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  • Following reports that the US and UK reportedly asked President Buhari to end his 2019 re-election bid, the presidency has reacted.
    [Image: mbuhari01.JPG]
    President Muhammadu Buhari
    The Presidency on Tuesday said there was no truth in a media report that some foreign powers including the US & UK were putting pressure on President Muhammadu Buhari not to seek re-election in 2019.
    This was made known through the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina.
    Adesina was reacting to a story titled “Pressure mounts on Buhari not to seek re-election” which claimed that foreign powers, including the European Union, United States of America, United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia, are putting pressure on Buhari not to seek re-election.
    The presidential spokesman said contrary to the report, Buhari was being held in high esteem in the countries mentioned in the report.
    He said because Buhari is not flippant, he gave a deep thought to the prospect before announcing his bid for a second term in office.
    Adesina added that it is only those who fear electoral loss that are trying to dissuade the President from running by all means.
    He said by claiming that it got feelers that Buhari may opt out of the 2019 presidential election, the newspaper embarrassed itself.
    The statement read in part, “We thought fake news was the sole preserve of the social media in this season. Alas, a traditional medium has caught the bug. Obviously, the author of the story just got a brainwave, or got procured by anti-democratic elements, and then penned the mischief.

    “If there are quarters in which President Buhari is held in very high esteem, and the work he is doing for Nigeria highly lauded, it is in the countries mentioned. Some of them are equally bastions of democracy, and will not interfere in the democratic affairs of a sovereign country. The newspaper should simply tell its story to the marines.

    “President Buhari is not a flippant or frivolous individual. He gave deep thought to the prospect, before announcing his bid for a second term in office.

    “It is only those who fear that their goose would be cooked, if they meet with him at the polls, that are trying to dissuade him from running by all means, including sponsored newspaper stories.”

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  • A relation has spoken up about what assassins did Bunmi Ojo, an APC chieftain in Ekiti, before killing the man. 

    [Image: Bunmi-Ojo.jpg]
    According to a report by Daily Trust, a relation of Bunmi Ojo, who was assassinated last Friday in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti-State capital by some gunmen, has disclosed that Ojo’s killers seized his three mobile sets and car key before raining bullets on him.
    The relation, who pleaded not to be mentioned, said the assassins, however, dropped the key after the killing.
    The late Ojo was a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress and is former Personal Assistant to ex-governor of Ekiti State, Segun Oni. 
    The deceased, who was on the board of the Federal Character Commission as a Commissioner, was shot in the head and stomach by the gunmen.
    The relation said, “When they stormed the viewing centre, they shot into the air to disperse viewers and immediately seized Ojo’s mobile sets and car key before shooting. But they returned the car key after carrying out the act. What they wanted to do was cause distraction and make the murder looked like a robbery.”

    • The Police Public Relations Officer, Ekiti Command, Mr Caleb Ikechukwu, told journalists yesterday the police were yet to arrest any suspect.

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  • A court has insisted that the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu must be arrested. [Image: Mahmood-Yakubu.jpg]

    The Federal High Court, Abuja, on Tuesday insisted that the Inspector-General of Police must arrest and produce the Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu in court on Aug. 16, the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, reports.
    Justice Stephen Pam gave the order following the absence of Yakubu’s team of lawyers in court and there was no explanation as to why they were absent.
    Pam said, “At the commencement of proceedings, counsel for the applicant, Kanayo Okafor, informed the court that the Court of Appeal on Monday asked the court to stay proceedings in the matter.
    “The counsel for the respondent is not in court and no reason has been given for their absence.

    “The contempt proceedings and the bench warrant issued for the arrest of Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, INEC chairman still subsists, the I-G is to carry out the order of the arrest of Yakubu.

    “This court being a court of record has nothing to prove that there was an order for stay from the Court of Appeal.”
    However, while the judge was delivering his ruling, a lawyer in the team of Yakubu’s counsel walked into the court and made attempts to call the judge’s attention to his presence.
    This was, however, in vain as Justice Pam adjourned the matter until Aug. 16 for continuation.
    The News Agency of Nigeria gathered that the counsel was late because he was at the Court of Appeal making efforts to get the ruling to present to the lower court, but the ruling was not yet ready.
    The court had on August 1, issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Yakubu for “flagrant” disobedience of court orders.
    Also, the Court of Appeal vacated the arrest order on Monday and ordered a stay of proceedings pending the determination of the substantive case.
    The lower court, however, insisted that no such order had been communicated to it and being a court of record, it needed a document to show that there was such an order and not verbal information.

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  • In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has crashed a plane right into his own house to kill his wife. 

    A woman-beater has died after he intentionally crashed a plane into his own home today in what is believed to have been a deranged bid to kill his wife, police said.
    Duane Youd, from Payson, Utah, US, carried out the astonishing attack just hours after he had been arrested for assaulting his wife.
    His partner and a child, who were in the home at the time of the attack, managed to escape despite the front part the two-story house being engulfed in flames, police Sgt. Noemi Sandoval said.
    The crash occurred about 2:30 am today in Payson, a city of about 20,000 residents 60 miles south of Salt Lake City.

    Investigators believe the plane belonged to Youd's employer and that he intentionally flew into his own house, Sandoval said.


    He was an experienced pilot, she said. It wasn't immediately clear who employed Youd.

    It's unknown if the child in the house is related to Youd, Sandoval said.

