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Author: slimsaint
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Man Reportedly Commits Suicide A Month To His Wedding (Photo)



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The rate of suicide has continued to increase in Nigeria as another young man has reportedly taken his own life few months to his wedding.[Image: ebukadie.jpg]
[Image: ebukadie1.JPG]
A Nigeria man identified as Ebuka has reportedly committed suicide a month to his wedding due to his fiancée’s behaviour.
Chidimma Greenpop who shared the sad story on social media said the man took a poisonous substance called sniper.
Chidimma wrote: 

"He is young and rich
His name is Ebuka 
His wedding is next month June 8,
He committed suicide

An insider says that he took Sniper which was
as a result of his wife to be behavior!

Suicide is never the solution.
Ending it is never an option.

May God show you mercy and grant your soul peace."