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Author: slimsaint
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Actress Rita Edochie Roasted Badly On Social Media After Sharing This Photo



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Rita Edochie who has been quietly building her Instagram page was locked in a social media battle with some of her unruly followers.[Image: edoi1.JPG]
Rita Edochie
When people upload pictures or videos about themselves on Instagram, they mostly anticipate the 'likes' and the 'comments' with plans to reply them with appreciation.
But if that was what veteran actress, Rita Edochie had in mind, she got it all wrong. She uploaded a picture of herself wearing heavy make-ups and a native dress. Some commenters on her page called her out over the make-up and it suddenly became an issue.
Edochie who is in her 60s made concerted efforts to defend her fortress but she ended up wrestling with the pigs and got her body dirty in the stinking mud.
Follow how the drama played out below:[Image: edoi2.JPG][Image: edoi3.JPG][Image: edoi4.JPG]