    That occurred without incident, Sandoval said.
    Within hours, Youd was taking off in the plane from the Spanish Fork-Springville Airport about 15 miles north of his house.
    He flew directly to his neighbourhood and smashed into his house, Sandoval said.
    Photos of the wreckage showed the white plane charred and in pieces in the front yard nearby an overturned and crushed car.
    Most of the house was still intact although the front of the building was burned heavily.
    Police had responded one previous time to the house on a domestic violence incident, Sandoval said.
    Online court records show that Youd agreed on July 23 to attend marriage and family counselling sessions for six months as part of a plea agreement following an April 8 domestic violence incident.
    On that occasion he was charged with disorderly conduct.

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  • A yet another story of robbery in the commercial city of Lagos has been narrated online as a young lady who was set up by an okada rider, shares her story. 

    [size=undefined][img=32x0][/img]  [img=32x0][/img]  [img=32x0][/img]  [img=32x0][/img]  [email=?subject=Rival%20Who%20Killed%20Handsome%20Nigerian%20Model%20In%20London%20Over%20Girlfriend%20Convicted%20(Photos)&body=I%20think%20you%20may%20be%20interested%20in%20this%20news:%20][img=32x0][/img][/email] 

    A young lady identified as Mary Martins, has taken to her social media page to share a scary robbery experience she had in Lagos, last weekend when she and her friend rode on a bike from CMS to Mile 2.


    Mary revealed that mid way through the journey, the motorcyclist started acting funny and stopped the bike to see what was wrong with it only for two armed robbers to burst out of no where to steal their valuables.

    [size=undefined]Here's how she shared her story below

    Latest News

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  • [Image: Saraki-main.jpg]

    Senate President, Bukola Saraki, says he met Nigeria’s former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, in Abeokuta on Monday because he missed the official opening of the multi-billion dollar project of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, OOPL.
    Saraki who arrived the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) at about 5.27 p.m, held closed door meeting with Obasanjo and it lasted for more than an hour and half.
    Details of the meeting were not made available to journalists.
    The Senate President who was wearing a white Agbada with a white cap told journalists he was in Abeokuta to see Obasanjo because he missed the official opening of the multi-billion dollar project of the OOPL.
    He described the Library as a beautiful edifice that all Nigerians should be proud of.
    “You know I missed the official opening of the library and that is why I have decided to come and see the place and honestly it is beautiful. We are very proud of what he has done here,” he said.
    The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Saraki left the library premises at about 7.12pm.
    It was the second visit to a former Nigerian leader that Saraki has made in a week, following last Wednesday’s press conference, in which he accused the executive of sending DSS men to blockade the National Assembly.
    The accusation has been debunked and the head of the DSS then, Lawal Daura sacked for the unconstitutional action.
    Last Wednesday, Saraki also visited former military leader, General Ibrahim Babangida in Minna, Niger State.
    He did not speak with journalists thereafter, but tweeted that: “Dropped in to pay my respects to General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. Always happy to be with a father and leader."

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  • If you are wondering where this trending “na them dey rush us” is coming from, and when and how to use use it, then I am about to help you out of your quandary. “Na them dey rush us” is the boastful self-marketing pitch of a character played by the hilarious Charles Inojie.

    So when do you use it? Okay, say you are PDP Chairman like Uche Secondus, and you see the ugly Oshiomole and co of APC fretting over defections, you will smile like Charles here and say

    “Fine party like PDP, we no dey too look for members like that, NA DEM DEY RUSH US, na dem dey rush usssssss”

    Or if you are a club like Chelsea and every two years you win the EPL, you can tell other fans like Tos Bobo or Riete Ofugara or Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley that “fine club like us, we no dey too look for trophies. NA DEM DEY RUSH US”

    So in other words, just believe in yourself and market yourself to whomever and tell them that because of your innate top-notch off-the-hanger quality and because you are handsome, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, creative, well-planned, put together and blessed self, NA THEM DEY RUSH YOU.

    As for me, ha! I no too dey get time like that. Na them dey rush us.

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  • [Image: 6CE5A15C-0EA2-4211-A772-920D77997262.jpeg]

    Before You parrot the famous line, “ it is no more business as usual. Please do me a favour and come up with explanations for the points below.

    1. $25bn (N9tn) NNPC contract scam. Investigations suppressed and swept under the carpet.

    2. Diversion of N48bn meant for upkeep of IDPs

    3. Corrupt N1.4tn oil subsidy regime.

    4. Certificate forgery allegations against Mr. Obono-obla and Ms Kemi Adeosun. Both are still remaining at their posts and nothing done.

    5. Use of security apparatus to forcefully re-open the Senate contrary to the doctrine of separation of powers.

    6. Alleged bribery of $1m each to lawmakers to impeach their leadership.

    7. N500m to Lawyers acting for FGN in the MTN fine saga in addition to allegations of N500m bribery against the Chief of Staff.

    8. $43bn found in Ikoyi apartment. Till date, the report has not been made public. Who owns that money?

    9. Who is the owner of LEGICO Shopping Plaza, Ahmadu Bello Way, VI, Lagos inside which the EFCC claimed that it found N448.8 million cash? Why has the investigation developed cold feet?

    10. Who brought back the sacked Maina and what has happened to that case?

    11. What happened to the N10bn scam involving the Executive Secretary of NHIS?

    12. Who authorised the payment of $17m to lawyers in Nigeria for the recovery of Abacha loot when the transaction had already being completed by a foreign Lawyer?

