPG]

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  • she revealed some details about her sexual life. The video sparked off debate as some social media users insulted her for having an accent.[Image: chika.JPG]
    Chika Lann
    Ex-model, Chika Lann, became an Internet sensation after she claimed that her avant-garde hairstyle cost N40m. Her claims generated reactions online, making her controversial.
    Recently, she released a video about her reality TV series. In that video, she revealed some details about her sexual life. The video sparked off debate as some social media users insulted her for having an ‘accent’.
    In an interview with Saturday Beats, she noted that she wasn’t bothered about people’s opinions about her life, adding that she was proud of her origin.
    “As a matter of fact, that’s an emphatic no! Why should people’s opinions bother me? Why should I let the opinions of those that don’t contribute to my life have any impact on me? I am a proud Igbo lady and if I speak with an accent, so be it.

    “They are entitled to their opinions, the same way people that think the earth is flat is entitled to their opinions. But are their opinions correct? That’s an important question.

    “You see, we have a lot of negative people everywhere. The faux anonymity of the Internet emboldens them; it gives them an audacity they can’t exhibit in real life. You will be surprised to find out that most of them are small kids waiting for their Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination results. They are jobless and have nothing better to do. You don’t expect me to take these sets of miscreants seriously,” she told Saturday Beats.
    Responding to a question about the reason why she chose to talk about her sex life in her viral video, Lann said, “I didn’t choose to do it. I uploaded several promotional videos for my show, ‘The Expatriates Wives’ and social media handlers isolated that part and it went viral. I talked about my sex life because it’s a reality show. I open up on the show and I strive for authenticity.

    “The truth is that my libido is higher than my husband’s. And it’s even more difficult for me because I have a lot of admirers. I have people promising me heaven on earth. Sometimes, I am tempted. Sex is not food and my husband is very busy; most times he is not around and has little interest in sex. He’s not your average randy Nigerian man,” she said.
    Asked if she was bothered about being tagged as a sex freak, she noted it was the truth and her reality.
    “They will perceive me as a sex freak for wanting to have more s*x with my lawful wedded husband? It is their perception; they have a right to it. But it’s the truth and it’s my reality. It’s a reality show which means it is my personal experience,” she added.

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  • The couple agreed to put on hold pregnancy till he completes his national service and return to Nasarawa to find a good job.[Image: nas.JPG]
    The couple in question
    No young man or old man would pray to be in the shoes of Elias Audu. The accursed fate that has befallen him is terrible and a huge blow to his ego.
    Last year, one month before he reported at the NYSC camp in Osun State, Audu had married his young wife. The graduate of Nasarawa State University Keffi, an indigene of Keana Local Government Area of the state, then patriotically proceeded to Osun State where he is presently serving his fatherland. In the meantime, the wife he wedded 10 months ago, Tessy, continues to live in their rented apartment in Lafia. The native of Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, a Second Year diploma student at Nasarawa State Polytechnic, had embarked on and completed a three-month industrial attachment.
    The couple agreed to put on hold pregnancy till he completes his national service and return to Nasarawa to find a good job. Then they can turn their attention to the critical matter of giving his aged and anxious mother a grandchild. Now, three months to the end of his national service, Audu’s world came crashing down. He returned home last week to find his wife pregnant. Guess who impregnated his wife: His best friend.
    The crisis before marriage
    Audu, still dazed by shock, recounts the sequence of events leading to the scandal in an exclusive chat with our correspondent.
    His narration: “I got married 10 months ago to my wife after we resolved our differences due to my discovery that she was going out with someone else. Initially, I did not intend to go into a serious relationship after that discovery I mean, I was so much in love with her only for her to have jilted me. I vowed never to have any serious relationship with any woman until after my service year. But we got over the episode. She convinced me and proved to be a different woman. She loved me genuinely, and despite my resolve, I found myself falling in love with her again. It began gradually and with time, I could not do without her. She made me forget the past. In no time, all I could think of was to be with her for the rest of my life.”

    The pressure to marry
    “The pressure to get married from my old mum was overwhelming. My father had put pressure on me to get married and bear him grandchildren before his death. Unfortunately, he died six years ago without seeing my children. Being the only son in the family, my mother understandably also put me under pressure, that her time is almost up in this world and she would want to see me bear children before her final exit. That was the pressure that pushed me into getting married before my NYSC. When I took her to meet my mother, she fell in love with her on the spot and told me she was the very woman who would give her grandchildren. We got married soon after and look forward to a happy family with our kids. But we both agree that she will not “take in” until after my service year, little did I know that the devil would use my best friend to destroy my home.”
    The man who got her pregnant
    “I grow up together with Mike Agu in Keana. We are childhood friends. We attended the same primary school and also the same secondary school, Government Science School Lafia. He was fortunate to have gotten admission into the university before me. Nonetheless, we were very close friends. When I joined him at the university the following year, we were like brothers. Our relationship grew beyond ordinary friendship.

    “When my name came out for the 2018 Batch B NYSC, I proceeded to Osun State immediately. My wife could not visit me in Osun because three of us who are corpers lived in one room. There was no need for her to come around since accommodation will be a problem her coming around means I have to rent my own apartment which is beyond my means. Since I did not have the means, I decided she should not visit. I was not happy to leave my new wife all alone for one year, but she was equally in school and we needed to understand ourselves; more so, with my close friends and relations in Lafia, I felt she was in safe hands.

