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Author: Eagletale
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The Transporter Provides AIRPORT Shuttle Services To Murtala Muhammed Airport



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[Image: 4BB212C0-E836-429E-8518-728066BE2F73-723x1024.jpeg]

The Transporter is a provider of AIRPORT shuttle services. We provide rides for individuals, families, companies, groups in need of an airport shuttle from the Island to/from the airport. We offer a first class service which is affordable, comfortable, secure and prompt.

Some of our service offerrings includes a spy police and a protocol personnel on board our shuttle buses, free Wi-Fi, passenger insurance, free water etc.

Our fliers gives an idea and insight of what our shuttle buses look like and a break down of our prices from different locations on the Island to/from the airport.

At THE TRANSPORTER there are no hidden or extra charges involved.

For more information and inquiries, visist or you can reach us via our numbers: +2348123664930, +2348087364623, +2349020876179.
Why the wait!!! Hit us up as soon as practicable.