    13. Who attempted to engage lawyers to be paid “legal fees” for the N500m Abacha loot to be returned by the US? If the US government did not block the move and insisted that they will deal government to government, who would have benefitted from that scam?

    14. What happened to the petition dated 4th October, 2016 and submitted to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission calling for an investigation into the alleged involvement of Minister of Trade and investment, Okechukwu Enelamah and some banks in the illegal repatriation of $13.92b out of Nigeria illegally by the telecommunication company MTN?

    15. What happened to petition dated 17th July, 2016 submitted to the Code of Conduct Bureau, demanding investigation and prosecution of the Chief of Army Staff, General Buratai on allegations of false declaration of assets and ownership of properties in Dubai, against the code for public office holders?

    16. What happened to the 1.1 billion budgeted to clean the office of the National Security Adviser?

    17. “Although the law provides criminal penalties for conviction of official corruption, the government did not implement the law effectively, and officials frequently engaged in corrupt practices with impunity. Massive, widespread and pervasive corruption affected all levels of government and the security services”. Do you know who made this statement? US Department of State in April, 2018.

    18. If it is not business as usual, can anyone point out the positive effect of over N30tn borrowed?

    19. Do you know that at the National Emergency Management Agency, its Director-General, Mustapha Maihaja, is struggling to explain how he expended about N23 billion in one year on emergency activities. Federal lawmakers are still interrogating him. Maihaja is struggling to account for the N5.9 billion spent on food intervention in the North-east; another N3.1 billion for food intervention in the same North-east; N1.6 billion spent on Libya returnees; N1.6 billion spent on flood intervention for 16 states; the payment of about N800 million demurrage on the rice donated by the Chinese government and the N10 billion received from Ecological Funds.

    20. If it is not business as usual, why have we dropped in TI’s CPI? The 2017 Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International revealed that sleaze in Nigeria was more severe under the Buhari administration. Nigeria was also downgraded by TI from 136 to 148 in the CPI.

    So when next someone tells you “it is no longer business as usual”, tell the person to get better education and stop feeding on propaganda. It help no one, not you, not me, not our country.

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  • [Image: 609F6857-BA82-48FD-92AD-710DD789BA90.jpeg]

    “Why is the Vice President not going on all this medical trips and holiday abroad or is it only reserved for the president??? Na’ wah oh.” – Richii Anayo Nwobasi.

    He dey go Holy Ghost Hospital for him room when he prays.

    Seriously, though age no be guarantee of health, old age is almost a guarantee of ill-health. When you elect people over a certain age, moneys that can be used to build fourth mainland bridge will be used to maintain their health as moving a president and his security as well as entourage from place to place costs billions.

    It is better to elect a younger person as president that will steal the moneys Buhari is wasting on his health. At least that money will not go to unknown oyibo doctors and airport hangars but instead will go to loyal followers and girlfriends and imams and babalawos and pastors who will just be praying for them to remain healthy.

    So no. Osinbajo is the right age and has the health for what he is doing. Buhari is just being power-hungry hanging on to power at his age and with his health and of course lack of intellectual capacity.

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  • [Image: E4F4F12F-CBA5-4379-88B9-5C596E2ED0F1.jpeg]

    National Publicity Secretary for R-APC, Kassim Afegbua, put out a statement regarding plans to impeach the Senate President.

    “By this statement, the National Working Committee of the R-APC wishes to alert the public that the factional leadership of the All Progressives Congress Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has perfected plans to make the Tuesday, August 14th resumption date another kettle of fish for the illegal impeachment of the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki. This time, they are hell-bent on giving nebulous interpretation to the provision of the 1999…

    “We have continuously insisted that this APC-led government under President Buhari have “outsourced governance” to the cabals. We are however relieved that God has commenced the “Greatest Revelations” of all anti-democratic elements in this government, that made thousands of our members to break away. The NASS could upon resumption, also institute a high-powered Investigative Panel to unravel the several invasions that have become the operative themes in our fledgling democracy. 

    “As the National Assembly plans to resume on Tuesday, we are calling on all Nigerians and lovers of democracy to be extra-vigilant before and during the plenary. The  latest plans by the APC may yet again leave unsavoury taste in our mouths.”

    Read full story at

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  • [Image: Nigerian-Army-.jpg]

    The Nigerian Army has explained its involvement in the Port Harcourt III, Rivers state constituency bye-election slated for August 18.

    Col. Aminu Iliyasu, spokesman of the Nigerian Army, 6 Division, Port Harcourt, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday.

    The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will conduct the bye-election to fill the House of Assembly vacated by Victor Ihunwo to become a local government council chairman.

    According to Iliyasu, soldiers will be stationed at strategic points and will not be involved in the election process unless called upon.

    “We are not directly involved in the election and no soldier is going to be deployed in any election duty.

    “It is only the police and Department of State Security that has the constitutional responsibility to provide security in the election.

    “However, we are always on alert whenever there is election. We will only be on standby in case our service is needed.”

    Iliyasu added that soldiers had been banned from going into polling centres and escorting polling materials to the centres.


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  • [Image: Fani-Kayode-insists-NWC-sabotaged-Jonath...proofs.jpg]

    A former minister of aviation and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Femi Fani-Kayode, on Monday, revealed the presidential candidate that would not have his vote come 2019.

