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Structure of an essay


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Essays should have a rigid structure. The structure should be strong enough to give strength to your essay. The reader will be obsessive towards the structure of your essay. You should know how to create a good structure for your essay. It can be modest or minimal, but should be there at any cost. The argument of your essay is the final product after forming the structure. This can be sturdy or almost invisible. However it needs to be there. College essays always posses same structure. Walk-through is the common structural flow in college essays. This walk through can also be termed as description or even summary. Refer best essay writing service. These kinds of essays may be having a descriptive thesis. Other kinds of essays are having argumentative thesis. You should take care of not using same words again and again. Mostly para openers are the traitors which are repeated. Time related words like then, after, next, first etc should used very cleverly without repeating in similar areas. Keep in mind about listing words too. In addition, another, too, also etc are the listing words that are normally used. You can find some other words from different resources if possible. Repeating same para openers will point out that the thesis and structure of essays need some polishing. This is the easiest way to find out that chronology of the source text is being reproduced. The structuring has to be done according to the reader’s logic. For this, evaluate your thesis.  Think what a reader wants to know. Test the sequence through which the reader should grasp your arguments. One of the easy ways is to outline your ideas in a rough paper. You can use points or sentences. But when you see it, all the sub points behind it should come into your mind automatically.
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