    “While in Osun, I kept in touch with her as much as I could. My friends I spoke and chatted with also told me she was doing great. I had told Mike Agu, who was the closest to me, to always check my rented apartment in Lafia to see that my wife was doing well. Mike had finished his service year and was teaching in a private school in Lafia. How could I have known that I was putting my wife in harm’s way?”
    The shocking discovery
    “Throughout this year, I have not visited home due to the tight schedule of my duties at my place of primary assignment. My last visit was in November 2018. I had got some break and decided to visit home again. I arrived home with so much joy. The first warning sign was when I got to the park and my wife was not around to welcome me as usual.

    “It was her next-door neighbour that came to welcome me at the park. Even Mike, my friend, whom I have been communicating with since I left Osun State, was nowhere at the park. When I asked why my wife was not at the park, her neighbour told me she was not feeling too well and they advised her to stay at home. I did not buy that explanation but I kept quiet and could not wait to get home. When I got home, I met the shock of my life. There stood my wife with a protruding stomach.

    I was transfixed, trying to recall if there was any time she told me she was pregnant, but I could not remember any. Her neighbour was in an unusual hurry to leave. After her departure, I asked my wife what was going on. She broke down and confessed that Mike seduced her, they had sex and the pregnancy resulted. As for Mike, I have not called him since I came back home. I leave him to his conscience.”
    My dilemma
    “When I visited my mother in the village, she was so happy that her son’s new wife is pregnant. The news has reached her! My mother believes that I am responsible for the pregnancy. She is not aware of the arrangement we had to wait until after my NYSC programme. I am still in shock and confused about what to do at the moment. But one thing I know is that she can’t be my wife again and forever. I want her to take the decision herself instead of waiting for me to push her out. I am not even going to tell my mother. From here, I am going back to Osun State and I will not come back to Nasarawa State until after my passing out. I intend to settle down in Abuja or Lagos to look for something doing. Between me and her, it is over. I will move on with my life.”
    Tessy’s story
    When a correspondent contacted Tessy after her lectures at the Polytechnic, she burst into tears wailing that what ought to be a family secret (and hopefully settled internally) has been exposed to the media by her husband.
    “I had never cheated on my husband since I got married to him,

    Currently, she is distressed, at a crossroads. Says she: “ I don’t know what to do, I am waiting for his (Audu’s) final decision on me. But I have told my parents to seek a loan to pay my husband back his pride price. I know I have disappointed him, but I am pleading with him to forgive me.”
    Mike Agu, the villain
    An effort was made to reach Mike Agu, the man who got his friend’s wife pregnant, for his own side of the story. Eventually, our correspondent got to him through the Vice Principal of the school where he is a teacher.
    Without mincing words, Agu blames Tessy for the misadventure.
    Here is his response: “The girl demanded sex from me after I took her out; she actually begged for it and temptation overtook me. When she made it a regular thing without contraceptive, I raised the issue of pregnancy but she said she knows when to get pregnant and that she doesn’t enjoy s*x with a condom.”
    He is nonetheless ashamed of his conduct. “I feel so ashamed and disappointed with myself,” he laments. “This matter will linger long in our village and it will affect the cordial relationship between myself and Elias, including our parents. It is too bad that the devil has used me. I don’t know how to apologize to him. I have betrayed his trust and confidence in me. May God forgive me of my sins.”
    Source: Sun News

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  • Facebook said it is constantly working to detect and stop this type of activity because it does not want its services to be used to manipulate people.[Image: Facebook.JPG]
    Facebook has banned Archimedes Group, an Israeli company, for using fake accounts and pages to post political news about Nigeria.

    Archimedes Group is a political consulting and lobbying firm that boasts of its ability of wining elections worldwide.

    In a post, Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity policy,  explained that the accounts and pages were identified through “internal investigations”.

    He accused firm of coordinated inauthentic behaviour, saying so far, Facebook has removed 265 fake accounts.

    “Today we removed 265 Facebook and Instagram accounts, Facebook Pages, Groups and events involved in coordinated inauthentic behavior,” Gleicher said.

    “This activity originated in Israel and focused on Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Angola, Niger and Tunisia along with some activity in Latin America and Southeast Asia. 

    “The people behind this network used fake accounts to run pages, disseminate their content and artificially increase engagement. They also represented themselves as locals, including local news organizations, and published allegedly leaked information about politicians. The Page administrators and account owners frequently posted about political news, including topics like elections in various countries, candidate views and criticism of political opponents.

    “Although the individuals behind this network attempted to conceal their identities, our investigation found that some of this activity was linked to an Israeli commercial entity, Archimedes Group. It has repeatedly violated our misrepresentation and other policies, including by engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior. This organization and all its subsidiaries are now banned from Facebook, and it has been issued a cease and desist letter.”

    Facebook said it is constantly working to detect and stop this type of activity because it does not want its services to be used to manipulate people.

    Assuring its users of its commitment to continually improving to stay ahead, the social media giant said it is investing heavily in building better technology, hiring more people and working more closely with law enforcement, security experts and other companies.

    In February, Facebook had partnered with Dubawa, a fact-checking website in Nigeria, to help assess the accuracy of news and reduce the spread of misinformation.

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