    The PDP chieftain, writing on his Twitter page, said he would only support any candidate that is committed to putting an end to the ethnic cleansing of Christians and Southerners.

    According to him, he would not sacrifice his ‘faith on the alter of political expediency’.

    His tweet read: “I will never support any presidential aspirant from any political party that is not committed to putting a stop to the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Christians, southerners and Middle Belters by the Fulani terrorists.

    “I will not sacrifice my people or faith on the alter of political expediency.”


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  • [Image: PDP.jpg]

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday said the silence by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over the alleged discovery of “thousands of its Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) at the private residence of President Muhammadu Buhari’s kinsman, the sacked Director General of the Department of State Services, Lawal Daura, has indicted the commission.”

    PDP said INEC’s silence placed a “huge doubt over its integrity and capacity to conduct a free and fair election.”

    In a statement by its spokesperson, Kola Ologbondiyan, the opposition party charged the National Assembly to immediately commence an investigation into the “veracity of this allegation.”

    PDP noted that since the news of the “sordid discovery broke, neither the INEC Chairman nor any other officer of the commission had offered any explanation to Nigerians, a development that suggests the commission’s complicity in the allegation.”

    The party said “Prof. Mahmood should stop playing the ostrich and immediately come out clear and inform Nigerians how thousands of electoral materials as sensitive as PVCs, under his watch, found its way to the custody of a kinsman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant.

    “Already, Nigerians are aware that a blood relation of President Buhari is in charge of operations in INEC.

    “On account of this established relationship between President Buhari and this INEC official, Mahmood owes Nigerians explanation as to the source of the PVCs allegedly found in possession of Daura.

    “Nigerians and the international community can now see how INEC, under Prof. Yakubu Mahmood has completely compromised the integrity of our electoral process, including frustrating genuine voters from accessing their voters cards, which the public now knows are being warehoused in homes of APC chieftains with the view to using them to allocate fake election results for President Buhari.”

    The party urged “Nigerians to hold Prof. Mahmood directly responsible for this ignoble development, particularly, given that his INEC has been indicted of other various infractions tailored to undermine free and fair elections in 2019, including secretly creating of illegal 30,000 pulling units in remote areas through which they plan to fabricate figures and declare fake results in favour President Buhari.

    “This is in addition to the refusal of INEC under Prof. Mahmood to clean up its register and remove the host of underage voters which it used to rig elections for the APC in President Buhari’s home state of Katsina last weekend.

    “Nigerian are aware that INEC refused to involve other stakeholders in its investigation of the presence of underage voters in its register, and had also refused to make its findings public, following documented facts supporting the existence of minors in its register, particularly in Katsina, Kano and Kaduna states.”

    The opposition charged the “public to note the efforts by INEC to conceal these manipulations of our electoral process in the run-up to a major general election and hold Prof. Mahmood responsible for them all.

    “Finally, we urge the National Assembly to look into the extent of involvement of Prof. Yakubu Mahmood in this clear effort to undermine the integrity of the 2019 general elections.”


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  • [Image: DSS.jpg]

    The Department of State Services, DSS, Monday, said the alleged recovery of some items from the Abuja and Katsina homes of its immediate past Director-General, Lawal Daura as shown in some video is fake.

    The items now said to be non-existent include: Twenty-one billion naira (N21bn) cash, 400 assorted and sophisticated small arms and light weapons /rifles, and thousands of permanent voters Card (PVC) belonging to Niger Republic immigrants.

    Spokesman of DSS, Tony Opuiyo said this in a statement in Abuja.

    In the statement, Opuiyo stated, “Consequently, the service wishes to inform the public that these videos are false and should be disregarded.

    “So far, no such recovery operations have been undertaken by the EFCC or any other security agency at DSS’ office or residences of the former DG.

    “There is no doubt that different interests have continued to give varied accounts of the incident of last week at the National Assembly.

    “It may, however, be recalled that the Presidency had pledged to carry out a detailed investigation regarding the alleged National Assembly siege.

    “The public is, therefore, advised to exercise restraint in their narration of events and as such, desist from spreading fake news or engaging in activities that may mislead or further cause a breach of the peace as well as preempt the outcome of investigations”.


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  • [Image: NYSC-nan.jpg]

    Some members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) who left the orientation camp in Ogun State on Monday, were involved in an accident along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

    The accident, which occurred around 3:16pm, involved a white Coaster bus.

    Of the 37 NYSC members in the bus, 19 were injured.

    Four of them, whose injuries were determined to be more serious, were transferred to the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital (OOUTH) for further treatment.

    Confirming the incident, Florence Okpe, the Route Commander, FRSC Public Education Officer, Ogun State Sector Command in a statement on behalf of the Sector Commander, advised corps members to always caution drivers whenever they were being reckless with driving.

    The statement read: “19 new NYSC members that just passed out today from NYSC Orientation Camp in Ogun State escaped auto death along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

    “The lone crash, involving a white Civilian Coaster Bus, occurred as a result of overspeeding around DANCO at about 1516hrs today. 19 adults (9 male, 10 female) were injured out of a total 37 youth corps members in the vehicle.

    “The injured victims were evacuated to FRSC Accident Emergency Clinic at Sagamu, though four of the victims with more serious injuries were referred for further medical treatment at Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital (OOUTH) Sagamu.

