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Author: slimsaint
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How A Young Man Lost A Job Opportunity For Having Two Mobile Phones Costing N200k



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[Image: getty_job-interview-1.jpg]A Twitter user identified with the handle, @okekecc, has taken to the social media platform to call out a job employer while revealing how someone lost a possible job opportunity because of his two mobile phones. 

The man narrated in the tweet that someone did not get a job after an interview because he was in possession of two mobile phones worth over N200,000, but does not have an academic certification since the last four years. 

His tweet reads: “Someone recently didn't get a job because he was in possession of two phones worth over N200,000 but his last academic/professional certification was 4 years ago. Lead interviewer simply said ‘If he can't add value to himself, I don't see him adding value to this firm’ Real life story.” 

See post below:[Image: bg.png][Image: emplyment-1.jpg]