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Author: Eagletale
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Can We Be Wise Enough To Let Atiku Win: Restructuring And Other Drowners



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[Image: 421BD973-CB92-43FE-BCC4-2778337C184B.jpeg]

We have given Atiku a huge task which is to unseat a tyrant. This is not unseating a gentle Jonathan. This is a Buhari that has Prince Deji Adeyanju and at least two other critics in jail as we type this. We want someone to remove that antediluvian relic of the worst of the military out of power. Are we handing Atiku the tools for the job or are we putting a rock on his neck and asking him to swim to save us?

A look at the electoral map and how they voted in 2015 already puts the PDP and Atiku disadvantaged.

First he picked an Igbo VP and how that played out and is playing out, many feel it is already a disadvantage. It is the least Igbos deserve but, the pragmatists and realists among us know exactly what I am saying. Thus if indeed Buhari rocks the North West votes, this choice gives him default advantage to the votes of the second most populous region, South West, with Buhari’s choice of Osinbajo as VP that hands Tinubu his biggest asset and campaign weapon. But we love Atiku more for this brave choice even when a few people acted below expectation and some act so still.

Much as we may look at this, the stakes are stacked against Atiku. Again, the pragmatists and realists understand this. Yet like The Rime of The Ancient Mariner (1798) many insist on tying the albatross of restructuring around this man’s neck. We are guilt-tripping Atiku into talking about restructuring when 1. no one has been able to define what it is, 2. when it is only appealing to two geopolitical zones among the six geopolitical zones of the country (south south and south east) 3. When those two geopolitical zones combined do not have the voting power of just the North West geopolitical zone wherein that word is anathema.

So I ask, do we just want to see Atiku fail or we really just want to see him fail?

The whole folly in this push of Atiku and tying his hand to restructuring ideal is that every court in the world has held that political promises are non-justiciable. This means that you cannot hold a politician to his promises, at least not with any legality. It also allows a politician leeway to say what will make him able to win an election, irrespective of his ability to do it or not.

Thus the emphasis is on WINNING MESSAGE. How is restructuring a winning message? How is a message that Atiku would be mad stupid crazy silly foolish to bring up at least before 65 percent of would/be voters, how is that a winning message?

The winning message for Atiku is HUNGER. As Americans would say it and as Kalu Aja reiterates “it is the economy, stupid”. The economy is all Atiku needs to talk about. It should be a SINGLE ISSUE CAMPAIGN. Hunger UNITES us all. Restructuring literally… like literally divides us. Jonathan has set the ball rolling when he says VOTE ATIKU SO WE CAN ALL BE ABLE TO FEED AGAIN. That should be the message on the streets. Jingles should be made “hungry buhari, buhari hungry. No food Buhari, Buhari, no food. Recession Buhari, Buhari recession. Sickness Buhari, Buhari sickness. No money Buhari, Buhari no money”. This, by any iteration and to any rhythm must be made a mantra and should be what the atiku campaign is about. Anything else is STUPID DISTRACTION and inimical to Atiku’s winning.

Buhari and his foreign media back then simplified their campaign to CHANGE! They made insecurity and corruption a singsong. Buhari simply asks “are you safer today? Do you feel safe” He spent less than four minutes on stage in each state campaigning. The message was clear. It was NATIONAL. It was a winning message and he won

But people, some reverse geniuses and coded Buhari supporters nudge Atiku into controversial and sectional goals. With anti-North toga falsely being hung on Peter Obi by El Rufai, my friend and brother Emmanuel Emmanuel Udoh and his group railroaded Peter Obi to a restructuring summit and Buhari’s people were waiting for a slight slip by Obi so they can tag him a separatist. May God continue to guide and guard the utterances of Peter Obi in Jesus name. Amen.

And if Atiku and his people are reading this, WE WILL SPEAK TO RESTRUCTURING WHEN WE WIN. BUT WE MUST WIN FIRST. For now FOCUS! You have pleased us in the South south and East with your VP choice and general demeanour in this campaign and over time. People we love like Jonathan and our powerhouses like James Ibori support you. Igbos and us are going NOWHERE. It is a binary choice and you are clearly a better option for us. You cannot get everyone. Some are still hung on a referendum. God bless them. It is an aspiration they have a right to. Some see restructuring as a first step to dissolution and so hanker for it. God bless them too. Some of these people may or may not vote for you. Most will bite their tongue and just vote you in the spirit of “half bread is better than full chinchin”. Leave these ones to their conscience. No one who says restructuring or Biafra or Niger Delta Republic and mean it will vote Buhari. Like Dauda will say it FORGERIT!

Tack to the North and South West and bring them to your side. Make the promises and the needed alliances, obvious and clandestine.

And by GOD!!! Stay off the controversial and STAY ON TOPIC. The topic is in Fela’s song “HUNGER DEY KPAKPARAKPAAAAAA” Mix it with insecurity. Talk about peace and unity and end to HUNGER

Atiku, stay on topic. Stay National.



Ena Ofugara