    “Corps members should always caution their drivers, especially during this raining season, and where such drivers refuse caution, you should call FRSC toll free number 122 for the FRSC to take necessary disciplinary action against such erring drivers.”


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  • [Image: ms4AhAsY.jpeg]

    A 47-year-old Mrs. Veronica Iorshe, from Howe, Ugee Council Ward, Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State has revealed how she slept with her own biological son and eventually took in for him.

    Mrs. Iorshe said she slept with her son just to save her marriage.

    Recalling how she was able to lure her son to perform the incestuous act with her, the woman told Vanguard, “I am not a loose woman. I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn’t want to lose him.

    “I did what I did to save my marriage, though I feel guilty about it. It was not easy but I slept with my first son from my first husband so that I could give my husband a child. But rather than sustaining my marriage, the plan has scattered it and I have lost it.

    “I got married to my husband eight years ago. We had no child. The worst was that I never got pregnant even for one day. When I discovered that I was no longer getting younger, I was worried as much as he and his parents were. His mother became so impatient that she started breathing down my neck as she gave me no breathing space at all. She said that I was cheating on her son, using his son’s money to maintain myself, that I’m older than his son.

    “She moved in to live with us and practically made life in my matrimonial home unbearable for me. At a point, she stopped talking to me. The only time she would talk to me was when she wanted to insult me and remind me of how less a woman I was. I was confused, more so when my husband refused to submit himself to a medical test to ascertain the source of the problem, though we loved each other before the heavy pressure from his mum came.

    “We used to have serious lovemaking sessions especially during my ovulation period all in the bid to get pregnant so that my mother-in-law could stop humiliating me. Yet, I couldn’t get pregnant. I started suspecting the problem could be from my husband when he refused to subject himself to medical test.

    “But the insult from my mother-in-law was getting too much, too unbearable for me. She vowed to frustrate me out of her son’s home. To make things worse, she sent away my son saying that he has no business staying in the house. I had to look for a one-room apartment for him in Lafia.

    “After he left, it was just three of us in the house in Awe, which is a distance away from Lafia. I was always terrified each time I heard her voice from a distance. She tried to frustrate my meat market in Awe. In fact, the only time that I had peace was when I went to the market.

    “It is so agonizing to say this. Instead of testing someone else to ascertain my fertility, I seduced and slept with my son. Simon is a young man in his early 20s; he has not started sleeping with women before I lured him into making love with me.”

    On how the incestuous act started, she recalled this, “I started by buying good things for him, sleeping together on the same bed, playing with his manhood and gradually one thing led to another. There was a time I asked him if he had tested sex before and he said no. I compelled him to take an oath not to disclose it to anybody. I said I would teach him sex. I ensured that I did that during my ovulation period. I never disclosed the reason for this but deep in my mind, I wanted to test my fertility.

    “I planned it during my ovulation so that I could get pregnant, although it was not easy sleeping with a son. I knew I was doing the wrong thing and betraying my husband but I saw it as a necessary action to save my marriage. I didn’t want to go out sleeping with another man outside. I knew it was wrong but I prefer it from my son than a man outside. After one month, I discovered that I was pregnant.”

    Asked if she will abort the child or keep it, Veronica revealed she will keep the child, saying: “It is blood within my blood.”

    On his part, Sebastian expressed his disappointment over his wife’s betrayal and vowed never to forgive her.

    “I don’t want to believe the story she is narrating to you that her son is responsible for it, though I have not suspected her or seen any sign that an outsider was dating her. But the truth is that I’m not responsible for the pregnancy and will not allow her into my house. It is a shame for me to be associated with a mess like this. Please, I don’t want to talk about it anymore; she is no longer my wife.”


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  • [Image: Tonto-Dikeh-fine.jpg]

    Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has criticised Arik Airline for delaying her flight to Port Harcourt and making her lose millions of Naira.

    The actress was due to travel by 10:30 a.m. but had her flight postponed to 6pm.

    Describing the airline as ‘shitty, lazy and destiny killers’ the controversial actress on Instagram urged Nigerians to avoid the airline.

    She wrote, ”Thank you so much for making hard working Nigerians lose their hard earn money and income all because we choose to fly/trust with you? I bought an early flight because I had an early appointment I couldn’t afford to miss but thanks to your shitty services I am forced to loose millions of Naria and disappoint a multitude of people.

    ”You don’t deserve to be in operation. You are very lazy, your services are weak,horrible and unprofessional and above all you are a destiny killer and time waster. Dear Arik, you are disrespectful.

    “Dear Arik, using you is a waste of my time. But be sure that now advocate for #saynotoarikline aka #destinykillers. How the hell do you change a flight scheduled for 10:30 a.m. to 6p.m?

    ”After delaying the flight for an hour, ooops my bad wasn’t Arik the airline that made a bride miss her own wedding last year or so?”


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  • [Image: Pogba-vs-Leicester-Aug2018.jpg]

    Newcastle United legend, Alan Shearer has admitted that Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba will leave the club this month.

    Shearer said he will “not be surprised” if Pogba, who has been heavily linked with a move to Barcelona, left Old Trafford this summer.

    While the English transfer window closed last Thursday, players from the Premier League can still be sold until the end of August.

    The legendary Premier League striker told The Sun UK, “I’ve read this week about Pogba wanting to leave before the European transfer deadline at the end of the month and in truth that wouldn’t surprise me.

