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Author: SLim Baba
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Is This My Action Wrong?

SLim Baba


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I met this girl some time ago at a supermarket were she worked. We became friends and did chat once in a blue mood. So recently we planned to hangout and we agreed on a day.

On that day I told her were to meet me because I didn't want to pick her up. My first disappointment was when I noticed she came with a friend but I didn't let that bother me because I felt since its our first time outing, she probably didn't want to come alone for security reasons. 

However these two girls just messed up big time. First they ordered for two plates of fried rice with chicken that was bigger than my head lol. Though I felt that was so stupid for them to do such but I just ignored and was taking my wine. All of a sudden these girls started complaining that the food is this and that. They put this and that in the food and they don't like it. There is garlic in the chicken and they don't like the smell of garlic. Asin I got pissed inside of me but I just tried to be a gentleman by smiling it all off.

When they said they couldn't finish the food I then told the waitress to help me put them in take away packs and I paid. Can you imagine these girls started saying they can't take away left over food that I should just tell them to keep it. This left over they are talking about can reach two people as dinner. I just took the packs and told them I will be back I just want to drop it in my car then use the toilet. 

Trust me I just left them there and zoomed off. After few minutes she called and I just said I got an emergency call so I rushed out. The stupid girl was upset saying I didn't tell them and they don't have transport back home. For my mind they were even lucky I paid for their food and drinks they wasted.
As usual she has been sending me messages calling me all sort of names but I no fit shout.

Abeg guys was I wrong in any way?

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Is this my action wrong? Tell if i am doing wrong here, Tell where i make wrong and where i just not show best essay help. Something are better to take but not all these things are really show action for those things which must need these actions. I want to know about my action.