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Senate Sets Up Ad Hoc Committee To Investigate $3.5bn NNPC Subsidy



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The Nigerian senate has reportedly set up an ad hoc committee to investigate the $3.5bn NNPC subsidy.[Image: Senate.jpg]
Nigerian senate
The Senate says it has set up an ad hoc committee to investigate the use to which the sum of $3.5bn alleged subsidy was put.
This was contained in a tweet on the verified Twitter handle of The Nigerian Senate, @NGRSenate.
“Senator Bassey Akpan cited Orders 43 and 95 and drew the attention of the Senate to the various emails and complaints from the general public on the unauthorised withdrawal of $3.5bn by NNPC from the NLNG account,” the Senate added
“I ask that the Senate Committee on Gas immediately investigate this matter,” Senator Bassey Akpan said; while Senator Emmanuel Paulker urged that “The ad hoc committee that was set up should carry on with their work, while the Committee on Gas should also investigate the matter.”
The tweets read:[Image: senate1.JPG]