    “We saw the best of Pogba in the World Cup. Didier Deschamps managed to get top performances out of him in the games he played in the summer and he played very, very well.

    “He has to replicate that for United but it’s also Mourinho’s job to get the best out of him. ‘Pogba did his bit on Friday in the 2-1 opening win over Leicester.

    “He played well, scored the penalty – showing real confidence – but now he has to do that every single week.”

    Shortly after Manchester United’s victory over Leicester at Old Trafford, Pogba posted a cryptic message on Instagram. He said: “I’ll always give my best to the fans and my teammates no matter what’s going on.”


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  • [Image: 096D7348-CE57-4D5D-A837-589A0FF4F5AF.jpeg]

    Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, Speaking at the 30th National Biennial Conference of the Students Christian Movement (SCM) of Nigeria in Enugu, challenged gospel preachers to lend their support to the Federal Government’s anti-corruption war by preaching against it.

    “Very rarely do you hear our preachers talk about corruption from their pulpits. If a nation is not righteous nothing will help it.

    “Our problem in this country is not ethnicity or religion; it is not about Christians or Muslims. Our problems are the same wherever you go in this country.

    “The story of our country is about good and evil. It is about those that have left us in this condition by stealing our common resources.

    “Do not let anyone deceive you.

    “You should understand that our country can be delivered by people like you.

    “All of the great nations of the world were transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not a gospel that tickles people’s imaginations or dwells on prosperity.

    “It is not a gospel that fits your fancy. It is a gospel that teaches that righteousness exalts a nation.”

    Who still takes the words, actions, or inactions of the acting President seriously? Certainly not the majority of Nigerians.


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  • A statement by the anti graft agency distancing itself from the allegation reads;
    'Our attention has been drawn to a widely syndicated article by Senator Babafemi Ojudu, special adviser to the President on Political Matters entitled, "Fifth Columnists in Our Recent History", wherein he portrayed the Commission as a conscript in the devious plots by Senator Bukola Saraki to undermine the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.
    According to Ojudu, "From the shenanigans at the Benue House of Assembly, to the siege on National Assembly, the attack on judges home in the night, the so called barricade of the Senate President’s house, the laughable kidnap of Boy Dino and “his eleven hours on a tree’, the freezing of Benue and Akwa Ibom accounts all are scripted, produced and acted by Oloye Productions".
    The Commission takes exception at the attempt to impute false motive to its investigative activities. The recent placement of a 'Post No Debit Order' on some accounts in Benue and Akwa Ibom States were the culmination of many months of painstaking investigation activities. To reduce such activities to the level of a stunt in a real or imaginary script by any politician is outrageous.

    It is important to state that the EFCC is NOT a party to the so called script by Saraki. Members of the public should disregard the innuendo in Ojudu's article as it is unfounded. The Commission calls for circumspection on the part of political leaders, while urging them to seek clarification before making comments on matters they do not know about.

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  • [Image: Okorocha.jpeg]

    Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has claimed that Igbo are only interested in pulling down people and do not know how to honour their own.

    Okorocha said whenever he comes out to contest for president, he gets support from the South West, South South and even the North; but rejected by his own South East region.

    The governor spoke while answering question on Igbo presidency when he met with media chieftains in Owerri, the Imo State capital at the weekend.

    Okorocha said that any Igbo indigene aspiring to achieve the feat of being the president of Nigeria cannot rely on Igbos.

    The governor said “The Igbo do not know how to honour their own. They rather like to run down any of their rising leaders. The pull-him-down syndrome is high in Igbo land. And it is very unfortunate.

    “Anytime I come out to run for the presidency of this country, I will not suffer pull-him-down from the North or from the South West or South South, it is only in Igbo land that I will suffer it.

    “And they engage in this pull-him-down practice without knowing the overall implications on the Igbos.

    “So, it will be out of place for an Igbo aspirant at any given period to think that the Igbo will make him president because Igbos do not value their own. They don’t value what they have.

    “But value outsiders. It is in their character. It is in their nature.

    “Read the newspapers and go to the social media, all the insults and attacks you get are all from the Igbo. They go to any length to run you down without caring about your good intentions and all the efforts being made to see that things work out fine for the people of the area.

    “It is a problem. It didn’t start today. Go down the memory lane, you would discover that the pull-him-down syndrome in Igboland didn’t start today.”


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  • [Image: Untitled-1-6.jpg]

    Nigeria has every reason to celebrate her five golden girls of the Regina Pacies Secondary School Onitsha, who took the world by storm, silencing bigger challengers like the United States of America, China, Spain and Turkey among others in the just-concluded World Technovation Challenge.

    Technovation is a programme that offers girls around the world the opportunity to learn programming skills needed to become tech-entrepreneurs and leaders. Girls, all over the world, are invited to identify a problem in their communities and are then challenged to solve it by developing Andriod applications.

    Tagged Save-A-Soul, the girls at the event held at Silicon Valley, San Francisco, United States of America, developed an app called FD-Detector to tackle the challenges of fake pharmaceutical drugs in Nigeria.

    The teens — Promise Nnalue, Jessica Osita, Nwabuaku Ossai, Adaeze Onuigbo and Vivian Okoye, who have now become Africa’s Golden Girls swept through over 2000 competing applications to get to the finals.

