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Nigerian Man Arrested For Dating Fraud In India (Photo)



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A Nigerian man has been arrested in India after being linked with a romance scam through which he raked in cash.[Image: dera.JPG]Abel Odera
Abel Odera, a 30-year-old Nigerian man, has been arrested for love scam in India.
Odera, who went to the country on a Tourist Visa in 2014, had posed as one Dr Ayush Tyagi on a dating site and told his victim that he lost his wife in a car accident and has been residing, with his daughter, abroad. .
After talking to the victim for weeks, he gained her confidence and shared details as he “applied for Indian Visa and booked tickets to India.”
However, in August, 2018, the victim received a call, where a woman posing as an immigration officer said that Ayush was in their custody.
Believing it to be true, the victim sent Rs 5.45 lakh to different individual accounts as instructed by the fake officer, but, later, when the accused stopped picking her calls, she realised she had been scammed.
Odera was arrested on November 30, in New Delhi and has been charged with cheating, impersonation and forgery.