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Ekweremadu Assassination Attempt: Police Preliminary Report Makes Absolutely No Sense



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[Image: 52E5E8CA-59E9-4C9D-93B4-349A5E220923.jpeg]

Something is not adding up in the hasty manner in which the police concluded their preliminary investigation that Tuesday’s security breach in the Apo house of the deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu was a mere burglary incident.

I find it quite illogical that the arrested suspect Mohammed Yusuf, from Zamfara state and his gang members (still at large) will wake up from their sleep, leave their respective houses to go through the whole risk involved in breaking into a building guarded by armed security operatives, succeed in gaining access into the building, take the son of the owner of the building hostage and force him to take them to his father’s (Ekweremadu) bedroom JUST TO STEAL

That police preliminary report makes absolutely no sense to me.

It would have made better sense if the police PRO had used their normal line: “We Are Still Investigating”, “We will leave no stone unturned”, “We will get to the root of the matter”. etc

For a man who has been very vocal on the terrible security situation in Nigeria, has delivered lectures on decentralised policing, sponsored a bill on State police, and remained very critical of the worthlessness of human life in Nigeria, the police need to work harder to come up with a more sellable gist than this.

I mean, why the rush?

One of the suspects has been arrested alongside the policemen on duty plus a Civil defence operative. Why not wait to adequately interrogate them before rushing to brief the public???

Charles Ogbu