    Acting president Yemi Osinbajo in his Twitter handle praised the team, saying: “These young ladies in Junior Secondary School developed a mobile application called ‘FD Detector’ to tackle the problems of fake pharmaceutical products in Nigeria. Yesterday, they won the 2018 Technovation World Pitch in California. Congratulations! We are very proud of you.”

    Under the tutelage of Chief Executive Officer, Edufun Technik STEM, Uchenna Onwuamaegbu Ugwu, the Nigerian schoolgirls defeated representatives of other technological giants, including the USA, Spain, Turkey, Uzbekistan and China, to clinch the gold medal.

    Justifying the innovation, the team argued that Nigeria has the largest market for fake drugs, and they plan to partner with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), using the app, to tackle the challenge. They will also be pitching their app to investors in Silicon Valley, California.

    “Leveraging technology to save lives is our utmost priority. That is why we have decided to maximise this opportunity to solve the incessant rate of death caused by fake drugs,” said the Team.

    But the feat, as the Archbishop of Onitsha and The Metropolitan of the Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province, Most Reverend Dr Valerian Okeke, told The Guardian, has drawn attention to the need for “intentional investment in education as government would do for bridges, roads and other infrastructure projects.”

    The ‘golden girls’ are students of an “obscure’ school run by the Catholic Church under the leadership of Archbishop Okeke in Onitsha, Anambra State. Okeke in a telephone chat said he saw a nexus between the girls’ sterling performance in far-away United States and the decision of the Anambra State government, under Mr. Peter Obi, to return ‘Mission schools’ to their original owners. He also traced the girls’ achievement to the Church’s commitment to moral discipline, which, according to him, enhances learning and retention of knowledge in schools run by the Church.

    Okeke congratulated the students and their teachers for the honour to the nation. He reiterated that well-formed youths are the best legacy and heritage any society will bequeath to the world. “No sacrifice is too much in educating children,” he said, noting, “It takes a human capital to create other capitals and in turn transform the world.

    “I commend the Anambra State government for the partnership with the Church and civil society in the education of our children and challenge the Federal Government to look in that direction because, in the end, the students are assets for the entire society.”

    Manager and Director of the school, Rev. Fr Jerome Ezenwelu, explained that the victory is a public manifestation that the best materials are found in Nigeria.

    According to him, the success, which started from the state and national competitions, is a testimony of the extraordinary abilities to translate the vision of the archbishop for educational excellence of children in the state.

    “The young students who proudly raised the Nigerian flag in the USA have really brought honour to the fatherland in a public manifestation that the best materials are found in Nigeria. It is certainly a great image-maker for Nigeria and it is hoped that the Federal Government will reciprocate the patriotism of our young girls and honour them.”

    The state government had in 2010, under Mr. Obi, returned some schools that were forcefully taken over from churches many years ago and initiated state-wide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) programmes by his successor Willie Obiano with related complementary programmes.

    Archbishop Okeke believes that government’s ICT project is useful but insists that as the Regina Pacies Secondary School situation shows, “kids will only do well in school and imbibe whatever principle and skills they are thought if they are properly guided.” He, therefore, called on government to pay more attention to funding of education, much more than it does physical infrastructure.

    “Beyond the provision of necessary infrastructure to Anambra Schools, I think the most important factor that contributed to the award is the courage of the former Governor of Anambra State to return schools to the Church,” said Valentine Obienyem, an aide to the former governor. He noted that before the education sector reforms under Mr. Obi, Anambra State had performed poorly in national examinations. “But soon after the return of schools (to churches), Anambra schools came tops in WAEC, NECO and other external examinations for three consecutive years.”

    “So, the return of schools,” he continued, “was the most pivotal factor, but other variables equally intervened. The Technovation Award was computer and technology-based and one should ask what those children would have achieved if not for the provision of computers and Internet connectivity, trained computer teachers and generators, as well as buses to schools in the state by former Governor Obi.”

    In what appeared a deliberate circumvention of undue bureaucracy, the Obi administration had directly doled out more than N6 billion to schools, a move that was criticised by civil servants at the time. 

    “What could be deduced from the award is that good decisions of today will bear lasting fruits in the future. Regrettably, most leaders are not concerned with decisions and actions that will have far-reaching future benefits,” Obienyem posited.

    Mr. Imeh Umoh, the former Managing Director of Hewlett Packard (HP) Nigeria Ltd that partnered the Anambra State government in the computerisation of 330 secondary schools in 2014, said the girls’ feat for Nigeria “cannot be divorced from the good ICT programme of the state as well as the return of schools to churches.”

    The project was done in concert with Zinox Computers and Galaxy Backbone. While HP provided 22, 300 laptop computers and printers for the 330 secondary schools in the state, Zinox Computers ensured that the systems had integrated applications deployed professionally. Galaxy Backbone created the last-mile Internet connectivity for the schools.

    The State-wide ICT project also provided for a service centre in Awka for the equipment.

    “I will give the credit to Peter Obi,” Mr. Imeh, former HP director, said. “Education system is at its lowest ebb now. At the time, Obi had the school curriculum stored in all the laptops and the children had access to learning materials.

    Zinox’s chairman, Stan Ekeh, said the firm partnered the state government to install 25,000 complete units deployed professionally. According to him, the project was the “largest single ICT investment by any state in the country in terms of deployment and training.”

    On Nigeria’s performance at the World Technovation Challenge, Ekeh advised the Federal Government to do more for the children.

