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Man Shocked After Seeing Market Women Washing Vegetables In A Dirty Stream In Awka



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The unhygienic way of processing vegetables for sale by market women in the South-eastern part of Nigeria has been exposed by a netizen.[Image: aakwa.JPG]
The women washing their merchandise in the muddy water
A Nigerian man, Chidi Okoye, has taken to social media to reveal the shocking thing he saw this morning in Anambra state. 
The man saw a group of women washing bitterleaf (used in preparing the popular Onugbu soup in Igboland) with muddy water from a dirty stream in Awka, the Anambra state capital, which they plan to sell in the market. 
He shared a picture of the women in action as he urged Nigerians to be careful and always rewash them (bitterleaf) after purchase. 
Chidi Okoye wrote; 
"This morning on my way having my routine walk, I saw these women in Awka processing Onugbu (bitterleaf) one of our favourite soups with this mud water and from there to the various markets". 

"Please rewash your bitterleaf if you are buying the already processed ones".