    “The leadership should know that the kids are now global leaders. If Nigeria was being traded on the stock market, we would have moved 5,000 per cent; if they are graduates, those kids would have been employed anywhere in the world and paid the best salaries. This challenges us to invest more in knowledge,” Ekeh advised.

    For Gerald Ilukwe who ran Galaxy Backbone at the time, “it is about laying the foundation and government paying the right attention. Obi realised that he did not have to wait for the Federal Government and emphasis was placed on education; the Catholic school took it more seriously. Kudos to Governor Obiano for supporting continuity.”


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  • [Image: Akpabio.jpg]

    A former Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State and founding member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Engr. Chris Ekpenyong, has blasted former governor Godswill Akpabio, saying his departure from the party that gave him fame and fortune, to pitch tent with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), was a clear case of betrayal and self-serving.

    Ekpenyong also called on the Governor of the State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel to expose all the alleged financial misconducts of the past governor to the Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

    He said this, weekend, in an interview with newsmen in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state capital.

    Senator Akpabio had while decamping to the APC at a ceremony held at Ikot Ekpene Township Stadium, said that he was a nationalist on a mission to take Akwa Ibom to the larger picture

    of national politics, explaining that “it would be difficult for my State to have a fair share of national cake while remaining as opposition”.

    He added that his migration from the PDP, a platform he stood to rule Akwa Ibom for eight years (2007-2015), to the APC was not to shield himself from the anti-agency’s long arm, but to join hand with President Muhammadu Buhari, to fix Nigeria.

    But Ekpenyong, his kinsman from the same Ikot Ekpene geo-political entity was quick to fault the former Minority Leader, saying the immediate past governor would continue to remain a serial liar, even when his (Akpabio’s) monumental frauds were common knowledge even to the birds.

    His words, ”Akpabio left for the ruling party to escape justice and to seek more powers because he is an Emperor, who believes only in himself.

    “Godswill is not used to consulting his people before taking decisions, even when he was the governor. And because he knew that his decision to defect from the PDP to the APC was entirely for his personal interests, he could not consult his people because he knew no one would support him.

    ”Governor Udom Emmanuel had in the last three years been subsumed under the spell of Akpabio. The former governor was living under the cover of this administration which made it impossible for the anti-graft agencies to nail him.

    “As it is now, if I were to be Udom Emmanuel, I will expose Akpabio; I will reveal his books because he (Akpabio) should not continue to toss us around.

    “He (Akpabio) was the person that called all of us to queue behind Udom and we all obeyed, even when 23 aspirants declared interest for the position. So, if he was no longer comfortable with his choice, he should formally consult and explain why it should be so.

    “I don’t feel bad about his exit from the PDP because it is within his right and a big relief for the party.”


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  • [Image: Obiano2.jpg]

    Mr Randie Chima, a media aide to Anambra State governor, Chief Willie Obiano has been reported dead.

    Chima, who was Senior Special Assistant to Obiano on television documentary, was found dead in his room at Nwakpodulu Avenue, Awka, the Anambra State capital.

    Chima, a media personality, it was gathered was last seen on Friday evening “hale and hearty”, where he shared drinks with friends before retiring for the day.

    “I’m surprised to hear this story. That Randie is dead? We were together on Friday. He was hale and hearty. A good man is gone. Randie exercised almost regularly at Ekwueme Square,” a source who pleaded anonymity said.

    His neighbours suspected that something was wrong when they could not see him throughout Saturday, causing them to force open his room, only to find his dead body lying on the bed.

    The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Haruna Mohammed confirmed the story to the press on Sunday.

    He said, “There was a report at B Division, Awka that one Randie Chima aged 57 years of Nwakpodulu Avenue and SSA to Anambra State Governor on Audio Visiual Productions slept the previous night and did not open his door the next day.

    “When the door was eventually forced open, after several knocks by his neighbours, his lifeless body was found lying on the bed.

    “Following the report, Police detectives attached to B Division Awka led by the DCO visited the scene, photographed the victim and rushed him to Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital, Awka where he was certified dead by a medical doctor.”

    Mohammed said the corpse had been deposited at a morgue for autopsy.

    He added, “No marks of violence and no foul play suspected at the moment”.

    He said investigation was ongoing to ascertain circumstances surrounding the death.


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  • [Image: reno-omokri-620x400.png]

    Reno Omokri, the former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to a statement credited to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, where he knocked Nigerian pastors for not preaching against corruption.

    Osinbajo on Saturday criticized Nigerian pastors for failing to lend support to the Federal Government’s anti-corruption war by refusing to preach against the scourge.

    He stated this at the 30th National Biennial Conference of the Students Christian Movement of Nigeria holding in Enugu, adding that preachers were preoccupied with preaching prosperity rather than righteousness.
    “Very rarely do you hear our preachers talk about corruption from their pulpits. If a nation is not righteous nothing will help it,” the Acting President had said.

    Reacting, however, Omokri attacked Osinbajo for also keeping mute about the abducted Dapchi schoolgirl, Leah Sharibu, who is still held captive by the Boko Haram sect.

    He tweeted: “Yesterday, Osinbajo complained that Nigerian pastors don’t support Buhari administration’s anti corruption war and berated them for not preaching against corruption.

    “This is coming from a pastor VP who himself DOES NOT talk about Leah Sharibu.”


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